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Glad you're here! I haven't been on reddit in a while, needed a break. But I'm sure my subs are gone.

I'm floored that subs like that were banned in the same wave as the subs that depicted violent acts. Couldn't even read through the full list because I did nottt want to know those existed

Like yeah yeah freedom of speech etc etc. It was just weird to see chill, normal right leaning subs on the same list as animal necrophilia subs and vore. And I'm sure there are worse out there that didn't get banned... Like reddit has such amazingly low standards for their content lmao how could a bunch of republicans, centrists and gender critical women really not make the cut?

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It was just weird to see chill, normal right leaning subs on the same list as animal necrophilia subs and vore

I think they banned stuff people were complaining about. GC started activism related to said disturbing porn subs after they were banned, and it looks like it had some affect.

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Welcome! My story is the same. I found Gender Critical after growing weary of the generalized misogyny and groupthink on Reddit, especially in light of the whole Amy Cooper saga. None of the gender critical subs were promoted hate or violence, they weren't even 'trans-exclusionary'. It's so frustrating to see everyone on Reddit drinking the Koolaid. That they banned r/truelesbians and tried to ban (no doubt will eventually) r/detrans says everything about the agenda of those in charge. I know writers like Jesse Singal have been made aware of all the goings-on via Twitter. I really want to see a class-action lawsuit and/or written expose.

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Detrans is in kinda a special place. There's potential for massive pushback there, since from a leftist perspective, they're an even MORE marginalized subset of an already marginalized group.

By their own standards/oppression Olympics rules, detrans should have more woke power than someone actually trans

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The biggest mistake reddit made was not cracking down on the fundamentalist trans activists of /r/shitredditsays back in the early-mid 2010's when it started becoming a problem. It was a crossroads and reddit took the wrong path, probably because it seemed like less of a hassle at the time. The TRAs were somehow able to cozy up to reddit leadership and the rest is history. If the tide ever turns to the point where journalists find the courage to investigate this stuff, they should probably start with BardFinn.

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Apart from the details of your respective specific political beliefs, what do you consider to be the important differences between you and these trans activists you dislike so much?

Obviously you and they probably differ pretty significantly over whether a “trans” woman is indeed a woman and whether everyone should be compelled to use preferred pronouns, whether trans people should be allowed to use restrooms associated with their claimed identity, etc. But I notice your post had the title “Reddit still hates women.” And I couldn’t help but notice the striking similarity between that type of rhetoric and that of trans activism, where beliefs and actions they dislike are reduced to some emotional smear like “hatred.”

And so I have to ask. Do you believe that Reddit literally hates women? If so, how do you reconcile that with reams of evidence of feminism being given preferential treatment on Reddit? There are many data points to support this, such as Double X being made a default sub, the admins embracing egregious double standards in their treatment of GamerGate and related subs that showed pronounced favoritism towards feminist perspectives, quarantining TheRedPill as “shocking or offensive” but allowing FemaleDatingStrategy to operate normally, and so on.

On the other hand, if you don’t believe Reddit literally hates women, why did you say that it did? Can you see the similarities with trans rhetoric that involve hot button personal smears against political opponents?

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As a woman who doesn't buy into any of the western censorship-happy type of feminism, I really don't see how else to get the message across, really. I don't believe reddit hates women, it doesn't give a fuck about anything other than advertiser money, but there is also an obvious bias there that needs addressing. I've seen men post stuff about transpeople not being "valid" and unlike when women do it, there's no 3000 downvotes coupled with death and rape deaths and "choke on my ladydick, terf" style rhetoric. No male spaces were invaded the way women's were, no males were told to choke on someone's manclit and no cultish "transmen are men" shit has been seen in any of their spaces. Redpill and promalecollective are still there, and there have been anti-trans posts there.

I don't really see the similarity between redpill and femaledatingstrategy either. FDS as far as I can see, doesn't promote date rape, doesn't promote "no means yes" type rhetoric, doesn't say ALL men are children and should be treated as such, doesn't say men getting the vote was the fall of civilization etc. Posting matter-of-factly about shitty male behavior is not the same as declaring the opposite sex to be subhumans who don't deserve to make decisions and need a "captain" to control their whole lives as though they were a zombie. While I'm inclined to believe someone is speaking in good faith, it's hard to believe anyone would draw that comparison with a straight face tbh. Maybe it's hard to understand from the perspective of a demographic that hasn't spent all of history fighting to have any sort of basic rights at all in literally every society to have ever existed. If you had half the world's population debating whether or not you were capable of doing anything other than being the means through which REAL human beings can pass on their genes, you might've gotten a bit emotional about this sort of stuff too.

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The majority of Reddit women are feminists, and they force women's spaces to uphold every letter of feminism- including it's precepts about big trans.

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This comment is spot on.

whether or not you were capable of doing anything other than being the means through which REAL human beings can pass on their genes

And this especially. They often consider women a different species, merely a vessel for making male heirs that won't share their mother's genes - which is funny since actually sons inherit the most important traits (intelligence) from a mother, since it's her X chromosome that they get. But it makes for a good trolling material - you can pretend to agree with them and can say that "yes, since it's only men who pass their genes and women are merely a means for it, then I'd rather not have children, since there's nothing in it for me", and watch them getting all triggered.

Maybe it's hard to understand from the perspective of a demographic that hasn't spent all of history fighting to have any sort of basic rights at all in literally every society to have ever existed

The weight that all women grew up with. The knowledge of how low your position can fall in society and the ever present fear - whether acknowledged or not. I wonder sometimes what it's like to never have to experience it, to always feel safe in the knowledge that whatever changes society might go through in the future you would never be the target and on the receiving end of brutality.

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Not OP, but:

There exists a split between "liberal feminism" and "radical feminism". Generalizing a lot here, but: radical feminism thinks pornography is exploitation, feminism is for female women only, doesn't believe in transgender ideology, thinks female sex role expectations often harm women (extra time spent doing makeup, expectations to be deferential, etc). Liberal feminism thinks feminism is for men too and helps men, generally upholds transgender ideology, thinks sex work is work like any other, thinks makeup is empowering if women want to do it.

TwoX, for example, would be an example of a liberal feminist sub. Radical feminists might think it's not very female centered. Women on GC often complained about how they felt they got bad advice on TwoX and that it was not really a female-perspective-centric sub.

What double standards happened with GamerGate? That's interesting about the different treatment FDS and TRP got. FDS seems pretty much like a mirror to TRP, unethical activity included.

However, the "Reddit hates women" stuff starts to look compelling when you see how many male subs weren't banned. GC was banned in the first wave, but GenderCriticalGuys wasn't. And in this latest ban round, r/TrueLesbians was banned, but r/TrueGayMen was not.

It should be noted that most of the feminist subs are not actually female centric, as they include transgenderist men. The GC network subs were pretty much the only ones that were for actual women (they even went after /r/PCOS trying to make it "inclusive"!). So while "feminist" stuff might be widely promoted, it's not actually stuff for women. Because the word has been co-opted by men.

It also seems like there is compelling evidence of a double standard wrt anti-female vs anti-male stuff. There was also a feminist sub a while back that was removed for "hateful speech," when literally what they did was reverse words in stuff men had said about them. I guess I don't go around reddit a whole lot and hang around uncensored spaces but it seems like anti-female sentiment is pretty normalized on a lot of the web. And often the women who post this kind of stuff are challenged, but the men who're doing the anti-female stuff (in much greater volume) are left alone. For another example, there actually was a radfem removed from GC for posting violent content. Like ... the one radfem doing it. Stuff like that is pretty normalized in anti-female spaces... which includes a lot of the internet.

It seems like they have a point. And I don't think the "X is anti-<our group>" is unique to them. That's why people post content about their opponents or targets behaving badly in all sorts of contexts.

It seems like the radems have a point. But I also think there's hypocrisy wrt to the trans issue because they still over-reach with "hate speech" for other issues in the progressive stack (esp. LGB ideology) in the same way TRAs do about "transphobia". And have, to some degree, a double standard instead of a decency for everyone standard. Like I said though, I do think they have a point.

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Not OP but I am a woman who had thought Reddit was pro women for some of the reasons you said until this ban. I had considered myself pro-equallity anti-feminism because I have sons, an awesome dad, and a great husband. I saw sexism in both directions.

Then, I saw gendercritical get removed for ‘hate’ but rape porn/erotica inclding ‘strugglefuck’ and ‘rapestories’ and similar were able to stay on.

A sub where reading a sexualized ‘account’ or watching a video of-a woman supposedly being gang raped was not hate.

I tried to watch one vid and after the gang rape her ‘unconscious’ body was thrown into a pool, supposedly to drown I guess?

This showed me the misogynistic underbelly of the supposed left/progressive viewpoint.

They have that in the right but at least you know where it is.

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They're delusional radfems. What makes me laugh is how much they go on about gender crtitcal spaces not being black holes of hate. I'm pretty sympathetic, but the language they use is frequently gross.

It's just a slogan, x hates women, it's frequently not true and just gets them all worked up. They are 2 sides of the same bullshity coin & I love watching them tear each other apart.

Oh, and welcome to OP. Welcome to the shit pile of deplorables that is said it. Lol.

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The more I hear about radfems the more I hate them. There. NOW they something to censor, as they like to go on about hate all the time. What a bunch of pathetic hypocrites. I will say it loud and proud:

Radfems are hateful. Maybe they should ban themselves.

"Society hates women -- just hates them."

Women are the most protected class in history, you assholes! Boys half their age many times were sent into wars to protect country and women, BY WOMEN. That is the White Feather movement, that is why we have the Selective Service Act. Such a pile of bullshit that women are hated while men are blown up in wars for them.

Go fuck yourself, radfems. Try taking a bullet to the head for a change. Maybe that will give you some perspective about oppression. Of course they cannot defend their positions openly, which is why they created their hug box on here. They happened to be on the wrong side of censorship for once on Reddit. Now they turn around and impose the same censorship. What a pile of absolute, fucking hypocrisy.

You want equality? Get rid of the fucking Selective Service Act. Implement default shared custody. You want as little equality as the other feminists. You want just as little freedom of speech. Your only problem with the other feminists is that they support trannies and you are not on top of the oppression hierarchy in some places. That's how it feels. A taste of your own bullshit.

I will state it with absolute sincerity: I am on a war path with Gender(_)Critical or whatever other mods try to pull the current Reddit bullshit here, especially when it is this insanely pretentious. It is either me or them on this site.

Fuck radfems! Fuck GenderCritical. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. You wonder why you are hated everywhere? That's because even some SJWs are not that far out there to put up with some of your bullshit. It's not because you are women, it's because you are pathetic, unlikeable, reprehensible, misandrist hypocrites.

NOW you can say I hate you. Well done. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Nah it’s easy to hate radical feminism when you’re wrong about what radical feminism is.

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Correct me then. So far, I understand radfems to believe in patriarchy theory. For that alone I would kick their ideology in the trashcan.

Do they believe in it or not? If that does not constitute radical feminism, I am wrong. If it does, you are.

We can speed this up tremendously if you had anything to back up your position, so cut the bullshit and leave me alone with the snipes.

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Say, "Society doesn't hate women".

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Same contention I have. Maybe, maybe there are some misogynistic transgender mods on Reddit. But that is not the root cause of this type of censorship, this identitarian movement. The more I see from those people the more I realize that they are not opposed to censorship. They are just upset that they are not the ones doing the censoring. It's one euphemism after another with them. It's Olympic level mental gymnastics. These people are not better than the ones they complain about -- they are just upset they are not on top of the oppression stack.

As long as this is a free speech platform, these people will not survive here. People with bad ideas always need censorship, even if they are being criticized from outside of their hug box, which is why SJWs try to shut down everything critical of them. Once people actually in support of freedom of speech and not reverse SJWs see the hypocrisy from those people, this will be slaughter fest. These people will run to side-wide mods to give them more power over people outside of their sub and to shield them from criticism. Then, all it takes is some site admin sympathetic to one of them and we have the same takeover as on Reddit or any other social media site. It will be the same shit all over again. That is always the progression with spineless people.

Let's test the quality of the free speech protections here. That slutfest Zoe Quinn is a perfect example for this. Spreads her legs for spineless, pathetic, weak men for her entryism, until she is protected from all criticism. People's hypocrisy is always what brings down honesty and freedom. I am absolutely livid about the shit I see here from places such as GenderCritical, Gender_Critical or whoever else tries to port over their identitarianism to this place. These people are absolute hypocrites and I will expose them relentlessly.

Anyone who cares about this site and it remaining free should wrap their head around the underlying dynamics of how this shit keeps happening. I hope that the admins of this site can keep their fucking genitals apart. If these people sell out, it would be well deserved for their user base to tear them a new asshole, after all these high minded proclamations, after all this belly aching about censorship.

Maybe there should be a legal contract. Maybe that is what it takes. Guarantee freedom of speech, as a contractual obligation. And if you sell out, your user base can sue the hell out of you. Would anyone have the guts to do so? It would be satisfying to see all those snakes slink away as soon as there would be danger to be held accountable. All those pathetic sellouts, all those hypocrites and liars: Dorsey, Wojcicki, Huffman.

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What I find hilarious is how they kill off some subs to appear unbiased. They banned chapotraphouse in the first ban wave so as to appear unbiased, and now a bunch of violent porn subs in the second. But none of the subs which support infringing on women's rights by letting mentally ill men enter women's spaces.

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Twoxx sub on Reddit has trans mods and bans women for posting any gender critical posts. At least until they banned multiple subs for women that brought us to Saidit. I know, I was banned from that sub as an actual XX chromosomes woman. The email message they sent me specifically said that my posting on gender critical subs “upset” their members.

The transcult on Reddit is not radical feminism. They hate rad femmes and tell us to suck their girldick and that they want to rape and murder us. Totally different agenda.

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Radical feminism definitely has its issues. But I'd have my gay daughter follow that philosophy before I let someone denigrate her for not sucking the cock of a demented man in a dress.

(Imagine the nuclear ban this would get me on Reddit...)

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Reddit is in it's death throws. Let it die! Welcome to Saidit.

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For efficiency's sake I'm going to try to respond to u/ccccccc and u/cybitch together as the points I want to address largely overlap between their comments.

First, I want to say right off the bat that I can't comment on disparities between the reaction to male-oriented subs and feminist-oriented subs on Reddit as regards "trans" issues. By the time that stuff came up I'd more or less checked out of Reddit out of disgust. You both could very well be right about that, and it's a significant data point that has merit. I just threw in the towel on trying to make sense out of those issues, much less speak sense to them, long before. So I can't speak to that, but don't let that come off as me trying to take the cheap way out and say those points don't count - they do.

But more to the point, even assuming those disparities exist, it sounds like we all agree that Reddit doesn't actually hate women. u/cybitch said, I think correctly, that Reddit's motivator is advertiser dollars, not hatred. So with us all pretty much agreed on that, I want to emphasize a simmering latent concern I've had for a long time that relates to this issue. There's been a gradual distortion and flattening of language and argument through hyperbole over the last generation or two, and it's come to interfere with the ability to have a rational conversation about charged political issues. You probably know some of the examples I'm talking about. Speech is violence. Viewpoints are violence. Now apparently silence is violence. Criticism is "harassment." Boorish jokes are rape, or "rape-adjacent." Statues are "white supremacy." Conservative viewpoints are "racism." An enormous amount of things are "racism." Disagreement is "hate."

First of all, these positions are just demonstrably wrong on their face according to any sensible understanding of these words. It undermines someone's credibility to just be so clearly wrong about things like this.

But more importantly, letting this subtle shift in the meaning of the words slip by unchallenged is having a disastrous effect on political discourse. It enables the use of fantastically disproportionate responses reserved for actions that are actually are violent, hateful, racist, etc. against attitudes, speech, and beliefs that come nowhere near what those words meant before hysteria poisoned our discourse. The suppresses our ability to talk to one another honestly or really even intelligibly, and without being able to do that, we can't come to any kind of agreement or resolution of any divisive issue. It immediately escalates discussions between people who disagree to accusations and counter-accusations rather than actually examining facts.

Moreover, this overdosing on hyperbole dilutes the meaning of the terms we use when they should apply. Going the way of Boy Who Cried Wolf, it's hard to get people to take allegations of racism, hatred, harassment, misogyny, etc. seriously when those terms have grown to include so many wildly disparate and innocuous thoughts and good faith speech.

So, for these reasons, I ask everyone, please - say what you mean and mean what you say. Ramping up hyperbole makes it less likely you're going to convince anyone who isn't already convinced. If you're put off by the tactics of the "trans" community in wielding labels like "transphobe," "bigot," and "hate" like weapons, be the change you want to see in the world and set a better example yourself.

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I agree that exaggerating things removes credibility and dilutes the power of import words and concepts. I feel better when it seems like everyone is judged by the same standard, that the rules apply evenly to everyone.

It seems like this very naturally happens in a lot of political contexts, people want their side to win. All women want to divorce-rape you and also are super dumb, everyone on voat is secretly a jew, black are never trustworthy to anyone who isn't black, bisexuals are all fake gays, etc.

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I have indeed heard the “divorce rape” canard and do not endorse it. Not that this is really here or there, but I’ll add that that term is pretty clearly the result of the MRA crowd crudely imitating the successful tactics of feminism in use of hysterical exaggeration.

Anyways I had a point earlier on I wanted to make about how the preceding generation of Leftists is unhappy that their own tactics have been co-opted, dialed up, and used against them by the “trans” community, but we seem to have gone in a different direction and that’s fine. If people come away from this discussion less inclined to misuse language in service of wild exaggeration that is good enough for me.

Thank you for listening.

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Wokeism is the new religion. If you don't abide their dogma you will be punished.

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Correction: Reddit hates women who wrong think. Women who tow the line are queens that must be protected at all cost.

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Wow, I wasn’t expecting this to receive so many comments.

Let me clarify.


r/PCOS (Handed over to TRA moderators, no longer allowed to use the word “female” in the sub)

r/Pregnancy ( handed to TRA mods and/ or rebranded as r/babybumps)


r/askwomen (taken over by TRAs, not allowed to refer to “female” as a sex class)


r/truelesbians (lesbian hangout, just doesn’t allow transwomen)

r/GenderCritical (we know)

r/ itsafetish (documents the correlation between AGP/ APP and wanting to transition)

r/LGBDropTheT (Simply believes the LGB should separate from the T, which is not a sexuality)

Now, let me all introduce you to subreddits not banned in the ban wave.












Should I list the pedophile subs, too?

Y’all get my point. Yes, I am a radfem. I simply believe what you were born as is what you are and no biological male ever be considered a woman, that’s all. No, I do not think all men are monsters, they just shouldn’t dictate women.

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this. In response to the posters calling women coddled: we are so coddled that we aren’t allowed to call ourselves female/ women (we are obligated to put “cis” in front of our label or we are literally murdering thousands of trans), recognize our sex class, question a man in a female bathroom, female sports division, women’s shelter, and women’s prison. We get fired from our jobs for saying women aren’t men. Real privileged, right?

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Imagine getting so worked up over something that only happens online.

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You might have to get rid of the idea that they hate women. They, as in trans-women, maybe a few, but not society at large. That is not what is to blame for current transgender wokeness. Women are some of the most coddled class of people in society, in general. It is just that there is a subset of women, which stray from general women's consensus, get censored. Male voices who run counter narrative to female victimhood are regularly censored. We are still a gynocentric society. If this place supports free speech, you might feel disappointed that some of your beliefs will not be validated here, either. In the long run, allegations of hate against women will probably be ridiculed here, I expect, because they simply do not correspond with reality. I do not wish to gloat and say "now you know how it feels to be on the other side" and I do not wish to be rude, but to say that most woke circles hate women is absolute nonsense. If anything, women as a group are the most likely to eventually percolate up the oppression stack again, and they are some of the first groups, such as lesbians, who can present some pushback against the current narrative, who are like Rowling and can point out this nonsense. Women are typically the moral arbiters of society, the "fairer sex", the "moral gender". You might want to read some books on the subject if you do not believe me. In a few years, women will be at the top of the hierarchy again and I will probably receive little more than condescension, as I expect myself, as a male, to have remained in the same position for the long term future.

I hate to say this, but if you want to defeat transgenderism we are already seeing the beginnings of what will be effective: prortray the narrative that this is hurting women and society will turn on a dime. You only need a few good, emotional pictures of women being hurt by trans people and this will be passing trend. The only way trans-women have made any, surprising, progress was precisely as presenting themselves as women, as victims, playing on our gynocentric inclinations. Trans-women that pass particularly well are usually shown in the media and whenever trans-women like the Gamestop He-Ma'am get into the news, the support evaporates. There, however, the target of abuse was male, so less significant.

Again, I hate doing this, but if you want to push your movement forward you would show more pictures of Fallon Fox beating up women. The problem is that these women do not look all that feminine, either, but it will do the trick. Society will rush to the pretty, crying woman's defense, and even though trans-women are trying to play the same game, women still have the edge in that game. Women will always have the biological advantage, which is far more enduring, so the transgender trend will be nothing but a passing trend. If this was about transgender people, why do you think you see so many more trans-women in the media and not trans-men? They are not as presentable. They do not make as good of a victim, because they do not emulate women. There might even be more trans-men than trans-women, but who are we making a fuss about? Not trans-men. They become invisible, like the rest of us. This is not about trans-people, this is about a group of (perceived) women who are being wronged. Once they are no longer perceived as women, their movement dies. End of story. It's not that different with black people and migrants. Many of those SJW groups are headed by women, because the sisterhood decides who is a victim. In the eyes of the western childless woman, these people are like children, to be protected. The sisterhood decides who is predator and who is the child, and, in many ways, black people are like children. You can see this in the condescending way leftists tend to speak to them.

White liberals ‘patronize’ minorities while talking – but conservatives don’t, study says

I do not know anything about you as a person, but I do no expect to get a factual, non-emotional response, based on my past experience, not because I wish to offend you. I do wish you all the best and I wish some of the women now who are losing their place in the oppression hierarchy would remember this time when time comes to remember marginalized, censored groups of men who are abused, but I do not expect that to happen on a large scale. There are some people with a view that is a little more sober, such as Karen Straughan, Janice Fiamengo, Camille Paglia, or Erin Pizzey.

Again, your problem is not with society's hate against women, or even that of Reddit, but with running afoul of what the rest of the sisterhood decided is program right now. Even Reddit is just an extension of that. Especially the story of Erin Pizzey might be illustrative and illuminating for what you are going through now, because women, too can be at the receiving end of the sisterhood's violence for those who violate party line. That is why feminism, among other reasons, has always been a very vindictive, censorious movement, why many of our academia are in the state that they are in, and why the Internet is seeing increasing censorship, in many cases as more women enter social circles, such as video gaming, streaming, social commentary, politics, etc. Women tend to protect their own, but they also tend to drive towards more consensus, cohesion and their biggest weapon against other women tends to be expulsion, ostracism. That tends to hurt women more than men, who typically use other forms of aggression, violence, not relational aggression. It's the mean girl clique, not the fight on the school yard after which two boys might shake hands and move on.

Again, you have all the power. You just need to convince the rest of the sisterhood. Then you get MeToo, Title IX, VAWA, Duluth Model, sentencing bias, women's quotas, female only scholarships, special job trainings, an entertainment industry that overwhelmingly portrays men as fools, glorifies women, protects them from false allegations, sends men to wars -- and will still portray them as victims after. There is one thing feminists really are right about: If you have privilege, often times you don't see it. It's like trying to explain water to a fish.

Anyway. Welcome to the other side of the oppression hierarchy. You have all my solidarity and support, even if I do not expect to get anything in return ...

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gender critical rad fems and the alt-right will need to learn how to not butt heads and get along, now that we're confined to the same living space more than ever. not that we've got much in common, but what do southern Republicans have in common with the northern (wealthier) ones? not much either.
but yeah they're all into making Karen miserable and shit, while calling anyone on the right incels. like what is up with that.

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Dang, which ones?

I know they banned certain communities that were LGB centric, exclusive of T/etc. And I am witness to nanny mods jumping for joy.