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The Israel sub has been locked due to massive hate attacks.

For every heavily modded post full of deleted comments attacking Israel on subs like publicfreakout, you can find several videos of some white woman getting beaten senseless for being "racist" with zero moderation, zero deleted comments, full of Jewish shills praising this violence.

The fact Jewish hypocrisy is coming back to bite them and they have to play the victim by describing the very same hate they dish out on white people as "hate attacks" when its directed at them is just an example of their own arrogance, hypocrisy and selfishness. They really seem to think they should never be judged by the same standards they direct at everyone else.

But dont worry, they are anxiously awaiting the next Michael Brown they can make a martyr of to distract from their own far worse crimes, without any foresight to see that this same tired tactic will again come back to haunt them. That the woke frankenstein monster they created is turning against them is what is known as karma, and its only going to get worse. The hypocrisy is just too extreme to ignore.

However bad this may seem, when you control the media, social media, the internet, and have a thousand aggressive and well funded lobby groups and bought politicians all working on your behalf, they will simply ride this out and suppress as much as they can while using controlled opposition to water down peoples anger, and they will be back to the same old shit without ever having missed a beat. We've all seen this play out before.

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It's worth noting that Jewish power doesn't stem from a giant mind control device, or a hive-mind.

Jews are overrepresented in almost every single media outlet and government institution proportionate to their total population. With that in mind, they are conscious of their Jewishness and therefore have an in-group preference, and will make decisions based on that. They influence popular opinion, but can't always control it. At best they're a very loose syndicate with a shared interest. They're not omnipotent. They're people, and things go wrong for them sometimes as well.

I don't get how this is difficult to grasp. We've never claimed that they were a hive-mind like those robots that control the Matrix (minus a few Esoteric nutjobs), we're just stating what naturally grows out of that power-dynamic that exists.

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Umm.. the executive of reddit (Steve Huffman) is a ADL partner, ADL is staunchly zionist. Lehava who perpreted the attack on Arabs is funded by Milstein family who also funds the ADL (source) I haven't seen the ADL part ways or condemn Milstein. Nothing has been disproven.

do we have a redditor occupied government?

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Why wouldn't the Jews in charge of Reddit censor anti-Israel hatred?

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obvious massive backlash, they recently had massive backlash a month ago since one of their staff mods was pedo-adjacent tranny who banned any criticism of them, which lead to many prominent subs temporarily closing as protest and the whole front page were posts against reddit platforming the mod.

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They censor as much as they can, but they have to pretend to be a grassroots website that gives people a voice. Trust me, when this dies down they will have another censorship happy crackdown on mods and posters who didnt tow their line, and reddit will be flooded with sob stories of Jews that had to endure "centuries old hatred" and how this means there still isnt enough censorship. I'm sure they will also blame most of the left wing hate directed at them on "white supremacists". Mark my words that is what they will do, if they arent doing it already.

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"claim"? Who owns the majority of Reddit? You can look it up on wikipedia. It is a jew.

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I think you confuse the idea of a claim that Jews have great power and influence with the claim that Jews are actually omnipotent. I find it a dishonest way of arguing because nobody actually claims that Jews literally control everything.

To your point though the mood in the world when these types of incidents flair up from time to time is always profoundly negative towards Jews. This is nothing new. But what ever comes of it? All we've gotten from the Biden administration is rather tepid pleas for calm. The right in America as always is cheering on like the blood thirsty drones they are. The world goes on.

See that's how actual power works. It doesn't come from how many anti-israel comments people make it comes from institutions, politicians and media and Jews have access and influence in those things even if they aren't literally in control of every single human being on earth.

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You know about AIPAC and ADL? I want to see your face when you discover that there is a controlled opposition in the world in order to victimize Israel, like ONU, for example. (this has 3 parts)

These links are very very well summarized information, only shows the tip of the iceberg.

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How do you reconcile this with the belief that Jews control everything?

I only believe there's certain truth to how Jews are talked about by media. I only agree with the alt-right that "anti-semitism" is an invented term used to hand write criticizing a very specific people. And it's pretty damn hard to have conversations with normies who think calling out certain Jewish behavior also means you're 5 seconds away from joining the Wehrmacht...

But I absolutely reject the hypothesis that Jews/Zionists have to control everything and their power is somewhere unlimited. I rather trust the paradigm that any race or gender make up a global elite with goals of undermining the majority population. It's actually better to think this way since a world , even without Jews, will still have problems.

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They don't control 'everything'. But they control a lot? How many politicians spoke out in favor of Palestine? 5? 10? Yet they don't control all political power in this country?

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Just think, 10 Jews can steal nuclear triggers, spill Uranium all over a small Pensylvania town and get away with it and face no jail time and the residents of town have to face the brunt of their subversiveness.

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There are more Jews that participate pro-Palestinian activism than are antisemitic.

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No. There are not. The majority of Jews are Zionist and the Jewish leagues for Palestine are mostly gatekeepers and controlled opposition and have defamed Alison Weir many times.

How about the anti-Zionist Zionist orthodox Jews? Well, they're pro-Palestine but all non-Jews are lesser beings and they can join them if they become Noahides.

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I was speaking primarily of Jews that oppose the actions of their tribe as a whole, which are hard to come by. Most Jews being Zionist is true, especially for the wealthy ones/seats of power.