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The Inescapable Link between Homosexuality and Pedophilia. A study commissioned by the German Bishops Conference “found that more than 3,600 children were sexually abused by Catholic clergy in Germany between 1946 and 2014.”

Child Molestation and The Homosexual Movement. Pedophilia more common among Homosexuals.

Does sexual abuse in childhood cause pedophilia: an exploratory study. (National Library of Medicine, 1990)

Prevalence of Childhood Sexual Abuse among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People: A Meta-Analysis. (National Library of Medicine, 2015)

It's the natural result of too much libertarianism. Sexual degeneracy, or even other kinds of degeneracy happens when people aren't hold accountable for their actions by authorities, that's the reason why libertarianism is elevated to god-levels and fascist ideals are demonized as authoritarian communism.

As a little bonus, the pedophilia is all over the place in all institutions nowadays:

TV host Natacha Jaitt was found murdered after making claims about the sexual abuse of minors. She had to claim several times that she would not kill herself out of fear of her life and of being framed.

UK police "recklessly ignored" decades of sexual abuse by predominantly Pakistani Muslim gangs on British Sikh women because of "political correctness".

Israel systematically hides escaped American and/or Jewish pedophiles. (CBS)

How Wall Street helped Jeffrey Epstein with the sex trafficking ring.

The corruption of the British government related to the Rotherham pedo incident.

More than 60,000 kids across the country are unaccounted for by the child welfare system that is supposed to protect them. (Dallas News/Washington Post 2018)

More than 5,000 babies across the United States were abducted by a supposedly charitable organization between 1924 and 1950. The group targeted poor Southern families and developed a black market for white babies.

Make sure to visit s/ConspiracyTrace and s/ConspiracyRecord to see my research and share interesting content yourself.

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Here in Flanders a prominent gay radio presenter was recently exposed as a pedophile. That's why I'm asking.

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Well the relation is there. Homosexuality can be linked to abuse by itself, and pedophilia too as painful as it may seem to others.

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Homosexuality seems to exist at the center point of a triangle.

Over Socialization

On one end is classic over socialization talked about by Uncle Ted. Liberals seem to constantly one up themselves on how 'kind' and 'modern' and 'progressive' they are. They reward each other, and often move up corporate ranks quicker, when they demonstrate these socialized signals; virtue signaling is another common phrase. Faux intellectualism, veganism, racial self hate, etc. are all part of this need to over socialize and prove worth and court acceptance by elites. In reality, like communism, they are never really invited into the ruling class. They spend their lives as 2nd and 3rd tier courtiers. Another big aspect of over socialization is the pervasive idea that whites need to breed less and non whites need to breed more. This idea is exclusively held by whites and transmitted by Jewish controllers of whites and one of the few ways that whites are allowed to be socially righteous is the by gay and thus be a non breeder. This psychologically assuages the guilt from these hypnotized over socialized whites. I know Ethnocrat has already read it but if you're reading this and haven't read Uncle Ted I strongly encourage it.

Porn Dragon

Another end of the triangle is the brutal effects of what I like to call the porn dragon. In opium den culture if you kept upping your dosages you were known to be chasing the dragon. Porn is just like that. It's a hyper stimulus and as your satisfaction fades you chase unique fetishes. Many non vanilla porn fetishes are anal focused and after the anal focus becomes your source of sexual dopamine it's only a hop skip and jump to gay and tranny porn. Consuming gay and tranny porn makes you more sympathetic to such groups and thus a percentage of porn users get routed into the gay/tranny lifestyle.

Environmental Estrogen

The last point of the triangle in my estimates is the feminization of men. Sometimes in nature women produce sons with slightly higher IQ and feminine traits. These are normally the 4th or 5th son and these types of men are predisposed to homosexuality. The theory goes that in nature women women want the later sons to stay closer to the home social circle and help the family because the other sons are producing children. Not sure if that's true or not but I do think nature produces a spectrum at birth of masculine to somewhat feminine male archetypes. Unfortunately in our modern society these men are instantly routed to extreme homosexuality and extreme promiscuity amongst other men and here's the crux of why we have some many gays. These gay men form a culture that's rewarded by our Jewish controllers. This pro gay lifestyles, that includes recruiting young boys, is almost untouchable by media, film and even the church today. You can't suppress this movement, as it should be suppressed, because gays are a protected class alongside blacks and progressive radical feminist types. All this is supercharged by estrogenizing agents in food, water, air, soil and cookware. Plastics especially have massive feminizing effects on men at all stages in their development and this coupled with the positive social rewards for joining gay culture create a massive homosexual segment in society.

There are many other contributing factors but I think those are the big 3. I've read data to back of most of these points but alas I'm to lazy to cite this early in the morning. As I find stuff I will post it. What's weird about our modern world is that by design we are constantly deprived of access to healthy community. Fucking men in the ass becomes instant access to a community. A community that 'love bombs' you and appears on the surface like a family. In reality, it is not. To go even further many boys and young men who are groomed and raped by predator gays have very little choice. They can either admit to police and family that they were 'weak' and preyed upon or they can say they wanted it all along and that they were always gay. Which for some reason we accept in modern society as a reasoning. Unfortunately they frequently take the dark path and spend their early lives only achieving orgasm from other men. This makes a psychologically imprint that they are 'gay men' when in reality they were just raped and traumatized into sexual gratification by men.

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LGBTQ on and on are the result of accumulating genetic mutations. A small percentage of these mutants has always existed but was kept to a minimum by Survival of the Fittest. Now the welfare state allows more and more mutants to survive into adulthood.

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Most fags were abused as children. But instead of changing that they keep the trend alive because all fags aren't right in the head...obviously.

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Counterpoint. What are your thoughts on this paper (and collection of studies, particularly Groth and Birnbaum (1978), Jenny (1994), Freund (1989))? Has a rebuttal ever been issued to the studies and points mentioned?

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Members of disliked minority groups are often stereotyped as representing a danger to the majority's most vulnerable members. For example, Jews in the Middle Ages were accused of murdering Christian babies in ritual sacrifices. Black men in the United States were often lynched after being falsely accused of raping White women.

Jews did murder Christian babies, they still do today.
And blacks do rape White women.

In a similar fashion, gay people have often been portrayed as a threat to children.

Okay, considering the first paragraph that blacks and jews AREN'T a threat, then it stands to reason that gays in fact are a threat to children.

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You make a good point. I know that any of these issues are not reasons to immediately discard such theories. They all look separate to me.

What do you say about the rest of the studies and facts published in that paper? I see this linked quite a lot in leftist circles and no robust rebuttal yet.

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Black men in the United States were often lynched after being falsely accused of raping White women.

Have you ever looked at US interracial rape statistics?