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I've always suspected that the obsession with "wholesomeness" in the trans community was really a way of compensating for how unwholesome all of this actually is.

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Wow I watch shows about this subject and it is really sad. I have known someone who was into kink and pretended to be trans for a while. Yep disusting food, drugs, sex toys, you name it all over the place. She keeps losing places so they can't get too gross but damn how do these people function? Guessing men are even worse!

Sorry you had to see all that because of your dad. Absent fathers have a special place in heck in my opinion!

You seem like a strong individual I hope you have success in life. Glad you are paid well at least, thank you on behalf of society.

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Any particular shows you can recommend?

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I think one was called Crime Scene Cleaners on YouTube it is rather low budget but they had some interesting episodes and it is short. They are out of Florida and the company is run by a woman if I remember correctly.

Otherwise, shows like Hoarders or The Hoarder Next Door can show how gross people can get. I just look around on Youtube and sometimes find shows from other countries. There was one that put an OCD clean freak with a hoarder I have to find it again. Finding out why people live certain ways has always fascinated me.

I might have to go down the rabbit hole and find some links to share.

I have known several hoarders personally so I find this is cheaper than therapy 🙃

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I'm so glad you shared your story & experience in crime scene cleanup. These people are delusional & suffer from mental illness, but you can't say that. Heck, on YouTube I mentioned how transwomen (men) getting vaginoplasty surgery was essentially an inverted penis & open wound. I mentioned that it also needed frequent intervention to keep the wound from closing (healing) up. Nothing derogatory or inflammatory, just facts. YouTube would automatically delete my comments. YouTube & other corporate social media sites can try to censor/delete the truth, but trans individuals are still miserable & fatally harming themselves. Society at large should be ashamed of themselves for not helping these individuals, but instead gaslight their delusions by putting them on magazine covers, & naming them "Miss/Mr." of something they're biologically not. It's not helpful to them & give them even more entitlement of forcing their delusions on the greater society.

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you have to change up the order of your words, sometimes misspelling some & replacing letters with numbers, in order to be able to post comments/replies on Youtube.

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Wow, this is really heavy. I am speechless after reading it, but thank you for sharing.

Do you work with somebody else on these jobs? Like, have you been able to process this with anyone personally? You said there aren't many women who do this job, but have you spoken to the men about it? If so, what do they say?

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depending on how bad the cleanup its 2 other guys to a whole team of 8, alot of them make jokes about it when we clean up the scenes to cope with the sheer volume of crap we have to sift to get to the actual mess. its gotten to a point where I have no empathy for tims really, like I've cleaned up literal sex dungeons, and found csa matieral that caused a delay of a clean up for a half week.

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Wow, that was a fascinating read. If you've got the time you should attend some creative writing courses & then turn this into a book, without censoring anything. Someone will want to publish it eventually, once this insanity has blown over. Alternatively, there is the straight to Kindle publishing that Amazon I think offers.

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Thank you so much for sharing this highly insightful experience, however horrid it may be. This should be somewhere where more eyes can read it. I hate that the GC spaces are spread thin and less active now.

I have watched documentaries on crime scene cleaning. That is a bit of a misnomer, since as you've illustrated, most are unattended deaths due to disease or suicide. I've been looking to get into the field myself. My first question would be, what is the average age of trans identified individuals who've committed suicide? I have a hunch that the TIFs are younger and the SRS TIMs older, closer to middle aged.

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This is fascinating stuff. It's interesting how when I first dipped my toe in the gender critical pool my opinion was something like "no trans people are sick or disturbed, they are normal people who were simply unhappy with the gender blahblah, but still males shouldn't compete in women's sports etc.", but the more I read about this and the more posts, videos, interviews etc. I've seen from tims I came to a place where I read your whole post and just nod my head at everything you said. The loneliness, the depravity, their family having nothing to do with them... It just makes sense.

I would like to ask how often on average is it you have to clean up a tim suicide? Once a week? And same question for tif suicides. Also, why do you think the primary reason for tif suicides is?

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Yeah, but I wonder which comes first for many of them - the depravity or the trans identity? The movement itself encourages members to act on their basest, most disgusting desires, there's no filter for any of it and nothing is ever over-the-line. There is no line for this cult. Which is not to discount the responsibility of their actions for those who fall into it, but I don't believe all of them are lost causes. They're junkies seeking more extreme fixes. What they need is psychological intervention and a way of out of their cult. That's my hope, at least.

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I live in a city with a high prostitution problem and alot of them fall in to the gay lesbian and trans catagory once a week I am called to clean up a tims mess when they 41 percent after buyers remorse. Tims in my area are known for doing sex work to pay for their transitions versus needing to do it to survive unlike the regular addict prostitutes that do it to pay for drugs or cover their debt for drugs for pimps who keep them in prostitution. its like once a week with tims ending their life after the chop, based on the sheer amount of sexual based things we throw out, I'd say buyers remorse, tifs I said buyers remorse, too, but less sexually based and more like the realization that they're not going to be able to live their fuijioshi fantasy romance because gay men want men and not women larping as men, based on the fact I find animu stuff scattered around tifs house and room. but also vanity can take a factor in it too, like the realization that they made a mistake and instead of transitioning back would would mean defeat they choose literally to die on that hill. women tend to end their extistence in way that that saves their faces and not leave a mangled corpse.

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Thank you for this very educational post. Top 10 ever of what I've seen here, on ovarit and RIP, our old r/gc.

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Everyone who reads this post should be aware of the latest in the Jonathan Yaniv saga.

Yaniv got SRS in early January. He has since complained about his "clitoris" falling off, though he claims now that it was "buried" underneath what he now calls "two vaginas" as a skin graft grew between them, but he's still all about telling people he thinks he has a chance with that he wants to "eat their cheese" and how everyone starting from GenderTrender and Meghan Murphy on up to Kiwifarms and now

I doubt JY does it like the OP says though. My guess is that he just keeps eating whole chocolate cakes as a diabetic when he needs a sugar fix and accidentally 41's himself that way if the neovag doesn't go full necrotic first. Chances are someone in OP's profession will eventually end up there, throwing all Jon's perversions literally into an incinerator.

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Yaniv is a pathological liar. He told Blaire White he was intersex and literally had both types of sex organs. Hemaphroditism isn't a thing in humans. I highly doubt Yaniv actually got SRS. If he did, whatever doctor did that is guilty of malpractice, given Yaniv's blatant mental instability.

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Check out and kiwifarms. He not only had it, but sent pictures of it to randos and "love interests" on Twitter. (The picture of the latest, which we call "poopgina" is on Kiwifarms. As far as neovaginal disasters, it's about a 9.

Trigger warnings and all, but if anyone wants to see it's right here.

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Kiwifarms posters are braver than the Marines. Thank you for your service.

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Start of your post is so typical male abuse, and then they are saying that they are victims of domestic violence, because being misgendered - but the fact that they completely ignore their family and demand center themselves is not seen as such.

And yeah, I've seen few times statistics that suicide ratio is increased after transition. While wokes are saying it must be "a cure" instead. Looks like they have a lot of inner mental problems but instead they being told "you will be cured once transition", but it never happens and after cosmetic surgery nothing really changes, as real issues were never adressed. And now they went full way, got no solution, there nowhere else to go for "more" solution, as endgoal was reached, and there is no way back anymore, so they are ending suiciding.

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Thats really interesting, thanks for posting. I've thought occasionally about going into crime scene clean up because I am a night person and would like to get into a job that works nights. I don't know if I'd be able to handle it, though.

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BTW OP, is your father still living and do you have any contact with him directly or thru sibs? Are u still in touch with sibs?

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my dad hell no, my siblings, occasionally when they come to ask for money from me.

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Fucking wow. Thanks so much for sharing this. I guess more of them than we think are essentially Buffalo Bill.

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It wasn't me, but someone saw this and posted it on lipstick alley.

Like any public post, this one has the potential of going viral.