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Leave it in place. He's leaving, if this is all you had to do, it was easy.

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Try a different web browser and it might work easier. Not turning it off though, the spam will increase 10x and destroy this website. We've tried it. Not an option.

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Turn that shit off before you finish killing the site.

There's a whopping 12 users atm.

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Turning off will increase the spam 100 fold and you know that, and that will kill the site even faster. You know this. Stop asking me.

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You may not like me

You may not agree with me

But do you think after years of being here I'm trying to mess this place up?

Ask any of your twelve other users if they like this CF bullshit.

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You think after running this place for 6 years, I'm trying to mess this place up? Because that's what you keep implying

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I don't think you're trying to, but it's frustrating you don't listen to users with the "boots on the ground" so to speak.

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I do listen. I've just walked on the same ground 10x as much and I have experience trying these things, and I know what does and doesn't work.

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Most - if not all - of the spam I've seen is from South Asian spammers/advertisers. This is why I always ask for more mods, who can delete that obvious spam, and Mcheetah and others have deleted and banned much of it and them. The spammers have been working around the captchas rather easily. Saidit is losing users because it's exhausting to deal with the captchas so often.

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Is it a way to make it so they don't require verification literally every sixty seconds? That's how it is on my end. Not every 5 minutes or anything reasonable; every single minute it blocks the site.

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Yeah I wish I could turn down just the timeout thing a bit without also turning down everything else. Unfortunately because we have the free cloudflare we can't make those fine adjustments as far as I know. We basically just have high, med, and low. And turning it down from high to medium makes the spam go crazy, like 5x what it is normally. So we kind of have to leave it even though it sucks and I hate it too

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Is upgrading to the $20/month Pro Plan an option that would solve the problem?

Alternatively, would you be open to discuss managing the problem ourselves - this is just one example
IMO people are being traumatized / hypnotized by the constant & endless "verifying you are human" process
Or, possibly inducing people into subconsciously thinking: "I hate to verify as a human"

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I hope you didn't ban him over this. Dudes a little different but he's a solid user and there aren't a whole lot of users anymore to be banning them for having opinions on this super annoying CF bullshit.

That's not the spamming asshole Eddie, EddieC is a completely different person.

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Here's a proposal that would effectively quarantine and harness bot traffic for the benefit of the site.
A win-win solution for all.

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When I try to log into gmail, my bank and a few other sites using any other IP address I have to do the 2FA thing and once in there's no need to verify who I am again. I literally have to reverify just to post a comment here if I take to long. CF is a joke and I don't know if reddit is using CF but it's a pain in the ass to reverify even if I'm on saidit for 1 minute or 10 minutes. And I just now got the "an error occurred (status: 403)" so I copy reload and paste my comment.

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It depends on your browser, IP address and whether cookies are allowed as I understand. It's pretty bad when using Tor.

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I use Opera and all Cookies are allowed. At home, it's fucking horrible. The rare times I'm on here at work, it's super-fast and only asks for the captcha once every 10 minutes. I've tested it on other browsers at home, like Brave, Chrome, and Vivaldi (I don't own Edge; FUCK Edge) and it's all the same.