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Honestly, this really hurts. Although I wasn’t a stan of hers, she was the first out lesbian in Hollywood that I remember knowing about and looking up to.

It’s giving me painful flashbacks to college, where I once attended a meeting that was for bisexual and lesbian women and found out I was literally the ONLY person there who wasn’t transgender or non-binary and who still used she/her pronouns, and where over the course of four years, every single one of my lesbian friends eventually came out as non-binary or transgender. :(

How can people not see what’s happening?

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It’s giving me painful flashbacks to college, where I once attended a meeting that was for bisexual and lesbian women and found out I was literally the ONLY person there who wasn’t transgender or non-binary and who still used she/her pronouns, and where over the course of four years, every single one of my lesbian friends eventually came out as non-binary or transgender. :(

Damn, that's an epidemic.

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Oh no I just saw and made a topic as well. How do people not understand what's going on when SO many lesbians are transitioning? When I was a little girl I wanted so bad to be a boy because then it would be okay for me to like girls. I am so sick of this.

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She didn't need to transition though. She was openly lesbian and in a country with gay marriage. This isn't an excuse, she was not suffering from homophobia

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I can't speak to Ellen's personal feelings or experiences but I feel like claiming she wasn't suffering from homophobia is a silly take. Homophobia doessn't just disappear if you're openly lesbian. It doesn't disappear when same-sex marriage becomes legal. Like what do you think is driving so many young girls and grown women to transition? Not taking into account the mixture of misogyny and rampant lesbophobia makes no sense.

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Masculine women are thinking they're men, because of gender ideology. That's the reason.

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Yes, the gender ideology which is rooted in sexist ideas. The gender ideology that tells young girls (mainly lesbians) that if they're masculine then they're not really women. The gender ideology that is a product of a homophobic society that would rather see a lesbian woman pretend to be anything-but-a-woman than admit she is a lesbian. Including high-profile celebrities who have been well-documented as being subject to lesbophobic and misogynistic abuse their entire careers.

How are people so close to understanding and yet so far away to making the connection?

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She was attacked in the media and internet recently, especially after her leaked naked model from that game she was playing for.

And why today, why now? Literally few hours after Keira Bell huge win for all lesbians...

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I dont know about it. But she was not suffering homophobia

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And what about her own words year ago "I will be always lesbian and will always be staring on lesbian roles". Not aged well. And transition is so random, she was never feeling like "in a wrong body" or "like a man" until so recently. So stupid.

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maybe she is being controlled

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By who?

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The pod people.

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Do you have speculations about why she's chosen to identify as transgender?

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She hangs out with people deeply immersed in trans ideology and drank the Koolaid in a social fad way. She's gender non-conforming? she was a tomboy as a kid? therefore she must actually be male. I don't doubt there's self-hatred driving it too.

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Because of leaning toward boysh style, she's convinced she's actually a male.Unless it publicy stunt and will not actually go on testosterone. Maybe that's what non binary means.

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Personally I think its 100% a publicity stunt combined with mid career crisis.

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She's hitting that wall where older women struggle to find roles in Hollywood. I suspect this is her woke way into being cast for "diversity" reasons.

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Just because you grow up somewhere liberal doesn't make you not full of internalized homophobia.

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Her post seems more a political manifesto than a personal thing. Bringing up all the "at least 40 trans people died, 40% suicide rate, latinx" bullshit.

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People always assume those attempted suicide rates are due to not being accepted, but never consider they might be because of anguish about medical procedures gone wrong, regret down the line, knowing you've made a mistake and won't get your old, healthy body back, and knowing you'll be a lifelong medical patient and the grass wasn't really so much greener on the other side. No one ever talks about that.

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Honestly this just makes me more pissed about how Page bullied that historic lesbian only club in Japan to allow in nonpassing trans

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He's a dick so it makes sense he desires to be one. Once I started reading her comments about people who believe in God, go to church, forever riding Chris Pratts' balls, it was a no go.

I don't care about this person. Always thought they were just Kristen Stewart 2.0. I don't care for her either. Maybe she'll transition soon.

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Seriously? I used to like Page but that's so disgusting.

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This pissed me off as well. Woke privilege whitey lesbian decides to tell asian women how to run their businesses, fucking abominable. I hope your boss bans her forever

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I dont work there anymore but when I heard about that TIM in tokyo trying to shut it down because they didnt let him in I was LIVID

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    It is conversion therapy and very successful one...

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    Doesn’t surprise me. She and many other lesbians in the public eye are part of trans woke crowd.

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    The news is just so shocking. I never got any vibes that she was anything other than a proud lesbian. Now all of a sudden she's trans like so many other lesbians. It's sad

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    You weren't paying attention then. She was deep into the trans cult. Was only a matter of time until she "came out" as "male" Never cared for her personally but she is going to encourage a lot of stupid kids to do the same. She's an idiot who hates herself. She better not come back crying in a few years

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    I don't know Page, and most people in Hollywood are flaky, so I try not to get emotionally invested in any of them. But this does hit me in a weird way, because "lesbian Ellen Page" is kind of what I look/dress like (except I'm a lot older). I never even thought of myself as butch, just basically androgynous, and definitely not trans. I guess what's bothering me is how people (especially potential dates/partners) might look at me now and what kind if assumptions they'll make. But fortunately, I'm over 50 and I am not interested in younger women, so I don't have to deal with a lot of the pressures that the lesbians under 30 in this thread have to deal with.

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    I came here to write this too. This is so depressing. Ellen page was the first celeb I knew of that came out as a proud lesbian. Now they’re a trans guy.

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    I just saw this on google news. Did anyone read the article, it says that she identifies as transgender non- binary. What does that mean? How can someone be trans and non-binary? Isn't the goal of being trans to transition from one side of the binary to the other? Anyway she always struck me as a political/ coolness chasing lesbian so I'm not really surprised.

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    “Nonbinary” is under the “trans umbrella” but depending on the argument’s convenience to them- drag queens and butch lesbians both are either “under the trans umbrella” or “evil oppressors who must be punished.” So... eh

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    More commonly accepted definition in the woke circles is identifying as a gender identity other than the one assigned at birth i.e. nb being other than female

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    So it is "I am anything, but not a woman, anything but not a lesbian".

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    actors be acting. its just performative social media bs...

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    Ellen Page's name has already been changed to Elliot on Google and everything converted to 'he' even she looks like a woman. How many people can be delusional at a time? What has this world turned into?

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    I've never liked her...them. he. whatever. I was just talking to my brother about how much i hate their umbrella academy character because i just finished binge watching the second season and love it, aside from their scenes and the fact they are a central point in the story. Literally nearly fucks up the whole show for me. I wish they would replace them.

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    Well, she was never that mentally stable to begin with now was she. Just look at her past. Wait a few years and she will come out as a Flip Flop.

    I thought about a movie I saw when I was a kid, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1970). Here is a clip

    At 0:03 a "queer" is seen. At 0:27 transgenderism shows up. At 1:45 a perfectly normal lesbian existing. At 1:54 "TERF!!!".

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    I just going to refuse to acknowledge it. It's bullshit. I hope she comes to her senses before doing anything irreversible.

    I do wonder what this means for her acting roles. Since that circle is all about rep--Ellen, excuse me, Elliot should no longer be allowed to play female parts.

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    No way she is trans. She is just trying to stay relevant.

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    When I read the news, a 'Kristen Stewart is next' thought popped into my head. Dear Universe please prove me wrong!

    I also think it might just be a wise career move. I doubt he goes on hrt and proceeds with surgeries. He will stay on a safe NB island, involve in some activism here and there and that will secure him new roles for the next 5 years.

    Being a lesbian ain't gonna get you such benefits. In fact, it has pretty much become a synonim of terf. "Old school dykes" like Ellen Degeneres or Kate Moenning can still get away with it. But for a millenial Elliot lesbianism is a dead end.

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    I really wonder what the next thing is going to be. Trans-racial people? Uncle Ruckus was a joke character, but there's already been at least a few stories of people obsessed with a race or culture they're not.

    DID self-diagnoses? Teens and twenty-somethings on Tik Tok are faking an extremely rare mental disorder so that they can claim each personality as a different age, race, gender or even species, referring to themselves as we/us. Like they're all our reigning monarchs.

    Otherkins were a thing for a while, but trans-species was too weird to really get popular. Fucking furries.

    What's it going to be?

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    Maybe autoandrophilia and autogynephilia? Many of those who ID as trans now will realize later on that the dysphoria they felt was not a sign of them being the opposite gender. In fact what they felt relates more to being autoandrophilic or autogynephilic which atm is considered to be a rare and not well researched condition. There will be of course new genders created based on autoandrophilia and autogynephilia and the gender identity saga goes on and on.

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    I saw a few cases people describing themselves as transracial (most often white people who consider felt they were really japanese) that got majorly called out on tumblr ~5 years ago, they got no empathy, was seen as offensive, don't think it'll ever take off.

    Otherkin was still going around that time too, and was mostly turned a blind eye too but received some backlash because they tried to use the same logic of being born in the wrong body, and it reflected poorly on transgender people to be associated with it.

    There's definitely been a boom of people self diagnosing with DID. I think self diagnosed mental illness has been going on a while, at least 10 years but that's just the span of my time online. Bear in mind among these are a large portion of people (I'd even say maybe the majority) who genuinely have been struggling with mental illness and only came to understand it through the availability of information online, especially in online communities. Even with a correct self diagnosis there's always the concern that these online communities become like group therapy with no therapist– just sick people who often don't know how to help themselves trying to help each other.

    I think one thing that's growing in popularity more recently is the self diagnosis of more nuanced mental health/emotional issues - eg attachment styles, trauma. People not so much taking on a label but dissecting their own past and labelling things as traumatic etc. Again a lot of people will be correct, but I do think part of the appeal in these cases is having something to blame for your problems, which can be a slippery slope

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    Ellen was always pretty weird, didn't she live in a commune for a while? I never cared much for her, but I did hate how she was a Hollywood "star" for a short time and then it seemed like after she came out, no one really wanted her in roles anymore. This is beyond dumb, but given she always seemed to be deep into woke liberal Hollywood trends, it's not surprising. I feel sorry for her wife, even though I'm sure she is totally on board with this nonsense, I personally would be pretty upset if I was married to someone that suddenly woke up and decided out of nowhere, "I'm a man!"

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    Personally, if this makes him happy then go for it. He's an adult. I don't see this as him being trans. I mean, they say "I am neither man nor woman" and admits to him being non-binary. Put him on the self with he/him lesbians because that's what this is.

    Unless he plans to go through hrt and surgery, I don't consider them trans.

    In my opinion, the problem is women never being allow to be masculine but must be other:tomboy, butch, dyke, stud, gender fluid, non-bi, transmasc, etc. Maybe when society, ironically, breaks down these gender roles, women can be free from having to label what they are constantly when they go against the norm.

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    Tomboy, butch, dyke, and stud are all words that are used to describe women who are masculine. The rest are trans terms.

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    My point exactly. The fact masculine women can't simply be women is the route of the problem.

    Although I think it's funny more people are asking, "what's gonna happen to Umbrella Academy" than El. Goes to show most don't give a fuck what El chooses to call themselves.

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    No, the core problem is coding particular women traits and presentation as masculine. The fact, that women can't just have shaved head or wear suits etc. without being called masculine. The rest just follow.

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    Ok that’s what I’ve been thinking tbh. Don’t care what they call themselves I just wanna know if they’re gonna keep playing their role on Umbrella Academy...

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    Vanya is canonically a female lesbian, I'll be really bummed if they butcher the character..

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    Netflix love to put transgenders into homosexual relationshiops (like recently one canonically gay man, who previously tried to sleep with women and was disgusted, now started dating transman and is enjooying PiV sex).

    So maybe here they will trans lesbian relationship too? Like "now Vanya is a man". Vanya is slavic male name, by the way, not sure why it is so often used as female name in western and asian media.

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    Hahaha that was funny! Oh well, the sort of funny where you have to cry if it becomes true.

    I come from a Slavic speaking country and can confirm that Vanya is a unisex name in fact. In both cases it is a derived diminutive from Ivan/a (male/female). It is full with such name variations in all Slavic languages. In some one form is more popular than the other which is probably the reason why you think Vanya is solely male. In my language for example Vanya is almost exclusively used for women while Vanyo for men.

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    Oh God, I bet they will. I wondered how they'd deal with the "only actors of X identity can play X roles" thing. IF she's no longer a woman and a lesbian...welp, have the character transition.

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      Who the fuck is you calling stupid?

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      I just saw it in instagram and didn't believe it at first, thought it might be some sort of meme or a joke. Then had to come here immediately... I actually like her, I watched Gaycation and liked the core idea behind it. You could also see more of Ellen's actual personality and I find her a really genuinely nice person. It is just disappointing because it is so deeply random and strips us out of one of the already close to none openly lesbian stars who are also activists. Although the thing that annoyed me the most with Gaycation is that they were progressively spending more time on the T in episodes than all the others together (and especially female B and Ls. They were almost inexistent at some point). Might have been a sign. Maybe she really is trans, jee, who knows.