Elliot Page Says 'I Knew I Was a Boy When I Was a Toddler': 'Absolutely, 100%' by Femaleisnthateful in GenderCritical

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That interview just pissed me right off. Now she’s joined the bro hood she’s advocating for men’s rights to women’s sports, using the threat of suicide as an argument. I guess the impact on actual women is no longer important to her, we’re just collateral damage and what does that matter when men want something. Fuck off you attention seeking AH.

It's been a year since Magdalen Berns passed away and TRA's are still celebrating she died in the comments section. :( by totallyrad in GenderCritical

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Jokes on them, a TRA gloating on Twitter after she died caused me to look her up and that actually started me on this journey and now here I am, thanks Magdalen!

When it comes to the Bathroom thing, what do you say about the Women who claim they have no problem with TIMs being in the restroom? by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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Remind them that it’s not needed because 95% of them don’t even come close to passing.

When it comes to the Bathroom thing, what do you say about the Women who claim they have no problem with TIMs being in the restroom? by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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This is a perfect and comprehensive answer. I’m definitely using the points listed in future!

Does anyone have any links to the history of the advent of women’s bathrooms? It’s something I’ve always taken for granted without thinking about how it came about.

Tory ex-minister calls for Liz Truss to be sacked over 'lack of empathy' by alttrawl in GenderCritical

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Ah known misogynist Crispin Blunt is upset? Who’d have thunk!

Seriously the guy is so butt hurt over this it makes me feel even better about Liz Truss’s decision.

UK Labour party's LGBT Committee threatening a GC MP has 16 members, 8 are supposed to be women, but 4 of the women are woMEN. by BEB in GenderCritical

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The reply says it all, Misogyny is woke.

British Cycling opens up women’s cycling to men in order to be fair to those poor TiMs, who apparently play sports with their gender identities, not their bodies by BEB in GenderCritical

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This is re-peaking me over and over. What do these males think that forcing themselves into women’s spaces will achieve? No one is going to respect their achievements because the average person can see they are men and thus they have an unfair physical advantage. Is anyone starting a petition to fight this?

Seattle Seahawks announcer suspended indefinitely for observing that he could just be a she if he felt like it by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Unfortunately he lives in the heart land of woke tech bro-dom so he’s screwed.

Laura Jane Grace: "JK Rowling has no grounds to speak on the transgender experience because she knows nothing about it" | NME by alttrawl in GenderCritical

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JKRowling spoke about her experiences as a woman that is all. But wait! TWAW! Therefore the experience must be the same right? Unless...you know...they are in fact completely different because trans women are not in fact women.

Detrans male admits he never wanted to be a woman. He only "loves the idea of a biological male with breasts sodomizing another biological male" by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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He sounds, quite frankly, like a pathetic pervert. He needs a mental health intervention really but who would admit to these sort of fantasies openly without the anonymity of the internet?

Well biological women are screwed. Might just go back to being a man. by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Well there you have it, an actual gender tourist till it became uncomfortable. It’s finally dawned on them that female oppression is real, but rather than fight for the rights of the women he supposedly identifies with he’s going to get right back on the gonad train to liberation.

Good News: Brand-New Guidance from UK Government Says New Relationship & Sex Ed in Schools Must NOT Promote Gender Stereotypes & "Born in Wrong Body" Myth, Expose Kids to Inappropriate Materials (Porn), Ignore Safeguarding, Override Parents, or Favor Any One Group Over Others - Must Be Fair To All. by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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Congratulations to all our sisters in the UK for their dogged determination to fight against this insane ideology being promoted in schools in the face of continual harassment by TRAs. You’re all an inspiration! I can only hope the US comes to it’s senses soon too.

RGB has died by ekb88 in GenderCritical

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Devastating. She was an amazing woman. If the current administration get to pick the next SCJ, It’ll be a disaster.

J.K. Rowling's new book Troubled Blood has caused quite the controversy by socialistrobot in GenderCritical

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Oh my goodness I saw Reddit are hopping mad over this book. I just couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes straight, JK Rowling gives not one f***. I love her even more.

Transgender-Identifying Activist Makes Homemade Bomb After Being Called 'Sir', Hints at Mass Murder | Women Are Human by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Hmm I don’t think he quite passes does he? Lol.

Needing to remember a story a year or so ago where NGO workers went to a poor country and paid for prostitutes, and it caused a small news controversy - anyone remember the specifics? by hallu in GenderCritical

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If it’s the same one I’m thinking of it was actually on Haiti in the Caribbean. Oxfam and other NGO employees were using charity money to pay for sex.


TRA gets what he deserves for being a pervert by marielaney in GenderCritical

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Looks like OP has been on saidit for about 3 hours and this piece of hate is their first post. Definitely a false flag TRA. Reporting this to the mods.

Cancel Culture VS. Ellen by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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She did plenty wrong and deserves to be fired. She is ultimately responsible for what happens behind the scenes on her show because all staff ultimately answer to her. How do you think those sexual predator producers were able to operate for so long and with impunity? Because Ellen had a sociopathic level of distain for her own employees to such an extent that they were too afraid to speak out about actual sexual abuse and harassment from her own producers for fear of getting fired just for trying to speak to her! It was that level of toxic. And that’s if we believe she never heard any rumors of their behavior in the nearly 2 decades the show has been running. She made her career off the back of representing an oppressed minority group, pushing for inclusion, kindness and tolerance in society but failed to walk the walk in her own life.

Seriously she can sod off and that’s about as politely as I can put it.

Cancel Culture VS. Ellen by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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I’m not going to waste any energy on defending Ellen because I can’t, she deserves the criticism that’s come her way. This is the Ellen who fired her camera crew during the pandemic and replaced them with non union staff, the Ellen that fired her comedy writer of 7 years that wouldn’t break a writer’s strike for her because her writing career would have been screwed if she did? the Ellen that wouldn’t allow her own employees to even look at her? or the interns to even be in the same room? That Ellen?

These things in of themselves, whilst assholish, aren’t illegal but what they show is someone who has no empathy or care for her own staff. This is significant because her behavior has directly fostered an environment that allowed sexual predators to act with impunity because staff are literally unable to talk to her without fear of getting fired. That’s if we accept the narrative that she didn’t know about any of it during the 20 years the show has been on the air. What tops it off is the total non apology email she sent out where she played the victim and refused to accept any responsibility.

She’s been called out not because she’s a woman or gay or because of some patriarchal conspiracy but because she’s a piece of shit and the media company that employed her are canning her before they get sued.

I've created a new radical feminist website. Looking for mods. Please join it! by saturnsloverr in GenderCritical

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Oh I had the wrong page, I was looking at the contact us page, sorry about that!

I've created a new radical feminist website. Looking for mods. Please join it! by saturnsloverr in GenderCritical

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Good work, can I ask why our names and addresses are required for registration? It’s a safety concern for many who worry about hacking/doxxing/stalking etc by TRAs.

TRAs still trying to shut down r/detrans. Forced them to remove long-time mod, DetransIS by Terfenclaw in GenderCritical

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This is an outrage, bunch of creeps silencing voices that contradict their agenda. There needs to be a safe space created for detransitioners here and on the new GC site being built.

GC is about protecting BOTH women and trans! by Overdrive in GenderCritical

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No way! I’m fighting for womens rights first and last. If GC trans want to follow us then fine but I refuse to make any concessions for them.

Bruce Jenner. by Aquadog in GenderCritical

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Urgh everything I know about this TiM and his family seems to be against my will, like I can’t seem to avoid some inane headline about them.

Magdalen Berns: Answering The Question: Why Do You HATE Transwomen? by fijupanda in GenderCritical

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I’ve only just come across her work, she’s amazing! I’m so sad that she’s gone. Are there any other radical feminists on YouTube I can subscribe to?

(Saidit) PEAK TRANS I: Please continue to share your stories!! by Irascible-harpy in GenderCritical

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Ok so I’m new here but used to lurk on GC frequently on reddit before the ban. My peak trans journey started around 4-5 months ago when I happened to see a post on the AITA? Subreddit where a woman in a domestic violence shelter was asking if she was an AH for feeling triggered and unsafe by having to shower in the same space as pre op TiMs. The overwhelming majority of replies stated she was an AH. I was shocked at the lack of compassion shown to her in their responses. I thought I must be out of touch. Then a few months later I was chatting to a friend who brought up jk Rowling’s tweets, I had no idea what it was about So she explained briefly that JK Rowling was a raging transphobe for mocking the use of Trans inclusive language and then stated that biological sex was a thing. I couldn’t understand what the problem was, surely everyone including the trans community knew this right? But no I wasn’t aware of the radical trans ideology. My friend then started lecturing me on the new inclusive lingo training course she’d been on as part of her work. Cis woman?? Er ok. When pointed out that they couldn’t literally be women she parroted the “what about intersex people?”, What about them? when I pointed out that they had chromosomal or hormonal abnormalities rather than being a third sex she was non plussed as though she hadn’t thought about it beyond a slogan. She then said that she believed in trans rights and that they should be allowed in to ladies bathrooms and we should just get over it.

After that conversation I felt angry as though I’d been attacked and I didn’t know why because we hadn’t argued and she is a well meaning person. I decided to look into things more to try and understand but the more I did the more I fell down the GC rabbit hole. When I mentioned my concerns about transing kids, women’s protections in rape shelters, changing rooms, women’s representation in politics etc to my friend she simply said “do you think you are like this because you’ve had a baby? And because hormones?” Like WTF?? My concerns were just dismissed as hysterics by ... a woman! Now I understood why I was angry; my basic identity and rights as a woman are under attack, worse still from well meaning but slightly ignorant women who think they are feminists doing the right thing! I seriously hit peak trans from then on and have never looked back.

Wars with slogans and how we lost so much ground because of it. A plan to counter attack. by NeedMoreCoffee in GenderCritical

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How about “Trans women are women...because men said so.”