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Holy crap, this is getting so bad, so fast.

I don't care what stripe of writing this guy does--why does anyone think it's okay to shut down anyone's voice, and all of our collective rights to buy and read whatever the fuck we want? How does an authoritarian state help, whatever side of the imaginary intellectual fence you're on? Are people really that dumb that if it's the "other" guy now, it's not going to be you next? Jeepers.

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And now I'm curious know what it said.

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Ironically, it says to reject identitarianism, reject extremism, focus on yourself and what you can immediately improve, and bear as much responsibility as you can. Traditionalist, rational, and conservative ideas.

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Had to Google that, not what I expected.

So... he, based on this info, made his own false flag? He wanted guns banned and he made it happen?

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You mean the shooter made his own false flag? He stated in his manifesto that his intention was to create as much divisiveness as possible, including making people in the US freak out about the 2nd amendment to such a great degree that it's spark armed conflict.

I don't think that qualifies it as a false flag, however, since he was the one carrying out the attack and not trying to pretend to be someone else.

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definite false flag, looks like NZ will be a test area or incubator for ideas for how to control the world's sheep

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I don’t like jumping on the conspiracy train but it kinda feels like a big experiment

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super quick on banning guns and censoring ideas. That's like how the plans for invading the mid east were already written before 9/11 hit

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Let's keep this in perspective - The government is not banning Jordan Peterson's book. One company is refusing to sell it. They're a private company, and although they're in the wrong and misguided, they're free to be wrong.

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My tin foil hat tingles a little with how hard NZ is embracing authoritarianism. I can't help but feel like there is a correlation between this rapid shift and the fact that so many guillotine bound elites are planning on turning it into their own personal Elysium to run off to post collapse.

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This. I've been wondering this for years.

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It's just a company, not the government. Of course they are acting wrongly, but it is just knee-jerk moral panic among the populace. Not a government/authoritarian thing.