When you know the government lies but, you still trust NASA, you're only: by JasonCarswell in comedy

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lol this is woke gatekeeping

Someone Made A Deepfake Of Steve Buscemi's Face On Jennifer Lawrence And It Is A Thing Of Ugly Beauty by Mnemonic in funny

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Like a young Madeleine Albright

is there a discord chat for saidit while the saidit chat feature is unavaiable? by WilliamHung in frontpage

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Wow I haven't seen a William Hung joke since like 2007

Should the "funny" vote be called the "fun" vote? by magnora7 in AskSaidIt

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Lol I'm enjoying this german spongebob music more than I probably should.

Mark one more down for 'fun'!

Saidit is becoming an echo chamber by wizzwizz4 in SaidIt

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Additionally, Saidit admin should expect significant outside pressure for obvious reasons.

Oh obviously. We've been dealing with people trying to destroy saidit since day 1. I appreciate the concern, because it is a real issue. I'm glad to see the post and comments here, people wanting to help make saidit better.

Here's a couple ideas for sub names: