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Some things are just different from one another and cannot be lumped together without consequence.

Facts are facts.

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Ugh. Does this guy even know about sex change surgeries and the actual effects of HRT? After HRT and surgeries, cisgender and transgender women are identical in all aspects except chromosomes, having a uterus, and sometimes height. All other secondary and primary sex characteristics, however, are identical to my knowledge.

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Not to start off on the wrong foot, but that's not a "guy" you're referring to.

I'm a little ignorant on this topic, but looking at Kaitlin Jenner (sp?), it seems obvious that her muscle mass is superior to most biological women. Are the physical effects of testosterone on MtF transitioned people who received HRT after puberty negated by the therapy?

I saw that some organizations are allowing transgender athletes to compete based on their testosterone levels. I dunno.... In general it just doesn't sit right with me if there's a possibility of an unfair advantage.

It also bothers me greatly that anyone who speaks out on a topic like this is immediately labeled a bigot and silenced. These conversations SHOULD take place.