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Abraham Lincoln was a smart dude. I think he was paraphrasing Socrates though.

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Tell Wikipedia that.

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...and get banned for a year.

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I really need to spend more time on WS, and catch up on my WS email folder. (Email is such a chore.)

I'm also trying to develop my own original content. (It's no secret but there's not enough there to start hyping it yet so I'm not bothering to link.)

Out of curiosity, Robin, would you be interested in being co-admin on yet another wiki site? I've mentioned it to d3rr and magnora7, who I'd like to also be co-admins, but they're Redditors not Wikipedians. There's no hurry. It's not to replace SaidIt or WikiSpooks, but to supplement it. I don't see it as an encyclopedia so much as a place with all the powerful wiki tools, as well as the ability to host media, images, PDFs, Zips, etc. Movies could go on PeerTube. or .com came to mind. I'd let folks write almost anything, but try to monitor the media for fear of copyright issues. I'd want the image rights to stay with the creators (unlike almost all image sites out there), or be cited with attribution and/or fair use stuff. Aside from being a free space to do non-encyclopedic projects, I'm not super set nor clear on much else. Nor am I in a hurry. Of course it could all be discussed in a feed. Three more things - I'd like to either have or develop crossover tools with SaidIt, Minds, Steemit, etc. to make it more useful. Also, 100% transparencey is a goal. I'll do it (eventually) if I have to but I'm not interested in being admin, learning all the stuff, etc. when I have 2 huge projects to focus on, amid a world of other distractions.

How do you balance it all?

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I might be persuaded to do some wiki-administry if it was for a worthy cause, although I would expect the site to be freely downloadable before I'd be prepared to spend much effort on it.

One possible point of contact between these different projects would be to semantically tag content here, allowing it to be served up in judicious contexts elsewhere -- e.g. could be added to or linked from the bottom of corresponding wiki pages.

BTW I'm unconvinced on "tidias" (apart from being unclear how to spell it, reads like "tedious".

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Not to be confused with shitposting such as this:

Einstein quote, "If it's smaller than my fist or an apple I'm pretty sure it will fit in my butt." /s/quotes/comments/8kd/einstein_quote_if_its_smaller_than_my_fist_or_an/