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The only reason to use reddit is to know what's on the minds of today's obese spinsters, faggots and teenagers.

For someone that's interested in surfing the net for interesting content it's now just as obsolete as Digg.

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The worst part is, the mods seemingly come from those groups and they're all angry at the rest of the world because we're normal and they're not. So as soon as you don't kiss they bullshit covered ass you get permabanned. Oh, and you forgot to add that they're all libtarded facists too.

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reddit is pretty good for any non controversial topic.

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Is there such thing as a non controversial topic where Reddit is concerned?

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game discussions, food recipes, funny internet videos, life guides, also somehow /r/fuckcars isn't banned so we have that too

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That sounds like a bunch of really butthurt and embarrassing lazy people.

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you called the people that don't want cars around lazy? Lol

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I think it's probably a bunch of whiny kids (some of them in their 30s, but children mentally).

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OK, I just visited that sub, scrolled down like half a page, and found this:

"I’m 35, live in a Tampa, FL and have never had a license."

I believe that post title. I believe almost nothing he posted below it. Just your typical online LARPer trying to get muh updoots. So fucking weak.

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As long as your content stays buried and doesn't threaten the default mods' and GallowBoob's monopoly over the front page.

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How has he not been shot?

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He's probably not one person and is probably a team of other accounts passed around.

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Is he, like, the Robert Harvey of Reddit?

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    DON'T use the reddit app yes. But you can use something like slide.

    Use adblocker and don't buy reddit gold. Make fun of anyone who buys reddit gold

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    I'll give it that: The only things I miss after my IP-permaban (for 'violence'! after saying Fauci deserved the same rope used on Julius Streicher) are the computer and OS-related subs.

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    It's a propaganda site for the most part, yes. That's why we have to build decent sites and communities.

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    Find me a decent I.T. person and the rest can be facilitated and managed fairly. Not just one site or instance, but many that would be decentralized, federated, and networked together.

    Feel free to throw money at me too if you like, but a solid tech guru is what I/we need to make it happen. Preferably in Windsor, but if trustworthy online would suffice.

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    Find me a decent I.T. person and..

    A decent it person is going to tell you that the first step in designing a website is to establish a team that will sit down and design the flow of the site. Too many amateurs think that what they need is a programmer, when in fact what they need is a team that can design the flow of the of the site and then and only then do the programmers start building the various modules.

    Divided you will fail.

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    I'd agree but we're not coding a site. We'd be setting up established platform instances. With them up and running we'd assemble a trusted team to start hammering out the charter, goals, roadmap, rules, guides, documentation, and FOTPACHIES management (fair, open, transparent, peaceful, accountable, consistent, honest, inclusive, ethical, social management) with inclusive ways the community at large can weigh in on their management. Call that social flow if you like. Unifying.

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    I always find it interesting that beginners in the development business always think that they can bypass the planning stage they think they can bypass forming a team and sitting down and planning things they think they're just going to start hammering away at it and you know what it doesn't usually work out very well that way.

    I've been coding for 40 years, maybe I know.

    Either way best wishes

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    I'm not in software development. Stop suggesting that I am. And I am planning, organizing, etc.

    If you want to code some solutions, do so.

    Just some of my subs (not counting the ones I've given up) that touch on organizing communications:
    /s/ResistanceAnalysis /s/StandUpWindsor

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    I'll see if I can at least throw money to help you out eventually but damn man I've been rather unlucky recently...

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    Find webmaster first, set up sites, then money.

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    Maybe settle for centralized...

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    Maybe settle for centralized...

    Maybe settle for tyranny.


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    What's your honest opinion of what Mastodon is doing, Jason?

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    Not sure what you're referring to.

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    They're decentralized /federated. I'm just wondering if you see that as a workable framework for the sort of thing you want to do.

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    Yes. I'm not a fan of (or used to) Mastodon's GUI. Also federated: Lemmy (Reddit-like), PeerTube (YouTube-like), Movim (Facebook/Messenger-like), YaCy (search), etc etc etc. /s/Cassy

    Ironically a lot of the federated communities are extremely woke, boxing out the deplorables, but there are some free-thinkers networking and we need more.

    I'd like to get a bunch of these set up on a bunch of boxes and spread them around my city for freedom and prepper group. I can organize and facilitate it but I'm not a I.T. guru.

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    Isn't one of the guys here doing just this? Or is it you who's got that as a side project?

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    I wish. Let me know if you find one that isn't all talk.

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    Reddit needs you to participate, to continue having a platform for their destructive disinformation and societal manipulation. They need you not to participate in other social medias, which would encourage those competing platforms.

    Reddit's current life-line is tricking people who hate the place to keep coming back like a battered woman. Break the cycle. Leave, never go back, and use an alternative platform.

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    I wish it were that easy. There are so many subs that don't have an equivalent community online anywhere, not even close. You have to hunt just to find comparable communities that are barely clinging on for dear life

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    You have to help support an alternative community, otherwise people will continue to go to the abusive Reddit community, due to lack of suitable alternative. For the change to happen, you must BE the change; stop supporting the abusive community or the community on the abusive platform and purposely support the alternative community on the alternative platform.

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    Yeah I'm working on finding alternatives, I'm slowly migrating my activity as and when I find alternatives for subs there. Just a shame Saidit doesn't have nearly as many active users to make a lot of subs even possible here. Like I created a new sun s/raves to take the place of r/aves which has over 100k members, I think I'll be lucky to get 10 members on it 😂

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    I've been a redditor since about 2012, and back then it was a lot like Saidit, there was almost no censorship, there were subs like /r/coontown and /r/watchpoeopledie, and we had free speech. Then the Ellen Pao thing happened and she was basically a scapegoat for the trannies to take over and make it into the woke echo chamber it is today. Reddit firing Victoria was really the canary in the coalmine moment. Even the hobbyist subs are going woke. If Saidit ever gets big it will be exactly the same result.

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    Interesting. Thanks for the important history lesson behind it. Fuck I hope that doesn't happen to Saidit if it goes big. Someone needs to grow balls and make a social media that sticks to its principles

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    I doubt saidit will get big. It's a reddit fork and normies will always see it as crappy for that reason. That may be a good thing.

    Ruqqus had the most potential to become the next reddit. Unfortunately the admins became corrupt so fast it closed down in 2 years when they realized their users weren't going to accept them banning everything they didn't like. I called it over a year in advance when I saw pre-cabal red flags with certain people on Discord. Everyone thought I was a lunatic.

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    I'm liking that the normies see this place as not worth their time. It has an old school BBS vibe here.

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    It is the natural order of things as far as online spaces go. When one place gets too big, it becomes corrupted, and people jump ship and flee or create new alternatives. As long as people have that ability and others share amongst each other these new places, then there will be enough delocalization of traffic to prevent any site from becoming too big for its own good prior to its subsequent corruption.

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    SaidIt won't go big because magnora7 is a shitty owner/"leader".

    I'll facilitate decentralized platforms for open communities but I'm not an I.T. guru and can't do it alone.

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    Every time you surf on that site, you make revenue for them....unless you do ad blocker I guess....

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    I thought they only make money if you actually click the ad.

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    I think Lemmy is theoretically the best reddit alternative in this sense, as it's open source and federated. Also some foundation pays for development (see here:

    The devs themselves are fans of authoritarian states like China/Russia though, so main instance is not for everybody :) is probably a good instance free speech-wise as that's where Wolfballs users moved (I didn't check it out yet though).

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    What you mean federated

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    Basically this means different instances (servers) can talk with each other, and (in Lemmy case) you can have an account on one instance/server and leave a comment to a thread originated on another instance/server. Mastodon is a more well known example of a federated social network.

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    Collective P2P (peer to peer) networking to share access (logins) and content (data/databases).

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    Lemmy seemed a bit dead to me, idk. If only all Reddit competition could link up to be a super site it might have some hope of competing with Reddit on some level. As it stands though we just get Reddit's banned users and not even all of them.

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    Can you set up a Lemmy instance or few?

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    No, I've never administered a website, just a theorist :)

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    Don't just "not use them", there's an opportunity to spam the receipts of the Great Pozzing™ all over the Investment-dweeb community in anticipation of their upcoming IPO.

    Find your favorite risk-averse financial advisor and be sure he knows about the antics of:

    1. maxwellhill
    2. gallowboob
    3. n8thegr8

    ...and other admin-enabled brigaders, power-jannies and subreddit-killers. Last but not least, don't forget the Great Spezzing of 2016, where an admin openly admitted posting fake 'content' under the names of other 'users', calling into question whether anything on the site is genuine.

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    My comments were censured. I was kicked off groups.

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    Meanwhile, these are the gems you contribute to Saidit:

    Good research chemicals for dancing, analogues of MDMA / Speed?

    Don't use Reddit. It's a monopolistic shithole

    Fuck Reddit, fuck Redditors, fuck mods, fuck admins

    Sigh. Just had another Reddit account banned

    What research chemicals are best for dancing?

    How can I get my sister to fuck me?

    Is it legal to fuck roadkill?

    What non-human animal would be most socially acceptable to fuck?

    What should I think about before I fuck my sister?

    What alternatives are there to reddit and saidit?

    With posts like yours at Saidit, I would never wish to visit Reddit....

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    They're are some of life's greatest questions right there. I mean, who hasn't questioned the legality of the roadkill they just fucked?

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    Indeed - and if it's hunting season, and you killed it, well why not....

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    I can only do my best 😂

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    They did me the favor of a ban. I knew it would come sooner or later.

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    Go to reddit if you enjoy hating yourself, are a Communist or Bolshy, are not an heterosexual white male, like burying your head in the sand, taking the piss out of women having a bad day and calling them "Karen"(which is another form of accepted racism disguised as a meme), complaining about shit that doesn't matter in the real world, and being part of the alphabet cult.

    Stay away if you have any meaningful intelligence at all. Reddit is a hole of self hate, anti-white, pro male castration.

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    You are about 7+ years late to the party.

    I guess you had no problem with their tyranny during THOSE times. I wonder what changed.

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    If there were ever a place where you're preaching to the converted, this is it.

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    Don't feed the fucking animals animal fuckers.


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    Hey, I'm only on one or two subs because they're comfy. They're circling the drain or on the precipice of being banned. Once it happens I'm out.

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    Reddit is a cesspool. The moderators at out of control. If I'm going to go to forums, I'll use small websites. And I'll give this one a try. Reddit is worth like 60 billion dollars. People using it are censored. Why support such a bad platform? My man Schwartz would be turning in his grave if he could see it now.

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    Christ I didn't know Reddit was worth so much. Bastards will be hard to compete with

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    don't feed the troll!

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    I wouldn't say any other platform. Discord is so evil it makes reddit look merely annoying by comparison. I haven't tried many other mainstream ones.

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    What's wrong with discord? This is the first I've heard of it being bad, but TBF I haven't heard much about it

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    Read the rest of this comment chain. I explained to someone in detail.

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    Ah sorry, thanks 👍

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