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Vindicated for not trusting Ruqqus. I don't know about the alternatives though. Do fediverse instances have groups? Maybe Poast is worth a shot if it has it.

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I'm mostly disappointed that they weren't being honest about their intentions until making the announcement. (And even then, the announcement has a lot of "corpo-PR speak" as some users have pointed out.) They should've made the announcement before making the rule change, not after banning ~40 guilds under the pretense of getting rid of "illegal speech".

At least they've finally made it clear that they aren't focusing on free speech anymore. I'd prefer a censored platform that doesn't pretend to be free speech to a platform that markets itself as "free speech" but censors whatever it wants.

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The Ruqqus team has done everything wrong every step of the way. I'm not surprised a bit that they did this part backwards. I think they even flip flopped and unbanned MGTOW.

Yes their intentions are perfectly clear, and they've thrown in the towel. I've been expecting it ever since they freaked out and added new rule and policy changes the day went down.

The silver lining to me is seeing people move to because it's decentralized and the best path forward for all of this "contentious" speech.

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Yes, there were signs all along the way. Even back in April 2020, they banned users (jasonkhanlar and some others) for doxxing when they posted the name on Bardfinn's reddit profile. Over the next year, they banned multiple users for unclear rules. They had a lack of communication with the userbase and preferred to post on the Discord. I guess it was clear they cared a lot less about free speech than they claimed to.

The silver lining to me is seeing people move to because it's decentralized and the best path forward for all of this "contentious" speech.

I agree. I'm not too familiar with how Lemmy works, but it looks like Votal isn't linked to any other instances yet. Maybe it will in the future.

I've also seen users moving to

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and the best path forward for all of this "contentious" speech.

I'm no familiar with votal. I would be skeptical that any single thing is the best path forward. I always advocated nobody become too invested in any single platform. Back in the early days of the internet, I was active on 10+ forums. When I started using Digg and Ruqqus, it was really lazy of me, because I could find a little bit of everything on one site.

Now, I'm more back to using about 6 discussion sites at a time, and that number is growing.

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Any worth mentioning?

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I don't know of any amazing Reddit-like-but-free-speech sites. Obviously, we're on

Most of the sites I'm active on are more niche interests, like

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I actually don't mind platforms which remove speech, so long as they're consistent with their policies.

For example, I wouldn't be offended if removed pro-Biden content. Nobody's being deceived or expecting the site to operate differently. The problem is Ruqqus was FAR from honest, and did one of the biggest and fastest flip-flops I've ever seen.

I mean even if you have a normie world-view, I get a mostly-free-speech website banning Nazis due to their history of genocide (though I'd suggest also ban the commies for the same thing). However, the MGTOW ban comes across as if they were taken over by some SJW types. Some of the guilds on the list I know had no advocacy of violence, or the guild itself wasn't racist. For example, BlackLiesMatter was about critiquing BLM, a marxist organization. Yes, racists would show up, as they tended to do EVERYWHERE on Ruqqus, but the guild itself wasn't racist. And I never saw anyone advocating violence, with the exception of people wanting to defend themselves from riots ... and the people in those riots were of every race.

As mentioned in my other comments, I never removed posts for racism from any of my guilds, because I thought it was counter to Ruqqus's stated free speech goals. Even though my preference would have been to remove that kind of content. Most of the overt racists on Ruqqus would just show up, drop a bunch of n-bombs and blame Jews, and contribute nothing meaningful to the conversation.

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They revealed the truth to discord mods in private channels and only came clean when one of them leaked it.

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It's kind of scary but since there's less alternatives as time goes on, the more we will be targeted.

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It's wake up time. Time to fight for internet freedom or lose it forever.

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I'm telling you, saidit is like the only place I have not been censored. Every other place is a fedop or Zionist owned. Now I'm fearing saidit could be another honeypot, though I doubt it. I think at the very least, since it has a small userbase, it is just being targeted with shills.

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That's high praise, thanks jesus. The only other reddit type site I've had any faith in myself is old and new Voat.

I can only speak for myself, the only active admin, I'm not sharing any user data or doing any politically motivated censorship/rule enforcement.

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The meltdown is actually worse than the bad policies, and almost as bad as the arbitrary bans.

I might have been okay if it, if they were more honest. For example, "We decided we wanted to ban Nazis, because we were sick of supporting Nazis and seeing their filth on a daily basis, and watching them drive down the quality of the site. We're just a bunch of programmers." And then after announcing that, banning people and guilds .... for the exact reason stated.

At least they would still have their integrity, and be able to pursue that weirdo vision of just being software, and not a website.

Of course some of the guild-bans are absolutely absurd. Reversing MGTOW is meaningless, because the damage was done. Were they violent or not?

Also, why ban guilds? Most guilds are relatively unmoderated, due to limits on number of guilds you can GM, and non-existent mod-tools, and the stated philosophy around free speech. I almost never moderated content out of any of my guilds, even if it really annoyed the shit out of me, because I wanted to remain consistent with the overt free speech goals of the site. If users are posting garbage, ban those users. Or at least give the guilds time to enforce the new policies.

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I was subscribed to some of the JQ subs, never seen anything "advocating violence", they didn't alerted me or anything just now I see their gone from the side.

I was expecting this after seeing the discord messages from a couple of months where the mods had absolute disdain for their users, I think it was circumstein post and it was on r/"RedditAlternatives".

We need a self-hosted solution (see guide to hosting questionable content), either a imageboard / textboard instance or a own own reddit instance (saidit, lemmy etc). You can't rely on non AR actors hosting AR things.

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I've been playing with slug for a few months and it sucks. I will still check it every once in awhile if people want to PM me there but it's not an alternative at all.

The re-hashed voat site isn't very good either. I'll try out though. Thanks for this info. It's important we get a new backup asap because saidit itself isn't very stable either.

[–]douglas_waltersWhite Supremacist 6 insightful - 1 fun6 insightful - 0 fun7 insightful - 1 fun -  (4 children) is filled with “everything that isn’t free market capitalism = communism” and “the communist elites are out to kill billions of people through the vaccine” types.

If you question these ridiculous thoughts, you get called a jewish shill. So good luck.

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Many people are becoming suspicious that a lot of the more vocal anti vaxx/anti masker voices, both left and right, are actually shills intentionally trying to divide and cause infighting, and give the establishment yet another excuse to censor and deplatform dissidents. Sure there is a lot of genuine concern out there, but it seems odd that so much dissident energy is now being channeled into this covid conspiracy bullshit. It's also given them the perfect opportunity to get people obsessed about something other than the things they want to silence people on.

Even Whitney Webb, who has been pretty skeptical about official covid narratives, has discussed the obvious shilling and infighting.

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Yes - studies have shown that the primary aims of some websites and targeted social media are often to get people to argue over facts, science, the news, &c, rather than push one specific political agenda. One of the studies focused on Russian propaganda, but there are also Chinese, Israel, and US groups arranging this, the result of which is often support for authoritarian polical candidates and parties. There is a sense that the only ones who can bring order are those who can rule with a smaller government and with much more control. Trump, Abbott and DeSantis were elected as populist solutions to corporate greed, and nonetheless expanded options for corporate greed. My political concerns aside, studies have indeed shown that discord among the 99% helps the 1% take more from them. The answer to this - for DAR &c - is to focus much more on organized approaches that will reduce discord for the sake of arranging democratic political solutions. (Some at DAR have plans for a revolution, but it won't work for the 99%. Any attempt for a violent revolution will only help the 1%. Calls to violence will be illegal on many websites, and had they been allowed, would not have helped the DAR causes.)

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Any attempt for a violent revolution will only help the 1%

that is entirely not true.

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(Some at DAR have plans for a revolution, but it won't work for the 99%. Any attempt for a violent revolution will only help the 1%. Calls to violence will be illegal on many websites, and had they been allowed, would not have helped the DAR causes.)

Granted I dont come here a ton, but I've never seen these calls for revolution or violence you claim to see. By contrast I saw that shit all the time on reddit from various dirtbag lefties, at least before the election. Had Trump won I cant even imagine the level of riots and violence we would have seen. DAR has always been a watered down version of the alt right, that was part of its appeal on Reddit, as it became a place for people who were concerned about the escalating madness we were seeing in the West just as discussion of this was being systematically censored and banned from everywhere else by oligarchs, technocrats and Jewish lobbyists.

Most of the people on reddit at least were just normies that didnt know where else to speak out as their voices were slowly silenced. So of course eventually they took that away from them too. This saidit crowd seems a little dumber and lower quality, but I still havent seen anything like what you are claiming.

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What about the .win communities?

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I don't see a way to add new communities. The entire site seems built as a containment zone for controlled op and not a genuine free thinking social media site.

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Cuqqus is now just leddit with a fraction of the userbase, they will die because they have alienated their userbase.

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I'm very surprised I (CrystalVulpine) haven't been banned yet.

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Haven't they tried to repeatedly? I wouldn't be surprised if they do soon. They keep chipping away.

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I was threatened a couple of times when I was really close to exposing them, but they ended up deciding to keep me around, probably as "proof" that they tolerate dissent, and I was a good choice for that since their group had gotten my character assassinated as a conspiracy lunatic. And I did get exiled from +Ruqqus a few months ago but from what I remember nearly everybody who wasn't their discord friends did.

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I remembered you having fantastic content exposing Reddit. I was curious why you were so interested in exposing Ruqqus. I knew you weren't just a troll who wanted to see the downfall of Ruqqus, but at the time I thought you were maybe being overly harsh and persistent.

Now it just seems like the people running it were extremely immature, influenced by carpathianflorist, allowed discord to dictate the site direction, and a lot of the critiques I had been seeing floating around were valid.

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I spent about one year there. Today I deleted my account. Fuck them, if I wanted a reddit clone I'd just use reddit.

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I'm now glad I overlooked Ruqqus in the first place. :-)

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I warned about that website in this info-laden comment a long time ago:

They've been working with AHS to try to make their platform amenable to the kind of morons who frequent Reddit. They need to cater to them in order to have a chance at achieving the mainstreaming that they want.

There's actually a whole heap of guilds they've missed, though practically every guild (including the ones they banned) is practically inactive.

It doesn't help that people involved with the site's hierarchy like carpathianflorist are well known fuckwits who were also trolls on Reddit. Some of the users are total morons, as well. Just look at "TrumpVoter1". Holy hell, this is the guy who claimed that Leftists are just a fringe group opposed by most of the country and all sorts of other delusional nonsense. Fringe group... who win the popular vote even when they lose overall? Cuckservative extraordinaire.

Look at all the obvious morons they used to have. WillieOffThePickleBoat (pretty sure this was a gay black male in America), Disp77, Ashina (a literal gay Turk?), Dissident whatever (the self-proclaimed Marxist who knows nothing about Marxism), Osrs2 whatever (Jewish "socialist" in America whose name is to do with that old 'Runescape" game). Who even wants to remember these people?

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What is the deal with carpathianflorist? I didnt spend much time on ruqqus, but right away I noticed this person seemed to continually stir up trouble and was always backed up by the admin no matter how much the rest of the userbase disliked him.

Is he just some random activist Jew censor that continually threatens the admin with lawsuits, doxxing, brigading and deplatforming? The internet is full of them and they seem to have a hotline to the ADL and other Jewish orgs, but ruqqus admin seemed to be unusually scared of him, assuming they arent actually Jewish themselves, as I believe it had been more or less established that kek was.

It's possible Magnora7 has gone silent due to threats from people like this. My guess is they used the threat of lawfare to silence him, possibly even found some way to get our new American stasi overlords at the FBI and "homeland security" involved, since Biden basically handed both over to Jewish ethnic activists. This site never struck me as particularly radical or controversial, but the goalposts on radical are changing constantly since zombie Biden was installed as figurehead. Now just being a Trump supporter can get u labeled an extremist.

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I apparently blocked that asshat pretty early. I don't remember why, but seeing/hearing someone I blocked was very buddy-buddy with the admins and contributing to the site was a VERY bad sign.

I think I saw a post of his recently (I was browsing in a logged out window, so I could see what someone was responding too) where he said something like "Sure I post a bunch of x-filth, y-filth, and z-filth, but I never posted any w-filth." So he was admitting being a troll. It's hard to be sure, but I think I might have origionally blocked him because he was intentionally posting content to drive people away from the website, and I suspected he was secretly a SJW who didn't believe anything he posted.

Someone else I recently promoted to a moderator in a guild was surprise-banned out of nowhere for no reason, and seemed to believe carp issued the ban.

I don't know why a single person would trust a guy like that, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was behind Captain and Kek basically giving up on the site.

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Poal is shit, the owner randomly censors anybody he doesn't like.

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Poal(e) Zion

[–]88BitSorelianism 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (5 children) is still a good option, I don't see any censorship like this even though there is someone here that says there is, I don't see it.

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the owner of poal mass censored a bunch of accounts over the last couple of months.

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Yeah I tried looking it up, and it seems like the censorship is on his personal subs, he isn't going to other people's subs and censoring people on there. Like if there is a debate the dissident right sub made, it's our mods who are going to moderate it, the owner of the website isn't going to be censoring the users.

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no i mean he'll randomly target any user he doesn't like and put limitations on their account. it doesn't matter what sub you post in, you show up in all/new and you'll get read now and again.

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That's why I call her AOC instead of AOU. The site is unusable unless you worship and agree with her.

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It's me you're talking about I think. They pushed some malware onto this machine after I posted some zionist quotes the day before. Whatever it is causes my mac to go into its shutdown sequence at some random time about an hour after login. It only causes shutdown on this site. I'll be back but under a different name soon. I haven't seen Jason for a few days so maybe they took him out too. See you on the other side. Never forgive and never forget.

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That dump of a website has been reddit lite for a long time.

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Tribal Jews are nepotistic and acquire small loans of millions of dollars from other rich Jews to setup internet social media sites to balkenize those who are critical of Israel, Zionism and Jews.

Ruqqus, like Zionist owned Bitchute (owned by Vahey who allows JIDF to impersonate your accounts and edit your comments; registered address near 77th brigade) was a money racket in order to balkenize anti-Israel, anti-Jew users. The goal was to aquire as many of these people as possible and then flip the swith and write new ToS that ban so-called 'hate speech' which only Zionist Jews could cook up, auch as Dershowitz, who's Torba is fond of or Shabbos goy's like Drumpf.

So, if a site is full of Drumpf supporters and/or your anti-Israel posts are heavily downvoted or, worse, the site is owned by a Zionist or Jew, expect censorship to happen.

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To be fair, the Nazis were VERY active on Ruqqus, so there were that many more Nazi subs than other ones.

However, as far as I'm aware, many of the ones on the list did not advocate for violence. Several of them weren't even racist/sexist/etc, such as "BlackLiesMatter" was all about critique of the marxist organization called "Black Lives Matter."

[–]Node 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (2 children)

I've heard the Nazis haven't existed since 1945, and there's pretty strong evidence supporting that. So it's surprising that some not only remained hidden, but are literally on the internet over 75 years later.

[–]WhoFlu 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

I'm not going to nit-pick labels. They're people who are obsessed with being anti Jews, and like Nazi stuff like Hitler, and spout various nazi-popaganda. Whatever you want to call that.

[–]Jesus 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

But are they members of the National Socialist German workers party? Or are they Nazis as a leftist Zionist Jew would define them as, ie., being crfical of Israel and Jews?

[–]YJaewedwqewqClerical Fascist[S] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

Exactly. A vast majority of these had no rule violations or weren't even active, but were banned anyway.

[–]WhoFlu 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

One person claimed one of the banned guilds was his. And that the only content it had was a single post that he stickied.

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One of the guilds I made got banned, although that could have been because it was an emergency backup of another guild (I believe it was called HitlerDidNothingWrong or something, and was a backup of HitlerWasRight or NationalSocialism or one of those other NSDAP-focused subs) however I don't really feel like giving them the benefit of the doubt.

To my knowledge, absolutely nothing that breaks the rules of violence advocation was said or posted there.

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I rarely saw Nazis there. Just a few goofs at the bottom of the page and that's mostly it.

[–]Jesus 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (12 children)

That's because it was Jews whinning about users critical of their behavior and Israel.

[–]VulptexVoluntaryist 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (11 children)

For the record I saw even less of that.

[–]Jesus 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (10 children)

Less, yes, behind the scenes they were.

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Why do you think everything bad that happens is because of Jews? Jews do have a lot of money and power but there are long-standing cultural reasons why, and they are the smartest people on earth. Perhaps there are some Jewish cliques out there who lift each other up, but almost every human group does that, it's our dumb tribal nature. And since religious Jews are hard to come by these days that will be happening less and less with them.

The admins being sketchy just means they're manipulative dicks, not Jews.

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Because Zionist Jews own these companies and then ban people and users that criticize Jews, Zionism and Israel. Duh.

Go away supremacist. Thuletide did a great expose on how Jews are not the smartest people in the world, many are stupid but nepotistic.

Nah, the Admins were exposed as Drumpf supporters and were fond of Israel and banned anyone who critiqued Jews and Zionism.

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Because Zionist Jews own these companies and then ban people and users that criticize Jews, Zionism and Israel. Duh.

They're all woke and love showing off how well they censor "Nazis", and when they run out of real ones they make other people into them wherever they can find.

Go away supremacist.

I'm not a supremacist, converting to Judaism won't make you smarter. But most Jews are also ethnic Jews, and a lot of Jewish groups have higher than average IQs. Not insanely so, but enough to give them an edge. This doesn't necessarily mean it's genetic, it's slight enough that it could be due to cultural factors. Asians tend to be smart and successful too for example, and it's evident that it's because their culture values it and they have been raised that way. Way too much, I must say, and I think it's a mistake, but they do look superior on paper. I suspect Jews have a similar thing going, and they also value savings and have had monetary advantages since the Dark Ages.

Nah, the Admins were exposed as Drumpf supporters and were fond of Israel and banned anyone who critiqued Jews and Zionism.

They also banned MGTOW, incels, threatened to ban me, and all kinds of other things. They ban people they don't like or find annoying, not merely because they criticize Jews.

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VERBAL IQ, that's it. And yeah since they love Zog daddy Drumpf so much they are directly perpetuating Zionism.

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Also, an ANCAP is an oxymoron. Capitalism is the issuance of bank credits and statuary laws by a quasi public private corporation. —Malynes

[–]VulptexVoluntaryist 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (4 children)

Mutual trades are perfectly logical. Humans just don't like it, because they're excessively social animals. And social animals act with blind loyalty to their tribe for no other reason than being born into it, and blindly oppress and destroy any outsiders or dissenters for pretty much no other reason. And they are aggressive and fight over things, and their instinct is not to make a trade, it's to raid and steal, and traumatize and kill whoever's around while they're at it. Funny how the first bits of capitalism appeared right when humans started civilizing themselves a little.

[–]Jesus 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

Capitalism didn't exist when humans started civilizing themselves, that's an atrocious Libertardian lie.

The problem with capitalism is that there’s so much prosperity and free time people start creating their own problems.

—retard and all around dumbass Kevin Sorbo

From the Offices of the President, Senate, House, and the Treasury, July 11, 1836...

"...the problem with capitalists... just a bunch of greasy scam artists screwing the little man..."

— US Government

Yup, they're right. We can always go both ways but no ism will do it for me because God is the only ism I as a human abide by.

Capitalism" is owning the MONETARY/CREDIT & STATUTORY POLICY production from which all corporations exist

— Gerard Malynes, 1622

That's why capitalism didn't exist in the U.S. corp territories until Rockefeller and JP Morgan. came around. Come to find out, rich people creating cheap workers is now suddenly "prosperity gospel" for Team America Inc.

And then we have commie inc. proposing 70% marginal tax rate on multimillionaire incomes.... ahhhhhh , hello, why not propose CAPITAL TAX...otherwise they just dodge the damned tax like JP Morgan or Rockefeller! Geeze.

But then we have Team US corp whining about how capitalism is 'freedom' or stupidly suggesting that "capitalism" is somehow older than JP Morgan?

This is American Capitalism:

...and no amount of sock puppets, shills and bots can negate this.

Capitalism is when a small group of people who control a private corporation, claim it's a "government" & use violence/propaganda to coerce all others to do what their told. Just like communism and socialism in reality. All three models are the complete opposite of a meritocracy.

America LLC was only ever private corporations as "muh government", was never "muh free market" & "muh capitalism" meme was a banking scam to legitimize outlawed loan-sharking. Meme-jobs like wall-street or the government don't feed a nation. And we are top-heavy with meme-jobs. UBI FOR FARMERS! Or not... because it's 'better' near nobody can afford it and we instead subsidise wall-street whilst they plan on going back to the golden or silver calf of reserve backed currency based on the worship of "intrinsic value" like all the Libertardiams morons speak of. Yes, that's it, it is better we live in an unsustainable meme make-work economy where the billionaires fatten themselves up and the lazy don't know how to plant a tomato plant yet produce poop piss and garbage, stinking up the cities and doing a great service to technocratic impact/vale market s.

As for Every-ism: Allowed fake vote to buy from Limited Inc., then shot when you complain on sub-standard services. Same with fascism & capitalism.

Capitalism & the "american dream" god, no real churches, no soul...just money. Always the money, only the money on nu-age masonic naturalism.

Or a better future... Public banks (county-based banks; non-private ie. moving private credit) should issue experimental Universal Basic Income, though, so few in operation, and illegal for a state sub-franchise such as Massachusetts Inc., to do so; so as to increase basic cred flow to suppressed areas, which will increase spending and automatically create small corps for retail products...

Farming might come back in style if normal people could afford to do it + local distribution; though big companies are not fond of small distribution from small companies.

It would also alleviate Soc.Sec. admin/book problems & take pressure off the courts/prisons. MAYBE.


It is impossible for an imaginary corporation to owe itself imaginary money via other imaginary sub-franchise corporations, when it can really print all the imaginary credit & currency it ever will require ab initio at will, Descarte.

But the Libertardians and politicians for some reason don't want you to know that, or, maybe they don't know that. Maybe they are as ignorant as they look but probably not.

[–]VulptexVoluntaryist 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

That's why money wasn't printed on worthless paper until recently, people traded materials with actual value.

Do corporations function similar to a government? Yes, but joining them is optional, and they have competition, very big difference. Anything with a secure monopoly on something has no motivation to please its customers, and that's what government is.

[–]Jesus 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Told you so:

Ruqqus: Owned by pro-Trump Partisan Zionists. or Poal(e) Zion: owned by Bolshevik Zionist Jews and probably a honeypot.

Reddit: Newhouse owned so Zionist Jews.

Rumble: Owned by two Jews that have plainly said they'll censor.

Telegram: Believe owned by a Jew, lots of spam on there

Twitter: still got a good base of people but owned by Fed agents and Paul Singer, Zionist Jew., owned by Torba, a Jew pretending to be a Christian. Gabai = doing deeds for the Synagogue. magnora7 seems cool but he's gone, what happened? Is this another honeypot?

Youtube: Jew owned.

Bitchute: Zionist, possibly Jew owned, Vahey is a Zionist and grifting loser who works with other Zionist Jews and has done everything in his power to make it a hassel for revisionists to post anything.

[–]Hates__PeachPeach Leftists Hate 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

Just updating the situation on Ruqqus. The post that you linked was literally deleted by the admins. I had a look through my list of 'based' guilds to see how many were banned. I found 11. The reasons given are literally the same excuse as each other even when these guilds were inactive and had low member counts ("Advocating Violence"). In brackets, the number of members as of 29 September 2020:

+CommunismIsJewish (45)

+NationalSocialism (130)

+Nazi (102)

+HitlerWasRight (193)

+JewishQuestion (423)

+WatchaDoinRabbi (37)

+BlackLiesMatter (1157)

+JewishSupremacy (11)

+nigger (87)

+NationalSocialismGeneral (74)

+Nosecheck (52)

Admittedly messages like "JewishSupremacy is banned" and "nigger is banned" were pretty funny, particularly with the "Advocating Violence" excuse being given. J supremacists and N's banned for advocating violence.

Interestingly, seven also seem to have been set to 'Private', which I strongly suspect is the admins' doing (set them to Private and deleted their member count), given how many of them there are. It is unclear what they intend to do with them, but it seems like 'carpathianflorist' is now pretending to be 'based' again:

+ShitNeoconsSay (189)

+BasedDepartment (1602)

+milliondollarextreme (576)

+WakeUpWhitePeople (1577)

+Physical_Removal (106)

+WhiteIdentity (382)

+SpiritualBankruptcy (1368)

Carpathianflorist is guildmaster on +milliondollarextreme (which he's doing nothing with). He's also on +SpiritualBankruptcy, pretending to be anti-pozz all of a sudden. There are also plenty of abandoned guilds that should be sieged.

[–]YJaewedwqewqClerical Fascist[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Carp is also moderating an off-reddit site for politicalcompassmemes where he isn't acting like a tranny retard, so something to note there.

I was banned from Ruqqus out-of-the-blue with the "advocating violence" excuse as well. It's just a dead site going down the shitter for good.

Either that, or this whole thing was a con because carp and the admins where tired of "le ebul notsees" and wanted to purge the site of anyone they disagreed with for the sake of shekels.