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    Did you even read it?

    What have you done for SaidIt lately - or at all?

    Or to resist tyranny?

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    Good decision IMHO. Not that I won't miss you, I will at least moderately. But you've invested too much time in this non-life pastime for it to be healthy, and I am pleased that you are taking care of #1.

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    LOL. Thanks. I'll still be around here. I'll still have a "non-life", but I'll be focused on my projects. I hope you might find some interesting enough to participate in.

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    Between the cancer, heavy metal toxicity and lyme disease, I'm functional for 4 hours on a good day, and I can stay concentrated enough to read for maybe a couple bouts of 30 minutes. It cuts down on the getting involved into projects thing.

    I mostly involve myself with fixing my health now. But thanks.

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    This may kick-start your recovery.

    Wim Hof - Wim Hof Method - Leech from Torrent to direct links

    10/10 would recommend to a friend. Guaranteed to activate life force you never knew existed.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is a good quality link, or not.

    Edit: Beast Mode is real.

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    I will definitely look into this.

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    Can't say this will have the effects Tom implies, but I do have this possibly better link.

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    By the way, I ran across your engagement with a 'tribalist', and felt compelled to add my bit.

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    Drag man. Good luck with all that.

    My Open-SaidIt-Project Animation #1 - Part 1 The Pitch will be simple enough to help on. I'll animate it, you'll see 2 versions of it basic coloured and outline version. If you like it, volunteer. All volunteers will get single frames. You colour it however you like. You can digitally Photoshop / GIMP it or print it out on a paper and hand colour it. Glue macaroni to it or use glitter if you want. Fill it in with flower petals or spices - or pot and your meds. Whatever. Then take a digital photo or few of it and get it to me. I'll include as many of those images as I can, among my own.

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    Someone reported this for
    1: <no reason> ?

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    Someone else reported this for
    1: Everyone knows it's at least in part affected by the LXXX drama, dude.

    I don't even know what that means. What is affected? They have no influence on me other than I've minimized cross-posting.

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    Sum it up in 10 words or less.

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    A: I'm quitting my SaidIt-sharing-focus to prioritize interactive projects to be shared on SaidIt.

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    15 words, good enough for me. Thanks! Have an upvoat. Looking forward to what you come up with Jason. 1 word, 1 word for the graduate: brevity.

    Better said as: "Brevity is bliss".

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    So you're quitting saidit but in one of the first comments you say "I'll still be around here", how does that work? Come on man at least stand for something.

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    I am standing for something. Did you even read it?
    In summary...


    A: I'm quitting my SaidIt-sharing-focus to prioritize interactive projects to be shared on SaidIt.

    Yes, this post title is obviously click-bait. I'm quitting SaidIt to stay on SaidIt.

    Ultimately this means I'll no longer be sharing many posts, won't engage much in comments, and can't be up on all the latest current events - all this to become a counter-propaganda content creator and info-resistance organizer. [...] I anticipate your feedback to my occasional posts and invite your involvement to help shape those projects.


    What would you have me do?

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    You sure are replying a lot on this thread. Generally when someone says they are quitting something it doesnt mean you'll still be around but in a dimished capacity, it means you're done doing that thing. Sounds like you're just kind of quitting, which seems like a cop out but hey man do your thing. I just dont know of many people who just kind of quite something, its usually an all or nothing thing when you use language like that. So are standing for just kind of quitting something? Seems like some muddy ground to place the pedistool my friend.

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    Specifically I'm quitting my news-sharing role here to do original content projects that I'll share and seek feedback on. The truth-seeker community feedback is the reason I joined SaidIt 2.5 years ago.

    Maybe you don't care. That's fine. Many of my other friends will be interested.

    As I stated - I know it's clickbait. I also want the most eyes and voices weighing in on my survey. This is promotional, building to decisions that will determine my fate for the next 5-10 years or more.

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    Yea your right I don't care. Thought you were taking a real stand but instead it's click bait promotional garbage like the rest of this site. Thanks buddy

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    Yet you care enough to chime in with your demotivational attitude. I am taking a stand and taking action greater than just sharing and commenting. Like it or not, being a content creator requires self-promotion. No one else will toot my horn - at least not until I get noticed and the work can speak for itself. This is the modern world.

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    But you're not quitting saidit, which is what you put in the title. Judging from the frequency of your comments you don't seem to be taking any different action. Question for you, Is not liking promotional clickbait titles deemed a "demotivational attitude"? Is demotivational even a word? Is it demotivational to point out something objective like, "Hey your titled clearly said one thing but that clearly isn't what you are saying in your actual post?" Is that called gaslighting or something? Either way, clickbait sucks and I don't know if it's necessarily required for self-promotion. Do what you do though my brother, I hope it works out for you. Don't take yourself too seriously though.

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    Why I'm Quitting SaidIt - Parts 1-5

    Part 1 The Intro

    Part 2 The Project Options I've Shared

    Part 3 The Project Options Yet Unshared

    Part 4 The Survey

    Part 5 The Results

    It's a process.

    Would you prefer any of these titles for the series:

    1. Why I'm Quitting SaidIt (been there done that).
    2. Why I'm Not Actually Quitting SaidIt.
    3. Why I'm Paradigm Shifting On SaidIt.
    4. Why I Want You To Help Determine My Destiny.
    5. What I'm doing next.
    6. All of the above.

    You said you don't care, yet you cared enough to be negatively critical, repeatedly. That's your prerogative. I can understand your confusion, though others don't seem to share it, and I even understand your dislike of self-promotional shit. But this is the world we live in.

    You could argue that clickbait is akin to gaslighting except I clearly explained myself and my motives, so it's not actually deceptive.

    I state in my post (and even in the sidebox), that I'm here for feedback. You can look at the rest of my user profile history to see that I'm not as active as I was.

    Some of the options are serious. Some are definitely not. If I do my /s/LeverMind Variety Show project then I'll most certainly not be taking myself seriously at all.

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    Dude cares way too much about this website. "As I said, I've started composing this post many times. Some included deeper self analysis about myself" is pretty cringe. Just post links and write comments. Or better yet, find another website whose audience would be interested in the deeper self analysis.

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    Feel free to cringe until you get a stroke. Or better yet, find another website whose audience would be interested in your own banal shit.

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    Well I guess this was the announcement I was waiting for. So this means I get to do something soon enough? If so can't wait.

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    You mean you want to participate more in projects?

    What are your interests, talents, skills, etc?

    You need not be expert or even good. Fail, fail better, succeed, refine. Everyone starts somewhere.

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    I mean if I am able and have the time, sure I could participate more. My interests are various and my talents and skills are various as well. I know languages, a bit of history there and there, I used to debate but I understood that it is a very stupid activity in the place where I did it, I am slowly learning to program in Python and HTML, there are probably many other skills and talents I have that I have not said but we'll see what I am good at later. Trial and Error.

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    I'll be posting the projects that will options to chose from. Be sure to shout about what speaks to you.

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    Good to see you haven't lost your enthusiasm. Having now had three of my primary commenting sites collapse into suicide or overt censorship in the past 6 months, I may be growing tired of the practice. (reddit was more like 7 years ago)

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    We're working on finding some new solutions. Get Session and join our chat if you like. Or hang tight. We'll soon be bringing the conversations back to SaidIt.

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    Whew, glad you're not gone. :) Yeah, re-evaluate, and re-focus.

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    Thanks for the sentiment.