Detrans female— Is there space for me here? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Frankly, you'd be swapping one bunch of nutters for another. You need help, not the bunch of ideologues you'll find here. Look at the books some of them are pushing, just trying to get you to hate more, not help you.

Meditate, find your own truth and stop following other people. The Waking Up app is incredible & offer a year's free access for those who can't afford it.

Therapy from someone who is sympathetic to detransitionung. R/detrans is also great.

Search for guided psychedelic trips in your area. You're a victim of a false identity complex, stripping away the bullshit, in a safe, controlled manner could really turbo charge your recovery.

And just once more, feed your inner self, find your inner truth, stop following people. You've got this. The people here are scum, myself included!

Thoughts on GC, Detrans, terfs etc? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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You're right, it's their hatred of men which is the driving force behind the movement. They're just radfems with a funky new label.

Question: why are men more likely to commit crimes? by sosorreal in GenderCritical

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Nice to have a reply which isn't just thoughts and feelings. Thanks.

Reddit Still Hates Women by rattyreaper in Introductions

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They're delusional radfems. What makes me laugh is how much they go on about gender crtitcal spaces not being black holes of hate. I'm pretty sympathetic, but the language they use is frequently gross.

It's just a slogan, x hates women, it's frequently not true and just gets them all worked up. They are 2 sides of the same bullshity coin & I love watching them tear each other apart.

Oh, and welcome to OP. Welcome to the shit pile of deplorables that is said it. Lol.

The tide is turning by jet199 in censorship

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Let people admit they're wrong. This is a good thing, don't frighten them off with attacks after they've taken some responsibility for themselves.

What is Brietbart/WND reporter and Infowars guest Aaron Klein is up to lately... Netanyahu's new media advisor! by Jesus in conspiracy

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If people are stupid enough to fall for shit like that, they need to be hung out to dry mate. Stop defending stupid people.

"Bad taste, disrespect", that's just right wing code for censorship. Pathetic to find in a conspiracy forum.

Seattle held 'segregated' training session on 'undoing whiteness,' encouraged staffers to forfeit 'guaranteed physical safety'. That list is quite something. They are mostly traits that should be considered virtues. I'm definitely an individualist so according to Seattle I'm a hardcore racist. by Chipit in news

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Aye, we're gonna see some funny ole coalitions over the next few years. I'm really looking forward to the monstrous love child of the neo-nazis and the radfems.

The reason we're being censored isn't because our ideas are too unspeakably evil to showcase. It's because if people saw us, they'd know we aren't bad people who deserve to be mistreated. by WaltzRoommate in debatealtright

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It's not even about you lot, it's just an easy to justify continuation of a trend. They're starting to go after left-wing wrong think &that's only going to pick up pace.

The intent is to narrow down debate to an incredibly narrowly centre-right economics & deeply authoritarian window.

Anti-woke leftist looking for a place with less brain-rot. by [deleted] in Introductions

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Don't forget, we now also have the politically incorrect steak; well done.

What is it with Blackies Working in Hospitality? Please Share Your Bad Experiences as I Share Mine From Last Night by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Karens don't do shit but live off hubby. That's why they're awful. And you guys don't have any trains!

What is it with Blackies Working in Hospitality? Please Share Your Bad Experiences as I Share Mine From Last Night by [deleted] in debatealtright

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I love it, "debatethealtright" gives the impression that they think they're great minds, ready to destroy the libs. When in fact they're just 90% fucking morons with a chip on their shoulder.

And the serving story? Maybe the server was a racist piece of shit, but also maybe they were just an arsehole or having a bad day.

I have had 0 problem with black servers, in my limited experience in Cali.

Two Antifa white women (one of which insists is non-binary) were struck by a car on an occupied Freeway. People are not asking the right questions. by Richard_Parker in debatealtright

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It's funny how ban happy you lot are, it's all rara freedom, until it's someone who's pissing YOU off. Then it's all about making new laws.

I remember those anti-lockdown protestors, blocking roads for miles, and I thought, huh, that's effective protesting.

Not a massive fan of the current protests, but they are effective.

BLM Stomp, Dance on U.S. Flag Outside White House on July 4th by scrubking in politics

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Can't believe you people are getting all heped up over flag burning again. Yes it's ugly, no many of you don't like it, but so fucking what?

Looks like a simple freedom of expression thing. You guys are so sensitive about your flag.

What SHOULD be taught in schools? by Aureus in AskSaidIt

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How to spot bullshit, the linguistic tricks people use to mislead and manipulate. HOW to think, build a strong inner self. Meditation.

Trades. With view of getting more people into engineering. We have a country to rebuild, people!

And the gender unicorn, totes obvs the gender unicorn.

I think the front page algorithm should show more newer posts. by NorfolkTerrier in whatever

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Tried browsing new, felt like wading through sewage. Using the FOSS app, so no way of blocking saidits. If I see one more ice_posiedan spam, I won't be held accountable for my actions.

So true. Men protect other men. by hylia in GenderCritical

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Tbf, it's liberal women who seem to be the forefront of defending transes.

Liberals "Love" America By Burning, Looting, And Capturing American Cities - Just Imagine What They Might Do If They Win The Presidency In 2020 by scrubking in politics

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Just your friendly reminder, liberals are centre-right. Their key objective is the long term survival of big business, everything flows from that fact.

Some insight about free speech from Reddit: West turning into USSR by cloudrabbit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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As long as you steer clear of domestic policy, sure.

Since hate speech is allowed here... by Arapaho_Joe in whatever

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Who am I? Nobody. What do I know? Nothing.

Try it yourself, it's wonderfully liberating.

I need advice regarding a budding friendship with a woman who identifies as non-binary. by horizongirl in GenderCritical

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Oh I know I am, can you imagine how lacking in self-awareness one would have to be to project that, from this position? I'm sorry, I should have used the term hateful bigot.

I need advice regarding a budding friendship with a woman who identifies as non-binary. by horizongirl in GenderCritical

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"I like this person, but I identify with my politics so much, it can and will cause conflict." Maybe just learn to be less of a bellend? I've got a referal link for a mediation app, probably do you a lot of good.

I love s/hot/new, it full of crazy.

I've been really enjoying the Waking Up for a real boost in useful sanity. by brightlightbellend in Meditation

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While the world is going completely mad, just by sitting still & doing fuck all for 20 minutes, it just doesn't matter.

What life lessons are important for the 2020s? by Aureus in AskSaidIt

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Watch your back, watch the backs of the people you love and make sure you have people who watch out for yours. This is similar to getting families and friends and an understanding that there are loads of people out there who just want to mess your shit up.

Skill up. I'm going back to school Jan 2021 to learn to be an electrician, how useful would that be? In all but the worst SHTF situations.

Meditate. I love the Waking Up app, - this referal gives a month free. How do we cleanse all the bullshit? Meditation, that's how.

FUCK MEN FUCK MEN FUCK MEN YALL EAT A DICK by ihatehijabyouwearit in PinkPillFeminism

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Or someone who identifies with their hatred.

TIL of Brandolini's Law, aka the "Bullshit Asymmetry Principle" which states, "The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it" by aThievingStableboy in TIL

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It's easy to fool someone, than to convince someone they've been fooled.

Coming From Gender Critical by [deleted] in Introductions

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Why would I do that? Just enjoying the hypocrisy.

FUCK MEN FUCK MEN FUCK MEN YALL EAT A DICK by ihatehijabyouwearit in PinkPillFeminism

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You sound pretty emotional. Are you OK?

All are equal, but some are more equal than others. by girlwithpolkadots in conspiracy

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Also worth checking out Orwell's Politics & The English language, less than 100 pages. Written as a warning, but unapologetically used as a manual by bastards, trying to control people through language.

Funny example, saw the gender critical lot openly discussing using tactics from this book to further their agenda.

What is causing all the gay/trans people? by iraelmossadreddit in conspiracy

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Those poor kids, being used as pawns. Some of them are going to be absolutely livid when they figure out what's been done to them, under someone else's banner of madness.

Coming From Gender Critical by [deleted] in Introductions

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I do enjoy the fact that so many refugees are complaining they banned the wrong subs.

Does anyone else feel that division between 'Left' and 'right' only serves to further divide us? by Freshly_Squeezed in conspiracy

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What utter bollocks. Women's suffrage in the UK was caught against by left-wingers, as women as a block are small c conservative. It won't've been much different in the US.

Remember, the establishment left has taken on a load of traditional conservative positions. Particularly around freedom of expression, speech & censorship.