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But shut off all those long horseshit AI/troll posts.

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Those are annoying but this ruins the site so isn't the way to combat it

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Having 60% of posts and comments be nonsense AI spam ruins it way worse than having to check a box sometimes

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Wrong. But this could be ok if the clown flare thing only had to be clicked on say every fifteen minutes or every half hour, instead of every couple minutes. With the long ai posts I have to click the block button. But it's not as often. I don't like the clown flare thing because I will have a post written out then hit save and it won't go thru.

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Block button doesn't work when the use a different username for each post, which they were doing. The cloudflare thing is annoying but it's better than the AI and spam posts, trust me.

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I think it's just humans using ai to make their posts anyway, they can just click on the I'm a human box easily. I guess the idea is to annoy them so they leave tho? That annoys all us humans tho. Maybe that's ok and you figure we really want to be here if we deal with it? No other websites do this with clown flare. Very odd.

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The spam posts went from 100 an hour to 2 an hour after I turned on cloudflare, it very clearly had a positive effect.

No other sites do this because we don't have any money or employees or anything. Reddit has hundreds of full time paid staff. Most other forum websites of our size or larger also have paid staff. We run on $120/mo total so it's not going to run like a million dollar operation.

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Cloudflare's implementation has drastically reduced spam posts, demonstrating its positive impact. However, the lack of resources and paid staff limits the forum's ability to match the capabilities of larger platforms with dedicated personnel.

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Yeah. I don’t have any trouble with it except for the nuisance factor. I understand it really ruins the experience for some users.

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Nuisance factor of ads understandable, but the service is worth it.

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Oh yeah, that's why the app stopped working again.

Cloudflare is worse than Hitler.

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Magnora said he did it to stop people posting AI stuff. He has a wrong viewpoint imo.

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I have seen some AI stuff, most of which has been weirdly off topic. Nothing too disruptive, though.

Magnora is the proprietor of this institution, I take it? I think getting the app working is more important than protecting against AI spam. I didn't see too much of it when the app was working, anyway.

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    This takes one second to block. Get rid of the clown flare.

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    Oh yeah? It seems like Cloudflare did squat to protect against AI, though this seems like a regular user, teasing me with an AI.

    Notice how the AI's response only tangentially related to my comment.

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    Oh yeah? It seems like Cloudflare did squat to protect against AI, though this seems like a regular user, teasing me with an AI.

    Notice how the AI's response only tangentially related to my comment.

    this website uses cloudflare for one reason and one reason alone..

    cloudflare + some reverse proxy bullshit makes it next to impossible to identify the host server/IP address where it is hosted.

    that way, they can go on and on hating niggers and jews and it is more difficult to shut them down.

    cloudflare is little more than an inconvenience for a bot developer.

    kind regards

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    That makes more sense. Someone said protecting against AI was Magnora's reason, though, not that I know who Magnora is.

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      Oh, I know. Triggering the "I am human" checkbox that sometimes shows up in Cloudflare is child's play for an AI. I know some solutions hide the HTML element with CSS, so that only bots trigger it, but you can customise the bot's behaviour not to do that, of course.

      Cool example with the Atari assembly!

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      though this seems like a regular user, teasing me with an AI.

      you are 100% on target.. i am doing this manually now, but it is very much no big deal to automate it completely.

      and, as i stated earlier, cloudflare is little more than an inconvenience for a userscript developer..

      cloudflare would be a bottleneck for a userscript/bot developer if they were to put up one of those infernal grid of pictures where i am asked to click the crosswalks or buses or airplanes, but that also inconveniences normal users.

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      stop being a faggot

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        dumbass, you think you'll make people fed up of the site, they are only fed up of Eddie

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        Cloudflare may have its issues, but comparing it to Hitler is an extreme and insensitive analogy.

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        I know hitler was a lot better

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        I get kills the spam...but without the app its absolutely abhorrent to comb through. I would rather sift through AI posts than have to use my mobile browser. If there was a way to get an app working, I would consider staying, but this is the straw that broke the camel's back for me. There was too much drama from certain users and too many people feeding them.

        Just when i thought it was beginning to catch it's footing too.

        Goodnight, sweet prince. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

        Pre-post edit: i had to refresh the page to even post my comment :(

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        Yeah it's for some other reason. Helps them get info on users or something