Professors worried students will share lectures with 'right wing sites' by AliceofX in KotakuInAction

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Because they'll be deconstructed.

"One professor expressed concern that "right wing sites" could expose [my emphasis] what is being taught in college courses."

What's inspiration behind your username? by Vulphere in AskSaidIt

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Politically or masturbatorially?

SaidIt Survey : How Old Are You? by JasonCarswell in SaidItSurveys

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I am male.

This Is You by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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That tadpole is going to grow up into Pepe.

Patreon now bans "Japanese style" artwork, including big breasted characters. by ZackRoyer in KotakuInAction

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They all have big tits.

Six years ago today, NYC Mayor De Blasio dropped Chuck the Groundhog. Chuck died a week later. The Staten Island Zoo continues to downplay the mayor’s role in the critter’s death by Muscadine in conspiracy

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Chuckstein didn't kill himself, but the faceplant didn't help.

"Whistleblower": Eric Ciaramella by JasonCarswell in Intelligence

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Are you talking to me? (in Italian accent, easily confused with a Jewish accent for the simple minded)

Actually, as at least a 5th generation Canadain, my name is Carswell, of Scottish origin, and my other grandparents, Hannah, Stannard, and Cline were of English, Irish, and Pennsylvania Dutch (German) origins.

I know for simple minded folks it's easy to confuse Carswell with Kurzweil or the common popular name of Carswellskisteinmannberg.

You can just call me Jay for short. (Not to be confused with J for Jew.)

I know life can be confusing. I hope I cleared things up for jou.