EU member states agree to take in 40,000 Afghans by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Belarus needs to schedule bus rides for them, then the EU will reject the Afghans as "bio-warfare".

New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal. Thoughts? by Nasser in debatealtright

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Twitter is a lost cause, go to poast, go to gab, go to telegram, go to minds, go to urbit.

New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal. Thoughts? by Nasser in debatealtright

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I don't think Dorsey had much power to begin with, Dorsey was never a Zuckerberg, so I am not expecting much of a difference. I think that tweet by Parag is overblown and taken out of context, not saying dissident-righters are not getting banned, they are already and its going to be the same.

I found Dorsey's resignation letter to be omega cringe. It read like a fanfic, "Parag is curious, probing, rational, creative, demanding, self-aware, and humble. He leads with heart and soul" like wtf dude he is just a CTO. You wouldn't have to change much to make it slash fiction.

Argument Between Striker And An Alleged 'Paleocon' Named 'Big Poppa Fascist' by literalotherkin in debatealtright

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I seriously don't understand how someone [Big Poppa Fascist] who believes that if you [a foreigner] live in china, speak Chinese and practice Confucian values you are as Chinese as all the people who have lived there for thousands of years. And yet he has a problem when this example is instead transgenderism, a man preforming as a women. Literally how is this different?

BPF and similar types like him (Academic Agent) only like to use this on race and whites. If they really followed the "logic" they would have to support a deconstruction of both race and sex.

Sines v Kessler verdict by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Fields has a life sentence plus an additional 419 years and now he has to pay 12 million. "Guilty" of 29/30 federal hate crime charges. I know this is just symbolic but jesus.

How will we gain power? by randominteger in debatealtright

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I think a variation of 2)

We need a coherent grassroots movement that is able to activate a decent sector of the population (~5%), that is able to create a quite stable political mass and becomes a real force in society. Ethno-nationalism feeling is not made in a vacuum, Blacks were clearly more ethnocentric with the rise of the Black Muslims then in preceding periods (good book about this).

The important point though is that we never compromise and treat them like how they treat us (wiki page on social inoculation theory, a popular "counter-extremism" theory). Revolutions are never made by compromisers. But the system would only ever compromise if they see it as a strong [or potentially strong] political force.

maybe 1) could happen but only after a very long period of 2)

Americans Want More, Not Less, Immigration for First Time by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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Im totally going to trust a organization that is explicitly pro-immigration and totally doesn't cherrypick polls that support its conclusion.

To me it makes sense that people are more pro-immigration since their are more post-1965 immigrants and recent immigrant-descended people in this country.

Like Sam Francis, I only care about the opinion of non-managerial class white people.

Studies that purport to show that Gender Transition has a Positive Effect on Trans People by tantamle in debatealtright

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see this: (see header "Sex Reassignment Surgery").

The first study (Cornell) you link is not a meta-analysis

Meta-analysis give effect sizes like Cohen’s d, Pearson’s r or something else, but the Cornell article did not do this. Instead, it’s just a systematic review of the literature, not a meta-analysis. That’s just a nitpick, but these studies still suffer from the same issues as the actual meta-analysis up above.

Of the 52 studies finding a positive effect, one of them have to be excluded due its nature. Padula, Heru, and Campbell (2015) was simply an attempt to model the mathematical cost/ benefit of gender transitioning, not anything that actually provides original research on the effects of SRS. This leaves us with 51 studies, which is still a lot, but the rest still have problems. 5 of the largest studies cited by Cornell suffer from problems. Bailey, Ellis, and Mcneil (2014) was a narrative analysis that utilized an online survey and that was promoted by LGBT groups and support organizations. The method of getting there sample was not random, and is guilty of non-response bias. Due to the nature of their self-selected survey, it offers nothing to make a generalized claim since it is not a random sample. St. Amand et al. (2011) got their sample from “online groups and discussion forums that were dedicated to FTM [female-to-male] members…” Again, not a random sample, suffers from non-response bias, and thus can not be used to make a generalized claim. Ironically enough, Vaush criticized a study for using a internet survey and for going on sites that were biased for their sample, and thus would lead to skewed results.

The second study you link ("Hormonal therapy and sex reassignment: a systematic review and meta-analysis of quality of life and psychosocial outcomes" Murad et al. (2010)) has flaws due how bad the underlying studies are

Murad et al. (2010) looked at 28 studies with a sample size of 1833 participants and found that SRS had a positive effect. Even without knowing how many studies were looked at and the sample size, Vaush’s summary of it lets readers know that SRS does work — but he leaves out how badly done these studies were.

None of the studies were RCT and only 3 of them had a control group, but one of those 3 studies had a control group in which the control group did not fit the criteria for those with Gender Identity Disorder. The exposure to hormone therapy in some of the studies looked at were self-reported, and “the details of treatments were in general not reported.” 23 of the studies reported SRS as a whole (hormone therapy + SRS), so it was hard to separate the effects of hormones and SRS. 21 of the studies assessed outcomes via a structured interview or clinical exam, 7 studies used a questionnaire, and 1 used an internet survey.

Looking at Table 1 of the study shows that a large portion of these studies had high dropout percentages. Many of these studies had small sample sizes, and the authors do not tell us the type of sampling used, so it’s hard to know if the samples were representative or biased. Regardless, the authors note that “In most of the included studies, at least two thirds of individuals with GID reported improvement in some aspects of their quality of life such as more stable relationships, better adjustment, satisfaction with sex reassignment, and overall happiness and contentness.” Furthermore, even the authors admit these studies were poorly done:

Jack Dorsey: Hyperinflation is happening and its going to change everything by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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IDK Dorsey is such a bullshit fountain, he thinks bitcoin will lead to world peace and that bitcoin is the cure for "systemic racism" (bitcoin as reparations). Coupled with his stuff on the magical powers of Himalayan salts.

I think Dorsey is a figurehead more then anything. From what ive read about Twitter he doesn't have much power, hes very beholden to underlings and the twitter mob. Zuckerberg meanwhile rules Facebook with a Iron fist.

Sean Last vs Destiny On Immigration by literalotherkin in debatealtright

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I missed it, I did check destiny subreddit and there barely talking about it, people there say Sean Last won or they say it was a aimless snorefest. This seems to be better then Sean Last last discussion with destiny some years ago.

Facebook Dangerous Individuals and Organizations List by Girondin in debatealtright

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I Forgot to mention the sources they use for the list. They use "Specially Designated Global Terrorists" sanctions list maintained by the Treasury Department. And the private firms of "Search for International Terrorist Entities" (has a controversial history) and "Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium,". I think the "hate groups" come from the latter private subscription-based database" and "Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium,".

I wish we knew which group added the majority of the "hate group category. Im speculating but the latter group ("Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium") I find most egregious since their a private subscription-based database, they have a incentive to pump their numbers and you can't know if your on the list unless you pay for a subscription. I see on their website they consider Pine tree gang a terrorist group, they also list telegram channels as terrorist groups, not kidding. I believe they are the ones who add the majority of the "hate group category" (again alleged, just speculating).

Facebook Dangerous Individuals and Organizations List by Girondin in debatealtright

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Snippets from the intercept article

represents interest of USGov:

Experts say the public deserves to see the list, a clear embodiment of U.S. foreign policy priorities that could disproportionately censor marginalized groups. The list and associated rules appear to be a clear embodiment of American anxieties, political concerns, and foreign policy values since 9/11, experts said, even though the DIO policy is meant to protect all Facebook users and applies to those who reside outside of the United States (the vast majority). Nearly everyone and everything on the list is considered a foe or threat by America or its allies: Over half of it consists of alleged foreign terrorists, free discussion of which is subject to Facebook’s harshest censorship.

Facebook conceals this

“Facebook puts users in a near-impossible position by telling them they can’t post about dangerous groups and individuals, but then refusing to publicly identify who it considers dangerous,” said Faiza Patel, co-director of the Brennan Center for Justice’s liberty and national security program, who reviewed the material.

Sorry Adolf Hitler your banned on facebook.

Regardless of tier, no one on the DIO list is allowed to maintain a presence on Facebook platforms, nor are users allowed to represent themselves as members of any listed groups.

Dissident right is Tier 1 the most severe

Tier 1 is the most strictly limited; users may not express anything deemed to be praise or support about groups and people in this tier, even for nonviolent activities (as determined by Facebook). Tier 1 includes alleged terror, hate, and criminal groups and alleged members,

I know every single Tier 1 groups, they are all dissident right / alt right. Patel is lying, Militia groups are all patriotard libertarian normie conservative types and do not have the same politics.

There are close to 500 hate groups in Tier 1, including the more than 250 white supremacist organizations Fishman referenced, but Faiza Patel, of the Brennan Center, noted that hundreds of predominantly white right-wing militia groups that seem similar to the hate groups are “treated with a light touch”

Article finishes with some dumb antifa whining, even though if their on the list their tier 3. Their generally protecting your ass.

A representative for It’s Going Down, who requested anonymity on the basis of their safety, told The Intercept that “outlets across the political spectrum report on street clashes, strikes, riots, and property destruction, but here Facebook seems to be imply if they don’t like what analysis … or opinion one writes about why millions of people took to the streets last summer during the pandemic in the largest outpouring in U.S. history, then they will simply remove you from the conversation.”

WSJ Article on Frances Haugen is Pretty Chilling by Richard_Parker in debatealtright

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I find the Frances Haugen thing kinda weird.

  • massive coverage all over MSM
  • she gets verified status on twitter (not that fishy) but her account is being promoted to people.
  • her account sounds like a politician's account with all the platitude crap (compare against Snowden or even Chelsea Manning)
  • what's her end-game? Censorship

I am 90% sure this "mix of the occult and white nationalism." is probably just their friend reading Evola and sharing / reading counter-currents. I think they want you to believe its 09A or something like that.

Please debunk this TRA article by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Decided to search up the primary author, Prof Root Gorelick of that peice, the other two vulva-owners I think are his students. his profile:

While philosophy is typically eschewed in science, our work has shown merit in considering Indigenous sciences, pluriversality [this is a term from decolonial theory basically non-european "universial"], and why academic freedom should welcome Indigenous views (in general) and queer views on sex. Our finding that sex delineates individuals helps interject philosophy into biology.

So obvious much of his work is for political beliefs, like Lewontin.

I can't find much info on him, but this response details some of his political activism

This incident reflects Root Gorelick’s article in the January SAFS Newsletter, touting the teaching of “Indigenous sciences,” and Carleton University’s rejection of his proposal to teach a course in “Indigenous perspectives[,] ecology and evolution” as a science course. As part of his rationale for the course, Gorelick says he could have “injected bits of Indigenous ways of knowing into routinely offered biology courses,” but he wanted to initiate a “standalone biology course in this subject.” In other words, he proposed to present indigenous perspectives, “ways of knowing,” and other unverifiable beliefs as legitimate science. Surely indigenous knowledge (or traditional knowledge as it is often referred to), should be examined in the context of reason and critical thought—but Gorelick wants to teach it outside the discipline of the scientific method; thereby, it seems, avoiding the burden of scrutiny.

some more

Finally, Dr. Gorelick’s interpretation of academic freedom as the freedom to misrepresent fact, to present cultural mythology as alternate truth, and to pretend that opposing views can both be correct, would, if instituted, result in a setback for scientific education. It was a sound decision by Carleton academic authorities to reject Dr. Gorelick’s reactionary initiative. “There were serious concerns about creating a precedent for ‘Science’ courses based on mythological and folklore traditions,” the official report stated. Indeed.

Though atleast he is against code of conducts

Rolling Stone continues its trend of giving woke updates to it "Greatest All-Time" lists. They just released an updated version of their greatest songs of all time. by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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looking at their top 10 albums, by far the biggest jump was the "miseducation of Lauryn Hill" [black women artist] which jumped #341 to #10, all the other top 10 ten albums were still in top 100s. The other bigish jumps was Purple rain (#76 to #8) and Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie wonder (jumped from #57 to #4). All black artist

Their also seems to be also a promotion of women artist, blue by Joni Mitchell jumped from #30 to #3. The old top 10 was all men.

What's Going On by Marvin Gaye is now #1 instead of sgt pepper by the beatles (though Ill be honest I prefer that album over sgt pepper though note I never was a big fan of the beatles). Heres a japanese cover of whats going on for some added diversity.

When is Saudi Arabia going to collapse? by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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I personally don't see it, maybe like 20% chance in the next 50 years, not likely. The other gulf states I think are more likely (UAE, Qatar etc), maybe 60%, since they have a massive quasi-slave population. I think if they lose their privileged position due to USGov / ZOG etc there will be serious problems.

Asian Youtuber accidently creates a race realism video. Redpills half a million viewers. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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I have a female relative who used to watch her. This asian women (I think Korean?) is actually culturally German, she grew up in Austria / Germany among the Muslim population (might explain her being redpilled since they apparently racially bullied her?).

she does have some really some dumb crap on her channel, she consonantly harps about "racist cultural appropration", like Cloud Atlas movie, fox eye make up etc. But then she has a extreme crush on Maajid Nawaz and does some race realism. Its pretty strange.

She apparently has a video where she casually mentions about her trying to join the Austrian police and the officers were coming home crying since they couldn't prosecute elite child sex abuse? I heard this from the female relative but they thought it was pretty wild and told me. This was like 2 years ago, they don't watch her anymore.

EDIT: 6:16 in this video is her talking about her police training and pedo elite protection.

Is there any anti-doxxing guide floating around the dissident right? by quickthrowaway in debatealtright

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You can use both VPN over Tor. You connect your PC to a VPN and then you use the tor browser.

Is there any anti-doxxing guide floating around the dissident right? by quickthrowaway in debatealtright

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Not just that but also don't post things that lead you to get indentfied, like saying too much about neuroscience, fruitflies or about the midwest that give doxxers a narrowier pool of people you could be.

see the story of Dr Cavemen, a alt-right neuroscientist who was driven to suicde after he got doxxed and every one of his IRL friends backstabbed him Dr Caveman was doxxed by antifa, here is the document on how they did it,

Opinions on right wing donor Peter Thiel? by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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Yarvin and BAP (he also funds Eric Weinstein) are not real political movers, their for intellectual masturbation. The people we know he politically funds are awful like Jeff Gisea (remember the Heather Heyer fund?) and con-artist JD vance.

He is also extremely weak on social issues, he apparently got a round of applause at CPAC for considering transgender bathrooms a non-issue, he was also instrumental in normalizing gay conservatism (see homocon).

He is no William Regnery (RIP)

Jared Taylor Vs EMJ Official Thread by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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EMJ is a geocentrist activist and has hosted geocentric meet-ups. Dude is a sperg.

2020 US Census shows White population has DROPPED by 8.6% in a decade. The first ever in U.S History. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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From the Washington post article about this

If the White decline is confirmed by the new data, that benchmark will have come about eight years earlier than previously projected, said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution.

“Twenty years ago if you told people this was going to be the case, they wouldn’t have believed you,” he said, adding that the opioid epidemic and lower-than-anticipated birthrates among millennials after the Great Recession accelerated the White population’s decline [no mention of immigration here?]

Also demographers have been saying on twitter (and also in the Washington post article) that non-whites are undercounted, not only is it unprecedented but it is low ball estimate, it is probably higher.

“The population estimates may not have accounted for recent immigration,” he said, noting the large influx of people into the country at the end of the 2000s.

reminder this was created, it wasn't and isn't a accident.

also raw numbers whites have dropped.

Ruqqus purges Dissent, no longer a safe haven. by YJaewedwqewq in debatealtright

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I was subscribed to some of the JQ subs, never seen anything "advocating violence", they didn't alerted me or anything just now I see their gone from the side.

I was expecting this after seeing the discord messages from a couple of months where the mods had absolute disdain for their users, I think it was circumstein post and it was on r/"RedditAlternatives".

We need a self-hosted solution (see guide to hosting questionable content), either a imageboard / textboard instance or a own own reddit instance (saidit, lemmy etc). You can't rely on non AR actors hosting AR things.

PayPal, ADL Partner To Treat Dissidents Like Financial Criminals. Dissident Mag. The level of access the ADL has been given to your finances is unbelievable. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Has any one read about ebay's criminal harrassment, TLDR: top ebay people (eBay’s head of Global Security) were sending ebay employees to harrass prominent critics of ebay including sending a couple a preserved fetal pig, a bloody pig Halloween mask, live bugs, a funeral wreath, and a book on surviving the loss of a spouse also general stalking.

I know paypal has spun out of ebay since a couple of years ago but I would assume their is still ebay people in paypal and they have a very cordial relationship.

Sean Last is having a debate in 3 hours from now by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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She supposedly studied all of Sean's writing on race and systemic racism a week before this debate. Yet her answers were literally anti-racist responses ive heard a million times with no unique spin of them, you could literally auto-generate her responses.

Sean Last is having a debate in 3 hours from now by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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[disclaimer: I only watched like 30 mins of it]

TLDR: STRDST thinks goodreads description is everything a book represents [abstract of a paper], Sean thinks that the content is important [specifically the results of a study], she also thinks that content is important and thinks Charles Murray is secretly spilling the beans on systemic racism [black kids are systemically disadvantaged] but she sees no contradiction. She thinks sean is conspiratorial for some reason. I still think Sean is a awful debater, but she was really dumb.

She is also constantly mixes morality with every question. She constantly has to justify black existence which feels very weird ("blacks can open doors", "blacks made jazz music [which is debatable historically as it was a fusionist genre]").

Sean Last is having a debate in 3 hours from now by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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The poll has come out Sean has 90% consensus that he won.

Sean Last is having a debate in 3 hours from now by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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"my political identity is pornography" - STRDST

Sean Last is having a debate in 3 hours from now by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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who the fuck is this bitch hes debating? She says she is a "milfist" on twitter and "debate thot" on youtube. But what is she, Vaush leftist? Destiny Centrist?

What are the alternatives to s/debatealtright? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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I think 4chan /pol/ is the most active dissident community online, though its become cancer [bait rarely punished, low effort abounds, schizo posters too common]. I've noticed a massive drop in quality there over the years that I do not go there anymore.

You still have the old forums like stormfront and vnnforum still around (though you might feel like your in 2005), their is also dailystormers forum (gameruprising, ive never really browsed it and never been a fan of Anglin's content so I don't know much about it). I think there might be some invite only places and private chats that are popular but I wouldn't know.

radical leftist / gommies have (pretty nicely design IMO) and leftypol (similar to the defunct 8chan /pol/). I wish we had similar options.

Is gab ecosystem going to be interesting? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Of the alt-tech twitter competitors

  • Gettr: One of the most poorly designed web apps, its UI is a direct clone from a UI that people have mixed feelings over (modern twitter UI), add zero content moderation (I heard you can post porn and gore but ive heard others say you can't post mild criticisms of Israel). I can't make a account since its never accepts the verification code it sends to my email.
  • Parler: Horrible UI, literally no security practice. I can't make a account since its never accepts the verification code it sends to my email.
  • Minds: adds crypto-shit I don't like but it does have better discoverability for small users compared to gab
  • Urbit: It literally implements ALL of modern computing from the ground up in a batshit language (Hoon) and then adds this insular terminology (Planets, Comets, Ship, Nock, Arvo, Ames, Gall, Dojo, Landcape). And then has shitty security measures (no encryption at rest, arcane monoliths are by nature insecure) and bad performance (single threaded). You can't run it on window unless you have general programming skills.
  • Telegram: insane security practices also not exactly like twitter. It is in the app store but some AR people have been banned (though pretty few), unclear how long this freedom will last.
  • self-hosted GNUsocial / pleroma / mastodon: You have to self-host but it does allow direct control of the platform.

Gab is definitely one of the best twitter alternatives, and has faced the most extreme problems (moderation problems, hacks, media pressure, platform bannings). If their able to provide some more alt-tech services while keeping their ship with best security practices and general good practices this will be good endeavour.

How did the anti-SJW era die out? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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I recall their was a stream he did that when he was closing his browser tab you could see his wife facebook messaged him about him flirting with trannies. I think you can find this info on the kiwifarms. This was like in 2017 or 2018?

How did the anti-SJW era die out? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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I am confused how it "died" out, it just got replaced with the term of "woke". The main anti-SJW figures are laughingstocks like Jordan Peterson (schizophrenic kermit the frog), Sargon (have you read locke? Cheats on his wife with trannies), Milo (betrays everyone around him) and the "IDW" (extreme ethnocentric jews).

See this article 2016 the turning point, if we assume every donating democrat is a SJW this graph shows they grew widely.

Destiny vs Based Lisa (Are the police systemically racist) by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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Unfortuenatley Youtube hasn't generated the transcripts for the video yet, I can't stand Destiny at all. The comments are so dumb.

She's out here trying to basically say black people are thugs, whilst arguing that systemic racism in the police force does not exist?

How is this contradictory? blacks are disproportionate criminals and supposed police abuses are due to that.

Why does she think one definition of racism covers all ground. I’m sure Merriam Webster dictionary didn’t just have one entry for the word. I felt like a 6 year old just tried to make that point.

Doesn't Destiny do this?

In what way is this lady a expert on this topic? Someone like Heather Macdonald or much easier to get a hold of Emil Kierkegaard and Jared Taylor would make more sense.

Also did she ever talk about black crime per capita? I see so many of the comments saying she avoided talking about black poverty per capita. Seems like a slam dunk compared arguing stupidly and tangentially that absolute numbers matter.

An Open Letter to White People in the United States of America (2008, John Paul Cupp) by Noloben in debatealtright

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Just read it. A lot of people like to talk about the emergence of "nazbol gang / nazbol vortex" (which is a weird moral panic in that it effects both breadtube and the dissident right) but their was John Cupp, Bill White and Tom Metzger in the 2000s.

I personally find it very weird, praising Stalin, Kim Il Sung, John Brown [who is characterized as a pro-white advocate?], Black Panther party but also promoting the ethnostate, holocaust revisionism, anti-LGBTQ and abortion.

This is the most "nazbol" text ive ever seen.

An Open Letter to White People in the United States of America (2008, John Paul Cupp) by Noloben in debatealtright

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Interesting National-justice has mentioned John Paul Cupp

In 2003, a year after George W. Bush's infamous "Axis of Evil" speech, a third positionist named John Paul Cupp was able to travel to the DPRK and obtain permission to lead a Songun Politics Study Group in the United States. The North Korean government endorses such groups to educate people in foreign countries on their national ideology, Juche. ....

In 2008, Sutter's girlfriend, Jillian Hoy [Sutter and Jillian are alleged FBI informants], began allegedly having sex with Cupp. Cupp at the time was under the impression that Hoy was his fiancee, and both Sutter and Hoy began leveraging this influence over him in the organization.

Sutter and Hoy had married the same year on a day commemorating Jim Jones and the People's Temple "martyrdom." In a shocking accusation made by members of the group, including Cupp himself, Cupp was made seriously ill and hospitalized after Hoy and Sutter poisoned him.

According to Walsh, Sutter, who would've replaced Cupp if the latter had died, took responsibility for the attempted murder, though this is impossible to verify. - source

Holy shit

I got on google a lot of people alleging Cupp creating a white supremacist Apocalyptic Cult though it appears to be all the work of alleged fed Sutter (who later went on to work with obvious glowing honeypots of atomwaffen and satanism).

Thinking about reading Guillaume Faye. Which of his books should I read? by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Of the ones Ive read.

  • Sex and Deviance: This one was my favorite, it gives a very contrary take to current sexual politics. A review of it: sex and derailment. It didn't feel very all over the place in quality compared to his other works.
  • Archeofuturism: Very weird, it was a pretty good book imo but it has flaws. Here is a negative review of it and positive ones
  • Prelude to war: This is very hit or miss, Some of the articles are very good. Some critical reviews 1, 2. I personally like it more then Archeofuturism.
  • a global coup: This one was really bad. He basically has a massive stereotype of Americans and extrapolates from there. Not recommended. I see on goodreads it is his worst rated book.
  • ones I haven't touched
    • ethnic apocalypse: A review of it
    • the colonization of europe
    • why we fight: Ive heard this one was good?
    • convergence of catastrophe
    • understanding Islam

You can find all his works on library genesis in PDF / Epub form. Or buy them on Arktos.

sending books to white prisoners by valkyria1488 in debatealtright

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didn't know it was, sorry

sending books to white prisoners by valkyria1488 in debatealtright

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Sending books to prison is pretty difficult, a lot of bullshit. The easiest way is to buy / send news books through amazon. I recall they have a thing for it

You can find banned books list for every state in America. I kinda doubt most white nationalist will throw be thrown in the trash. I have seen very few White nationalist works on the list, vast majority of racial banned works is black nationalism, hotep black hebrew israelite etc.

I think they have a lot of discretion, so many banned books in prison are critical race theory / whiteness studies books, sometimes old books on advertising or academic books on fascism and lynching. Since they all deal with "racism".

Probably "old right" books are okay to send. Im not gonna name them the books since I don't trust strangers on the internet. Most of them deal with our topics.

sending books to white prisoners by valkyria1488 in debatealtright

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Most prisons don't allow you to send pornography or erotica.

Debate Alt Right, let's write a book by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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I hate to be a naysayer but I feel like it would be pretty schizophrenic. Most people have widely different perspectives on the Alt-right. Imagine Richard Spencer, Eric Striker, Greg Johnson and Ryan Faulk writing a Q and A, I can imagine there would be too much disagreement, If it were possibly made it would a confusing hodge-podge of Nietzcheanism, National socialism, Savitri Devism and some graphs thrown in there. I would imagine it would be better if their were 4 unique books (so far only Greg Johnson has written one).

I think maybe a book about personal red-pill stories be better, sorta like what Amren has been doing but broader and more honest (they won't publish how you got to the JQ etc). Or some sort of democratic alt-right reading list.

If it is made I think their should be multiple answers, it would reduce most friction.

Right-Winger DEVON STACK is a mad man, defends "literacy tests," certain forms of vigilante justice by Richard_Parker in debatealtright

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literacy tests, residency requirements, poll taxes, and the new scheme the republicans are doing in Georgia are all legal copes. We should really just have white primaries, which were constitutional (see Grovey v. Townsend (1935)).

I am probably wrong on the history (been a while since ive read about it) but Smith v. Allwright (1944) ended the practice of whites only primaries and so these literacy tests became increasily unfair and retarded.

A white primary will probably exclude a stacey abrams, literacy tests prob not.

Harry Hay: Pride and Pedophillia by [deleted] in debatealtright

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blacks are attracted to white women because white women are socially higher up than them (like mothers), so they develop an Oedipal complex towards them.

Never heard of the psychoanalytic interpretation of "ooga booga where da white women at".

What do you think was Pence's game on the 6th? by Republican58 in debatealtright

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I really don't think he had any chance at being POTUS, he was already not very popular when in Indiana from what ive heard and was unlikely to win a second term.

He is a hero to the media, I think he prefers the john mccain treatment.

Jew exonerates Jews. Verdict: Suicide—Eric Kaufmann Replies To Kevin MacDonald by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Probably should put that this happened in 2009, for a second I though this happened recently and was confused. Kaufman planned to appear on some alt-right shows (Dutton) to discuss whiteshift but cancelled [which is stupid since it shows your willing to talk to the far-right, what difference does it make to actually talk to them].

Michael Lind does the same schtick. I know he in particular claims that their was jewish exclusion and anti-semitism in wall street in the early 20th century. I remember after reading his piece on the wasp elite class doing some google searching and found 10 prominent Jewish individuals in wall street during that time, biggest in terms of influence was Samuel Untermeyer who helped with the production of the best selling bible edition (the zionist Scofield bible). Its so ridiculous.

Remembering the 2001 English Race Riots by DisastrousDepth14 in debatealtright

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the author is Andrew Joyce so you know the article is good. Occidental Observer link I prefer it on there.

It’s Time to Declare War on White-Nationalist Terrorism, By David French, National Review August 5, 2019 by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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It’s 🙅💯 time 🕐⌚ to ➡ face some 🕯 dreadful, terrible ♂ facts. 📚 The United 👏 States 👌👌 is 😞😨 now facing 😫😫 a deadly 😈😱 challenge 💪 from 🅱😮 a ↪ connected, radical, online-organizing community 🌈 of vicious white-nationalist 👱 terrorists. They ♂ are every 🚫 bit as 👦 evil as 💦😴 jihadists, and 💰 they 🙎😄 radicalize in 🔙 much the same way. 💫↕ And just 👌♀ like 👍💖 the ISIS terrorists our 💩 nation and 👏💰 our 🐕💰 allies have ⚠👏 confronted in 👏👏 the 👧 great 👍 cities 🏙 of 🚋 the West, they 👨 use 👏 the 👊👏 most modern of tools 🛠🛠 to 🗣 advance 🕑🕑 the 💞🅿 oldest of 💦💦 hatreds. - David French

Is Charles Murrays a beta? Why are people surprised by Girondin in debatealtright

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Thanks for the reply, your probably right she is not jewish, can't find any confirmation of it, I think I must have confused it with Robert Putnam (who has a jewish wife), usually you hear them talked about together.

I heard Emil Kirkegaard (see his review of human diversity) make the theory that his wife probably influenced him to take out the most offending parts out of the book:

In the acknowledgements, Murray tells the reader that his wife, who is also his editor, “tried to talk me out of writing Human Diversity” because of the previous bad experiences in the fallout of The Bell Curve. So perhaps Murray took his wife’s wishes into account to some degree, and avoided citing the most incendiary research on race in the hope this will save him

I read the book but I didn't read the acknowledgements, his theory makes less sense with her saying “Confound it!”. Emil doesn't mention that for some reason?

my theory: Emil is coping that Murray is a cuck and wont cite appropriate literature when he should.

[Podcast] WN 1.0 - Tom Metzger Interviews James Mason (1993) [01:33:30] by Jacinda in debatealtright

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Ive seen a couple of Metzger interviews and I was shocked by how normal he is, I am pretty sure if you told people he was a anti-woke leftist they would believe you if they only know from the interviews. I remember his public access show was slightly edgy though since he was appealing to punk audiences which were big at the time.

Amazon Studios releases "diversity and inclusion" manual. Explicitly makes White Men a minority. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Your ignoring the plight of dwarve-women, transgender realities, indian myths, the anti-racism and queer agnostics in the works of Tolkein - Tolkein Society

Amazon Studios releases "diversity and inclusion" manual. Explicitly makes White Men a minority. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Make Hitler a black disabled transgender.

Amazon Studios releases "diversity and inclusion" manual. Explicitly makes White Men a minority. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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I'm still waiting for my holocaust movie featuring a black transgender lesbian Anne Frank.

We also aspire to cast at least 10% of our roles with people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or gender non-conforming / non-binary; and 10% with people who self-identify as a person with a disability.

10% are not LGBTQ (unless we believe Alfred Kinsey's claim that 10% of adults are homosexual) most estimates ive seen put max 5% of the population as LGBTQ. Disability is pretty broad but most estimates I see put disability higher at 20%, so their under-represented. Amazon is Ableist.

LGBT discussion (science, morality, history) by Fonched in debatealtright

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First of all how many people have argued this in the dissident right? I have not seen this on amren, counter-currents (you can argue its a conflict of interest) or occidental-observer, Unless you are talking about Andrew Anglin and some twitter ppl we are not taking the L.

It is also not a unreasonable hypothesis, It is a fact that LGBT have higher rates of child abuse and higher rates of being sexual abusers. (see some research here their is a minor effect in the literature.)

LGBT discussion (science, morality, history) by Fonched in debatealtright

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Read the history of this stuff, notice how many of them are sexually deviant / non-normative. A lot of their positions is not grounded in objective reality but on personal wish-fulfillment. most of the experts are employed in gender clinics and/or gain rewards and prestige from advocacy groups, so of course their supportive of LGBTQ acceptance.

Im not denying all of their research or theories or whatever, but their is bias just like all fields of inquiry. like people in quaranic or biblical studies think it is more important then it is, sociologist thinking social effects matter more compared to evo psychologist who think biology matter more etc.

LGBT discussion (science, morality, history) by Fonched in debatealtright

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Don't trust any old social psychology or any old social science (pre 2000s before replication bias) they all have massive flaws in them. All major social psychology experiments you've heard (Milgram, Rosenhan, etc) are all false.

Evelyn Hooker study is treated like Gospel their are so many flaws. She already had an agenda before (the UCLA school of medicine founder preformed sex change operations), n=60 (30 homo 30 hetero) eliminated any subjects who were currently in psychiatric therapy, did three diagnostic tests with no oversight and discarded the results of two of them. I think it intuitively it makes no sense, as LGBT have much higher suicide rate and is contradicted by better data and method

Stereotype threat is fake (see Russel Warne, Emil OWK and sean last) so I doubt acceptance will really help them unfortunately.

Im skeptical of most histroical claims of gayness after I read "Sex Lives of the Great Artists" by Nigel Cawthorne, I assumed those claims were true until I actually read about it, guy has written like 20 books on sexual history. Nearly all of those claims come from gay rights activist, few from neutral sources.

I personally don't trust psychiatry I agree with the writings of Peter C. Gøtzsche and Thomas Szasz overall on the this subject. I don't like the language of "mentall illness" and I don't think its legimate unless brain scans actually diagnose mental illness.

Whitey gets a new holiday. Happy Juneteenth yall. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Read this book a while ago The Slave Narratives of Texas which is just a collection of first hand experiences of black people in slavery. Most of the stories were positive.

Whitey gets a new holiday. Happy Juneteenth yall. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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interesting she hates susan b anthony, did some research and she apparently opposed the 15th (also elizabeth cady stanton) amendment and supposedly used racist rhetoric in order to get women's suffrage (black vote will be hindered by white female vote etc), I am not sure how true this framing is or she just wanted to get southern females also into the women's rights movements IDK.

I assume she hates lincoln do to him appeasing the south, some historians think he would be an Andrew Johnson appeaser or was a semi-racist who grifted abolitionist.

though I don't think she thinks that deep probably just cause their white.

Do most Americans want to live in a multiracial neighborhood? by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Bill Maher really say this shit? Meanwhile he is literally moving to Idaho (I think this was in a discussion with Jimmy Kimmell who is also moving there)

When a Centrist finds himself defending White Nationalism. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Didn't know about this Tuam Babies thing, seems to undercut their point on the racist white Catholics who were genociding the Canadian Indians residential schools since the same behavior / predicament (if true) is found among whites catholic with whites schools at the same time.

They laugh at us by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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I'm very confused on what you mean. Languages evolve. "based" comes from hip-hop culture originally meaning "crackhead" but eventually evolved into positive connotations divorced from drug addiction, like "punk" which went from meaning effeminate homosexual to being cool.

most slang has pretty "cringe" origins, I personally still prefer "redpilled"

How Wikipedia's "Scientific Racism" article is viewed around the world. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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The russian article is straight up false Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss did not promote racial superiority claims, he was probably the most progressive of the racial scientist of his time and also the inventor of the spiritual race concept (he is basically race-oriented Husserl).

"Maybe God knows the hierarchy of races, but we do not."

EDIT: I decided to some more academic research on this, the book "Recognizing the Past in the Present: New Studies on Medicine before, during, and after the Holocaust" says Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss had a relativistic approach and did not put races on hierarchy.

Can anyone recommend us some motivating videos/channels during these times to avoid the black pill? by gerosjd in debatealtright

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maybe Dutton takes a different on spiteful mutant theory / SEAM then the originator Michael Woodley but he believes that it halts all real progress, he believes it is the scientific answer for the great filter and why their can't be any galaxy wide civilizations, see the chapter "biocosmic pessimism" and "enlightment never" in his book I mentioned ("modernity a bio-behavioral perspective").

Can anyone recommend us some motivating videos/channels during these times to avoid the black pill? by gerosjd in debatealtright

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He is probably the biggest black-pilled guy, have you read "modernity: a bio-behavioral perspective", spiteful mutant theory means we won't explore the galaxy or any other major civilizational endeavor. I struggle to watch him since he is so black pilling.

The left's Charlottesville in 2021? by lokke767 in debatealtright

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I am not sure if we can get republican unity beyond some rhetoric, recently we saw some the figure heads and pundits who are anti-CRT try to out-woke each other, it was so stupid, Claire Lehmann called out James Lindsay for promoting "white genocide theory", and wokal / Lindsay camp calling out her camp for race and IQ. hella cringe and just after this Yale lecturer debacle.

legislative action needs to be taken, restructuring the civil rights acts needs to be done. Will republicans commit to it?

haha when did Ryan got this based? by FoxySDT in debatealtright

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I actually didn't know Turkheimer was jewish, I see on wikipedia he is not listed on any Jewish category (things like people of Jewish descent, jewish american social scientists, american jews etc), it does list him as jewish on his early life.

Some of his essays mention it.

Funny: In Peruvian election, 80% of Peruvians in US voted for the ultra-right-wing candidate by lokke767 in debatealtright

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I would assume Peruvian Americans would support the more pro-US side since they live in US. Keiko Fujimori is obviously more pro-US.

Has there ever been a WW2 Vet who expressed regret for defeating the Axis? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Also remember that their was a large post-war literature that Hitler was jewish, globalist, a rothschild stooge etc, written by ww2 veterans (usually KKK members), it is obvious cope.

Some of them might not regret it but I am suspect due to the ridiculous copes they made that no historian takes seriously.

See the book "iron curtain over America", Ron Unz has alleged that this book was read by numerous high profile US commanders, and was the second most popular book on conservatism in the 1950s. some select quotes:

In a speech before the Dallas, Texas Alumni Club of Columbia University on Armistice Day, 1950, General of the Army D wight D. Eisenhower stated that as Supreme Commander in Europe he made a habit of asking American soldiers why they were fighting the Germans and 90% of the boys said they a had no idea. Very significantly, General Eisenhower did not offer members of his Alumni Group any precise answer to his own question. The high point of his speech was a statement of his hope that Columbia might become the fountain-head for widely disseminated simple and accurate information which will prevent our country from ever again “stumbling into war” at “the whim of the man who happens to be president” (notes taken by the author, who attended the Alumni Club meeting, and checked immediately with another Columbian who was also present).

The American soldier is not the only one who wondered and is still wondering about the purposes of World War II. Winston Churchill has called it “The Unnecessary War.” In view of our legacy of deaths, debt, and danger, Churchill’s term may be considered an understatement

... The facts and conclusions thus far outlined in this chapter establish fully the validity of Churchill’s phrase “The Unnecessary War.” The war was unnecessary in its origin, unnecessary cruel in its prolongation, indefensible in the double-crossing of our ally Britain, criminal in our surrender of our own strategic security in the world, and all of this the more monstrous because it was accomplished in foul obeisance before the altar of anti- Christian power in America.

According to a Gallup poll, 70% of Republicans support gay marraige by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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it is 55% not 70%, it is confusing since he leads it by saying republicans support it but doesn't say their number. He says the number of the general population, you have to read the graph and gallup report.

Republicans, who have consistently been the party group least in favor of same-sex marriage, show majority support in 2021 for the first time (55%). The latest increase in support among all Americans is driven largely by changes in Republicans' views.

looking at the graph it is interesting how we got majority in 2 years (2019 it looks to be a little above 40%), I guess the LGBT stuff of trump's campaign (lady maga, ricky rebel, rob smith, arguably Greenwald) actually worked?

How an activist Jew got gay marriage passed undemocratically "cancel culture works" by Girondin in debatealtright

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Very revealing article from the "newspaper of record", select quotes:

how each side was funded pretty equally

In 2004, when 13 states approved constitutional amendments against same-sex marriage, $6.8 million went to support their passage and $6.6 million against, according to an analysis by the National Institute for Money in Politics. In 2008, when three more states adopted constitutional bans, $49.8 million was spent in favor and $50.8 million against.

turn the tide, attack people personally

It was that year Mr. Karger decided to make famous every significant donor to the $40.5 million effort to pass Proposition 8. His group, Californians Against Hate, mined disclosure reports and listed everyone who contributed $5,000 or more to pro-Prop 8 committees on a “dishonor roll” website, with phone numbers and business addresses. Other activists made the data searchable via Google Maps, and he pitched out-of-state newspapers to cover local megadonors to the pro-Prop 8 group Protect Marriage.

ruin people's businesses

But Mr. Manchester did not remain sanguine for long. The next year, he dispatched an aide to an International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association conference with an offer: $25,000 in cash and $100,000 in hotel credits for dropping the boycott. No one appeared to accept the deal, and Mr. Karger kept up the pressure on the hotels, persuading business groups to yank conferences. In late 2010, Mr. Manchester was forced to sell the property.

they see that it works

“The impact of donors being scared off was significant,” said the National Organization for Marriage’s chief strategist, Frank Schubert. “The first thing they wanted to know is, ‘Am I going to be publicly disclosed?’”

they win the spending war

Overall, more than two-thirds of the money spent on ballot referendums in 2012 went to advance same-sex marriage. Only in Minnesota was there anything approaching parity between the sides. In Washington State, where Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, and his wife gave $2.5 million to a campaign to pass Referendum 74, which would legalize same-sex marriage in the state, proponents outspent opponents more than five to one.

PSA: bitchute is garbage use odysee instead by Girondin in debatealtright

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similar web shows the top referring sites for bitchute to be and godlikeproductions (both big conspiracy sites).

PSA: bitchute is garbage use odysee instead by Girondin in debatealtright

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I think this was a big mistake on the part of Bitchute (I understand it is a very small company and they lack resources etc) to never solve the upload problem, the difficulty of uploading makes it only appealing to dissidents, as a way to archive videos in case they get deleted or as a back-up channel it is pretty terrible. Now that they are taking a hard-line against dissidents is very unappealing.

Oddysee is very easy to upload and back-up on, around half of the normie / apolitical content I follow has a oddyseee (versus only 1 channel for bitchute), I think this will bring evasion, it was so easy to bring a media spectacle against bitchute since ALL of the content was far-right or conspiracy stuff. We have yet to see how odysee will handle the problems it will face but bitchute never challenged the system, it just caved in and keeps a "prohibited entities list" (what a vague term).

Currently odysee has 19.90M page views (per month?) vs 37.07M bitchute (similarweb statistics), though odysee has a upward trend while bitchute is stagnant.

If you didn't obsess over dinosaurs and Thomas the tank engine when you were little by sylla94 in debatealtright

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If you didn't obsess over Thomas the tank engine as a adult then your not actually autistic.

Exposing the group disparities = discrimination fallacy by Fourth_stage in debatealtright

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see also Zach's thread reader I am glad that so many of these twitter pundits are finally getting a blog. Twitter threads are unbearable to read, destroy it with holy fire.

Is controlled anti zionist and white advocacy the next stage of conservatism? by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Unfortunately it hasn't translated to any political action, haven't seen any conservative politician make an Israel critical statement, even the dissident ones like marjorie taylor greene (regularly called anti-semitic) or paul gossar don't break party line. The punditry class has to respond to the common concern. the ADL is so blatantly partisan and the hypocrisy on Israel so big you literally can't ignore it.

Was Gottfried Feder's desire to abolish interest ever economically viable? by douglas_walters in debatealtright

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I haven't read Feder's book but societies historically were able to sorta abolish interest. Code of Hammurabi and the old testament mention debt forgiveness after a disaster or certain number of years. A big defender of Interest Jeremey Bentham whose work "in defense of usury" lead to repealing usury laws across the world later opposed his earlier beliefs see "The True Alarm', most of which was unpublished for centuries.

Ezra Pound I know puts extreme emphasis on usury and its evils, I have researched him way more and I unfortunately have never seen a economist examine his fascist monetary theories (their is a interesting legal paper on his views of copyright). All of it is either literary criticism or historians, I assume Feder has a similar problem but even more so. Chicago school dominates contemporary US economic thought so it will be very difficult to find a contrary opinion.

TIL that Australian socialists founded a communist white ethnostate in the middle of Paraguay in 19th century by FoxySDT in debatealtright

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It is so clear the hypocrisy, The Nueva Germania colony, New Australia, and the first Aliyah (european jews moving into the middle east) could be described in nearly the same way yet their all painted with different strokes, their are leftist like David Woodard who paint Nueva Germania in a much more positive lens, making it sound more like the 60s communes since it was relatively egalitarian, vegetarian and was a "dropping out" of society.

Extra questions about Chauvin trial by Fonched in debatealtright

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Something tells me, however, that the case of these medical experts was torpedoed as the defense stepped in to make their arguments. What was this about exactly?

Im confused what you mean here, the medical experts were spouting total bullshit (particulary Toobin).

Struck me as kind of a quack tbh put a lot of stock in a theoretical model full of fake precision and denied categorically that there might be significant individual variation in the mechanism. His biggest whopper to me was his critique of positional studies involving putting weight on the backs of participants; he said that, because the study used flat plates, it’s an “order of magnitude difference” bc pressure scales with area. Obviously, while narrowly true, the pressure is then redistributed by the ribcage etc before inciding on the lungs. These sorts of things made me iffy on his testimony.

In general though he expressed most fully the mechanism that the prosecution proposes for GF’s death. While he mentioned the neck, a hypothesis the prosecution is clearly loath to abandon, the meat of it was reduction in lung capacity from positional asphyxia and pressure to the back. (It doesn’t really make sense for neck compression to have an additive effect with lung capacity.)

I was surprised that the defense barely mentioned wooden chest syndrome given that the prosecution’s experts made a pretty good case for asphyxia and that “normal” opiate deaths don’t look like that. Maybe they were banking on Andrew Baker’s testimony that in his opinion GF died of a cardiac event. In any case, curious to see what their expert witnesses will say.

I am also open to a few other things of note or any other sources that try to tell the prosecution’s story.

Read any mainstream newspaper or liberal blogger. For the defense read Andrew branca's blog for further analysis on the whole thing (comes in both audio and text version). For a quick summary see George Floyd Guide

Besides the episodes of jury intimidation and auspicious links to BLM, does anyone believe that the findings stated in the article (prosection's arguments) were items that drove the jurors to convict Chauvin?

Prediction markets were all predicting Chauvin to be free of any charges, but I know this cleary wasn't going to be the case due to Jury selection. Some of the ones picked include a BLM supporting Liberal Jew, a African immigration who literally believed black people are better and who watched the video 8-9 times, a social worker etc.

I watched the prosecution arguement and they were saying such stupid shit like how Chauvin has a heart the size of the Grinch's heart. It was very unconvincing, only if I already believed in guilt beforehand would I be convinced. We also learned after the trail one the jurors lied and was active organizer for BLM.

What would you say about the presence of other deaths purported to be caused by kneeling?

I find the claim to be bogus, It depends on the position, you can kneel on someone and it causes no real harm, Police are trained in the least harmful kneeling techniques, Chauvin did that technique.

TIL that Australian socialists founded a communist white ethnostate in the middle of Paraguay in 19th century by FoxySDT in debatealtright

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Bernhard Förster (who Nietzche vehemently hated) was apparently one of the leaders of the anti-semite movement. That page is filled with so much rubbish, like the descendants are all supposedly inbred and how they died due "overconfidence of the colonist's own supposed aryan supremacy", citations being dumb american newspaper (baltimore sun, altantic). The German language version (as with nearly every article dealing with German history) is much more neutral and doesn't have all this bullshit.

TIL that Australian socialists founded a communist white ethnostate in the middle of Paraguay in 19th century by FoxySDT in debatealtright

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From what ive read of Australian political history, Labor is cleary the more based side. Most of the anti-white policies like increases to immigration seem to have usually been implemented by the conservative side. Now both sides are anti-white but it shows that pro-white isn't exclusively a conservative thing.

Resources on Euro-Canadian treatment of Natives (Canadian Indian residential school system)? by Girondin in debatealtright

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Did some more searching and found some counter-narratives:

It should be remembered that in many cases the schools were a response, however inadequate and, admittedly, in some cases abusive, to the serious social problems of alcoholism, violence, and a welfare mentality that were already destroying native people.

Despite the warnings of historians against romanticising pre-contact native cultures, the political and financial stakes are high and the idealizing of the native past continues unabated, ignoring as it does anything which might contradict the ideal. The violence and cruelty noted by early ethnographers in their reports of native slavery practices and inter-tribal warfare, and the many inequalities which existed in the caste-like social structures of many native cultures, are now cut out of the history. They simply don't fit.

A number have even told me that their time at the residential school was the happiest of their lives.

Painting all residential schools, and by implication all who ran them, with the same brush as those schools where abuse occurred, neither serves the truth nor does justice to the memory of the many and there were many who served the native people in good faith and with much love.

The purpose of the schools was to help children, not only to take them away from potentially abusive situations, but to prepare them for life in the ever changing modern world. This did mean, however, that such education would be Western

as shameful as the government's actions have been in the past towards aboriginals, they were never about eradicating them.

Judge Murray Sinclair, who is a leading member of Truth and Reconciliation commission, stated that he believes it should be a crime to say anything positive about the residential schools or to deny that they weren't as terrible and evil as the media is promoting. He liked it to holocaust denial

The Global Technological Industrial System is Failing (The Chip Shortage) by [deleted] in debatealtright

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car manufacturers cut orders drastically early in the lockdown, which means component makers shut down manufacturing capacity. Demand came earlier then expected so their is a chip shortage.

chip shortage doesn't mean infrastructure collapse. I don't see how this is a big deal.

Two international radio shows you can call to discuss the importance of race by peaceful in debatealtright

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What prevents you from calling big shows like these to convince them of your views?

Are your sure free talk live allows race discussions? They kicked someone out for talking about race.

Chris Cantwell was one of the most talented cohosts we've ever had on Free Talk Live. In addition, he's a dedicated activist for liberty. He's known for having controversial views, and generally, that's a good thing for talk radio. However, recently he's been bringing up an issue that really shouldn't matter to libertarians - race. As a liberty-minded person, I know that individuals should only be judged by their words and actions, not the color of their skin, where they were born, their hair color, height, gender, or any other arbitrary factors. Even if it's true, as Chris has claimed, that asians score higher on IQ tests than whites and that whites score higher than blacks, who cares? If only the individual matters, what's the point of talking about groups? Talking about groups only divides people when we should be reaching out to people of all shapes, colors, and sizes with the ideas of liberty.
While I want Free Talk Live to be an entertaining talk show, and Chris is certainly an entertaining personality, the entertainment aspect of the show only serves to keep people listening to the principles of liberty and peace. Chris' opinions about race are not helping bring people to liberty and are in fact working counter to that. Therefore, he is no longer welcome as a co-host on Free Talk Live. - src (2015)

I think Jay Dyer has show on infowars, weather you like him or not he is a extremely annoying debater, who strawmans WN as "skin worship" (I think jones also though I barely have watched him). Im pretty sure their are some more open minded shows on infowars to call into.

Do you find it odd that no country bans race-mixing [today]? And diversity as a whole is still legal? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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that is a legal loophole (and also expensive), with COVID travel restrictions this has become impossible.

Arab and mongol invasions wasn't similar, at most you had to some border of Europe that was arabic and mongol (they are the closest similar groups to europeans and already neighbors) and were expelled, population genetics show little medieval mongolic and arabic admixture in modern Europeans.

what would make a non-white country like China different from Iceland? Im confused on what you mean, I follow a lot of china vloggers and china journalists, China expelled and deported much of their black population in Guangdong in 2020, their immigrating han chinese into Uygher areas (race replacement) and race mixing makes you socially ostracized, nearly all expats who marry chinese women in china marry divorcees who are already a lower social rung, a lot of chinese youtubers like Naomi Wu hide the fact they have a non-chinese non-asian husband since it brings social ostracization her account)

Do you find it odd that no country bans race-mixing [today]? And diversity as a whole is still legal? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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It is not like their getting banned from a "white church" imagine if the state church of denmark in the country banned all blacks from marrying, and their is no other way since their is no civil marriages. That is de-facto ban.

different tribes are not different races, this is a recent phenomonen, their wasn't hundreds of thousands of Chinese people entering Italy or millions of blacks coming to North America.

As I said these laws should be very rare, sanctioned countries, do not attract much immigrants so their is no race replacement immigration, and their nearly all mono-racial. Russia is multi-racial but Putin is not based, that is why it wouldn't happened, it's also very rare. I meant many Russians who say they first meet a non-white when they were in their 20s (foreign exchange students).

Do you find it odd that no country bans race-mixing [today]? And diversity as a whole is still legal? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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The vast majority countries are mono-racial and are not being activily replaced, literally no point, homosexuality (and probably transgenderism?) is something that has existed forever (condemnations exist in the Abrahamic religions) which you mention that their is legislation against that among states. Due to recency and lack of practical need for it their is no point in legislation, is their ayahuasca legislation in Africa? That is as rare is race mixing and is in 99.9% of places.

If you do propose legistation and it is accepted you are facing the collective powers of the NATO and globo-homo alliance. you are wrong that their is no country, Israel has a de-facto ban, marriages have to be done by the Rabbinate, their is no civil marriage (despite israel being quite irreligious), who also don't allow mixxed and inter-racial marriages, Ethiopian jews are largely banned from marrying

See this documentary Israelis want to marry but can't

Also most states have laws that make racial replacement impractical, places I thought were de facto white colonies when I was a libtard (Thailand, Phillipines) have laws against foreigners owning land or apartments, you can't just be birthed their and be a citizen, it is based on blood, you can be a citizen if marry your a native, the probability of your child marrying another native is high so their is no real racial replacement.

To any new nationalists: Telegram and Gab are now essential in getting involved. Here are a very small selection of links to nationalist communities. by Oingo in debatealtright

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It's been years since I made a telegram but I remember it did work back then. Burner is easier in the long term and for using multiple apps (I think google voice only allows 1 phone number per person?)

To any new nationalists: Telegram and Gab are now essential in getting involved. Here are a very small selection of links to nationalist communities. by Oingo in debatealtright

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ideally for opsec and security:

  1. Buy a burner phone in a store with cash.
  2. Wait a month or more, gives time for instore security camera storage to loop around.
  3. Travel to another town far away.
  4. Activate phone/sim.
  5. Use this number for telegram.
  6. Turn off phone, and never turn it on again - especially around your home town.

practically just buy a burner phone and use it

giving away your (real) phone number is basically the same as than giving away your Social Security number/Passport ID/National ID. It's pretty ridiculous that the most secure chat app (signal) requires this as well. Remember also to hide your phone number on telegram (i think it does hide it by default? but you should always check) and don't ever send any sensitive information, it is not secure.

telegram is way better then twitter (which also requires phone verification).

What's your opinion on social conservatism? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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I would consider myself a social conservative, I think the basis of it comes from a understanding of human nature and preferred preferences, it serves the end of human flourishing.

I do agree that some people are too deviant to flourish in a socially conservative environment. Ancient societies always had separate spaces for deviants, there was a bifurcation of society. I feel like puritanism is a false dilemma presented when that is historically what socially conservative societies haven't really done much. See Guillaume Faye "sex and deviance"

My negative definition of social conservatism is being against the rampage of what is now called "wokeism" / "cultural marxism". My positive definition of social conservatism is someone who believes in the importance of faith, folk or freedom.

Culture from the Right — A thread to post the last movie (fiction or non-fiction) you enjoyed or think others might enjoy. by Jacinda in debatealtright

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The last movie I watched as "jerk" (1979) I was expecting it to be an anti-racist film since it is about a white man who grows up thinking he was black and grows up in a black sharcropper household but this was just a comedic gag which I thought was super weird. I also thought it was weird how "racist" it was on mexicans (the depictions are extremely stereotypical and all the mexicans are bad people). Today the movie is seen as anti-black which is total horseshit.

It is a very surreal comedy movie, I didn't like it but it is apparently Kubrick's favorite film and led him to write eyes wide shut but I don't see the connection from watching the film.

Im thinking of watching "The Spook Who Sat by the Door" which is the black version of the Turner Diaries.

Announcing the 2021 American Renaissance Conference lineup by tantamle in debatealtright

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a lot of old-timers (Brimelow, Dickson and Taylor), I'm shocked Derbyshire isn't a speaker like last time, he used to denounce amren but after he got cancelled for "the talk" I guess he changed his mind. I am also shocked that David Cole is a speaker, I didn't know he was a racialist to some degree.

Only thing I dislike is that is their less of a European voice, other then Dutton but he isn't involved much in European affairs, they had John Morgan, Jean-Yves Le Gallou, Faye etc in previous conferences (and also more speakers).

Not a bad line-up.

Damn goys, its good to see this site come back by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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I don't know how BS it is or not but didn't ruqqus ban a meme group for hate speech recently? Not a good precedent.