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With all the sex ring cases being exposed, this time I wanted to show about what happens in the UK.

The UK police has ignored the crimes of Pakistani gangs done on British women just because they wanted to be politically correct. So much about the constitution making everyone equal before the law. I'm sure the UK government and the British royals are all involved in this.

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I think the wanting to be politically correct is a useful lie. They wanted the populations at odds with each other. They wanted the native population to resent the immigrants and they wanted them to lose faith in the system. If the Brits had reacted to this en mass, they would be treated no differently than the Trump supporters are treated and the whole "domestic terrorism" thing would be on both sides of the pond. Simply put, police do not stop crimes. They maintain order. The rulers want a new order, so these crimes especially will be ignored. We as a civilization were suckers for ever imagining the was any justice to be found to begin with.

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Nope, you can't look at how they have acted in this case and draw that conclusion.

They thought they could keep it quiet.

One MP even said victims needed to shut up for the good of community cohesion.

Victims and their families were encouraged to leave the country rather than fight their cases.

They really thought they could hush this up without division.

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You think that among the families of the victims and in the neighbors where it happened, "they" kept it quiet at all? If you mean out of the papers and everything, well it is still under reported and not being dealt with as it should. But the underlying anti-immigrant sentiment that proper liberal brits accused the working class of was certainly contributed to by this even it if went under the radar. The people who were the victims and the places it happened certainly noticed the gangs of men creeping up on the girls, how could they not? Do you think the MP was NOT inciting the victims to violence by telling them to shut up? We might be seeing "keep it quiet" differently. I'll agree they did not want it all over the press, but I think fully they wanted the tension it has not really created-- well not to the extent I would have expected.

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So what do you think would have caused more tension?

Having it all over the press that thousands of girls had been raped or not?

Clearly having it all over the press would have been much worse and caused a much bigger backlash so I'm not sure what you are trying to say here.

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having your suffering ignored sucks, don't you think? Having it all over the press would have forced "them" to deal with it, not ignore it.

Let's step back and see what our positions are on this. I'm saying the "woke police" idea, an absolute joke, and fear of being called racist for busting up rape gangs is a ridiculous idea. Are you saying they chose to ignore rape gangs to appear nice? I'm saying they said "fuck you" by their actions to the victims and their families, there's nothing nice about it, if they throw in the "but we don't want to appear to be racist" which I think is an assumption being given to them, they are "flipping the bird" at the victims with both hands while saying fuck you, that it is not about their own fear of being called racist, but the system's desire to make the victims feel abandoned. I'm putting it into a larger context where we almost always see the same dynamics in play in all the English speaking countries if not all countries in what used to be called the "free world", because the forces that manipulate these seemingly separate societies are united. They are united in what they want, and so there is unity in what they are doing to us. These events are not in a vacuum. The ruling class in England want the same things for their working classes that the ruling class in the US want for their working classes. They will use the same tactics on both. Brexit and the accusations of racism are not separate from this, nor are they separate from what's gone on in the US.

I think you are accepting the easy explanation "they" have given us too quickly and uncritically.

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in the end, you will perhaps come to understand that in the eyes of islam you have no right to anything, not even to live.

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Pakistanis generally seem to be morons. I doubt this has anything to do with Islam. I can't imagine Indonesians, for example, doing anything similar. If you want to blame Islam, provide evidence.

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pakistanis are very intelligent and strongly united people. and they are very rich.

I can't imagine Indonesians

indonesians are a very docile people. i know, i lived there for about six months.

i found ramadan to be interesting.. they close all of the restaurants.. almost all of the restaurants.. there are a few that remain open during ramadan, but usually they hang a curtain over their front door so not to disturb the good muslim people.

i used to enjoy drinking beer at the rose garden in bogor and watching the monkeys..

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Very low on details this article. With added perception management by crown inc., is a nice touch. What they'll never talk about is the higher percentage of sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community and among teachers.

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I thought UK Police didn't like "pakis".

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They hate women more.

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Especially darkie women I would assume.

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It's about to get worse as the Taliban sends all their prisoners and sociopaths to new homes in the West.

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"British Sikh women" is an oxymoron.