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I'm mostly disappointed that they weren't being honest about their intentions until making the announcement. (And even then, the announcement has a lot of "corpo-PR speak" as some users have pointed out.) They should've made the announcement before making the rule change, not after banning ~40 guilds under the pretense of getting rid of "illegal speech".

At least they've finally made it clear that they aren't focusing on free speech anymore. I'd prefer a censored platform that doesn't pretend to be free speech to a platform that markets itself as "free speech" but censors whatever it wants.

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The Ruqqus team has done everything wrong every step of the way. I'm not surprised a bit that they did this part backwards. I think they even flip flopped and unbanned MGTOW.

Yes their intentions are perfectly clear, and they've thrown in the towel. I've been expecting it ever since they freaked out and added new rule and policy changes the day went down.

The silver lining to me is seeing people move to because it's decentralized and the best path forward for all of this "contentious" speech.

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Yes, there were signs all along the way. Even back in April 2020, they banned users (jasonkhanlar and some others) for doxxing when they posted the name on Bardfinn's reddit profile. Over the next year, they banned multiple users for unclear rules. They had a lack of communication with the userbase and preferred to post on the Discord. I guess it was clear they cared a lot less about free speech than they claimed to.

The silver lining to me is seeing people move to because it's decentralized and the best path forward for all of this "contentious" speech.

I agree. I'm not too familiar with how Lemmy works, but it looks like Votal isn't linked to any other instances yet. Maybe it will in the future.

I've also seen users moving to

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and the best path forward for all of this "contentious" speech.

I'm no familiar with votal. I would be skeptical that any single thing is the best path forward. I always advocated nobody become too invested in any single platform. Back in the early days of the internet, I was active on 10+ forums. When I started using Digg and Ruqqus, it was really lazy of me, because I could find a little bit of everything on one site.

Now, I'm more back to using about 6 discussion sites at a time, and that number is growing.

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Any worth mentioning?

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I don't know of any amazing Reddit-like-but-free-speech sites. Obviously, we're on

Most of the sites I'm active on are more niche interests, like

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I actually don't mind platforms which remove speech, so long as they're consistent with their policies.

For example, I wouldn't be offended if removed pro-Biden content. Nobody's being deceived or expecting the site to operate differently. The problem is Ruqqus was FAR from honest, and did one of the biggest and fastest flip-flops I've ever seen.

I mean even if you have a normie world-view, I get a mostly-free-speech website banning Nazis due to their history of genocide (though I'd suggest also ban the commies for the same thing). However, the MGTOW ban comes across as if they were taken over by some SJW types. Some of the guilds on the list I know had no advocacy of violence, or the guild itself wasn't racist. For example, BlackLiesMatter was about critiquing BLM, a marxist organization. Yes, racists would show up, as they tended to do EVERYWHERE on Ruqqus, but the guild itself wasn't racist. And I never saw anyone advocating violence, with the exception of people wanting to defend themselves from riots ... and the people in those riots were of every race.

As mentioned in my other comments, I never removed posts for racism from any of my guilds, because I thought it was counter to Ruqqus's stated free speech goals. Even though my preference would have been to remove that kind of content. Most of the overt racists on Ruqqus would just show up, drop a bunch of n-bombs and blame Jews, and contribute nothing meaningful to the conversation.

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They revealed the truth to discord mods in private channels and only came clean when one of them leaked it.