SHOCKING Violent police bodycam footage EXPOSES media lies by x0x7 in videos

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Bud. You are struggling to form sentences. Don't call me shit for brains. They literally did as the cops asked, and got assaulted by them for it.

I don't want to be too rude about it, but you might consider that you actually have shit for brains. Probably drink less.

Correlates of “Coddling”: Cognitive distortions predict safetyism-inspired beliefs, belief that words can harm, and trigger warning endorsement in college students by jet199 in Psychology

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Wait, people's self reporting of cognitive impairments correlated with woke social habits of considering relatively innocuous phrases as harmful?

So people trained to describe themselves as disfunctional as a means of gaining social value copy other traits of their subculture?

They shouldn't have used self reporting because of that obvious factor.

BitChute censorship by trident765 in nonmorons

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Beware of the Tyrant Variant! by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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You get rid of one variant and you end up with another. It's time to form antigens for the common elements between them instead of just specific markers.

Why Did So Many Doctors Become Nazis? (About dehumanization) by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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Someone needs to tell him that the holocaust isn't real.

Why was the European census of Jews in Europe not reduced by six million despite mass emigration?

Why was their an escape hatch in the bottom of the gas chamber at Auschwitz? Why was the architecture that of a bomb shelter? Why did the doors open inward into a room that in theory would prevent the Germans from getting in after it was filled with corpses on the floor? Why were their locks on the wrong side of the door? Why were the doors wooden if it's a gas chamber? Why were the lights not spark proof if they were meant to be operated in the presence of explosive hydrogen cyanide gas? Why is there no Prussian blue in the cement of the room which would be expected if hydrogen cyanide gas was present? Why have countless Jews testified that there were not gas chambers at Auschwitz? Why was there no snow on the ground in Russian films of the liberation of Auschwitz when there would have definitely been snow? Why did none of the body's have a lobster pink color to them if they had been exposed to hydrogen cyanide gas? Why has no one been able to use ground penetrating radar to find the associated mass graves? Why would you build shelter for people you were just going to kill, and feed them for years, while food was a strategic resource during the war? Why would you treat them for typhus if them dying of disease would have just been cheaper and less incriminating if you just wanted them dead anyway? Why would you try one of your own guards for abusing inmates and have him shot before a firing squad if the whole point of the camp was to process the whole camp through some inhumane end? Why are their marks of a toilet having been installed on the floor of the gas chamber? How did they distribute enough hydrogen cyanide gas into a room that would leak it (it goes not only through wooden doors but through cement) to kill without the guards having any notable health issues?

It just doesn't make sense, and no forensic evidence supports it. It has 40 major forensic issues with it, and none of them resolved. If you can question Assad using poison gas (the douma hoax) it's not that hard to question a story told by inmates who were rightly salty about their captors. Especially when initially their stories were vastly inconsistent, and they were able to consolidate on one story and get the story straight some 40 years after the fact because it was the one told by the soviets who were notorious for dishonest propaganda (hense the Auschwitz liberation with no snow).

Human soap, debunked
Murder roller coasters, debunked
Human lamp shades, debunked
Killer masturbation machines, debunked
Anne Frank, debunked (written in ball point pen)

Why is it so weird to think there are two more lies when they also aren't supported by forensics. Gas and ovens. It's the last two to knock out. Everything else is pretty much an accepted lie at this point even if the common public never gets the memo for some of those.

TIL our wood is weird by jet199 in TIL

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I was about to say I see that level of variation in the store with, in theory, two modern pieces of wood.

Also, that wood doesn't look like it's from the 70s. It still has fuzz on its ends from being sawn by a power saw. Are you telling me those frays would last 50 years?

Those are two fresh pieces from the store. You can see the store in the background.

Fauci Lied...And You Know The Rest (2:53) ~ Memology 102 by JasonCarswell in Coronavirus

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To know the truth, see what someone is willing to lie about.

The great convergence: Late-stage capitalism has effectively morphed into communism. by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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It's not late stage capitalism. It's late stage representative democracy.

Ivermectin treatment for Covid is now supported by 113 studies, 73 of which have been peer reviewed. This includes 63 controlled trials with a total of 26,398 patients, and 31 Randomized Controlled Trials. Here are links to 51 of them... by Oof_Too_Humid in Ivermectin

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Well, we should face the fact that approval isn't a scientific basis on which to think of something as safe or unsafe. How many FDA approved drugs have later caused problems. I personally apply about zero value to approval/non-approval.

Australian Discovers The Vaccines Coerced By Government Have Killed 9 Times As Many Aussies This Year Than COVID by x0x7 in videos

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And the covid deaths are accurate? Both are ball parks, but they give us a sense of scale. Lets say both are off by 20%. 9(-20%):1(+20%) is still an astounding ratio. Lets assume both are off by 200%. Still with an initial 9:1 ratio vaccine deaths still come out on top. And you may say, "There is no way covid deaths are off by 200%. I believe their numbers." Ok, then you need an even larger gap on the vaccine reporting.

If anything vaccine adverse reactions are going to be under reported but to come to a conclusion different than the video you would need an over reporting factor of 8:1.

And the example I gave you there was generous in assuming the opposite of reality that the error in covid deaths would be under reporting. We know the exact opposite is the case given how they measure a covid death.

I know I'm racist, but Indians act like subhuman scum, how can I talk to shit holes like this who always negative and would rape women if they could by [deleted] in whatever

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Chipit is right.

Sky News Australia Suspended by YouTube by x0x7 in censorship

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Pfiser, BioNTech, and Bill Gates.

Sky News Australia Suspended by YouTube by x0x7 in censorship

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I didn't deny any of your facts. You didn't state any. You have no facts. Only sentiments.

I'm not allowed to deny or question any of your non-evidenced opinions? If that was a hard rule that would sure lead to a rational society.

Artix Linux - a fork of Arch Linux except for without systemd by [deleted] in Linux

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My first introduction to openrc was Artix. I do like it quite a bit. I'm just getting tired of needing software and not being able to install it. I can brute force installing anything by manually compiling all dependence. I did that when I was young. It was a good way to learn about linux and different build environments. I did my share of it and I'm far to focused on doing real world things to be in those kinds of weeds.

I'm not even that involved in tech anymore. It's now only 1/3rd my time instead of 110% of my time. So I have to ask myself, with the small amount of time that I have to touch tech, do I want to spend it compiling things or actually doing something interesting and productive? For that reason I need a system that installs everything correctly in one command line. A few say Arch is hard, but because it does do that it's as easy as any other distro like ubuntu.

Fully vaccinated will be allowed to leave their homes for one hour of recreation time per day. by sirbigdonkey in politics

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Prison planet. Start fighting the guards before they get the prison in order. We are being ushered into our cells. This is the best time to strike.

Turkey, a NATO ally, is using the war capability we gave them to continue the Armenian Genocide. System Of A Down - Speaking Out For Artsakh - The Armenian genocide is continuing to this day by x0x7 in videos

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I mean on what basis of values do we commonly oppose Russia that wouldn't apply to Turkey? At some point it is more reasonable to be an ally of Russia and forget any need for any posture against them. I'm not saying it's 100% reasonable. I'm saying it's more reasonable than being an ally with Turkey.

It's like trying to oppose cancer that has taken root in your body. Your doctor lines up several things to do. Some of them eating healthier. Some of them very reasonable and effective. But also an experimental guillotine procedure. It's just one more force to add to the effort, and limited studies have shown there is a reduction of those who die of cancer after using it. It kind of defeats the entire motivating basis. At that point you should be asking your doctor, is there anything that can stave off the side effects of the guillotine, even if it causes cancer.

Even spez is getting sick of the powermods' tantrums demanding megacensorship. This should not be possible, but they did it. by Vulptex in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Banning decent in any subreddit is manipulating and cheating in an effort to amplify one viewpoint. Ban the mods Spez.

Artix Linux - a fork of Arch Linux except for without systemd by [deleted] in Linux

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I use it. Be warned though. Artix has begun to be more ambitious in their independence. Maybe a bit too ambitious.

It used to be that you could install anything in the arch repository. They decided more of their own repository should be used, and used exclusively, which leaves some packages unavailable. This even effects AUR if you think you can get around it by avoiding the pacman repositories all together, because many AUR packages end up with dependencies that are now only available in Arch.

Before it would have been accurate to call it a distro of flavor of Arch, like Manjaro is. Now it is a fork, and not a 100% complete one. Before then there was zero reason to disconsider installing. Now you really do have to weigh if it will be a toy or a practical daily driver.

Europe's Covid Sceptic Strongholds by neomarxist_bullshit in For_Slavs

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People who learned to not trust government. Good lesson to learn.

The CIA is the Nazi's 4th Reich and they want you to take the COVID-19 Vaccine or else. by noworldsystem in conspiracy

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How many Jews have leadership positions in the 4th Reich?

Prophecy on Afghanistan / Why Taliban's winning might embolden Syuhada by x0x7 in videos

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Probably smarter would have been to bomb in one go, like we did, and leave within a week. While us losing is bad, I also didn’t want us to stay there. We weren’t going to win in part because the Afgan forces were an absolute joke. Winning wasn’t an option because of that. Losing isn’t an option because now we have an enemy with a vendetta against us from 20 years of fighting and the only theater to fight us in being here. Not going at all wasn’t an option because we couldn’t do nothing. That only leaves bomb and leave as the only viable option, and that’s what we should have done.

"VIPs given placebos, they also offered it to me" by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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I got this warning:

This domain is currently on the Crypto Wallets domain warning list. This means that based on information available to us, Crypto Wallets believes this domain could currently compromise your security and, as an added safety feature, Crypto Wallets has restricted access to the site. To override this, please read the rest of this warning for instructions on how to continue at your own risk.

There are many reasons sites can appear on our warning list, and our warning list compiles from other widely used industry lists. Such reasons can include known fraud or security risks, such as domains that test positive on the Ethereum Phishing Detector. Domains on these warning lists may include outright malicious websites and legitimate websites that have been compromised by a malicious actor.

To read more about this site please search for the domain on CryptoScamDB.

Note that this warning list is compiled on a voluntary basis. This list may be inaccurate or incomplete. Just because a domain does not appear on this list is not an implicit guarantee of that domain's safety. As always, your transactions are your own responsibility. If you wish to interact with any domain on our warning list, you can do so by continuing at your own risk.

If you think this domain is incorrectly flagged or if a blocked legitimate website has resolved its security issues, please file an issue.

I'm guessing it's because it's a translation domain and people have translated dodgy things before.

He died of covid in THREE COUNTRIES by scrubking in Coronavirus

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One is the Daily Mail. What are the other two? It is possible for one of them to tell the truth.

Which scientists? by Orangutan in politics

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It means trust Bill Gates.

Poll Finds That 32% of Right-Leaning Adults Agree That "Liberalism Has Equipped Jews to Destroy Institutions" by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Why would they destroy institutions? They use institutions.

It's time to decentralize the internet, again: What was distributed is now centralized by Google, Facebook, etc by Drewski in DecentralizeAllThings

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Google has not centralized the internet. That would be the web.

News: Tara Reade: If Andrew Cuomo has to resign over allegations of sexual misconduct, why not Joe Biden? by Egypttales in news

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That's fair. But we also don't have video of Cuomo doing it.

Also more to your point. When Cuomo resigns we don't get Kamala Harris.

Suicide rates climbing, especially in rural America by nutssack in whatever

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If you are in rural America don't commit suicide. We need you live and functional for the upcoming war that they are going to push on us.

Several of Texas’ largest school districts defy governor, impose mask mandates by scrubking in politics

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Let them go private. Auction off the building to the teachers or the principle, or an outside party, and then they can do what they like with their school that the state should have no business owning or operating.

Delta, Southwest, American Airlines: No Vaccine Mandate for Employees by carn0ld03 in business

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Good for them.

This Is 1938: First, They Came for the Unvaccinated - Frontpagemag by cottoneyejoe in politics

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They bounced out of that depression while still being under the treaty of versailles. Their depression was caused by corruption of government turning the market into a game of rent seeking instead of serving the German people. The second they got rid of political power in Germany (no one was allowed a democratically gained office with which to auction off the people's rights), they bounce right out of it. Now the national socialists would have broken the economy themselves given enough time. While they didn't print the main currency as much as the wiemar republic did, they created all kinds of unusual industry specific currencies that were bubbles that would have poppped like mortgage backed securities give enough time.

If you want to know how the jews were related to this more accurate explaination for their depression, jews held a significant over representation in "democratic" positions and were notable sources of political corruption and thus economic corruption.

This Is 1938: First, They Came for the Unvaccinated - Frontpagemag by cottoneyejoe in politics

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At first they came for the unvaccinated, but I was vaccinated. Then they came for the non-gays, but I was definitely gay. Then they came for those who still had a penis. I had a penis. I guess I don't know. Then they came for non-cannables. I guess I'm a cannable now. Then they decided I was on the menu and it didn't matter what I was.

Family of man killed after police put knee to his neck sues by BrisbaneGal in whatever

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His family was killed after the police that kneed his neck sued?

In Australia roads are blocked and vaccine checkpoints erected? by x0x7 in videos

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Australia is south of the Mason Dixon line.

Nations Listed by Johns Hopkins University as Most Vaccine Compliant Top the CDC’s List for Highest COVID-19 Travel Risk for Americans by scrubking in Coronavirus

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Can nation's be compliant? Compliant to whom?

Back in my day by [deleted] in memes

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That's messed up.

Fauci: Coronavirus 'Will Disappear' When an 'Majority' Are Vaccinated by StillLessons in propaganda

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Maybe that's why they are so eager to get rid of it. They don't want it known that a disease that will annoy humanity for the next 40,000 years was grown in a lab by them.

We all say covid deaths are small in proportion to the global population. But when we multiply it by 40,000 years that's a lot of deaths on their hands.

Fauci deserves to commit 1,000 seppukus. We should use our superior and modern medical abilities to revive him directly after each time, and he should legitimately perform it 1,000 times.

Fauci: Coronavirus 'Will Disappear' When an 'Majority' Are Vaccinated by StillLessons in propaganda

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And Israel.

Iceland's own epidemiologist said that universal vaccination has done absolutely nothing for them. Obviously to achieve universal vaccination their lead epidemiologist had to be onboard. He's not some crazy anti-vaxxer. He's just sharing what the data says. Universal vaccination did nothing. End of story.

Pfizer's own efficacy numbers should be in question considering they dissolved their control group for their efficacy study which means they have no baseline to compare against and their numbers are just a convenient estimate made by them. The numbers in Iceland are science. And the science says the vaccine doesn't aid a population. That's the difference between theory and science. The theory says that the vaccine should help. The science says that it doesn't. If you think your theory trumps actual observed data then you have departed from science.

Glenn Greenwald: The reason I don't take seriously the fear that the US is headed toward some grave conflict with China is that corporate America -- the financial elites who own the political process -- revere the Chinese government. Wall St. is in bed with the CCP. Just listen to the Nike CEO by awawa in politics

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That's exactly why we are headed towards a conflict. Just a different type of conflict where the dividing line can't be drawn over the pacific ocean.

'I'm famous on the internet!' Transgender YouTuber charged with raping her mom, 79, screams at judge after being denied bail and is sent to jail with MALE inmates after initially being housed with women by [deleted] in news

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Being defiant with a judge is not a smart move at the amount of time for the maximum sentence. Considering most sentences are much lower than maximum (maximum reserved for repeat offenders of the same crime and especially heinous instances of that crime, like if it also included battery), the range of likely time may straddle the difference between jail and prison. He might do semi-ok in jail. A smaller block fills inmates with hope of having a block that is mostly non-violent and so the drama in that block may die down. In prison he would be a little fish in a huge pond, that no single inmate dares to be a peace maker in.

If the judge sentences him to prison then that is sentencing to be butt raped, which given the foreknowlege that the judge has really should be a violation of the 8th amendment.

Sky News Australia Suspended by YouTube by x0x7 in censorship

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Saying there is a litany of examples isn't giving an example.

Sky News Australia Suspended by YouTube by x0x7 in censorship

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Why does CNN never get accused of consent manufacture.

Can you give an example of Rupert Murdoch doing that or is that just a catch phrase you use?

"But if you try to force something on me, I am not running anywhere ... I am going to kill you ..." by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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I wonder if our society adopted a culture of "If you talk of forcing something on me then I am going to kill you," what the end result would be.

When it's plots of NAP violation on a massive scale then it is self defense. Maybe when this whole calamity is over and we get new Nueremburg codes, and Geneva conventions, as we have in the aftermath of past calamity and right violating government machinations, some collective rights will exist which include the rights of peoples to defend themselves against conspiracies to violate rights. And maybe the Nueremburg code will be more spelled out, that no person can make a medical decision for another when the second has a sound mind, and that no rights or abilities can be contingent on one's medical choices.

It all seems very reasonable and it's unfortunate that we didn't spell it out explicitly before now. It really is the basics of medical ethics.

Key Inflation Gauge Posts Fastest Annual Price Gain In 30 Years by x0x7 in Anarcho_Capitalism

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It's about time we move past the dollar anyway. Who needs these fed reserve bucks. They enable massive theft from ourselves as the banks can practically print their own money (have access to negative real interest rate loans at any volume they require with no due date to pay it back). Why would you be dumb enough to continue to value something that enables that theft from you when value equivalence theory teaches that you could store value in anything else. Some of the other options it's worth the volatility.

Merkel: ‘Unvaccinated Germans Will LOSE Their Freedoms’ by scrubking in WorldNews

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Are they really trying to establish an ultimatum between our freedom and their life? Because that's what I read her ultimatum as.

Strange of her to establish that kind of ultimatum.

Anytime they give you an ultimatum, a third option exists. Humanity hasn't used it in quite a while. Maybe that's how they've forgotten themselves.

Number of deaths skyrocketed after start of corona vaccination by carn0ld03 in UnitedKingdom

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I don't know a single unvaccinated person to get sick since April, with anything.

YouTube be like by Vulptex in censorship

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What the Corona Virus Means for Identitarians by x0x7 in politics

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I was just thinking on another note that at some point we have to stop calling it Corona Virus because the virus will lose relevance eventually (sooner the better), and corona virus refers to a rather large number of viruses. What if we just call it SAR2.