Another thanksgiving on SaidIt! by [deleted] in whatever

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Well at least we have a test now for detecting leftists by sproketboy in whatever

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I think I'm more moral than other people

Let's find the people I think are immoral and kill them in minecraft

That'll show em.

Also you have to register to take any of these tests. No thanks.

The Time For Splitting the Country Is Here by StillLessons in politics

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We already have states and cities/towns. The solution is to relocate a lot of currently federal power to a local/state level, and to share it among communities and individuals rather than just government/corporate entities. This allows both liberal and conservative regions to go about their way of life in relative peace.

If the wrong person in one office is legitimately such a huge problem, that suggests the office should not be so powerful. In your post you characterize the left as people who want more government, but they also tend to oppose a lot of uses of government power that conservatives often support.

Of course this is all easier said than done, but it's also easier than trying to actually divide up the country.

The Time For Splitting the Country Is Here by StillLessons in politics

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People are divided, but real life feels a LOT different from the internet, and better.

Has anyone cut off or been cut off by friends and family over the political divide. by PencilPusher55 in AskSaidIt

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Some people really will drop others over politics, but they don't make good friends.

However, I think a lot of friendships that "end" over politics actually "end" because one person won't STFU when the other person clearly doesn't want to hear about your political beliefs for the 100th time--or even worse, both are doing this to each other. Like, I can get very animated about politics. Sometimes I realize I'm just annoying certain people. Biting your tongue is hard but it can improve a lot of relationships. My friends know what I believe but we mostly just talk about other things.

People who have been watching twitch / streams for some time - what the hell happened? by PencilPusher55 in whatever

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I think the key issue here is parasocial relationships. I don't think it's really about "cancel culture." The target audience is becoming more and more marginal, and everything ends up catering to the percentage of the audience that pumps enough money into the system to let people make a living off this. This results in an overall sterilization of the platform. A lot of the people who are watching are watching because it's "comfy" or are feeling just kind of blown out. They just want someone's voice in their ear, they don't want anything too exciting or engaging to happen.

I should say that I also get a parasocial relationship vibe off some of the edgier/wackier gaming stream/video styles as well. You see a lot of comments about how viewers feel like they're friends with the guys in the show, often laced with semi-ironic jokes about how they're sad and lonely in real life.

I think that watching game streams can be fun/relaxing, but too much is unhealthy, and I'm kind of uncomfortable with it being anyone's main "job." Doing it as a job is also why a lot of these guys aren't having fun making the stuff.

Can we talk about Netflix "Cuties"? Men--dads--tell me it's no big deal by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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I've heard that the movie is supposed to be uncomfortable to watch, but for many people it's uncomfortable in another way. It's not just "Wow, it's gross that these fictional characters feel like they have to express themselves like this." It's gross because the director and a crew of adults got a bunch of actual young girls to do all these things, shot the scenes in a sexual way, and distributed it to a mass audience that will include pedophiles. Obviously any video of a child can attract some sick people, but a creating a sexualized scene of a real child seems like too much. It might have worked better as a novel, where the text could tell the same story without a physical depiction using actual children.

In this case I assume the director was trying to do it for art against sexualization of girls, but she's also French and their intellectual class has had a pedo problem for a long time. This should remind us that there's a real issue behind this, not all adults even agree on the basic statement "pedophilia is bad."

TIL that during World War II, Japan floated over 9,300 Fu-Go balloon bombs towards the United States mainland. While the bombs were largely ineffective, they were the first intercontinental weapons, with one reaching as far as Michigan. by NorfolkTerrier in TIL

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I found this fascinating, I think most people believe that Pearl Harbor was the only attack on American soil during WWII. These bombs had a low death toll (6 from one incident), were unable to start wildfires due to the season, and only a few hundred of them made it across the ocean. But it must have been pretty scary when people began hearing reports of them, especially when the government was staying mum. There were fears that similar weapons could be used for biological warfare, though Japan decided to abandon that project.

I also find it pretty crazy that these were launched from mainland Japan itself. People assumed that it must be submarine crews or something like that, but the Japanese were using a jetstream that could carry them across the ocean in just 3 days.

In addition to these bombs, the Japanese also shelled a California oil field and landed troops in the Aleutian Islands.

I should be able to advocate my ideology. by [deleted] in whatever

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"Yeah, I support the Nazi Party. Well no, I don't (openly) support what the Nazis actually did because I'd get banned. But the uniforms were nice, hehe. Wait, I'm still banned? OPPRESSION!"

Poor you. Being banned by internet moderators is definitely the saddest thing that has ever happened as a result of Nazism.

Now that that's out of the way, there is an actual issue related to this kind of thing. I'm sure a lot of people came here because of free speech. I created an account here, in part, because of leddit banning things for no reason/stupid reasons. At the same time, if a forum's only/main appeal is absolute free speech, then a problem develops where it becomes only a place for extremist rhetoric, instead of a broad community of all kinds. Because people who are not alt-rightoids, etc. will see no reason not to just go back to Reddit, the community is doomed to fail as being a true public forum.

With that said, we did see Reddit slide from only banning actually illegal or violent content, to banning people for disagreeing with gender ideology or for supporting the current US President. If there are limits (aside from legal) on what can be posted here, they need to be consistent and established clearly. I think SaidIt should clarify what its overall sitewide rules are. As far as I can tell, all content based moderation is based on a few subjective lines about the "Pyramid of Debate."

I agree with removing violent posts. It's pretty hard to separate Nazism from violence. On the other hand, is communism banned? Huge death toll and all of its symbols are associated with violent regimes. Is racism banned? Is promoting something that sounds vaguely communist or racist banned? From whose perspective? Etc. I'm not saying there can't be a line, but that line does need to be defined.

Redditor has a bad time at a gay orgy. The level of entitlement is astounding. This is what happens when you have little to no real world experience and fall for what the internet tells you. by Chipit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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The OP is being delusional, but the friend is a real prick too. What did he think would happen? If you're someone's friend it's your job to be real and keep them from hurting themselves. The OP can't be objective but anyone else could have been.

Hoping this is just a creative writing project.

Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman dead at 43 by Ifeanyiwrite in Entertainment

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I had no idea. So sad to hear.

Rand Paul: Trump is the first president in a generation to seek to end war by Tarrock in politics

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He's got a long way to go. Not starting any has been nice, and dropping the whole "You see, we're attacking and destabilizing your country because of Democracy!" has been nice. Obama's shit in Libya was ridiculous, as was extending the Syrian civil war by propping up various non-gov't armed groups. But I clenched hard when Trump bombed that Syrian airfield and assassinated Solemani. Continuing support for Saudi attacks in Yemen has also been terrible, along with the continued drone program.

I wish Trump had hired some people with moral convictions against these wars, like Rand or Tulsi or someone. Right now it's just his gut and a few unprincipled yes-men vs. an army of Bush era neocons.

The weirdest and most illuminating thing about the JK Rowling controversy for me was the absolute focus on TiMs, even though by trans logic it was TiFs that were most directly misgendered by making the point that everyone who menstruates is a woman. As usual, the focus is solely and forever on males by marmorsymphata in GenderCritical

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Those who identify as trans men get a lot less positive press/focus, but they also receive less backlash from feminists or conservatives. The main concern over them is that they may become victims of ideology, rather than that they may victimize others, which reduces the rhetorical volume.

The media doesn't know how to respond to feminists'/others' concerns about what this means for young lesbians, tomboys, or any other teen girls who are not fully comfortable in their own skin. Usually this is barely addressed and then the pivot is to TWAW. This focus may be harder to deflect.

Just joined - is this sub just for GOP astroturfing or is there a place for sane people who want to analyze each parties' position? by TheSaneMiddle in politics

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Many people online have complex/deeply held beliefs in real life, but in terms of online behavior it's easy to get trapped in the rage-click ecosystem. Whatever our political beliefs are, there's a certain type of story calculated to trigger gut feelings of anger and powerlessness (mainly). The brain becomes a flowchart reacting to common trigger words and symbols. It gets hijacked and will begin to reproduce the type of content/message on its own. So normal people will start to behave like "shills" in certain contexts. I think that's what OP is identifying.

Female pornstars be like by [deleted] in memes

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What is this expression called?

Just joined - is this sub just for GOP astroturfing or is there a place for sane people who want to analyze each parties' position? by TheSaneMiddle in politics

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Yeah, the people here do it for free.

TIL that the US's original nuclear war plan included bombing China. When asked if there was an option to spare China if it wasn't part of the war, Strategic Air Command leader Thomas Power said he hoped no one would think of that, "because it would really screw up the plan." by NorfolkTerrier in TIL

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True. Many of the strategists had a kind of bloodthirsty attitude, but their job was to plan a conflict that would kill hundreds of millions. Civilian leadership liked to fantasize about limited exchanges that would allow nukes to become part of "normal" war while also not being 100% genocidal. Morally this might have been as bad as a willingness to bomb everyone, though, and could have led to many more nuclear bombings over time. Still, the MAD concept was a big gamble, and could have risked something even worse.

Just joined - is this sub just for GOP astroturfing or is there a place for sane people who want to analyze each parties' position? by TheSaneMiddle in politics

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Right now this is unfortunately a bizarro world /r/politics. However there isn't censorship of what sites are allowed to be posted, so if you want to post more left-leaning or other perspectives, there's nothing wrong with that. Because there are no downvotes, the worst people can do is ignore it.

I think that many of the Extremely Online right are receptive to left arguments on certain economic issues, poverty, militarism, etc. So it's possible that left-leaning posts with that perspective could do well even with the current audience.

TIL that the US's original nuclear war plan included bombing China. When asked if there was an option to spare China if it wasn't part of the war, Strategic Air Command leader Thomas Power said he hoped no one would think of that, "because it would really screw up the plan." by NorfolkTerrier in TIL

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The relevant quote is under Document 25 on this page. It appears to reflect overall policy at the time. While there were technically guidelines about tailoring a nuclear response for different scenarios, the brass generally believed that any nuclear attack on either side would mean all-out apocalyptic war, featuring a list of thousands of targets determined far in advance, with little time for debating specifics.

Nuclear war strategy is a real rabbit hole to go down. I definitely recommend reading up on it if you have the time.

This is it, Charlie Brown, if you vote one more time there will be real change! by Drewski in memes

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I've come to think that not voting can be a meaningful choice. I don't get the culture of shaming people for it.

What is something you wont miss from reddit? by Javascript in AskSaidIt

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Yikes, it's almost as if you're icky, creepy, and gross, my sweet summer child. That wasn't very wholesome. Who hurt you?

A Queer Indigenous Professor Who Died of COVID-19 Didn’t Actually Exist by SierraKiloBravo in news

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Twitter was a mistake.

TIL that all mammals of order Carnivora are divided into two groups: cat-like (Feliformia) and dog-like (Caniformia). by NorfolkTerrier in TIL

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Feliformia includes animals like cats, hyenas, and mongooses. Caniformia includes animals like dogs, bears, and raccoons. Feliforms have been more successful in the Old World, while caniforms are successful just about everywhere. Despite colloquial judgment on what might look more like a cat or a dog, a lot of the scientific difference has to do with ear bones, suggesting a split into the two clades around 42 million years ago.

For more info you can check out the pages for the two subclades.

Finally got an answer to "what is a woman?" It's a concept, dummy! by 11mile_house in GenderCritical

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"Humans have two arms and two legs"


Disregarding any given issue, this is an extremely annoying way to have a "conversation." Yes, real life is a little messier and less clearcut than colloquial language tends to capture. No, that doesn't mean that definitions are meaningless, incoherent, or hateful.

Present for Saidit by zyxzevn in funny

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Lazy-ass squirrel

What are some positive things that have happened since March 2020, whether for you personally or in general? by medium_tomato in AskSaidIt

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I finished writing a couple short stories and I'm working on another one. I reconnected with someone I haven't heard from in a couple years. I joined a book club and have been reading more.

Mississippi, the Poorest State in the US, compared to every country in GDP by magnora7 in maps

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Perspective is always important.

The same people who say we need to "stop with the anti-semitism" are the same ones who will support anti-White rhetoric as free speech by EuropeanAwakening in SaidIt

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Rightoids are so good at understanding how dumb identity politics is, and how stupid it is to accuse a race/ethnicity of "privilege" and controlling society, when it's really just a small group of the elite that benefit.

And then they go on and make the same mistake and apply all the same rhetoric and logic to Jews.

Anti-white, anti-Jewish, and anti-black rhetoric are all stupid and all miss the point. Racism is a trick that turns ordinary lower class people against each other. Policies should treat anti-white, anti-Jewish, and anti-black rhetoric equally. If one is banned all are banned. If all are allowed, normal people should still point out that they're stupid.

What's with all the anti-Jewish stuff on this site? I can understand being anti-Israel or anti-government or anti-media, etc. by Grateful in AskSaidIt

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It's sad seeing that stuff. Hating people based on race or ethnicity is ridiculous and dehumanizing. To answer the question in more detail, though, I think it is important for the people who disagree to acknowledge the things that start people down that path. Broadly, I would say those are:

  • Noticing that all of the typical liberal identity politics rhetoric about white men could just as accurately (and in some cases more accurately) be applied to upper-class Jewish people. Overrepresentation in major industries, responsible for many major cultural works, insular and privileged groups that sometimes promote each other, etc.

  • Anti-white attitudes are largely tolerated, even though anti-Jewish attitudes are not. For example, Nick Cannon got in hot water for "anti-semitic comments," even though if you read his actual comments he used the exact same dehumanizing language about both white and Jewish people, suggesting that they are inherently inferior and evil.

If the mainstream left, center, and right do not allow discussion of these topics, or do not allow white people to express grievance about anti-white attitudes and be taken seriously, that will tend to push those interested in "forbidden" topics to more radical circles that welcome them.

Personally, I view the solution as abandoning identity politics, and pushing for more dignity for lower class people of all races. Blaming "white men" for society's problems as though all white men are in charge and have an ideal society for them is obviously false. Small groups of people in positions of power will always find ways to enrich and benefit themselves and people closely associated with them, but this rarely trickles down to ordinary people in meaningful ways. A white guy who owns an oil company or a Jewish guy who owns a movie studio don't help your regular white or Jewish neighbors any more than the existence of Oprah helps your regular black neighbors. Sure, class is not the only problem in society, but all of our problems could be expressed as "society does not respect ordinary people enough."

Why is wikipedia not having any article on SAIDIT? by Madhur in AskSaidIt

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Wikipedia is biased and inconsistent, but the overall principle is that something needs to be written about by mainstream sources before it can have an article. If SaidIt has just been mentioned once or twice as one of a number of alternatives, then it would be more likely just mentioned on the Reddit article.

Resisting identifying with gender; sex not gender by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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"Sex role" is a much better explanation of gender than the whole identity crap. If someone wants to make a distinction, I define gender as "expectations based on sex." It's something that comes from outside, not from inside.

What do you get worse at with experience? by Edvin in AskSaidIt

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"No! You can't just find the holes in my fake pressure! You're supposed to stand there blocking until I throw you! NOOO!"

--me, deep down

Cartoonist Ben Garrison sues the ADL for defamation, seeks over $10M in damages by christnmusicreleases in politics

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It really sounds like they just absorbed the 4chan meme about him being a white supremacist, and when the guy tasked with writing the article realized they didn't have any evidence, they just went with "Well he doesn't like Soros or the Rothschilds" as if that proved it.

Why are Japanese games so neurotic about game saves? by wuzizname in Gaming

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They probably decided that the extra annoyance is worth it compared to kids (or careless adults) accidentally wiping their saves or saving in bad/unwinnable situations.

Honestly I tend to manually save twice before quitting most games. I'm sure some gamers are similarly paranoid, and appreciate the game taking extra steps to prove you "really" saved it. Though this is definitely a bit neurotic.

Game Recommendation Post by King_Brutus in Gaming

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Right now I'm playing Dragon Quest 11. I recommend this for anyone who loves classic JRPGs, but it's a major time investment, and not for everyone. Still, the charm of the world and characters, and playing around with all the overpowered ability combinations by late game, make this a fun experience for me. The use of turn-based battles keep the gameplay style more relaxing rather than hectic. I recommend playing with the "Draconian Quest" option for harder monsters. If you want to hear the real music (with orchestral recordings) you should play either the Switch version, or the PC version with a mod. The PS4 version and base PC version are gimped with midi type stuff for some obscure reason.

Once I finish DQ11 I'm interested in picking up the Xenoblade remaster. I'll probably want to do a couple short games in between as a buffer, though.

Drone footage of Uighurs being taken away by magnora7 in WorldNews

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You're right that we do not show enough respect/dignity to foreigners in warfare, but we don't put our own citizens in concentration camps based on their ethnicity or religion.

What do you get worse at with experience? by Edvin in AskSaidIt

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I've been grinding Street Fighter ranked mode lately, and after the 50th time I get hit by Zangief's spinning piledriver or Ken's EX Shoryuken when I thought I was safe, I'm beginning to think my answer might be "competitive gaming."

Do you believe that man landed on the moon? by LarrySwinger2 in AskSaidIt

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They would have framed it as a Russian conspiracy theory or disinfo campaign, if they disputed it. Regardless, today information can flow freely from Russia, and Russia never claimed anything against the moon missions.

The right wing to left wing ratio on this site seems to be pretty skewed and it'd be nice if it wasnt by TheSeventhSense in whatever

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I agree. I tried to give it more of a balance by subbing to GC, but they're actually the most active community here right now, so if you do that your front page is about 80% GC posts. It would help if a few more smaller left-ish communities created subs here, or if some of the GC users participated in the other subs more.

Personally I hope more non-political content takes off, I'll try to submit a little more.

LETS MAKE SAIDIT CRUSH REDDIT by Honestanonymous in WatchRedditDie

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We've got a long way to go there, man. Anyway I'd love to see more posts here, but if we went so far as to become the internet's new big "thing" it would probably lead to the same kinds of rot that mess up other social media.

The tide is turning by jet199 in censorship

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She is a game developer who's known for making an interesting game called Revolution 60 and having a lot of drama with the gamergate crowd. Extremely Online, and somewhat influential with "geek feminism" types.

Living off the grid seems quite appealing now. by PencilPusher55 in whatever

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It could get very lonely, but I've started seeing very rural life as my ideal. I think I'd want to find the right person/people to do that with before setting off, rather than going it completely alone. But right now everyone could use a lot more nature and a lot less hyper-connectedness.

REMINDER: There is an URGENT meeting of the Secret Patriarchy this coming Wednesday at 4pm. All men are required to attend. by teelo in whatever

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Wtf don't you know women can see this? You're going to blow our cover! Post something about football or anime, then sneak the patriarchy stuff in at the bottom after they stop reading.

Also, I'm sick of Gary bringing napkins or ice or whatever while the rest of us toil away to ask our wives to make the quadruple bacon fast food lasagna.

How much time do you spend on saidit? by Light_Aura in AskSaidIt

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I try to check in and participate a bit in the morning and evening. The place isn't busy enough to spend all day on it, but that's honestly a good thing as long as new posts and discussions are regularly happening.

Which pet is your favorite? by PurpleAmathea in AskSaidIt

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Cats will always have a special place in my heart. I like their quieter, more laid back form of affection. They're really nice to pet. Relationships with them feel a little more like relationships with people, They won't just instantly adore you and do whatever you say, but if you develop a bond they do care about you in a way that feels special. I also think their problem behaviors are also typically less of an issue than dogs', but I know that's subjective.

Will India be successful in Taming the dragon with the French-made Rafale fighter jet? by Khan in AskSaidIt

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I don't think there's been a full-scale war between two large countries in a long time. Both China and India have more to lose than to gain by getting into a major fight, I think, so I wouldn't expect to see one.

Neither side would want to be seen as backing down, but I think right now India has more friends in the West, in particular while Trump is in office. China also tends to see the status quo as a win, so if they're able to get back to "normal" without looking weak, I think they might deescalate.

Another ban wave just happened. by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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How does such a miniscule portion of the population have such unchecked power in online activism? This isn't a trick question, I legitimately have no idea. Is there just a massive correlation between being transgender and being "extremely online?" Has anyone studied this?

I sympathize with dysphoric trans people (not AGP goons), but as long as it's impossible to actually discuss gender issues on a mainstream platform without being treated as a TERRIBLE PERSON that is LITERALLY KILLING TRANS PEOPLE I'd just rather not engage at all.

Wtf is with all the antisemitism here? by aThievingStableboy in whatever

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It's annoying, but I'd rather stick around and try to balance it out, instead of leaving the first time I see rightoid cringeposts.

Outrage after California bans singing in churches amid coronavirus pandemic - Pastors call Gov. Newsom's order 'completely discriminatory' after weeks of protests by calmbluejay in WorldNews

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A lot of low-income elderly people are frequent churchgoers, and they don't always have internet or computers. Many churches also minister to the homeless and other vulnerable communities, again many of which do not have a way to view online services. Saying "just use the computer lol" isn't going to cut it for everyone.

Personally I don't think watching a video is the same as going to church anyway, the in-person participatory aspect is key to worship. That's setting aside direct community aid like you mentioned. It's okay if you disagree, but it shouldn't matter what we think, since the First Amendment guarantees freedom of assembly and religious exercise. If the government can decide that letting people watch a Facebook stream counts as fulfilling the obligation to religious freedom, I'm not sure religious freedom means anything at all. You could shut it down for any reason at that point.

For the record I don't think it's the government's job to shut down liquor stores either. Just pointing out how skewed the priorities have gotten. I also think churches should take precautions that are appropriate for them.

Pornhub bought ads on /r/nofap, in violation of Reddit policy. Cruelly taunting addicts who were trying to quit. After a brief blackout, her account is active again. Of course Gawker Media punches down and ridicules the addicts, an act of bullying. by Chipit in whatever

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This kind of behavior is infuriating, and the Pornhub shills have to be one of the worst parts of leddit, but for context this was in 2015.

Has anyone else noticed that the general population has developed a distaste for Hollywood / Celebs? by PencilPusher55 in whatever

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I think the ideal is for people not to care about celebs as much. Right now we're seeing a negative climate where a lot of the celebrity fixation is negatively focused (such as looking for "bad" things people said/did to attack them over), but it still reinforces the idea that these people are really important. Hopefully we'll see more people starting to get a better sense of what matters and what doesn't.

Trump administration tells Congress that it is withdrawing the US from WHO by [deleted] in politics

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In theory, international bodies can help developing/poorer countries handle problems that they don't have the infrastructure/knowledge base to address on their own. The WHO historically contributed to efforts to eradicate smallpox, etc. Foreign aid is a pretty small chunk of the US budget, so if the money is actually being used well, it's not a problem and it can help people.

Unfortunately many NGOs are incompetent and/or scams, and UN agencies are the same except with certain agendas instead of scamming.

Trump administration tells Congress that it is withdrawing the US from WHO by [deleted] in politics

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I'm sure the Democrats will put up the usual token resistance to this, but right now it seems like no one is happy with the WHO. They've contradicted themselves on asymptomatic transmission and airborne transmission, and at the beginning they said there was no human-to-human transmission at all. Yet social media companies have censored people for disagreeing with the "expert" advice of the WHO.

We shouldn't be funding such an incompetent organization. I only wish we'd held on to the threat for a little longer to try to push for reforms. It's great to leave, but it would have been even better to see a real reform. There should be something like the WHO that helps (especially developing) countries deal with international health issues. Just not like it is now.

What's the SaidIt equivalent of "The narwhal bacons at midnight"? by skunkwerx in AskSaidIt

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Responses to "When does the narwhal bacon?":

Reddit: "At midnight"

SaidIt: lights cigarette "It doesn't, kid. Not anymore."

Do any of you still lurk on reddit? by Wrang1er in AskSaidIt

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I deleted my account there, but I still lurk some of the more interesting/fun subreddits.

What are some things that five years ago in 2015, were ridiculous to the point of being stupidity, that have nonetheless come to pass in 2020? by Chipit in AskSaidIt

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Everyone laughed at Trump running for president, but he somehow made it. Also, Kanye West is running for president in 2020 (supposedly).

No massive plan for "non-pharmacological interventions" existed for a hypothetical pandemic. Months of worldwide government-enforced lockdowns over a virus would have been inconceivable.

In the pop culture world (and on a lighter note), Star Wars is basically done and no one gives a shit anymore. The hype was through the roof around 2015 and most people liked The Force Awakens, so this would have been a big surprise.

Outrage after California bans singing in churches amid coronavirus pandemic - Pastors call Gov. Newsom's order 'completely discriminatory' after weeks of protests by calmbluejay in WorldNews

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I can't believe none of these restrictions on religion have been struck down yet. Free exercise + freedom of assembly, should be open and shut. Yet states ordered churches shut while liquor stores and abortion clinics were ruled "essential," and even now they can come up with whatever ridiculous restrictions they want and no one does anything about it.

My church (not in CA) reopened last Sunday and it was honestly bad enough with all the self-imposed restrictions our board came up with. Can't imagine how much worse it would be with government meddling.

The United States jails more of our citizens than any other country. 1 in every 20 Americans will get arrested in their life-time. Once again, money is the motivation to keep our state and federal prisons full to keep prison factories full of cheap labor workers who earn an average of $2 per day. by Orangutan in politics

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I've usually supported the existence of prison labor, since it seems better for people to do something for their community rather than just sit in a cell. And it's good for them to have a little money on release. But this is a good point, there may be a perverse incentive to jail more people to get labor out of them.

Would you support a ban on prison labor, or would you prefer to just pay them full/fair wages for the work that they do?

Anti-woke leftist looking for a place with less brain-rot. by [deleted] in Introductions

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Welcome! We need more people on the left speaking out for ordinary workers. The wealthy have done a good job using social issues to control the lower classes and turn them against each other, but people are waking up (I hope).

How much would things cost if manufacturers had to pay all their workers regardless of country American minimum wage? by EY_SCOOF in AskSaidIt

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They'd cost what the equivalent "made in America" products do today, or a little less due to economies of scale.

For products where nothing like them is made in America, it's harder to predict. It's possible that in America, there would be less workers hired relative to the products made, if technology levels are higher (automation, etc). This could mean that prices wouldn't go up as much as we think they would, but also that we wouldn't get as many new manufacturing jobs as we think we would.

Cheap foreign labor has made basic products a lot more affordable in America, but ultimately I think it leads to a loss of dignity for both American workers (stuck in shitty service jobs that produce nothing) and foreign workers (making cheap crap for foreigners at starvation wages with no health/safety standards).

67 shot, 13 fatally, over Fourth of July weekend in Democrat Run Chicago by scrubking in politics

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Giuliani was credited with doing a lot to improve crime in NYC. The right attitude from leaders could help improve things.

TIL since it is forbidden for Jews to carry certain objects in public during Shabbat, many cities have installed lines in the air, enclosing the city, making the entire city count as private domain and thus making it allowed to carry among other things, house keys, tissues, medication, and babies. by Jashfior in TIL

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See also: Catholic fishermen convincing everyone that fish doesn't count as meat on Lenten Fridays.

I think that following arbitrary rules can actually be a meaningful religious experience, and I wouldn't knock someone for doing so. It's less about whether this or that action is "bad" somehow, and more about making a symbolic sacrifice of some kind, and putting religious thought into all kinds of random daily behaviors. I'll never understand the loopholes though. Are the people who do this stuff still faithful, and this kind of thought about the rules is just an odd part of the experience? Or do they just not care? If they don't care, why go to all the trouble to make what you're doing fit within the rules?

This place is more active than ever! by Furweeb in AskSaidIt

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I think it was a less on-topic version of r/drama that was usually open even when drama was private. Duex-rama is a play on drama and the number two.

I think the front page algorithm should show more newer posts. by NorfolkTerrier in whatever

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Thanks for the tip!

Americans, why do you call it "4th of July" when you write date formats "Month/Day" supposedly because you all say "July 4th"? by teelo in AskSaidIt

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All dates can technically be said either way in American English. It's not wrong to say "the 5th of May," but it sounds a lot more formal.

Saidit vs Ruqqus? by Mallet22 in AskSaidIt

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I do like the "insightful" vs "fun" upvotes here. Ruqqus also doesn't seem to work too well, sadly.

I think the front page algorithm should show more newer posts. by NorfolkTerrier in whatever

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This was a post asking others what they thought, it's certainly fine that you disagree, and I don't want the site to thoughtlessly copy Reddit in every regard.

In SaidIt's case, there doesn't appear to be a "rising" sort option, so it's either "new" posts with little/no engagement yet, or "hot" posts that are a little on the older side, where much of the engagement is already past. I thought it might be nice to show users more discussions that are newer but are already active, giving them a jumping point to get more involved. If someone is an occasional user, they'll want to see the best posts from the last couple days, but if someone is trying to visit regularly, help grow the site, and consistently contribute to conversations, then they may prefer a front page that's updating a little more often.

I trust the people running SaidIt enough to assume that they won't just instantly change how the site works without thinking about it because a new person posted about it. I wouldn't support a huge change, just a little nudge towards newer content, and it's up to the admins to discuss anything like that.

What's your paranormal or "glitch in the matrix" moment? by NorfolkTerrier in AskSaidIt

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It's pretty common for joke boards to have some kind of filter that can modify text, I'm not sure about that one in particular though.

What subreddits do you think are going to be banned soon? by cloudrabbit in AskSaidIt

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I'm surprised r/drama made it this long. It feels like someone on the admin team has a soft spot for them.

r/politicalcompassmemes gets away with a surprising amount of stuff because all quadrants are welcome, if you devoted a sub to the authright/authcenter posts I think it would get banned.

r/conspiracy questions the mainstream COVID narrative, I know the other social media sites have been banning people for disagreeing with WHO/CDC recommendations. We'll see if Reddit keeps a spine on that.

I don't THINK r/stupidpol will get banned, but the radlibs hate it enough that I'm sure someone will try to take it down.

Is there a compendium of all the subs? by steal322 in whatever

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I dunno what it looks like on mobile, but on desktop try clicking "my subs" on the top left. That will show all of the current defaults, some of which are still pretty inactive due to the low user count (so you might not have seen them on the front page yet). If you go to "Find new subs" up there, you'll also have the ability to search for subs by name.

This place is more active than ever! by Furweeb in AskSaidIt

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If you're still on Reddit, check out r/dosrama. Not sure how similar it is, but it's clearly a play on deuxrama. Some of the smuggies crowd probably moved to

Are you afraid of death? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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I'm not afraid of death. Letting fear of death overwhelm everything we do prevents us from really "living" in the time we have. Whether or not you believe in an afterlife, I also think that a good death leads to a form of rest.

But I am afraid of wasting the time I've been given here, and I guess I'm afraid of old age. I'm afraid that my last days might be bad ones, if my mind was going, my health was very poor, if I felt like a burden on my family or if I got stuck in a nursing home. I hope by the time I'm old, society will have found better ways to care for the elderly, both socially and medically.

If you were an Alien with the goal to invade the Earth, how would you do it? by Leo_Littlebook in ScienceFiction

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I guess my idea was that that's how they would move in at first, but in the end they'd have de facto control, since human sovereignty had been bargained away over time, and people had developed heavy dependence on them. At that point it would be possible to deny various civil rights, regulate birthrates, take private ownership of large segments of territory, etc.

If you want to go win the Afghanistan war, be my guest. Obviously if you don't need the territory to be livable you can just bomb it into the stone age, but for my purposes I'd assume the only reason to invade an inhabited planet would be because you value something about the way it currently is.

If you were an Alien with the goal to invade the Earth, how would you do it? by Leo_Littlebook in ScienceFiction

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I gamed this out for a writing project a while back. I think that doing it openly with economic domination would be the most effective way. You can look at how third world countries have become subordinated to major powers solely through making deals that seem to make things better for them. Or even how major powers' citizens have allowed their leaders to develop alliances that undermine their sovereignty, and kill their jobs and ways of life in exchange for cheap foreign goods.

As long as aliens have something to offer Earth, I think a lot of our leaders would easily sell us out in exchange for nice things in the short term. Humans would fight over who really had the right to make a deal with aliens, while our boldest governments and individuals would just go ahead and do it. You'd be looking at a loud, peaceful "first contact," followed by a bunch of starry-eyed rhetoric about moving forward to the future, growing into an interstellar community, etc. In the end ordinary people would have little control over Earth's relationship with aliens, and in return the aliens would be able to do just about whatever they wanted, since they'd have most of the cards (assuming their tech level is far beyond ours).

With an understanding of human cultures, it would also be pretty easy to manipulate public opinion. Conservatives could be manipulated with appeals to renewed power/sway to one's country through cooperation with the aliens. People delude themselves into thinking they're more important than they really are, that they'd be equal partners, or that they'd be the ones exploiting the aliens. Liberals could be manipulated with appeals to social justice. Just like corporations use milquetoast social issues rhetoric as a shield against whatever bullshit they're up to, the alien/pro-alien faction could attach itself to some idea of progress, improvement of human society, etc. And anyone who wanted things to go back would be painted as a regressive.

Edit: I'm not going to argue with you about IQ or whatever, but it's worth remembering that third world countries are often pretty good at shitting all over open occupiers and invaders. People with inflated ideas about their own sense of civilization are easier to manipulate. Third worlders would start shooting/bombing a lot sooner, and if they couldn't win many would burn their country to the ground before giving it up to invaders.

Covid is still a hoax, people. by mongre in conspiracy

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There are plenty of tests that test for active infections. That's still the majority being done.

The fear-mongering is absurd and will have costs likely far above those of the pandemic. Part of the hysteria in the US is likely rooted in anti-Trump attitudes (especially considering the STAY THE FUCK HOME crowd poofed for a couple weeks after George Floyd's death), but it seems largely unplanned.

I think at this point, many politicians are afraid to move forward. As long as the pandemic is perceived as a current threat, people won't start getting mad about the economy, livelihoods, the looming mental health crisis, the destruction of kids' education, civil liberties violations, etc because they'll see those as secondary concerns. The minute the average person sees COVID as "over," people are going to be PISSED.

Personally I think that corona is neither a huge deal nor is it nothing. It's a moderately serious issue. The human brain, especially in our garbage media environment, is bad at identifying that middle ground. When I realized the initial narrative was bullshit, I definitely started to swing towards the "fuck this, it's nothing" camp. NY never needed 40,000 ventilators, "exponential growth" never overran our hospitals, the field hospitals were empty, and it turned out that COVID was already all over the West as early as December and no one really noticed. Still, I also remember predicting that this shit would be in the rearview mirror by June, that the death count would never pass 100K, and that there would be no spike in cases (though I think the protests caused this in all areas without functional herd immunity).

What’s something you looked forward to as a child but now hate as an adult? by hylia in AskSaidIt

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I find driving pretty stressful.

What’s something you looked forward to as a child but now hate as an adult? by hylia in AskSaidIt

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Kids' taste buds are wack. One time as an older teen I tried a couple kinds of Lunchables again. They put sugar in pizza sauce and nacho cheese. Wtf?

Hello! This community seems great! by Tea in Introductions

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I'm hoping that it can take off and become moderately popular. After the decade of social media, I think people are starting to miss smaller forums where you start to recognize frequent posters, instead of just karma/like farming with strangers. So even if SaidIt doesn't replace Reddit, it might be a nicer place to hang out.

I like gaming too. I've been playing through Dragon Quest XI on my Switch recently. I haven't played AC, but I find classic JRPG turn-based combat to be kind of relaxing, when combined with a cozy exploration aesthetic. So maybe I'd like AC too.

Workers of Saidit, What Was Your Least Favorite Job? by theFriendlyDoomer in AskSaidIt

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Outbound call center. Uggghhhh. Even when you're working for a big company doing "legitimate" business from a database of people who specifically gave your company their number and agreed to receive calls, there was still a ton of utter bullshit.

  • They'd recycle the same bad leads over and over again because someone hanging up on you before you can rebut them 3 times doesn't count as a real "not interested."

  • If someone managed to have enough patience to get through the call, the "not interested"s would cycle back into the system after a couple months anyway.

  • If someone said "Take me off your call list," you weren't allowed to put them on the do not call list. They had to specifically ask to be put on the do not call list.

  • When someone was mad enough about the umpteenth followup call, I'd just put them down as "wrong number" in the database because that was the one way to stop the calls that didn't fuck up your percentage. As far as I was concerned, it was the "wrong number" for us to be calling.

In the interview they said it'd be all inbound. I think I said that stupid script more times than I've said "I love you" to my family and friends. Fuck that place, I quit without even having anything else lined up. Lasted a few months and that was more than most people.

AskSaidIt, what are your favorite SciFi books? by Bitchcraft in AskSaidIt

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Recently I enjoyed "The Sparrow" by Mary Doria Russell. Well, maybe "enjoyed" is the wrong word... It's a first contact story with a lot of interesting and quirky characters, and a real sense of joy in the exploration and discovery of a new world. But it also has religious themes and a whole lot of human suffering, and it can get pretty painful at times.

In some ways the bones of the story could be an average Star Trek plot (first contact with less advanced aliens, two species of aliens sharing a planet with one being oppressed, human explorers accidentally interfere), but the level of emotional realism is way beyond most sci-fi stories, and it results in a pretty unique experience.

So, how'd you pick your screen name? by theFriendlyDoomer in AskSaidIt

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It's a cute breed of dog that's rarely taken on most websites.

Is Saidit a reddit replacement or just righty reddit? by EY_SCOOF in AskSaidIt

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I'm gonna try to post non-political content.

I'm noticing that at least some of Gender Critical has moved here, so hopefully radfems will balance out righties and start creating a spectrum of interesting beliefs, rather than just another circlejerk.