Russia Proposes ‘Extremist’ Label for LGBT, Feminist, Child-Free Movements by Zvezda in For_Slavs

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Russia calls it for what it is. No woke bullshit from the Russians.

it's like the whole thing was staged or something by Orangutan in politics

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Jan 6th was just a bunch of BS that they keep rehashing because they're still terrified of Trump. They're still going after his taxes as if anyone but the libtards care about it. The US has really gone off the deep end.

Affirmative Action for Male Students Is New ‘Dirty Little Secret’ - Maybe they should dial down their anti-white male rhetoric a few hundred notches. by cottoneyejoe in politics

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And yet they're still importing illegals and calling them Dreamers so they can overcrowd institutions of higher education on the taxpayer's dime. How is it that illegals are more valued as potential contributors to society than actual citizens?

Resign now: 52% want Biden out but fear worse under Harris by [deleted] in politics

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Those idiots probably still think it's worth it because there's no more mean tweets.

Researcher Clarke suggests that left politics is often characterised by “a form of tribalism, which treats the political spectrum as a moral spectrum. This approach assumes the left is where virtue lies, and that self-interest and spite are the only reasons why anyone would take a different view.” by Chipit in politics

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Leftists have thin skin and reject that any opinion but theirs can be true. They can somehow ignore the failings of government all around them in the form of crime and theft and rebrand it as "unplanned donation". And they even manage to keep descriptions of violent thugs out of the news for fear of fanning racism. They cloak themselves in virtue and milk the system for power and money. Everything they run is run into the ground. Just look at Democrat run large cities.

Facebook Board Member: Free Speech is 'Not an Absolute Human Right’ by scrubking in politics

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Hmm. If that's not a sign to drop FB, I don't know what is.

'Let Them Die': NAACP Leader Espouses Violent Rhetoric Against Opponents of Critical Race Theory by scrubking in politics

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If one of those protected groups gets a sprained finger, you know it'll be on the evening news as right wing neo nazis attached a peaceful crowd of Antifa/BLM protestors.

Emmanuel Macron booed by the crowd at annual Bastille Day parade in Paris by PatsyStone in politics

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That guy is an enemy of the people.

Witnesses: George Floyd mural at Summit and Lagrange destroyed by lightning strike by thefirststone in whatever

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If this isn't a sign from God, I don't know what is.

Banned from 23 subreddits for participating in one sub! by UberGeekUtah in Introductions

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I was surprised when I was banned from a subreddit in which I'd never posted because I participated in another subreddit.

George Floyd mural in Ohio destroyed by lightning strike by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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The Gods have Spoken

Govt To Fact Check Your Text Messages. by [deleted] in news

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Big Brother is always right. Big Brother protects us.

The African and Afro-American Studies department of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill "gave virtually illiterate students top grades" by BiglyBased in debatealtright

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Nothing but whining over things that their great-great-grandparents may have experienced and receiving white-collar welfare to study a non serious subject but still having to give each other inflated grades in order to grow the non-productive segment of society which only perpetuates the sense of victimhood. Welfare the urban good for nothings and paying them to reproduce and multiply. Is it any wonder that our society has gone straight into the shitter?

Blacks kill and burn their own cities in SA, whites physically resist and kill some of them by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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It was just a matter of time before things fell apart. It's not too hard to riot and loot but it's too hard to work to get ahead in life.

German Court Slaps YouTube with 100,000 Euro Fine for Deleting and Censoring COVID-19 Protest Video by scrubking in censorship

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That's a ridiculous amount. It should be more like $800M to make them pay fucking attention.

YouTube deletes Trump video, freezes CPAC account by scrubking in censorship

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Anyone notice that Google came out of the closet by turning up biases in search when they got rid of the don't be evil clause from the guiding principles?

A whopping total of 1670 major American corporations sign a "diversity pledge" by BiglyBased in debatealtright

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Institutionalized welfare is now taking the place of meritocracy. It's hilarious that Americans are hating on China. The Chinese don't do any of this woke shit that is hobbling the US. Let's see where woke takes us in the next 20 years.

Black Excellence in Crime | Counter-Currents, Jim Goad. Always good for an educational laugh. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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The historical neglect of black excellence in crime is a travesty. They exceed the the police in killing other blacks and violent crime as well as all other races.

DebateAltRight banned me, and this was my response by socks in SaidIt

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Socks, fuck on back to the Reddit libtard echo chamber. You've obviously pissed off enough people here to be banned.

Most Americans Believe Someone Other than Biden Is Running the Show by scrubking in politics

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I'd be surprised if Biden ties his own shoes, much less runs anything.

This guy shut down a thread and went on a banning spree with everyone who disagreed with him. by AmericanMuskrat in MeanwhileOnReddit

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So much virtue, it's blinding!

Studies that show that race mixing is a bad thing? by RISHABHJAINUVA in debatealtright

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Regression to the mean.

Jen Psaki Warns Americans: 'We Will Be Going Door to Door' to Check If You Have Taken the Vaccine by scrubking in politics

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Talk about Big Brother. WTF is wrong with idiots who support this stupid bullshit?

Black National Anthem – Deliberate Reestablishing Segregation? by carn0ld03 in USPolitics

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I've noticed a trend at new stories that stir up racial tension over the years. It started with Roots and Shaka Zulu tv specials back in the 70's and 80's. In the 90's it was the black descendants of Thomas Jefferson getting airtime for being black. Then there was Rodney King. More recently it's the dredging up of the Tulsa riots and the deaths of thugs who refused to cooperate with police. They got Juneteenth and now they're clamoring for reparations. How does any of this help move the nation forward?

Hi, I keep getting banned from reddit, so I'm going to share my ideas with you all here. I hope we get some good discussions going. by FlynnFlam in conspiracy

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Reddit is a flaming shit hole infested by whiny crying millennial SJWs.

More Than 5,000 Woke Teachers Sign Pledge to Teach CRT 'Regardless of the Law' by scrubking in politics

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Woke needs to die. CRT will only tear the country apart.

French General Under Investigation for "Anti-Semitism" After Saying a "Community" Controls the Media by Jesus in conspiracy

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French general is right and said nothing wrong.

Top U.S General Defends Critical Race Theory. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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I don't understand why everything has shifted into kneeling before CRT and swallowing their bullshit. It's infected companies and now the government. When will people wake up?

SENTENCING UPDATE: 13yr and 15yr girls carjack UBER driver. He holds onto car, dies in crash. The 13yr old will be released when she turns 21. by busyyellow2 in WatchPeopleDie

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Garbage hoodrats should just be shot.

I got /r/BanSaidIt shut down ;D by MisterQ in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Cry SJWs! Cry!!!

Former Reddit CEO: "Deplatforming works" by Drewski in censorship

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Toxic leftists are bent on transforming the world into a leftist echo chamber.

More diversity nonsense from Hollywood, Snow White is now brown. by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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They should change her name to Brown Snow.

Lab tests reportedly find no identifiable tuna DNA in Subway sandwich by AmericanMuskrat in news

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If there's no tuna in a Subway tuna sandwich, then what's in there? I'll admit I do occasionally enjoy a Subway tuna as a break from their Club sandwich.

Liberal biased news outlets get 58% of the upvotes on r/news but conservative outlets only get 6%. CNN gets the most upvotes of any outlet by far. by MisterQ in MeanwhileOnReddit

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r/news is a libtarded echo chamber.

Biden Voter Sets Asian Woman's Head on Fire??? In San Francisco Commiefornia by RuckusChan in news

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Her life doesn't matter, only his matters.

Uniparty GOP SILENT on Historic AZ Audit Where They Already Discovered Deleted Voting Machine Files, Missing Passwords and Routers, and Ballot Miscounts by scrubking in politics

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Neither party wants a populist outsider mucking up their corruptness. They're used to being their own boss at the expense of the voters.

BREAKING: 'Significant Discrepancies' Discovered In Arizona Audit, Ballots Off Up to 17.5%, 'Likely Joe Biden Did Not Win' by scrubking in politics

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The November 2020 election was presented as a rejection of Trump, when it was actually the Deep State seizing power through vote tampering with the MSM mouthpieces covering for it.

President Trump Is Kicked Off of Twitter But Hamas Leader Allowed to Celebrate the "Bombing of Tel Aviv" by scrubking in politics

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But, but Trump talks soooo mean!!!

Propaganda: Isn’t It Great How ‘Moderate’ ‘Boring’ Biden Is Compared to Trump? by scrubking in politics

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Idiots love moderate but what moderate means is not really taking a position in order to maximize the likelihood that people will vote for you because they don't know where you stand. With Trump you knew for sure where he stood.

BREAKING: POLL: 2 Out Of 3 Americans Say Facebook And Twitter Are Hurting The Country by NewsJunkie in politics

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Is it really FB and Twitter that are hurting the country or is it censorship and manipulation of the free flow of information by these corporations that is hurting the country? I recall that on Usenet there may have been a high percentage of butthurt but if you dug around a little you eventually could figure out the truth as opposed to now, where they put in into a little echo chamber and there's no way of finding your way out if you stick to the site. And if it's censorship and restriction of discussion and free flow of information, who's guilty of doing that? I think it's leftists and PC weasels and the woke crowd who are all into enforcing right think and right speech. Anything but the party line and you're declared a Nazi.

Rob Schneider Drops A Bombshell On The Corrupt Mainstream Media: ‘People Whose Jobs Are To Defend Free Speech Have Become The Ones Attacking It’ by scrubking in politics

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The mistake everyone is making is that MSM is free press. They are owned by corporations who are beholden to the entrenched political interests. That's why the outsider Trump who threatened to drain the swamp was mobbed with 98% negative coverage. That's why the US is being pushed to war with China. War is good for business and entrenched interests can't have another nation gain more power.

Leaked Internal Docs Reveal Disney is Pushing White Employees to Donate to BLM, Tells Them Not to Question Black Peers by scrubking in politics

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I don't buy any Disney crap. Let them go broke. Woke poison is going to destroy the US.

Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing Coronavirus Five Years Ago While Dr. Fauci Was Funding Their Wuhan Facilities by scrubking in politics

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I don't understand this attempt to link the Chinese with weaponization of the virus. The Pentagon released a report in 2017 warning of the upcoming cornavirus pandemic. Look it up. If it was a Chinese lab weaponizing the virus, how the hell would the Pentagon know to warn of an upcoming coronvirus pandemic back in 2017?

Professor Suspended After Denying Canada Is A Racist Country And Criticizing BLM by scrubking in WorldNews

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The Woke crowd, Antifa and BLM are all terrorists. They need to be dealt with harshly.

Blondie - The Tide Is High (Remastered) by Dinosaurysus in music

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80's music is the best

Viterbo University in Wisconsin has concluded its investigation into the shocking hate crime hoaxes & arson attack. It will be expelling the student. The university's statement strongly suggests Victoria Unanka is that student. by Chipit in news

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BLM and critical race theory advocate tried to game the system with false flag terrorist attack. Fuck that bitch.

Conspiracy Theorists Know Much More about the World than Those Propagandized to by Mainstream Media by salvia_d in conspiracy

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It's interesting that MSM calls people who don't fall for their bullshit, conspiracy theorists. They should be called strong minded people who don't follow mainstream propaganda like sheep.

WashPo Reporter Attacks Podcaster For Criticizing AOC. If podcasters are getting blasted by mainstream media you know you’re doing something right. by Chipit in media_criticism

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AOC and her ilk are actually smart to get into politics now. The old corrupt fucks like Schumer, Pelosi. Feinstein and the rest are going to have to step down at some point. When they do AOC and the squad will be able to step up and seize key leadership roles to ensure their grip on power. They'll be able to milk the system for the rest of their lives.

Liz Cheney secretly organised move to help stop Trump using military to overturn election, report claims by Dinosaurysus in news

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Liz Cheny and her warmongering father should both be in jail. They're traitors to America.

Michael Obama Claims That Black Lives Matter is 'Taking to the Streets Because They Have To' by scrubking in politics

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BLM are thugs and terrorists that are sanctioned by the Democrats. The money they raise from chumps who donate is used to fund the Democratic party.

Trump DoJ seized Washington Post reporters’ phone records, paper says by format in news

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That's a good thing because WaPo is a Deep State mouthpiece.

Walked away from a high karma count on Reddit, not worth wasting braincells there by [deleted] in WatchRedditDie

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There is a party line at Reddit and it is woke, virtuous in their eyes, bullshit. They think they can muzzle free speech and free thought and push critical race theory or whatever latest bullshit theory of the left is en vogue this week. They're Big Brother and they don't care. Fuck them.

Meet Nick Clegg, the Brit who decides what we can read on Facebook by Chipit in censorship

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FB is useless for anything but jokes, memes and discussions on hobbies. No one should allow them to track your activities offline.

By having adopted a strict adherence to Critical Theory and the social constructivism of postmodernism, Wokeness rejects the idea that there is any thing as a reasonable person or standard. In place of a sense of what is and isn’t reasonable, the Woke ideology sees only its sole obsession: power. by Chipit in politics

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Woke is about empowering the losers who fucked around in school and who are now wondering why they can't have the income to buy nice things. Those losers wasted their free public education imitating gangsta rap stars and bouncing balls around the playground instead of buckling down and learning the basics that would help them get honest, good paying jobs. Those same losers usually bullied those were were serious with their studies and did everything in their power to make life miserable. Now they see that the hard studying and hard working people who did the right thing have more and they want to take. The Democrats are all for this because it builds up a base of beholden voters who will always vote for handouts. Meanwhile, hard working Americans are drowning in taxes. The only critical thing about critical race theory is that it helps lazy scum rob from regular Americans.

[PDF] Disney's anti-racism training program 'Reimagine Tomorrow' has been leaked. by JasonCarswell in Disney

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Disney is and always has been garbage. It is corporate entertainment just as McDonalds is corporate food. Disney takes traditional stories and themes and twists them into easily digestible garbage to fill kids minds with. If you're interested in heros and princesses, just go look at the heroic epic sagas and fairytales. There's no need to feed the intermediary Disney corporation. This woke garbage is just shit frosting on top of the shit cake.

CNN obsesses over Trump's White House lawn on homepage, buries Biden's disappointing jobs report by beece in LyingNewsMedia

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CNN is a disgrace. It's not even a news media outlet. It's the Swamp's media mouthpiece. Deep State media mouthpiece.

All trump supporters are retarded. They don't even know what they want - they just repeat empty slogans like "make america great again!" They are children throwing a tantrum, they don't want actual change - they just want to put "their guys" in charge. by Woww in Introductions

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What Trump supporters want is to destroy the Swamp where a coalition of entrenched political interests work hand in hand milk and game the system for themselves. GOP and Dems are two sides of the same coin. They spar verbally but they know that no matter which party is in power, eventually it'll shift back so they make no effort to really screw the other side. Recently this has changed because the Dems are packing the voter rolls with illegals and they created a terrorist BLM goon squad to raise funds. The Dems get it, they are in it now to stay in power forever. This is why Trump voters want to overthrow the existing two party system.

SaidIt alternatives? by fschmidt in SaidIt

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No, I don't care that there are Neonazis speaking out. A free for all like the early days of Usenet is what I'd like to see. Fuck your feelings.

Justice Department Sends Threatening Letter to Arizona Senate President, Claims Maricopa County Ballot Audit Could Violate Federal Law by scrubking in politics

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If there's nothing to hide, they shouldn't concerned that people are looking into it.

SaidIt alternatives? by fschmidt in SaidIt

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Why is it a lost cause? Just keep using it daily and it'll grow. How do you think that POS Reddit started out?

Predator Drone Spotted in Minneapolis During George Floyd Protests by club2 in whatever

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They're not protests, they're riots fomented by BLM thugs and Antifa.

The publishing industry has turned into modern-day book burners by Chipit in books

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They only publish "correct" books with "right" thoughts. It's big brother!

Black Lives Matter published an updated set of demands on their website. Here are the 10 demands of the Black Panther party so you can compare them. BLM is being coopted and neutered to serve the Democrat party. by Chipit in politics

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BLM is the militant arm of the Democratic party. They're equivalent to the Brownshirts of the Nazis. Goons and muscle used to intimidate a civil society. They clothe themselves in this racial inequality BS. BLM are just terrorists and nothing more.

Trump Facebook Ban Stands As Liberals Cheer Censorship (18:10) ~ The Jimmy Dore Show by JasonCarswell in censorship

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Liberals appeal to emotion rather than facts. They fact check facts that they don't agree with and let falsehoods that they do agree with stand. Liberals are the greatest threat to free speech and free thought currently. They work hand in hand with big tech to spread their lies. This is how Big Brother begins.

Black Lives Matter published an updated set of demands on their website. Here are the 10 demands of the Black Panther party so you can compare them. BLM is being coopted and neutered to serve the Democrat party. by Chipit in politics

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BLM is a straight up terrorist organization which funnels money to the Democrats. Only morons fall for their BS.

Google-Backed RAND Study Recommends Infiltrating & Subverting Online Conspiracy Groups From Within by magnora7 in whatever

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I don't understand why anyone thinks it's ok to control discussion and even thoughts through societal pressure. That's the kind of stuff that NK does. But we think it's ok because there's no way that any person or institution in the West is like KJU and his goons. Really?

Stop AAPI Hate Organization was partially founded by Chinese for Affirmative Action. Thoughts. by scamdemic-19 in AsiansFirst

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As society changes over time, social organizations shift as well. At one time our interests may have been aligned with those of others but now we are being shanked in the back by our supposed brothers. We need to fight for our current interests.

TX Democrat County Chair Resigns After Calling Tim Scott an 'Oreo' by scrubking in politics

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I love it when woke statesmen get their liberal cards taken when they fail to understand that their woke supports brook no deviation from the critical race theory rules. If you're white, you can't say anything against blacks.

Roger Daltrey: The ‘Woke’ Generation is Creating a Miserable World by asterias in news

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Basically millennials are trying to remake the world in the shape of their sterilized safe spaces. They're idiots undeserving of living in a democracy. Their attempts at thought control are every bit as nasty as those of dictators such as KJU.

California’s proposed “equity”-focused K-12 mathematics framework says there are no students who are intellectually gifted in the subject area, and that providing tracks for higher-level math students is discriminatory. by scrubking in politics

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The gifted track classes were a welcome respite from the idiots disrupting inner city jr and high school classes. Letting the ignorant morons do this is beyond stupid. There needs to be accountability and the ones pushing for this should be jailed.

Comrade Biden First 'President' to Reject Permit for Annual POW-MIA Motorcycle Ride in 30 Years by scrubking in politics

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He's terrified that these veterans will protest against him and raise questions about the election. These people are good enough to fight and die but on the off chance that they might say something mean, Biden doesn't want them gathering in DC. What a spineless coward.

Biden Abandons Pledge To Lower Drug Prices. Trump took action to lower drug prices and Biden reversed it. No one should be surprised. by Chipit in politics

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Pfizer waited a week after the election to announce the vaccine for a reason and that reason is clear. Why would you want to help someone who has pledged to limit your profit? They didn't and now Biden is fulfilling his part of the deal.

Now that black men such as Deshaun Watson and Noel Clarke have been credibly accused of being sexual predators by literally dozens of women, suddenly SJWs are worried about due process, innocence until proven guilty, and the unfairness of trial by media. by Chipit in OpinionPieces

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Their agenda is to create chaos by normalizing and decriminalizing heinous crimes. Those losers think that when things fall apart, they'll somehow get to rewrite the laws.

Minneapolis Target Store That Was Ransacked By Rioters Now Features Mural Celebrating Rioters by scrubking in politics

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Ok, celebrate thugs and criminals and maybe they'll think twice before looting and burning the store next time. Somehow I'm doubtful those criminals will give a damn.

62% of Parisian women refuse to date black men by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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62% of Parisian women are highly intelligent and discerning in their perferences for men.

Mitt Romney loudly booed and called a 'traitor' at Utah's GOP conference over his opposition to Trump by AceBender in politics

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Mitt Romney is a self serving politician looking only after his own interests. He is a poster boy of what is wrong with politics in the US today.

Why I am deeply alarmed by reddit censorship by Jizera in MeanwhileOnReddit

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You're absolutely right, but how did we get here from the good old days when people would think for themselves? I blame the whole butthurt Millenial safespace culture. Somehow we have to cater to the lowest common denominator of butthurt and that keeps people from raising an alternative opinion for fear of offending someone.

Why I am deeply alarmed by reddit censorship by Jizera in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Usenet was still there up until a few years ago. I never understood the move away from Usenet to specialized websites and forums. It was so convenient to have everything grouped together and pretty much unpoliced. I miss the wild west days of the internet. Even the AOL invasion was better than today's right-think Big Brother internet.