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There are several shills on this site that abuse the voting system.
They also try to disturb the conversation.
Some are inserting porn or illegal stuff or try to steer conversations to hot arguments.

On the other hand, this is the only site where we can see complete opposite "opinions".
It is just so sad that the shills do not even have an opinion about the subjects on their own.
Nor do they have any clue about science or criminal investigations.
They just repeat what is told to them, like NPCs.
Or maybe some are working for media-influencing agencies.

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They're definitely on a payroll. This is part of COINTELPRO.

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get help, Larry

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How many accounts have you made on this website now? Could you explain why you make so many?

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You can't talk to yourself, or upvote yourself, if you don't have alts.

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You're like herpes, you just keep coming back.

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None of this relates to his comments.

If a user disagrees with you, it's not part of this elaborate schizo bullshit you're whining about. It's a disagreement. Grow up.

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Your name clearly tells otherwise.

A disagreement is different from being a troll or shill to derail discussions.

But in the US I notice that a lot of people do not know the difference.
The school system and the media are constantly creating extreme positions.
Democrats think that screaming and deplatforming is just a normal part of a discussion.
Or ultra-right (and extreme left) thinks that all prejudice is just a normal part of the discussion.

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Someone who disagrees with you in this place of so few people is not part of some grand narrative that's against you. It's literally schizophrenia to assume this, and really stupid. I'm not screaming, or deplatforming you, or prejudicing anything on Saidit, or part of a demonic school system, or whatever you have been brainwashed to believe. I just disagree. Take it or leave it. It ultimately means nothing, or at least not as much as you think it does. At best, anyone disagreeing in a thread inspires others to make their own arguments, and the most engaging posts at Saidit have had these occasional disagreeing users. But it's not a big deal. Saiditors like to argue. Saidit is dead when that's not happening.

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I think that we both like to have useful conversations/ discussions.
We may just disagree on what we find useful.

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I have plenty of disagreements with people here. There's a difference between an honest conversation and being purposefully obtuse, seeking to waste people's time with an onslaught of obviously disingenuous questions. There are plenty of troll farms operated by government agencies that seek to derail conversations and distract. That's not a schizophrenic conspiracy theory. It's been proven. Remember that report that out of the top 20 Christian Facebook groups, 19 were run by Eastern European troll farms?

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There are plenty of troll farms operated by government agencies that seek to derail conversations and distract.

Half of all internet traffic is bot-driven. Eastern European and Asian troll farms will focus on large websites. We know every user on Saidit, almost too well. We also know that the bone-conducting headphone asshole is in north India. That's it. The chap you're complaining about seems to argue mostly against the Anti-Ukraine fascist stuff on Saidit. I think it's very good of him to support Ukraine, as the rest of us should. He's not paid for that. He's not obtuse, nor does he waste anyone's time with disingenuous questions. Saiditors have a habit of brigading against the 3 users here they disagree with. It's pathetic. You're complaining about the wrong guy. You can see numerous brigading users who essentially bully anyone who is not a fascist, repeating their only arguments, and/or asking obviously dumb questions that can be answered with a quick search online.

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Sounds like you work for the same troll farm lol

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At least your username is accurate

(Your response is exactly the kind of obtuse, disingenuous idiocy you're complaining about, and yet it's common among others like you on Saidit.)

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Cry harder fucktard. "Boohoo nobody will engage with meeeeeeee" lol dumbass

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You're the only one crying, you delusional moron.

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No u 😘

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this website is operated by saudi nationals.. i tracked /u/being-poisoned to riyadh saudi arabia.. his account has since been deleted.

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They just repeat what is told to them, like NPCs. Or maybe some are working for media-influencing agencies.

Scripted responses and pithy antagonism.

They're probably bots.

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I hope someday some NPCs will take the red pill and escape their box.

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I blocked that turd some time ago.

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I don't think he is a troll.

But he is clearly a virgin.

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But you are obviously not a virgin

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Hell no.

Neither was your mother. Sorry to break it to you like this.

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Whoa ...the virgin birth of SkankyDick is a myth...

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I looked at his most recent page of comments, and can't find one there that would qualify as "gish gallop".

The idea of a gish gallop is to raise a large number of wrong points all at once.

On the other hand your most recent response to him is "LOL".

The one before that is "You can gish gallop dese nuts fuckface".

At least one of you is not trying to have a real conversation, but you might be accusing the wrong one.

Edit, FFS, the one before those two are:

"Hey look everyone, it's one of those shills. How much do they pay you at your troll farm?"

Your "don't waste your time" meter is broken. You need to block yourself and disengage.

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All useful idiots deserve the gulag. In a just world, we could round them up Bane style and have a field day with them in the town square.

But in reality, they will be standing in a bread line after it all crashes wondering how it all happened, without a hint of irony or genuine self accountability.

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He/She/it is a garbage person. Block them and save yourself the time wasted on reading any comments from them

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Why whine about users you don't like? Just block them.

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Then they're free to spew their garbage without it being pointed out.

If I could block them from seeing my posts I'd do that.

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I gave him way more of a chance than I should have. He wasted so much of my time pretending to not understand things. Eventually had to block him. He has that one-trick Reddit troll tactic.

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Yeah it's the classic gish gallop technique. Acts interested in discussion but pretends to be obtuse and wastes your time trying to explain. But obviously has no interest in having any type of discussion. Just wants to waste your time.

Pretty sure this is the same guy

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Unfortunately for Site_rly_sux, he suffers from hydrocephalia and the build up of fluid as severely stunted the growth of his brain. We should feel empathy for this poor challenged boy. He's our special person.

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I'm curious, what makes you use he/him pronouns? Has site_rly_sux ever identified themselves as a man?

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He writes like a dude.

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Might not use he/him pronouns tho.

Might be reeeeee/rimmer

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I disagree. They're fixated on sexual assault and they reflexively take the woman's side of every case. I think they write like a typical fourth-wave feminist, and most of those aren't dudes.

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Well let's ask him u/Site_rly_sux: taco or sausage?

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Sounds like you're finally ready to video chat with me

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Are you trying to seduce me?

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a married man trying to flirt with someone online, and he doesnt even know the sex of the victim?

you are a sex addict and an alcoholic and a drug addict and a retard.

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It's a line from The Graduate, you uncultured swine, and that dude is a dude.

I used to be an alcoholic, but I got better.

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go fuck yourself.

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Yeah, I got a beer, retard.

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I'm really interested in this aspect of online communication. Someone obviously cannot permit natural, organic conversations. That is so interesting to me. By now, I'm understanding this is likely a jewish issue, as at least some of the crimes committed by some of them, to advance their global position, are now obvious to all (epstein). I always wondered why they were so driven to control all the money on the planet and now I know! When you're weak, you're weak and need to deceive, manipulate and cheat. So honorable! Have a decent day friends.

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Muslims hate Jews, because the prophet Muhammad was poisoned by a Jewish lady that he had taken as a sex slave.

One of the senior operatives that controls this website is /u/being-poisoned and he is located in or around Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

I told him that I had tracked him to Riyadh, and within a few hours he had deleted his account, because he knows that the things that he talks about in here are a capital offense in Saudi.. he would either be imprisoned or hanged or have his throat cut in Saudi for what he has said on this forum.


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Damn it.

BP got the bone saw

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Skanky is Edwardian...

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No shit

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Reminds me of Mokbah Abdulla in 1999 on Yahoo Clubs trying to hack clubs and delete them with fake user IDs. Ask for admin status and then delete the club. She married into the royal family I heard and moved to North Carolina. She had a fake recovery email account that people entered their password to in order to hack accounts but it gave her their password.

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D3rr is a saudi?! no shit? is magnora iranian? Will Palestine be free after all? Don't goyische kopf me please.

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M7 is part of the Saidit Texas mafia.

[–]Entropick 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

negro what ?! i want in this gang !

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I do not know yet who are what /u/magnora7 is.

The way that I pegged being poisoned was not really precise but the way that he responded by deleting his account within hours kind of told me that I was dead on target.

I was sitting in the chat lurking and being poisoned made a comment that he was very sleepy that he'd been up for a long time and then he said "fuck, it's 4am!"..

So I bounced over to chat GPT and I asked chat GPT where in the Middle East is it right now approximately 4:00 a.m.?

She came back and said it is now 4:00 a.m. in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

If he was in Indonesia or he was somewhere else besides Riyadh, I don't think he would have deleted his entire account.

He hangs out and bullshits about homosexual issues in the chat, and that is quite possibly a death penalty offense in Saudi.. if he were found out it would most definitely dishonor his entire family and all of his friends would turn their backs on him, and at a minimum he would be thrown into jail and beaten.

Did I really turn him over to the Saudi police? Of course not.

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Muslims hate Jews, because the prophet Muhammad was poisoned by a Jewish lady that he had taken as a sex slave.


The only errors are the first bit where you claim that the story does that Muhammad was poisoned. He spat the poison out, because it tasted bad.

And in the second bit where you claim she had been taken as a sex slave. She was holed up in the fortresses of al-Khatiba, with a stack of other civilians and treasures, but had to negotiate a surrender, because the Muslims had cut off their water supply. It was during those negotiations that the attempted assassination occurred.

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It depends which version of the Quran you're looking at..

There are different versions of the Quran.

It was written by men.

Notice that you didn't question the fact that Muhammad took this girl as a sex slave..

Also notice you didn't mention that he went on a murderous rampage where he killed hundreds of Jewish people from which group he took this Jewish slave girl.

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It depends which version of the Quran you're looking at..

Which version has the story as you tell it?

It was written by men.

As opposed to women? Or as opposed to some other animal that you're proposing has achieved literacy?

Notice that you didn't question the fact that Muhammad took this girl as a sex slave.

I can't find any reference that Zaynab bint Al-Harith was taken by Mohammed (or anyone) as a slave.

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When I say it was written by men I mean that it was written by humans and that humans are imperfect I was just making that point that if it was written by humans then it's highly likely that it's not perfect.

There is a scholar that you can watch on YouTube his name is Jay Williams he is Harvard educated in Christian studies and Islamic studies.. he will tell you that they have in their possession early versions of the Quran I don't know where they have them but if he said they have them they have them.

[–]ActuallyNot 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

he will tell you that they have in their possession early versions of the Quran I don't know where they have them but if he said they have them they have them.

You're saying that it's one of these early versions that has that story as you tell it?

How did you read that version?