Should Canada and the United States Merge? by ruperttaylor in politics

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Actually no. The Queen does not own Canada. She is the titular head represented by a Governor General whose role is purely ceremonial.

Cars Are Destroying Us by ruperttaylor in environment

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I'm about to post an article on methane and the meat industry.

Haggis: The Untold Story by ruperttaylor in Foodfun

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According to Scottish government statistics, the life expectancy for Scottish men is 77.1 years. I have no reason to suspect that haggis has anything to do with longevity.

Dr. Thomas Cream—Jack the Ripper Suspect by ruperttaylor in MurderMostFoul

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If you want to believe I'm peddling royal propaganda, that's your call. Personally, I have no time for inherited privilege. An article in The Guardian, not a particularly royalist sympathizing paper, points out the inconvenient matter of the prince being out of Britain when the murders occurred.

I think it quite likely Jack didn't stop suddenly but moved to another location and carried on his grisly trade elsewhere.