If you are a white woman and not far right you're an idiot by Dragonerne in politics

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Yes -- and neither rule the world, or do even a thousandth of what drooling SJWs and Antisemites think they do.

He’s the best at what he does. The one and only @FrancisAaronUK has released a new video about the child abuse of ‘gender affirmation.’ Francis Aaron – “Clownfish” – a rap song about the transgender medical experiment on children. BUY this SONG: – https://gum.co/clownfish by Chipit in music

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Has anyone "followed the money"?

Excellent question.

Before she was banned by Medium, Sue Donym followed the money. She's republished her essay here.

Trans is worth big bucks. A quote from Forbes:

Trans-tech is a budding industry with an enormous opportunity, RKA claims. “Our estimates place the average cost of transition at $150,000 per person. Multiply that by an estimated population of 1.4 million transgender people, we’re taking about a market in excess of $200B. That is significant. That’s larger than the entire film industry.”

This study found that costs were significantly higher: typically around $40,000 a year, for the first five years, dropping to around $7-10K after that.

LGB organisations like Stonewall who had mostly won the culture wars were looking for a new reason to justify their existence (and their salaries). They weren't going to fight for LGB rights in places like Uganda or Saudi Arabia, and the trans billionaires were waving fistfuls of bucks around to legitimise transgenderism, so Stonewall and co jumped onto the trans bandwagon -- even though transsexuality is only ever-so tenuously associated with LGB issues, and the influx of straight male autogyn transwomen is directly opposed to LGB welfare.

Add to that the illiberal woke competing to signal who is the most virtuous in a purity spiral, and you get the mess we are in now where the rights of a handful of fetishist straight males LARPing as women outweigh the rights and safety of women and children.

Goomics - a bunch of internal-only Google comics by [deleted] in Internet

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I don't think it's "internal-only" when it is openly published on the net and you can buy it as a book. More of a glimpse into Google's internal culture.

The Jew Scam List by Jesus in conspiracy

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Imagine being so out of touch with reality that you are a Jew-hater whose user name is a Jewish rabbi.

How the Democrats fell for Mussolini by jet199 in politics

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This is a fantastic analysis. It reminds us that labels, especially political labels, cannot capture all the fine details of our political positions.

Fascists of the 1920s and 1930s were socially conservative. Fascists of the 2010s and 2020s are also socially conservative, the difference is that society has moved on from "women belong pregnant and in the kitchen" and "if your skin is a different colour from mine, you belong dead" to treating women and minorities as equals.

The driving force for fascism has not changed: its still being driven by a coalition of political and social elites with big business. Only the positions of the insiders and outsiders have changed.

There's people who wouldn't question me, I just know it. by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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How did we lose basic knowledge in less than 20 years in a world that has more access to information than at any time in history?

The scary thing is the number of actual medical doctors and biologists who have drunk the Koolaid and are publicly stating that human sex is a spectrum.

Why do evil programmers love open source software? by trident765 in programming

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All of the evil programmers I know

Huh, funny. All the evil programmers I know are working to write closed-source spyware, malware, bitcoin miners, surveillance software, facial recognition software, IoT, tracking software for the web, they work for the NSA, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

News of key witness lying is ‘devastating’ for US case against Assange; it must be dropped, WikiLeaks co-founder’s ally tells RT by Drewski in WikiLeaks

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The US government will have hundreds of low-lifes lining up to swear on a stack of Bibles that Assange shot JFK, flew a plane into the World Trade Center, and killed Laura Palmer.

If you are a white woman and not far right you're an idiot by Dragonerne in politics

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You still didn't watch the video.

Yes I did. I watched as much of it as I could before I fell asleep from the sheer tedium. I get it that people have to make a living, but he should get a real job instead of shilling for donations so much. "Before I tell you a whole bunch of bullshit, here's where you can donate to my Patreon." As they say, a fool and their money are soon parted.

make the US more Christian less jewish


So fucking predictable. "The jews" are like "systematic racism" to SJWs.

The court judgement that confirms women pay for trans rights | The Spectator by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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Thanks for the archive link.

Some gender critical musings, mainly deconstructing TRA arguments by hhh123 in GenderCritical

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Nicely written blog post. I like this quote:

"So the labels “man” and “woman” only refer to your gender identity, which has no bearing on your actual sex, or even how you express your gender, your personality, your interests, or any other aspect of your person. It is just your gender identity, and nothing more than your gender identity. In other words, it’s a concept completely empty of any meaning whatsoever."

It might be without any meaning as a word, but it does have a deeper emotional meaning: its about power, who has it, and who has to knuckle under and repeat whatever absurdity they are told.

If a hulking great bearded man with a penis who behaves in stereotypical masculine ways can make others call him a woman, that's a pretty strong indication that he has power over them. That's straight out of 1984: if Orwell were writing Big Brother today, he might have had Winston Smith agree that Charlotte Clymer has always been a woman.

It goes the other way too -- if you're the person formerly known as Ellen Page, then being able to make people agree that you've always been a man (and without charging you with cultural appropriation for playing female roles for your entire career) demonstrates that you have power over them.

The ultimate end result of this naked display of power is to have trans men and women forgo any sort of transition or medical treatment or even wearing clothes typical of the opposite sex. Male to male, and female to female, trans is the next stage. If you believe those who follow the young kids on Instagram and Tik Tok, we're already there: teens are labelling themselves as trans while behaving and dressing as their stereotypical "assigned at birth" sex.

To paraphrase: "Of course I'm not cis, I'm a trans boy, I cross-dress as a girl, my pronouns are she/they, and I'm gay so I'm attracted to cis boys."

"In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule". -Friedrich Nietzsche. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Over 50% of Democrat voters are on some type of psychiatric medication.

Got a source for that? Because it kinda sounds like "over 50% of Republican voters are addicted to opioids".

50% is a lot. Overall, the use of psychiatric meds in America is about 17%, and it's mostly whites (one in five) who take them.

Without a reliable source showing different, I don't think it is credible that the use of brain candy will be exceedingly different between D and R voters. Maybe Dems would use more anti-depressants and Republicans more pain killers but I wouldn't want to put money on that.

why is this forum so dead? by [deleted] in whatever

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I am shadow banned in every sub on it

Got some examples of posts you made that were shadow banned? Plenty of subs there that don't ban people.

'Gender diverse' and the mutilation of the language by JulienMayfair in GenderCritical

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I know what gender is

Unless you mean a technical term from linguistics, or a euphemism for sex, you're doing better than me. I'm not the only one who finds it hard to narrow down what gender actually means, or who thinks that we should stop using the word.

Transwomen win right to be in women's prisons in UK. WCGW? by GConly in GenderCritical

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What this policy will do is incentivize men to establish themselves as "trans" before committing a crime

What do you mean, "before"?

Why do they expect deaths, hospitalisations and serious illness in Phase 2...when currently in Phase 1 we do not have any? (this plan was officially released today) by nevergiveconsent in conspiracy

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Where does that say anything about expecting deaths and hospitalisations to increase? You're just making up bullshit.

The first stage is about using locks downs, quarantines, social distancing etc to reduce and control community transmission of the disease. Australia was barely touched by Covid in comparison to other countries, but a year ago the hospitals' intensive care departments were filled almost to overflowing with Covid patients.

Stage B is about moving to post vaccination management: many people will be vaccinated, community transmission will become much less likely. Most importantly, if there is an outbreak, instead of spreading exponentially (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256...) it will spread much more slowly (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12...) since most people will be partially or fully immune.

Stage C is about shifting to management of Covid more like other notifiable infectious diseases, like TB, HIV, cholera, diphtheria, anthrax, rabies, Legionaire's Disease, leprosy, Black Plague, SARS, Yellow Fever, smallpox, ebola, etc.

And stage D is when that transition is complete, and Covid will be one of the other dozens of notifiable diseases that need management.

Hungary passes more anti LGBT laws, sentiment against LGBT grows by carn0ld03 in Europe

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Shame that perfectly harmless lesbians, gays and bisexuals are getting associated with the T.

Cop Kills Unarmed 17yo Boy As He Held a Quart of Oil Working on His Truck by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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God: Thou shalt not kill.

Also God: See those people over there that live in the land you want? Kill them all. Oh okay, you can keep the virgin woman and girls as sex slaves. Everyone else, I want them dead.

Flu Vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in the US based on settled cases for injuries. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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It's difficult to get hard numbers. For comparison, I found this summary of adverse effects involved with Hepatitis vaccines that suggests that serious (life-threatening) adverse effects are very rare, less than 1 in 60,000 (less than 0.002%). I would consider that "generally safe". Certainly I didn't hesitate to get my hepatitis vaccine shots when I needed them.

(Note that mild symptoms are absolutely normal and nothing to worry about -- that's just your immune system at work.)

Keep in mind that there are at least three major Covid vaccines in use in the West, and it is absolutely wrong to count them all together. But having said that, I'm going to do it anyway, because it's 2am here and fuck it.

Estonia found five serious adverse effects after 39,505 doses of two different vaccines were administered. That's about 0.01%. Nobody died out of the five. In comparison, the fatality rate for Covid is about ten times that, plus many more left with long-term damage. So on the very limited information I have now, I would say the vaccines are looking better than Covid as far as side-effects go.

(One in a ten thousand chance of a serious, but probably not fatal, adverse event, versus one in a thousand chance of dying, and about one in fifty chance of serious, long-term debilitating damage to lungs, kidneys, heart, nerves and other organs.)

The Smithsonian is reporting that up to 80% of people will have mild side-effects, but doesn't comment on the risks of serious side-effects.

The medical advice regarding the A-Z vaccine is constantly changing as new data comes in, but I think that people under 50 should probably avoid it. It seems to be broadly safe for the elderly. As for the others, Pfizer and Moderna, and the rest, a lot of it depends on where you are, how much community transmission of Covid there is, the availability of treatments (and the willingness of doctors to prescribe them), and whether or not you and your community is willing to use other preventative measures like lock-downs, stay-at-home orders, social distancing and masks to control the spread of the virus.

I am immune-compromised, but I live in a country with very little community transmission thanks to pretty good compliance with masks and lock-downs. So I'm lucky enough to have the luxury to take a "wait and see" attitude to the vaccines. But if my government is stupid enough to open the international borders, and we get an influx of Covid cases, I would have to seriously consider getting vaccinated as the "least worst" alternative.

The Best Things in Life are Free by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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There are rich people in this country right now who have had to sell one of their summer homes.

Oh no!!!! Won't somebody think of the poor billionaires!!!!

If you are a white woman and not far right you're an idiot by Dragonerne in politics

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Imagine drinking so much Koolaid that you actually think that Biden and the rest of the elite$ give a shit about skin colour. The only colour they care about is green. "Pay no attention to the billionaires behind the curtain. Look, we hired a black man!" and you race-obsessed snowflakes fall for it every single time.

It's not 1955 any more. Try to keep up. The world has moved on, and race now is just a distraction to keep everyone at each other's throats. It keeps the poor blacks voting for the party of Wall Street, and the poor whites voting for the other party of Wall Street. When the Republicans are in power, they cry about the mean ol' Republicans keeping kids in cages -- and then when they are in power, they keep the kids in cages but just stop talking about them.

Biden is the guy who started the war on poor black Americans with his crime bill. At least Clinton had the grace to apologise for it, but Biden still says its a good idea. He was voted in on a platform of "defund the police" and he just doubled the law enforcement funding. His V-P covered up evidence that would free two innocent black men until after they were executed. She laughed about jailing black mothers, defended a detective who literally framed another innocent black man, and told a judge that the state of California shouldn't have to release black prisoners when their sentence was up, because their slave labour was too valuable.

And you think they are anti-white.

Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's fucking raining.

Sen. Tran wants ban on face covering at public events by aboston in whatever

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Hmmm, banning people from covering their faces in public. Where have I heard that before?

If you are a white woman and not far right you're an idiot by Dragonerne in politics

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White guys didn't give women rights. Women fought for them. White men attacked them when they marched, the police arrested and assaulted them, they jailed them, tortured them and killed them. They groped and sexually assaulted them. Women learned how to fight back and forced white men to accept equal rights. They weren't freely given.

You need to pump out kids

Oh yeah, just look at how much you care about women. "Listen up bitches, we love and respect you so fucking much that you have to be a breeding mare pumping out kid after kid, so we can protect you from the boogeyman.If only we could get it up with an actual woman"

If you are a white woman and not far right you're an idiot by Dragonerne in politics

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https://media.giphy.com/media/kEKcOWl8RMLde/100w.gif GIF

This is how blatant the pedophilia is. Right there in plain sight. by Canbot in conspiracy

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If you see paedophilia everywhere, it's not them, its you.

You don't need to be a paedo to recognize crazy when you see it. But you just might be a paedo in denial if everything you see reminds you of paedophilia.

(By the way, calling yourself "Righteous Bob" isn't a red flag at all, no sir-e, not one bit.)

CC. u/socks

Flu Vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in the US based on settled cases for injuries. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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A house burning down is murder?

Man, you're gonna hate to hear about all the pieces of paper I just shredded. What's that, genocide?

Tavistock gender clinic ‘converting’ gay children by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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It costs tens of thousands a year in medical expenses to transition as trans. Being gay or lesbian costs nothing. It's Just Good Business™ to convert queer kids to trans, you would have to be some sort of bigoted nazi to oppose that. Won't somebody think of the pharmaceutical company's profits???

Laurel Hubbard is in the Olympics by Camberian in GenderCritical

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I'm curious what 'transition' Hubbard has actually undergone aside from lowering his testosterone somewhat. I'm guessing nothing.

Put "she/her" pronouns in his Twitter bio. What else is needed to be a woman?

How hard is it to find friends in UK/Europe who are also gender critical? by Siarell in GenderCritical

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Hi Siarell, I'm not in the UK, but I have friends there. You'll probably find that "normies" don't care too much one way or the other about trans activism -- they don't hate them, think they're a bit weird, but live and let live, so long as they aren't hurting anyone who cares? The upper-class English have a long tradition of men wearing women's clothing, so it is sort of accepted as eccentric but not harmful. Working class people, less so.

Uni students and the "woke" have embraced TRA ideology but regular people not so much. Some of the woke will report you to the police for a "not crime", seriously the British police now are investigating behaviour which is "not a crime", so be careful around the woke. If you see them wearing rainbow flags or wrist bands, watch what you say. Nine out of ten will probably do nothing but the other one could be vicious.

You're more likely to get in trouble in the work-place than out in the street, if its a white-collar office job.

And of course, active discrimination against trans people is against the law.

Flu Vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in the US based on settled cases for injuries. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The people who are most aware of the risks versus benefits of vaccination, medical personal, have a very high vaccination rate: about 82% of hospital staff.

Could vaccines be not only not as neccesary as we are told they are, but actually harmful for us?

Everything you put in your body, without exception, has some risk -- including water and even oxygen, without which you will die. Any medically active substance, from antibiotics to pain killers to vaccines, are no different. Life comes with no guarantees. All we can do is manage the risks by trying to keep the risk as low as possible and the benefits as high as possible.

The other truth is that the more people are vaccinated, the smaller the chances of being exposed to the disease in the first place, so the benefits are lower. But the more people stop getting vaccinated, the larger the chances of the disease coming back with a vengeance.

Here's an analogy. People pay taxes to fund the police to prevent crime before it occurs (vaccination). So if there's not much crime around (very little disease), people don't want to pay that cost (run the risk of side-effects from vaccines). And fair enough: those taxes would be better off in your wallet than in the city's coffers, right? But if everyone defunds the police (stops being vaccinated), then crime will increase and we'll all be worse off.

So there's a balance needed: fund the police enough, not too much, not too little. And what counts as "enough" can vary according to the conditions: how much crime there is, how effective are the cops, are they fat and lazy (Chief Wiggum) or keen and efficient (Dirty Harry), how serious are the crimes (kids smoking weed, or terrorists blowing up buildings?) etc. The better the cops are at preventing crime, the less you need them; the worse they are, the more you need them.

Same with vaccines: some side-effects are inescapable, no matter how careful we are to make them as safe as possible. Sad but true. But if too many people opt-out of vaccination, then the disease will come back, and then even vaccinated people are at risk because no vaccine is 100% effective.

Its all about the balance.

And remember: doctors and nurses do actually care about keeping you safe, and pharmaceutic companies are driven to make profit, not to save lives. So trust, but verify, and don't believe everything you read, either pro or con.

Flu Vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in the US based on settled cases for injuries. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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There are more settled cases for flu vaccines because more people get flu shots than the others.

What we really need to see is the rate of injury per million vaccinations. If ten million people get the flu vaccine, and there are five serious adverse effects (rate of 0.5 per million), and a thousand people get another vaccine, and there is one serious adverse effect (rate of 1000 per million), its the second which is way more dangerous even though the raw number of injuries is less.

Without knowing the rate of injuries, the raw numbers are meaningless.

Also, keep in mind that vaccine compensation in the US is theoretically on a "no fault" basis, that is, you don't have to prove the vaccine caused the injury. The reality is not that good: vaccine compensation in the US is pretty ugly, with plenty of wriggle room for the authorities to deny compensation to those who genuinely deserve it. But better than, say, North Korea.

But to a first approximation, we can assume that in most of those cases, the person only needs to prove that

  1. an injury occurred;
  2. it occurred within some period of time after the vaccine; and
  3. its the kind of injury which could plausibly have been caused by the vaccine.

So not every compensated injury will have been caused by the vaccine. Unvaccinated people get diseases like Guillain-Barré Syndrome too.

Suppose that out of a million unvaccinated people, two will get GBS. And out of a million vaccinated people, three will get GBS. Then we can guess that two of those cases of GBS in the vaccinated people would have occurred regardless of the vaccine, but of course we have no way of knowing which two. So a "no fault" scheme will compensate all three, even though probably only one was caused by the vaccine.

It takes some really clever medical sleuthing to work out the rate of actual injuries caused by the vaccines, and the honest truth is that in most cases, we really cannot tell which injuries and side-effects were caused by the vaccine and which would have happened anyway. Medicine is not an exact science.

Here's an analogy for you: I buy insurance for my new home, and the very next day it burns down. Was it fraud? Just because my house burned down a day after I bought insurance, doesn't mean I was committing fraud. I just got unlucky.

The right kind of dope by 9Gag in memes

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ThAt'S toTaLLy A gIrL dICk yoU bIGot!

Edgy Take re Down Syndrome Girl Who Was Excluded in Jr High Cheerleading Squad in Utah by Richard_Parker in news

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I again assert the strong likelihood that, per usual, the media is getting it wrong.

If that's the case, that does put a different slant on things.

Hitler is ok. (actually he's really cool) by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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These claims are so silly and wrong.

Oh, I'm sorry, did Germany win WW2, and eastern Europe didn't really get stuck under the control of the USSR for forty years? My mistake.

Hitler is ok. (actually he's really cool) by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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What the fuck did I just read?

It's called reality. You might need a fucking big dose of it, possibly inserted up your arse with a pile driver, if you think that Hitler was anything but an unmitigated disaster for Germany and Europe.

He was a drug-addicted borderline psychotic with delusions of grandeur, a sexual pervert, an incompetent leader who micro-managed the personal equipment used by German soldiers and then made terrible strategic decisions, a boob who slept through the most critical period of the D-Day invasion and pretty much lost the war for Germany. His 1000 year Reich lasted 12 years. After WW1, no enemy soldier had stepped foot on German soil. After WW2, Germany ceased to exist except for the largesse of the victors.

He may have had charisma, he may have been able to bully the weak and frightened, but he was shit at nearly everything else.

(I'll give him this much, unlike Mussolini, who was a coward who strutted around like a cock in a barnyard, Hitler actually did have personal courage -- at least as a young man, and even if he took the coward's way out in 1945 with the Red Army knocking at his door.)

The idea that there are still people who think that Hitler the loser was "ok" and "really cool" pretty much proves that people prefer fantasies over reality.

Hitler is ok. (actually he's really cool) by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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you also think he was syphilitic, a gay prostitute while in Vienna

There's no evidence that Hitler had syphilis. I must admit the gay prostitute story is new to me. Its rather idiotic -- nobody who knew Hitler could have believed it.

a charlatan by the name of Josef Greiner

None of my statements came from Greiner.

Your claim elsewhere that the Nazis 'took credit' for supposed economic successes of the Weimar Republic

The Weimar republic managed to get through the period 1918 to 1924 despite massive war debt, hyperinflation, political instability, the army's hostility, insurrection from traitors like Ernst Röhm, the intransigence of France and Britain, international blockades, war reparations and more. They reformed the currency, brought inflation under control, kick-started the economy, increased jobs and trade, and presided through the Golden Twenties that ended only with the global Great Depression that affected pretty much everyone.

By 1929, Germany had five years of uninterrupted economic growth and rising incomes thanks to the Weimar republic. The economy was solid, and German's international reputation was much improved -- no thanks to the conservatives who tried to withdraw from the the Paris Peace pact. Even France had softened their attitude and reparations had been massively reduced. Germany was welcomed into the League of Nations and was no longer a pariah.

And then the Great Depression hit in 1929, which fucked it up for everyone, not just Germany. Weimar is no more to blame for the Great Depression than Iceland. But by 1932, the economy was recovering and unemployment was falling. Between August 1932 and 1933, unemployment fell by 1.1 million, and employment increased by 1.3 million. The economy was already improving before the conservative idiots handed power to Hitler, thinking that he would be their puppet.

The Weimar republic planned and funded the Autobahn system, with the first such highway opened to the public in 1932, the Bundesautobahn 555 (although not known by that name at the time). Hitler loved the Autobahns, and took credit for the plans which had already had money allocated from the budget, and extended it greatly.

Between 1933 and 1939, the Reich managed to increase government spending by over 23 billion Reichsmark; they had reduced their old (pre-war and Weimar) debt from 4.2 to 3.4 billion Reichsmark, but had taken on new debt of over 27 billion Reichsmark.

Like all governments, Weimar Germany made mistakes. But those mistakes were mild compared to the disastrous effect Hitler's war-mongering had, by 1945 a full quarter of the German workforce was made up of literal slaves, because so many productive German workers were dead, crippled, or in the army. The Nazi economy was a vampire, it was not productive on its own, it could only survive by sucking the life out of others.

Jacob Alexander Israeli ZIonist military officer connected to Odigo instant messaging company whose employees and users received an early warning of the 9/11 attacks, has recently become a fugitive from U.S. justice and taken refuge in Israel along with other prime suspects of the terror attacks. by Jesus in conspiracy

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The enclosed server racks were locked and the only people who could open them were employees of the Shimizu Corp., he said. Didn’t the host of NIST scientists think that was worthy of mention?

No, why would they? That's absolutely normal for any sort of serious corporation or business that has a lot of important servers. Even the six-man IT company I used to work for kept the server room locked when not in use.

You might as well say that NIST should have mentioned that they had a coffee machine and low-fat milk.

They either did not know that the 81st floor was full of “battery-looking things” or decided not to mention it. How odd.

How astonishing! A company with hundreds of servers had put them on UPSes to provide emergency backup power! Them and about a million other companies.

You're not making a very strong case for a conspiracy by someone other than Osama bin Laden by pointing at absolutely normal business activity as if it were a sign of some dastardly malfeasance. Servers under lock and key! UPSes! A coffee machine! Some of the offices had white boards!!!

UPSes are heavy as fuck. They contain lead-acid batteries, like in your car. They are much, much heavier than thermite, which is usually made of a mixture of aluminium and iron-oxide. Having to reinforce the floor of an office that uses lots of heavy servers and lots of heavy batteries is perfectly normal.

I'd like to keep an open mind, but if this is the best evidence you have, it's pretty slim stuff.

Did not listen to the science? I will tell you.. by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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rolls eyes

The science about how much a benefit masks have is unclear, whether it is a big benefit or a small benefit. But we do absolutely know one thing: wearing face masks is cheap, and does no harm.

Anyone who says they can't wear a mask for medical reasons is talking complete and utter bullshit. Oh you poor little fragile snowflake.

I make exceptions for children under 4 and the mentally retarded. Everyone else can wear a mask. HTFU snowflake, the worst that happens is you've spend 10 cents on a paper disposable mask that does nothing, and the best is that you might save your life.

Edgy Take re Down Syndrome Girl Who Was Excluded in Jr High Cheerleading Squad in Utah by Richard_Parker in news

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If she was involved enough with the cheerleader team to be allowed into the first photo, she was involved enough to be included in the year book. Doesn't matter if she was a manager, or a cheerleader, or a mascot, she was part of the team.

There is a wide range of disability that Downs syndrome people can experience, from barely any at all to needing permanent full time care. If she is going to a regular school, she's closer to the first end than the second.

Hitler is ok. (actually he's really cool) by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Plans for UBI? What's that?

Not communism, that's for sure.

Hitler is ok. (actually he's really cool) by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Hitler should have wiped out the English at Dunkirk but he was too compassionate toward his fellow Europeans.

"His fellow Europeans", what a wanker.

Hitler didn't want to hammer the English at that time because he thought that Britain and America would change sides and ally themselves with Germany against the rest of Europe. He had this fantasy of unifying all of the Germanic peoples of Europe into Greater Germany, except for two groups: Britain, which would remain independent, and north Italian Germans, who would remain in Italy as a reward for Mussolini.

To the day he died, he never understood how the Americans and British didn't take his side. Talk about a delusional fool.

Hitler is ok. (actually he's really cool) by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Hitler did not want war.

For fucks sake, Hitler was constantly going on about how war made a nation strong, that peace was for the weak.

If you believe that "Hitler did not want war" you probably believe that Epstein killed himself, Saddam Hussein had nuclear bombs, the 2020 American presidential election was the fairest and most secure in all of history, it's only "a few bad apples" among the police that are abusive, Elliot Page is a man, and the Covid-19 virus has nothing to do with the Wuhan lab.

Hitler is ok. (actually he's really cool) by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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he could have made Romania a top-of-the-line nation.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that. Romania has been everyone's bitch since ancient Rome. Where do you think the name Romania comes from?

Hitler is ok. (actually he's really cool) by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Hitler was a great guy and more people should get to know who he really was.

Yeah, Hitler was a great guy if you want your country to be utterly destroyed by an idiot who was obsessed with a fantasy of "Jews destroying Europe".


  • said that Germany should never again get involved in a two front war;
  • immediately got Germany involved in a two-front war;
  • said that he wanted to destroy Communism;
  • handed eastern Europe to the Communists;
  • said that Germany should never get into a war against America;
  • immediately declared war on America after Pearl Harbour;
  • believed that he was sent by "Providence" (God) to save Germany;
  • destroyed Germany so badly that it was split into two, and only by the grace of the Americans, French and British it wasn't split into even more pieces;
  • thought that old Germanic and Norse myths were rubbish, but surrounded himself with nutcases and loons who thought that the old pagan myths were true;
  • played the Nazi leadership against each other so that they were constantly undermining each others' goals;
  • had a massive temper-tantrum on German's defeat, which was caused by his over-reaching ambition and incompetence, and ordered for Germany to be utterly destroyed, every city, every town, every farm was to be razed to the ground, every bridge destroyed so that Germans would be pushed into the Dark Ages (Albert Speer countermanded this order).

Hitler took credit for the economic improvements done by the Wiemar republic (for example, it was them, not the Nazis, who started the autobahns -- Hitler just swept in and stole the credit). Once he started running the economy, he destroyed it. For years, the only thing keeping Germany going was the wealth and literal slave labour he was able to get from the war. Had the war ended, and those sources of cheap labour and wealth had dried up, the German economy would have collapsed.

He was an idiot and a boob, he believed in pure nonsense and was incompetent at running the country. Even in his love-life he was a freak: nobody knows what, exactly, but he was so perverted that he drove the love of his life to suicide. Eva Brown must have had balls of steel to stay with him -- or maybe she shared his kink.

Hitler is ok. (actually he's really cool) by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Hitler's weakness was his racism.

Hitler's weaknesses were a hell of a lot more than just racism. He was incompetent at ruling, ran Germany into the ground, he constantly blamed everyone around him for his fuck-ups, wouldn't listen to anyone who knew more than him, he was a drug addict and a lazy shit who slept in to midday during the middle of a war after keeping his top generals up until 4 or 5am watching American movies.

Germany did as well as it did in spite of Hitler, not because of him.

Just one example:

The Allies established a beachhead on D-Day because Hitler had given strict instructions that the armoured reserves weren't to be moved without his personal approval. When the Allies landed at Normandy, the Germans were caught unawares, but they had reserves ready, so they would be okay... except everyone was too terrified of Hitler's violent tantrums to wake him. He didn't wake up until midday, by which time the Allies has established the beachhead and broken through and the reserves were too little, too late.

He bled the cream of German's youth away, just throwing them into the meat grinder of Stalingrad because Hitler was determined to capture the city named after his hated rival Stalin. Stalingrad had zero strategic value.

He destroyed army after army by refusing to allow them to make strategic retreats to get into a better position to counter-attack. If a booze-added hobo had been in charge of the German army, he probably would have done better than Hitler.

He wasted vast amounts of manpower, time, money and most importantly scarce resources on building "superweapons" that he thought would win the war. They didn't, and they couldn't have.

Hitler was so bad at running Germany that the Allies had a number of opportunities to kill him and refused to do so because they didn't want someone competent to take over.

The Original (((Coincidence Detector))) by carn0ld03 in technology

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Bill Cosby did nothing wrong and should be set free by t_dropthelgb in whatever

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He's in jail because he grew old and ugly, and because he offended black america by being conservative.

He's hardly the only celeb who swapped drugs for sex.

Sixteen people in Swedish nursing home get Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated by LarrySwinger2 in news

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Don't worry the CDC has reconfigured the PCR threshold rates

The 95% of the world that isn't Mordor the USA: "Who the fuck cares what the CDC does?"

You sepos need to get over yourselves, you aren't the entire world. We've got our own standards.

Sixteen people in Swedish nursing home get Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated by LarrySwinger2 in news

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Of course its a vaccine. No vaccine in the world, ever, in the history of mankind, has had a 100% protective effect. Most vaccines are considered to be doing pretty well to have a 90% effectiveness, and even then, there are people for whom it never takes.

Due to a medical condition I have, I am considered at high risk of Hepatitis B. (One of my medications can reactivate the Hep B virus if it is in my system.) So in the last three years, I've been vaccinated against Hep B twice, and in both cases, the vaccine's protective effect has lasted less than a year. It normally lasts for a minimum of ten years.

Vaccines aren't magic.

Sixteen people in Swedish nursing home get Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated by LarrySwinger2 in news

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what the vaccine does and does not do

"The vaccine". There are sixteen Covid-19 vaccines approved for use around the world, based on four completely distinct biological principles. "The" vaccine doesn't exist.

In the case of the AZ vaccine, it has been obvious since the first Oxford animal trials that that it protects against infection of the lungs and lower respiratory system, and so protects well against the worst forms of Covid pneumonia that is so often deadly. It doesn't protect nearly so well against infection of the upper respiratory tract (nasal passages), and as far as I can tell nobody has made any effort at all to investigate how well it protects against the virus spreading to other organs.

So if you are talking about the AZ vaccine, you have it completely backwards: it has a strong protective effect against the Covid pneumonia that will kill you, but only a weak effect against cold-like symptoms.

I saw this on Reddit and am not sure how to feel about this by Layla-2000 in GenderCritical

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She would have noticed that if she wasn't so busy feeding her fear with the specific posts, she was interested in.

That's exactly the point that she was making. Internet "support" circles can easily suck you into a vicious circle of learned helplessness and perpetual victimhood. This woman should be given kudos for firstly escaping from that and secondly talking about it, not put down as "dim".

BUSTED! Professor Admits Critical Race Theory Is To Build The 'Church Of Marxism' by scrubking in politics

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Anyone who thinks that Critical Race Theory is Marxist knows nothing about either Critical Race Theory or Marxism.

Police handcuffed a man so tightly he had to have hand amputated, lawsuit says by word3 in whatever

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But muh systemic racism!!! He wasn't black, so he couldn't possibly be the victim of police brutality!!!1!