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Canada doesn't hide their agenda anymore. They're going directly for third world labor to crush living wages.

Nova Scotia long-term care home recruiting refugees in Middle East, Africa to work in facility

"We're not attracting people from Pictou County, Nova Scotia or even Canada," she said. "The role doesn't pay enough. There aren't enough of them and the workload is too heavy. So we're in a position where we need to be creative."

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Wow, can you imagine our elderly being mistreated by immigrants who have no clue as to our culture and values? This is beyond horrible.

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It is. Also ironic that once boomers are in these homes their negligence and selfishness will finally have come home to roost. Better late than never?

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Oh, the generational hatred. Stop that. It's part of the divide-and-conquer strategy used by the Jews to destroy us.

It isn't "the boomers". EVERY SINGLE GENERATION vows to do a million times better than the previous one(s) and goes on to utterly fail.

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The boomers simultaneously benefited from being the majority voting demographic and refused to acknowledge this and actively worked to undermine this voting majority for the future generations. Once baby boomers die off and older GenX start going we're fucked voting wise.

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The good ol it's the boomers fault, Psychological manipulation at it's best.

Now go back to reddit.

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Are they just blameless victims of the Jews?

Just infantile turtles on their shell wiggling around helplessly?

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What does the jews have to do with illegal immigrants, you implying they have something to do with it. As for boomers, we were not the ones needing cheap labor. We did the work are selves.

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Please don't tell me you're on the dar board and asking what Jews have to do with immigration in America. You must be joking, right?

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LOL I sure hope so LMFAO!

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So jews are telling people from Central America to come to America, LMAO.

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What does the jews have to do with illegal immigrants

Despite being 2% of the population jews are 33% of Bidens administration

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Yes, you vow to do a million times better. Yawn.

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So the only reason people hate boomers is because Jews tricked them into it?

Do you seriously believe this? They're just blameless little pawns of the Jews and hold not culpability for anything?

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No, the Jews trick EVERY SINGLE GENERATION using what brainwashing they've been able to push on them at the time. Each generation is different, and each falls FOR THE EXACT SAME TRAP which includes inter-generational hatred.

Children of today will hate their grandparents because they were "bigots" who didn't recognize the "validity" of insane trannies, for example. They'll state that the "inequality" and "hatred" and "non-inclusivity" of their imperfectly communist world is caused by their grandparents' blindness to the joys of "equality", "open-mindedness", and "inclusivity", in other words, absolute communism.

Every generation does this. It should stop, but nooooo...

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So your answer should be "yes". You think the reason people hate baby boomers is because Jews tricked them (along with other generations) .

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Tricked the boomers, gen X, Millenials, gen Z, and the next one too? Yes. Their "divide the goys and stomp on their faces FOREVER" scheme is amply demonstrated by history.

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Voting. Really. What has voting ever accomplished, except give you the choice of whose dick comes up your asshole as you get raped by the government's cronyism?

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The whole argument of "No Political Solutions" is kinda outside the scope of the argument at hand. If you want to argue voting is a farce that's something I'd actually agree to, however, in our system is does benefit to have a large group identity that votes more or less similarly.

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Direct democracy or nazism, those are the only two possible political solutions.

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I understand the latter, but how would direct democracy solve anything? With dwindling numbers that will only hurt your position, no?

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Direct democracy means officials can't be bought, and policies made BY the people, FOR the people. For example, voting the immigrants out of positions of power, requiring at least X generations of belonging to the nation before being able to work in certian positions or getting elected, etc. Basically direct democracy allows the largest group (still whites at this point) to dictate policy. It's good.

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Exactly! Why can't people see the obvious manipulation? The people in charge are using a hundred different versions of divide and conquer.

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Where's the lie in what I wrote? I'll take whatever allies we can find but I'm not hopeful for boomers to do a 180 before they disappear.

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Without the internet I would've never been redpilled. Never.

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You, just like people in every single generation that came before you, think you know the answer. The solutions. You don't.

The boomers tried "peace and love" to end war. Did it work? Nope. Your intergenerational hatred isn't a solution either.

But the point remains that every generation believes it's much better than the previous ones, that they know the solutions, and goes on to fail miserably, only to be blamed once they are in their senior years, by the younger generations.

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I have no stake in this argument at all, but you are wrong. No two generations have the exact same amount of courage, virtue, willpower and discipline. Some have a lot, others very little. This much is abundantly clear. This does not mean that people should seethe at the very mention of the word "boomer", but to promote false ideas is also wrong. Some generations are idealistic, others materialistic. Some are mature, others immature. Some are sober, others dissolute, etc. etc.

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I never said anything to the contrary. The one constant I named is that every generation thinks it's better than the previous ones. And this is demonstrably false.

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You said a bit more than that. You specifically said that every generation vows to do better and then "goes on to utterly fail". That is wrong. Some generations do much, much better than the ones before them and the ones after them. The way you phrased this next part can also be interpreted in a similar way:

You, just like people in every single generation that came before you, think you know the answer. The solutions. You don't.

This is perhaps the most typical liberal boomer cope. "Sure, our solutions are a disaster, but everything else is worse, so know your place and conform." It's the exact type of reasoning conservative liberals use to prop up their ideology all over the western world. It's a form of demoralisation designed to discourage young people from trying to do better, by convincing them that they simply can't. I know my answers and my solutions. If you think that you do not, what are you doing busying yourself with politics? Go buy Jordan Peterson's Twelve Rules for Life and start climbing those hierarchies, make some money - that kind of thing.

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Oh man. I have read that book of Peterson's. It's good advice, given by a very smart, wise and educated man who, due to being atop his Ivory Tower of scholarly life, is irremediably naive. "Hierarchies of competence" ROFLMAO. That's Jewspeak for "know your place, goy".

On a more serious note: YOU are stating that "the boomer solutions" are a disaster. I say there are no such thing as "boomer solutions". Each generation is brainwashed differently, and each behaves according to that brainwashing. How many zoomers lap up the Greta Thunberg bullshit? Environmental psychosis, the GenZ disease. I'm sure that will create amazing solutions such as feeding people on bugs and similar insanity.

Brainwash a Zoomer exactly like a Boomer was, and this Zoomer will approve of what the Boomers did. The Boomers didn't do anything WRONG: they were told the oceans could not possibly get polluted, EVER, NO MATTER WHAT THEY DID, that growth COULD be infinite, that machines WOULD allow future generations to work 10-hour weeks. IT'S WHAT THEY WORKED FOR. FOR THE FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Didn't happen? No shit, sherlock. The governments, controlled by ever-increasing concentration of money and power, allowed a tiny minority to become obscenely wealthy at the expense of everybody else. But the Boomers believed in capitalism and "democracy" because IT SEEMED TO BE WORKING AT THE TIME. And if you had been one of them, you would have believed it too.

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You sound like you might have been born between 1946 and 1964, were you?

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Yes, a somali immigrant will be abusing and neglecting them in their final year of life. Kunta Kinte will smile and laugh while they choke to death on their final salisbury steak, but at least they werent racist.

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That's been going on in the US for decades. I know people who worked at nursing homes in the midwest.

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If your target isn't zero, you're part of the problem. (Although I'd be fine if they were white, Christian immigrants, but we all know that number is very low anyway.)

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Number needs to be negative. Remigration is the solution. Send them all to Israel

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Not just Canada, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, , France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, UK and America.

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FYI, the problem is much worse than 400k legal immigrants a year. There's also temporary visas, and fairly recent changes in law regarding time to citizenship (Bill C6). Canada approves over 1M temporary visas a year and they're good for 10 years, so each year the applicants are an entirely new cohort. See below

Temporary Visas

In 2015, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada processed more than two million temporary resident applications and extensions, which was an increase of more than 18 percent over the previous three years.

Approval rate is usually around 80 to 85%, based on 2016 and 2017 data.

2016 it was 1,401,633 and 2017 it was 1,536,917 temporary resident visas handed out.

Bill C6

Changes in Bill C6 gave up to 1 year time towards citizenship for time spent in country as a temporary resident and reduced time to citizenship from 4 years out of the last 6 to 3 years out of the last 5.

Applicants may count each day they were physically present in Canada as a temporary resident or protected person before becoming a permanent resident as a half-day toward meeting the physical presence requirement for citizenship, up to a maximum credit of 365 days.

Within a few years time Canada will be diluting the voting power of the electorate in favour of foreigners.

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Thank you for this information.

It's absolutely insane how much people are being admitted when the infrastructure can barely support them all. In some cities, Hospitals have been so overcrowded, patients are nearly forced to die waiting in the hallways.

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Yeah, it's quite sad.

You would think a modern immigration system would be based on modeling relevant variables, e.g. country of origin, employment record, industry, language fluency, age, sex, criminality, probability of welfare dependency, etc. Even requiring English or French fluency would be a major improvement, but nope gotta create make work ESL programs. Since not having immigration isn't even on the table, there's no reason to not select the best and most assimilable.

Even when people are sponsored, sponsors are only required to provide for a few years which again is not sustainable or responsible.

About the only good news is that the immigrants tend to just move to a few places, e.g. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc. Some just desserts for people that like to bitch about living wages, cost of housing, and other socioeconomic problems that are exacerbated by Canada's excessive immigration numbers.

Bill C6 also had some other terrible changes such as removing languages requirements for under 18 and over 55. The Canadian government seems quite determined to manufacture problems, likely so they can expand gov't programs and taxes to address them.

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Why do you oppose immigration? The government and private sector are in lock step telling the public for decades that immigrants will just become new Americans. Do you reject the liberal egalitarian claims? Do you reject the assimilation narrative? If so how can you be so sure the government it wrong about immigrants but right about experimental gene therapies?

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Immigration doesn't have an end goal. This is problematic because unlimited resources and land do not exist, yet it's being given away to outsiders at an infinite rate. Even in the liberal fantasy event that says immigrants can be assimilated, infrastructure is more likely to collapse if we continue to transfer the entire's world population into highly dense and populated areas. Ironically, I did make a thread that did cover this idea. What happens if there's food shortages? The answer I got was millions of people are going to kill each other, fighting over the last berries they can find in a forest.

I don't see how vaccines put a stress on the native population. Quite the opposite. Having less sick people in Hospitals is meant to free up resources since Doctors no longer have to prioritize treating Covid patients vs someone who broke their leg or has a seizure.

Edit: Man oh man, I just remembered this oldddddddddddddddddddd video that put the entire immigration fiasco into perspective by using gumballs.

Funny thing is, when I first saw it (back in 2012?) I didn't think much of it. But now, it's more true than ever.

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It is crazy to think about that they give out more temporary resident visas every single year than many states have citizens in the US.

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Yeah, over time it adds up. That law was changed 5/6 years ago, so we'll start seeing the effects soon.

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Importing immigrants ≠ genocide

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You're right under a very narrow set of circumstances. If it's a VERY small group of immigrants and those immigrants are not used by a power hungry group of wealthy elites to wage war on the homogeneous native population then sure you're correct.


Let's say you have a tribe of 1000 people and you import a different tribe of 1000 people to live among them. You also allow the new tribe to practice their customs but the old tribe is shamed and strongly discouraged to envy the new tribe and not to have families any more at all because it's more fun to collect food and supplies for the new tribe members. Also consider all the signs around the encampment encourage the females to breed with the new males. Imagine if all the signs lie about the virility of the new males and anyone that points this out is shamed and gets all his food and status taken away. Finally, a good chunk of the land and resources of the old tribe are given to the new tribe because all things need to be 'equal' and historical 'justice' needs to be met. Maybe you could even give the women of the old tribe all the men's resources and give the men naked picture to look at in their huts to distract them from the rape and pillaging of their lands. Lands their fathers told them must be protected at all costs. When they seek god and family for help you tell them both are dead and obsolete.

I don't know of any tribe that would survive that process spiritually or genetically. They'd either disappear or become part of the new tribe.

That's genocide by most definitions.

Interview related

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The results are the same.

White people are made a minority. Immigrants [non-whites] become the new majority. The new majority votes to harm the minority population, who is going to stop them? The United Nations? Ha!

Forcing demographic change has always resulted in an in balance of power and dignity. Look at South Africa. We have 27 years of proof that ending Apartheid was a mistake. Even the Blacks suffered when Blacks ruled over them vs what the White Man did. Shittier economy, less food, and more violence. But the diversity of immigrants made it all worth it right? Nope.

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Have you read the definition of genocide? Yes, it does.

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Actually it's a massive weapon used by the CCP against Tibetans and the uighurs. They import large numbers of Han into these areas to dilute their culture and turn previously sovereign or autonomous areas into places where the Han will dominate. If it's genocide when it happens to Tibetans -- most serious observers acknowledge the policies in Tibet are genocidal -- then it's genocide when it's done to us.

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It is genocide. Globalist anti-white ideology combined with a networked deliberate targeting of white populations with "replacement" programs fully meets the UN's own definition of genocide. The UN, which is a preeminent vessel of the cabal and the cabal's key controlled nations, will probably amend their own definitions at some point with tricky semantics, much the same way anti-white jewish and black ideologies already proclaim, "whites can never be victims of hate!"

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Become a Catholic, get into politics and restore family over destruction.

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The Canadian government (like most other Western governments) is attempting to force population growth through immigration:

Here Comes the Flood: Justin Trudeau's plan to diversify rural Canada with foreign immigrants

In 2019, the Canadian government announced that it is going to import over 1 million racially diverse immigrants between the years 2020 and 2022. They also announced a new immigration initiative called the 'Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program', or RNIP. The RNIP is intended to be the solution to something that Canadian government has considered to be a major obstacle to their plans to diversifying the Canadian population: The vast majority of immigrants that come to the country settle in just a few major cities, leaving small cities, towns, and rural areas largely unaffected by mass immigration.

The goal of the Canadian government is to establish populations of non-Whites in select rural areas and small towns by carefully vetting thousands of immigrants to select the ones who are most likely to remain in those communities after gaining permanent residency. It appears that their hope is that these seeds of diversity will attract other immigrants to these areas and other rural parts of Canada over time. Vernon, British Columbia, has admitted that their goal is to attract over 90,000 immigrants to their region by 2028. [Cont...]

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That's over 1 percent of their population each year, if that sounds like a lot its because it is INSANELY a lot.

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This comments section is a mess.

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And nothing will be done against it. White Canadians do not care and ultimately you can't help people who don't want help. So when would you say is the cutoff point for Canada, when resisting is completely pointless and any Canadian nationalists should leave and help reinforce other fronts?