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Just do what u want, not sure why it's worth an announcement, me thinks you take this too seriously.

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I used to love Ruqqus, until I realised EVERY decision the top admins made were influenced by some transgenders in the Ruqqus Discord. Unfortunate :(

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You’re a little late to the party. People left ruqqus en masse a couple months ago after the admins announced they were no longer interested in hosting a free speech type platform and instead were going to focus on development of the software. They had been censoring certain guilds and users for a long time before that.

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Thanks for that summary. I'd heard about all that too, but didn't know enough to speak about it well.

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Reminder: You can browse multiple sites at once....

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Didn't Ruqqus people also say they have an issue with "controversial" communities?

It is not viable long-term for three hobbyist developers to host high-risk content (death threats, incitement to violence, etc) as we risk our livelihoods to cancellation, real-world harassment, and the like. Quite simply, it's not worth the personal risk.

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Every where you go your going to have the same, reddit was once a great place for real information and tolerance of different opinions. Look at them today. I went back to reddit nine days ago and have just over 100 downvotes, 40 for Angela Merkel saying involvement in Cologne 2015 rapefest.

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huge post just to say you might go to a website

reevaluate your entire life

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So, you should keep an eye out for any more info from me if I do decide to follow through with this migration.

The phrase 'bated breath' comes to mind.

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I don't know what AHS is or what the drama is about. Why should we care?

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Notorious thugs who post cheese pizza to subreddits they don't like and then report them to the admins to get them deleted. It works despite the admins knowing full well who they are and how they operate. They break all of reddit's rules about brigading, posting illegal content, etc. and are still allowed to operate. They followed MGTOW to ruqqus and threatened the admins to ban them, leading to a very disappointed exodus.

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Why did they follow MGTOW there?

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To do what they always do: censor.

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Does MGTOW have generally anti-trans views?

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We wouldn't know - they've been censored.

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Good explanation about AHS. Thanks.

Five things for /u/d3rr:

  1. Are there any anti-brigading rules for SaidIt?
  2. Are there any anti-ban-evasion rules for SaidIt? I feel I've gotten mixed signals on this.
  3. Vote manipulation is against the rules, but asking people to see and vote on something yet letting them decide for themselves is still okay, correct? (Though it's considered bad form if you do it too much, especially if it's your own content.)
  4. Have you any issues or ideas with this so far? (CC /u/Canbot, we can try to work on fair solutions rather than just give up.)
  5. Should any of this be codified and/or added to the FAQ?

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Fif (I plead the fifth amendment and want a laywer)

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I'll take that as permission to try to openly organize some community self-reliance stuff. You can advise us about stuff as you see it, and hopefully you'll let us know if there are any issues or problems - preferably before I get another couple strikes.

I may refute a comment or few if they shit on my shares as they do, but I won't be directly engaging socks, ActuallyNot, or others like them at length nor be trying to bait, collect, and present evidence of their persistent rule-breaking.

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Let's be cautious.

It doesn't make sense to create rules for problems we don't yet have.

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Yes caution and fairness are critical. As is clarity. And we do need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I'm not seeking to make more rules. I just want all that exist clearly listed.

Plus, I'm seeking community engagement, community self-reliance, and developing good-citizen guidelines we can all embrace, rather than hard rules, or anything that might alienate any authentic well-meaning folks with differing viewpoints. Not just for SaidIt, but whatever may come after, including /s/Cassy.

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Would it not be better to make such a rule proactively? Or wold jumping the gun create a slippery slope?

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I think it might be something like /r/AntiHateSpeech.

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Yes, thanks for the correct term. I keep forgetting it. I've only slightly paid attention to it over the last month.

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Check too. Those are the two reddit-like without the bullshit sites I mostly browse now.

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Saidit has also been usurped and you likely won't be able to create a real community here either. You will be subverted at every turn. You will find that all the content that could effectively convince others that the mainstream propaganda is wrong will be suppressed. You will find it hard to connect with others who are red pilled. It is not as blatant as Reddit but the quarantining of dissident ideas exists here as well.

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Saidit has also been usurped

I wouldn't go that far as to say that at all. We have challenges.

and you likely won't be able to create a real community here either.

There are hurdles and options like private subs. You could create 2 subs, one public to filter for the good folks and the other private for the main course. Not ideal, but it would be possible if things get worse. To remain public mods may need to remain vigilant and ban the downward trolls.

You will be subverted at every turn.

"Subverted" is also extreme. They confuse and muddy the waters and smear you, but that doesn't stop your message and most regulars on SaidIt understand there's an info war going on, though many don't always recognize it.

You will find that all the content that could effectively convince others that the mainstream propaganda is wrong will be suppressed. You will find it hard to connect with others who are red pilled. It is not as blatant as Reddit but the quarantining of dissident ideas exists here as well.

This is more than black pilling, this is unrealistic pessimism with outright exaggerations. Yes, it's not as easy as it could be if there were no infiltrators and residual normie groupthink, but how does SaidIt suppress, interfere with connections, and quarantine dissident ideas?

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Some here say AHS is a problem here too, though in general it doesn't sound as bad here. I don't know much about AHS on Reddit where I have an account, like Ruqqus, but have never been a regular user at either.

We've had other issues come and go, some quickly some slowly but it all seems to work out. We have diverse views, many legitimately authentic even if extreme, and many are sealioning shills. The rules in the FAQ keep the discourse moderately civil.

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Just migrate, I don't get why you need a PSA, I'm not sure most of us know who you are (not trying to be mean or rude).

You're maybe a little late to the party. I forget the exact date they flipped from zero-censorship to being worse than Reddit, but that was something like 1-2 months ago. Since then, Ruqqus has been dead.

Whether you use saidit,, or any other site ... just do it. Hell, you're better off using reddit right now, as much as I hate that commie-scum.

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I'd love a real viable alternative to reddit. I don't want a "freedom of speech" platform that talks about nothing but Republican politics. I want the reddit of old, when it was fun, and I wouldn't get banned from a pro-wrestling sub for telling someone not to turn a wrestling sub into a Covid debate. Or being called racist for making fun of the amount of black lesbians they've shoe-horned into every tv show.