House approves fingerprinting gun owners by dcjogger in politics

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... So they ran an inadequate background check on this dude and now want more personal data... Where I'm at, carry permits are good for five years and you have a background check done by the state bureau of investigation, who then forward your info to the federal bureau of investigation to continue that background check. It's possible to do this without collecting a centralized database of fingerprints. It's not possible to do this if their background check system is inadequate or never gets forwarded to the federal level. This is just another power grab using the state of Illinois' incompetence as a flimsy excuse.

Brazilian cartoon about the 2008 US election by magnora7 in politics

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The America I know isn't like this. The America I know is a bastion of freedom. A place where individuals are just that: Individuals. A place where individual freedom is the highest law of the land.

We're in a weird place in American history. We have a choice of honoring our civil liberties or surrendering to tyranny, whether that's socialism or unrestricted end-game capitalism. I hope to God we can come together as a nation and stand behind our founding principles of freedom.

Trump Says He’s ‘Seriously’ Looking at Banning Gun Silencers by dcjogger in politics

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This is just ignorance, plain and simple. Suppressors are mandatory in most european countries that still allow limited gun ownership because they cut down on noise pollution and protect people's hearing. A suppressor is a safety device.

A gun with a suppressor on it is still loud as hell, just typically not loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss. It's not like the movies where someone off's somebody and doesn't wake up the baby sleeping in the next room. If you pop off a couple suppressed rounds in your house, your neighbor is probably still going to hear that.

This is just another bullshit attempt to erode our gun rights.

House approves fingerprinting gun owners by dcjogger in politics

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I'll bet you're great at parties.

State lawmakers eye bump stock ban by dcjogger in politics

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This was written in April of last year. They already got banned at the federal level. Does your post have a point?

Euclid man sues Cuyahoga County, saying jail guards punched, pepper sprayed him for no reason by dcjogger in news

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They probably had a reason... I mean, even boredom is a reason...

Shower Thought about Guns - I don't really care that much about them - I'm not scared of them - I've shot a few - I'm just not into them - death and destruction are not appealing to me - but its weird how many people gather around the 2nd amendment when no one uses it to stand up to gov't oppression by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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"It seems guns are mostly used by kids shooting kids - what am I missing?"

What are you missing? The number of times annually guns are used in self defense in the US, for one.

Per the CDC, there are between 500,000 and 3 million defensive gun uses in the US annually. The big spread is from differing methods of data collection and definitions of defensive gun use. Even using the lowest number, that's 500,000 lives saved to 13,000 gun related homicides annually.

On a related note, calling people "gun freaks" makes you sound like an asshole.

Conservatives - Always Show Strength!!! Never Show Weakness! ~ John Mark - [ I post this for educational purposes. I like some John Mark ideas. I don't like this video. I don't think his "strength" is effective resistance. Yes war is coming. Strength is your real identity. Is he a psyop or legit? ] by JasonCarswell in Republican

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I'd like to extend some constructive criticism:

Your title reads like a rant and is borderline incoherent.

Referencing stuff like an impending civil war and/or 'Psyops' is likely only going to attract conspiracy nuts and extremists to your conversation.

That aside, this dude is a nut! Social media should not be a public utility. The government should not have that degree of control over these private companies. If you don't like Reddit or Facebook, or the Tweeter, come to Saidit! Or better yet, make your own social media platform!

Martina Navratilova has angered the transgender community by claiming that people who were born male should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports events: 'Having a Penis' and Calling Yourself a Woman Doesn't Mean You Can Compete Against Women by Orangutan in Tennis

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Not to start off on the wrong foot, but that's not a "guy" you're referring to.

I'm a little ignorant on this topic, but looking at Kaitlin Jenner (sp?), it seems obvious that her muscle mass is superior to most biological women. Are the physical effects of testosterone on MtF transitioned people who received HRT after puberty negated by the therapy?

I saw that some organizations are allowing transgender athletes to compete based on their testosterone levels. I dunno.... In general it just doesn't sit right with me if there's a possibility of an unfair advantage.

It also bothers me greatly that anyone who speaks out on a topic like this is immediately labeled a bigot and silenced. These conversations SHOULD take place.

US Senator has Proposed a Ban on Loot Boxes by Stankmango in technology

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I think parents should be refusing to let their kids play these games or at least refusing to pay extra. The companies should absolutely be free to offer these games - It's your choice to consume their products. They're not holding a gun to anyone's head.

A vote for Insightful, and a vote for Fun. Call me crazy, but I think we might need a couple more votes available to us. by VantaFount in SaidIt

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You're crazy.

Gov. Inslee signs bill to ban bump stocks in Washington state by dcjogger in politics

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That doesn't mean much when they're already illegal at the federal level thanks to Trump.

/r/CringeAnarchy has been banned by Fire in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Why not whip the teacher, when the pupil misbehaves? -Diogenese the dog by Tom_Bombadil in Philosophy

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Because teachers have no control over discipline. Whip the administrative staff who don't do their jobs and the parents who send feral children to school and expect the state to raise their kids. ;)

A man punched a double glazed window and died by sonyvegas in offbeat

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And this is why we need window control. One death is one too many!

Should Canada and the United States Merge? by ruperttaylor in politics

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What?! No, leave the polite people alone!

I got banned on reddit for having too low of a social score, but everyone agreed with me. by Teak in whatever

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Mate, you need to format your post and/or form coherent thoughts. I have no idea what you're on about.

Trump doubles down on plan to ship migrants to sanctuary cities, says ‘Radical Left’ should be happy by useless_aether in politics

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I mean.... if he were joking it'd be pretty damn funny.

It's also pretty interesting that the sanctuary cities don't want them. Was declaring themselves to be sanctuary cities just virtue signalling? It seems kind of hypocritical.

Jobs to be automated soon by useless_aether in Education

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Reading over this, i don't see an expected time frame. If this is anticipated to occur within the next five years, it's a problem. If it's expected to occur over the next fifty years, then it's not a big deal.

This looks like clickbait BS.

A woman did something! So brave! So strong! by sawboss in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Wow. Just Wow.

Moderating a sub? by UmamiTofu in SaidIt

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My apologies for mis-interpreting your post - That's totally reasonable.

Moderating a sub? by UmamiTofu in SaidIt

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You may have missed the point of this place...

New York City attempts to forcibly vaccinate orthodox Jews by [deleted] in politics

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No one has a right to violate someone else's body without consent. That's kinda rapey, dude.

New York City attempts to forcibly vaccinate orthodox Jews by [deleted] in politics

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Yeah, I'll take a hard pass on that level of authoritarian nightmare. My body - My choice.

I'm not against vaccination - I'm for not pissing away what few rights we have left to a government that will abuse that power.

A woman did something! So brave! So strong! by sawboss in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I see your point in that her sex shouldn't matter, but I do think it's nice that she's getting credit for the fruits of her research instead of the usual " some scientists made this breakthrough". It's my understanding that her input on this project was instrumental in it's success, so I'm happy to see her receive credit for her work. Good for her.

The feds have come to Chicago—with a van that tracks guns by dcjogger in news

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"Despite the tech upgrade, in the three weeks that the van has spent in the Windy City, it hasn’t helped police make any arrests, according to the department Superintendent Eddie Johnson."

The science that goes into ballistics testing is suspect as hell already, and the article openly admits that they haven't helped the police... So this is a waste of taxpayer money.....

Good job, ATF. Way to remain useless in anything other than giving guns to Mexican Cartels and shooting people's dogs.

Kaleido - a Borderless Blockchain Business Cloud platform for building global, cross-cloud networks. by JasonCarswell in TechCompanies

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I wonder if we could fit a few more buzzwords into that title?

‘Kingkiller Chronicle’ author Patrick Rothfuss says Book 3 is ‘moving forward,’ but not fast. by rain in Fantasy

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Did anyone else think the first book read like it was written by a neckbeard with an unhealthy view on romantic relationships?

Kvothe doesn't really struggle against anything because he's just soooooo smart and talented. Then his romantic interest consistantly shits on him, but he's always there because he's just a real super understanding white knight.

Rothfuss's world building is great, but his characters amd story are lacking.

Only black reporters allowed in Georgia mayoral race event by [deleted] in politics

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Why is this not national news?

The European Parliament has voted in favour of Article 13 by Mnemonic in Internet

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I think the point is that the EU does not have the authority to collect taxes from an American website. That would be like San Francisco taxing the chocolate sales in Switzerland. Sure, San Francisco can pass the tax.... but they don't have the authority to collect.

What the EU probably can do is block sites that refuse to pay.

I hope I didn't misunderstand what you were trying to convey.

REMINDER: WaPo, NYT Won Pulitzers For Russia Collusion Reporting by useless_aether in propaganda

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I think calling the dailywire the "dailyliar" puts you on the second lowest point of the pyramid of debate that this site is founded on. Good job!

Otherwise, you make a good point and we definitely should wait for the full release (or more likely the leak...). More information would be nice to have before making a judgement call on this.

Head of Prague Muslim community expelled after call for Muslims to arm themselves | Radio Prague by useless_aether in Europe

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It is reasonable to arm yourself for the defense of yourself and your loved ones when others have expressed an interest in killing you. That is not a radical ideology. This is true for all faiths, genders, nationalities, attack helicopters, whatever the hell you identify as.

Had there been an armed response at the NZ mosque, the death count would have been significantly lower.

No government is responsible for protecting your or your loved ones lives - You and you alone are responsible for your life. You can either shoulder that responsibility or shirk it. Sounds like this guy wanted others to shoulder that responsibility and protect the community. I find that admirable.

This means War by useless_aether in funny

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Huh... Must've found oil there....

Epic games in a nutshell by Vigte in Gaming

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What did I miss?

Why are millennials burned out? Capitalism: Millennials are bearing the brunt of the economic damage wrought by late-20th-century capitalism. All these insecurities — and the material conditions that produced them — have thrown millennials into a state of perpetual panic by Orangutan in BasicIncome

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Millenial here. Not burnt out.... I despise articles that try to make large sweeping generalizations about entire generations... If you're getting burnt out at your job, start looking for a new one. Capitalism also means you have a choice in who you trade your labor with.

Bernie Sanders Calls for Stripping of Second Amendment Rights Overnight by useless_aether in communismwatch

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I disagree. Gun control can be effectively instituted in the US, but it would take a few generations. The NFA was surprisingly effective... All they had to do was grandfather the current ones if they are registered and make possession of an unregistered one illegal. From there, make transfer illegal and bam! Sure, you might get to keep the AR you have until you die, but your son or grandson will likely not be willing to risk the felony charge for trying to keep your AR after you pass.

(Unironically: Reeeee, no step.)

Reddit has become ridiculous by Fruitsi in Introductions

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I have high hopes as well. We need to start putting more content up!

Facebook, a champion of censorship, keeps deleting this post about new Congresswoman Tlaib being arrested. by useless_aether in censorship

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American here, no fuckin clue.

New Zealand on verge of hysterics, removes Jordan Peterson's bestseller 12 Rules for Life by Vigte in politics

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Let's keep this in perspective - The government is not banning Jordan Peterson's book. One company is refusing to sell it. They're a private company, and although they're in the wrong and misguided, they're free to be wrong.

What's inspiration behind your username? by Vulphere in AskSaidIt

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I used to work too much.

Elizabeth Warren Calls for Ending Electoral College by useless_aether in politics

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The article also talks about her suggestion that we shoud look into paying out reparations to descendents of slaves. Why stop at reparations to Black who are descendents of slaves? Why don't we pay reparations to native americans, descendents japanese-americans that we put in internment camps, descendents of irish citizens that were mistreated the second they got off their potato boats, and chineese immigrants that were taken advantage of to build out railroad systems.

This reparations talk is BS. My family didn't even immigrate to this country until the 20th century. Why should I be held responsible for someone else's ancestors' fuck up?

'Intimidating' signs posted near Bates College campus by SundogsPlace in SundogsPlace

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I think it has a lot more to do with the history of the phrase. Two decades is not very long. If it was a well known white supremacist saying, I think odds are the message was likely a racist one. It is what it is, man. My main gripe with this is that one retard posted these up and now all the SJWs on that campus are going to have their panties in a bunch about the neo nazi white supremacist conservative GOP epidemic in America, blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

If it's any consolation, it's pretty dumb to be proud just because you were born any color. There are literally no victims in this, including us white dudes.

Turkish 'terror' suspect is ARRESTED after 'shooting a relative on Dutch tram "for family reasons" and then firing at anyone who tried to intervene' killing three by useless_aether in Europe

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So he was initially called a terrorist because he shot a bunch of people on a train while shouting in arabic, and now they've walked that back to a family dispute on the tram and him shooting anyone who intervened.

Well, stranger things have happened.

Graham Is Aiming To Turn The GOP Into The Party Of Gun Control by dcjogger in politics

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Holy shit. The really crazy part is that South Carolina would probably still re-elect him.

I hope someone slaps some sense into him.

My country used to be rated #1 for liberty. Now we are arresting people for posting things on the internet. by AschTheConjurer in censorship

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That's the article OP posted.... If you click the text to the right of the picture abovr (the title) it'll take you to the same place (OP posted that as a link).

My country used to be rated #1 for liberty. Now we are arresting people for posting things on the internet. by AschTheConjurer in censorship

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Dude faces up to 14 years in prison for posting a video and the words "Target Acquired". Huh... I'll definitely be following this to see what the actual sentencing is.

Recent Government Audit found that "Defense" contractor Boeing has been Massively overcharging taxpayers for mundane parts: $71 for a metal pin that should cost just 4 cents; $650 for a gear smaller than a dime that sells for $12; $1,700 for a tiny part that can be bought for $8. Thanks Boeing by useless_aether in corruption

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Part of this stems from the government's contract negotiation methods. These parts are sub-line items in massive contracts. Sometimes only 60-80% of these are reviewed, but the over-all contract might be evaluated for cost reasonableness. These large government contractors understand exactly how the government's system works and how to exploit it.