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This LGBTQ+ bullshit is a fad and yes normal people are sick and tired of it. Normal people get tagged as "conservative" to spin them for being normal. Normal people realize that queers never really have a happy life and they don't want their children exposed to that shit. Much less live it because they were swept up in a passing fad.

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It's crazy how it's so hard to hear opinions like this. I've got one job where luckily everyone agrees that this woke stuff is bullshit and is just part of a money grab, but my main job is full of so many people that like to circle jerk with how good Biden is and the fact that our state is going "left." It's appalling to know that I'm going to have to give trainings to people on pronouns and all of this woke stuff as we try to be more "open" in order to impress our stakeholders. It's like how we've all been deplatformed and cancelled lately. It seems like it's so hard to be able to speak normally on social media or in person as so many people have been conditioned by this "new normal..."

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Have you observed/experienced that the establishment has pushed 'pride' much more than previous years?

A lot less actually.

Is the Conservative outrage and backlash organic or just the fad that mainstream conservatism has picked?

Given that mainstream conservatism has not really done much or said anything beyond saying that you need to be 12 to learn about gay anal sex, it's definitely organic. Kids didn't have this stuff even in the most fag friendly states till very recently and that's what's driving it.

Also most of the irl anti-gay demonstrations have been coordinated by NS groups not cons.

Though it's also possible that glowies are driving anti-lgbt and anti-woman sentiment to distract from racial consciousness.

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Though it's also possible that glowies are driving anti-lgbt and anti-woman sentiment to distract from racial consciousness.

That's my thought. The LGBTQ thing is just a big distraction from much much bigger issues: vax damage, racial consciousness, JQ talk, money laundering in Ukraine, financial sector crimes, sex trafficking. Obviously promotion of fags and trans surgery is wrong but the whole thing seem more like a spectacle that accomplishes nothing. I could care less about tranny bathroom laws compared to millions of people dropping dead from increased cancer rates due to vaccines or kids getting autism and feminization in utero from toxic chemicals/vaccines etc. The entire country is being literally destroyed right in front of our eyes and people are complaining about beer ads and drag shows.

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The LGBTQ thing is just a big distraction from much much bigger issues

I think it's a good thing overall though because it's been a huge driver for growth and networking for on the ground dissident activism. Everyone dropping dead from the vaxx would put you guys into power the moment it happens tbh, so it sounds too good to be true.

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Though it's also possible that glowies are driving anti-lgbt and anti-woman sentiment to distract from racial consciousness.

The gayop has changed, but the goal of trying to make the "alt-right"/"dissident right" mean something other than Jew-wise racial nationalism has remained the same. In 2015-2018 the gayop was to make the alt-right mean lolbertarianism and "counter jihad" zionism. Since 2019 that has been increasingly been replaced with a new gayop of "Christian nationalism", Catholic theocracy and anti-sex prudery. Although incel/anti-woman bullshit has been part of the gayop from the beginning, it has steadily increased in recent years, to the extent that the currently dominant wing of the dissident right (America First) is basically synonymous with incels.

The line on LGBT has changed, because the line of the controlled opposition used to be that the right should support homosexuality in order to own Islam, whereas now they support crusades against LGBT, trannies, drag queens, etc. to promote a general "anti-degeneracy" moral crusade in order to shore up Christian fundamentalism is a solution. Many of the same people promoting the Christian nationalist psyop are the same people who were pushing the pro-LGBT alt-lite crap 6 years ago, such as Peter Thiel who is himself gay, Milo who is now "ex-gay", and Gavin McInnes who had the famous gay kiss with Milo to own the muzzies but his Proud Boys now promote Christian theocracy and incel anti-sex hysteria. I oppose anti-troon crusades in the hands of "Christian nationalists", not because I support troons, but because these incel freaks want to use it a spearhead to criminalize good things like astrology and premarital sex as well.

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99% agree though I think premarital sex should ideally be in the concept of a lifelong partnership because I've seen (and partially caused I suppose) the damage that continual heartbreaks do on the psyche of a woman. And honestly idrc about men trooning because it's long term eugenic. Women shouldn't troon because I love autistic women.

Idk that I agree with Christian Nationalism as the main theme for the modern dissident sphere more so than vaguely masculist false opposition to the System. Tate bros are far more known than Spic Jewentes

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Are American "conservatives" actually 'done' with Pride?

If they tolerated it in the first place, then they were never Conservative.

It's just like immigration. They're "done" with illegals, but are ok if a million more come in and replace them legally. What's the point?

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Conservatives are supposed to want small government, personal freedom, and were traditionally the pro-immigration platform. You have it backwards.

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So what became of traditional values then? Conservatives were never suppose to change the status quo. That's where liberalism came in.

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It is a distraction issue which is very much secondary to real issues. It is a shame to even see European nationalists now putting conservative moral crusades like this at the forefront.

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How is this secondary? If anything, I'd say Jews pushing children to mutilate themselves and beating the decaying corpse of traditional family/sexual dynamics ranks very close to the top, only behind things like White survival and ethnic nationalism.

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I am not saying it is irrelevant. The anti white politics and minority worship of "wokeness" is far worse yet you don't see any organized push back against it from conservatives.

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Well, if you're expecting it from conservatives I wouldn't hold your breath. At least this is a case of conservatives being marginally useful for once.

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It's definitely manufactured outrage. This was the whole purpose of the BLM riots back in June 2020, which seems to have been incited by feds. They needed the left to be recast as anarchists rather than authoritarians to make the right abandon freedom. Then they bombarded us with the craziest gender and sexual ideology imaginable, to give them something to hate (which they were already weary of, but for good reason until then). Now they have the only two parties that matter voting for totalitarian politicians and deep state agents who promise to fulfill their voters' social gospel.

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For outrage, the left claims the transgender debate is "culture war" nonsense made up after the battle over gay rights was lost by the right, and that most of America simply doesn't care about these issues. I however don't know who would have started this kind of burst of news into the transgender movement.