TRAs claim their belief in "gender" is not an ideology, and calling it "gender ideology" can "do real harm uwu" by Realistic_Abies in GenderCritical

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gender ideology left unchecked will erase the rights that women and LGBs fought for

I would even include "TI" in that statement—minus the new gender ideology and colonization of women's rights.

Margaret Atwood stanning how sex doesn't really matter by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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It's like an exhortation to "forget everything you know" which is precisely how cult brainwashing works.

You know who should be defending J. K. Rowling? Judy Blume. by NDG in GenderCritical

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In the woke framing of things, "silence is violence" so maybe she's still on the good side. I agree her voice would be an important one to add to the conversation.

Is the overall GC community more right or left-leaning? by veruscka8 in GenderCritical

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Originally by definition—yes.

But if the world has shifted and radfems are the ones now saying hold on, we're still here and women are still women, that's a seemingly conservative opinion these days, in relative terms.

Really I don't know what these terms mean anymore when nobody can even agree on objective reality. I say that's a man, and I think how could anyone disagree but there we are.

Do any of you still lurk on reddit? by Wrang1er in AskSaidIt

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No. A few times I've seen someone post some meta-reddit drama and thought I might go check the comments. But then I think, do I really care?

In an open letter, a former clinician of the UK Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) describes her experience. by Bitchcraft in GenderCritical

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risk of being called transphobic

Risk? If this means a risk of having your actual words misrepresented by a name designed to diminish you—then call me names, I don't care. It sounds so officious to say "transphobic", but it's really a childish made-up word that doesn't actually mean what it says, and doesn't remotely represent anyone that I've ever met. I don't know why anyone would take it seriously and give it power.

I think my daughter is close to peaking by Feather in GenderCritical

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She realized that "the stuff only TERFS say trans people do" is stuff a lot of TiMs do.

Technically this is called projection, and it's very common among those who lack a requisite minimum of self-awareness.

Canadian Television c.1980 : Zoom the White Dolphin, Doctor Snuggles, Once Upon A Time... and c.1984/85: Mighty Orbots by JasonCarswell in ObscureMedia

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Thanks for sharing! I vaguely remember Once Upon a Time, and maybe I saw a Doctor Snuggles once. Apparently Peter Ustinov did the voice... Cool.

Woke-hating Lefty, here after the GenderCritical ban by RuinedSpiral in Introductions

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I'm curious if you actually have an example of an unwelcome woman forcefully inserting herself into a group of men. I'm not claiming it could never happen, but in my experience it's predominately the other way around.

I don't really see this polite request as a double standard, it's just an observation of what necessitates itself based on human behaviour. Do you think more men get caught peeping in women's changing rooms, or the other way around? Is it a double standard if it's 100-to-zero men needing to be told not to do that?

It's similar with conversation spaces. Personally I think it's fine to join in there and ask questions or share how something connects to your own life, but too often a man will come in to say he doesn't see things the same way (no shit), and try to debate "as a man blablabla". Too often those opinions are tired and unoriginal because they already exist pretty much everywhere else.

r/BanFemaleHateSubs is banned. here is the list : by AlissonHarlan in PinkPillFeminism

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I guess kink supersedes all other protected characteristics. Clown world.

Killer mike explains how you are a cuck that will never be free unless you change your ways. Not just for black people, for everybody. by Jesusstein in conspiracy

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This is too much truth to handle.

“If we are pressuring women to pursue jobs and careers over family and homemaking, then we are still oppressing women." - Mrs. Midwest by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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It's kind of disheartening that this is put into a context of "submission" though. There is nothing submissive about being a mother!

Oregon Department of Education LGBT2QSIA+ Plan June 2020 by genderphedbs in GenderCritical

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The algebra works either way, it's still equally divisive.

The users of are White Knight Simp Cucks by professional_incel in Introductions

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You have some kind of psychological problem that manifests in irrational hatred of women. OK, I get it.

But why would you even concern yourself that women are over there speaking without you? It's probably not healthy for you.

Best of luck with your issues.

General George Washington. June 29, 2020. #RipAmerica by itlog in conspiracy

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If his revolution never happened, and the world was still living under imperial monarchies & colonial territories—would there be more, or less inequality in the world? Would there be more, or less slavery?


Oh. What am I saying... It's 2020, rational thought doesn't even enter into this.

Suspicious Activity by Bahgawd in GenderCritical

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I just closed my own account, I'm so done with that place, who needs it.

I've heard of some people having their account banned for simply upvoting something that goes against the rules, so who knows.

More proof these people are terrorists & fanatics👇 by reebok300 in KotakuInAction

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Remember that one time Reddit banned that sub for "threats against police"?

YouTube Removes Chess Podcast and Issues a Strike for Mentioning the CCP Cough. by hasapoint in KotakuInAction

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"White needs to hold on to his advantage over Black in this position"


Remember when Reddit quarantined a subreddit for "threats against police"? by slushpilot in MeanwhileOnReddit

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So the sub in question is the infamous The_Donald, in case that wasn't known. I was never big into that community, but I was subscribed and it was kind of a hilarious place. Everyone hated it, and that made it even funnier.

Some months after the quarantine, the Reddit admins wanted to install a panel of mods of their own choosing, and the subreddit mods rejected this. Instead, they locked the sub from any new posts, mod-approved posts only. This was effectively the death of it, and the community migrated to their own site off reddit.

Now, it was just "banned" with great fanfare after being silent for months. It's the first one listed in all the news articles about the ban wave. Wow, so brave, Reddit!

I am a right-wing feminist, so reddit has banned me on a number of fronts. by ech in Introductions

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You sound awesome. Welcome!

Is there no way to get back on reddit? And to get back GC with all its threads? by Voyger in GenderCritical

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Just walk away from that toxic relationship. I would never trust Reddit again.

Who are the main advertisers on reddit? I would like to know so I can try to avoid using those companies. Same for Condé Nast. Is there a sub that follows that? by DonDraper in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Welch’s—don't they make prune juice?

Explains some things.

Only hate against "majority" groups to be allowed under Reddit's new identity-based hate speech rules by Drewski in SocialMedia

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The sad/funny thing is how this is based on such a myopic US-centric bias. Who is in the "majority" and "minority" shifts from region to region, and even over time as evidenced by different election outcomes.

So if you're in a South Africa subreddit, it's perfectly OK to disparage black people?

Makes perfect sense in reddit world.

Can we please have a conversation about ACA 5? by whereswhat in politics

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The opposition section is quite informative

It is also 20x longer and much better sourced than the support section. Good luck California, knock this down.

Hypothetically speaking, if the "white race" were superior to the "black" race, how would human history be different? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Sounds dumb but whatever... First, I think you'd need to define what you mean by "superior"—by what metric?

There's some censorship going on in the newly popular feminist subs and it needs to be openly addressed. by ccccccc in SaidIt

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Off-topic to your point, but drone bees only mate with the queen. If you wanted to gauge her "interest", it's the queen herself that leaves the hive to go on mating flights.

Leaving Reddit for trying erase women. by hylia in Introductions

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I feel the same, and I think you're pretty much on the same page with the GC crowd.

Pointing these things out so people can question whether the grass isn't always greener is apparently "hateful" though. As if that's what is keeping people out of the exclusive club, and not reality itself.

Leaving Reddit for trying erase women. by hylia in Introductions

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r/GenderCritical was specifically the one place on Reddit where the fact that "sex is real" and "woman = adult human female" was openly promoted as a basis for understanding reality. If those facts can no longer be acknowledged on Reddit as simply and directly as that, then I don't think it's hyperbolic to call it "erasing women".

Yes, there were male-populated subreddits removed too. But I don't know of any that were specifically speaking to existence as a male in society and critiquing the law & culture around that. Maybe you know of some niche sub I'm unaware of, but r/GenderCritical was a flagship community.

I joined reddit 11 years ago, back when free speech was considered a right. And preferable. by randomfemale in Introductions

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Welcome... Same. I still hold what I think are liberal values, too. But apparently things like enlightenment values translate to "far-right" over there.

I'm guessing you've found s/GenderCritical here, too?

So RIP the Subreddit that saved me from being trans. by blahblahgcer in GenderCritical

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You can loosely translate it as self-loathing or a lack of respect for yourself. Often by starting to believe in what you think men want from you, and shaping yourself into that self-image for the sake of men—or else the other extreme of denying your own womanhood because of what it entails.

Proof that Reddit's banwave was extremely misogynistic by cantkeepquiet in GenderCritical

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Oh, that was rhetorical... also the fact that r/GenderCynical is still up there gloating that the TERFs got knocked out—that kind of says it all.

Woke-hating Lefty, here after the GenderCritical ban by RuinedSpiral in Introductions

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Case in point: They want women only spaces, but would not extend the same courtesy to men

No, that's false. There was a r/GenderCritical and a separate r/GenderCriticalGuys sub for a reason. Interesting conversations in both. Same issues, different perspectives.

The Jessica Jonathan Yaniv situation summarized, and why it remains important by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Oh wow, I had no idea about Glinner getting banned.

People celebrating the banning of GC. by nonpenishaver in GenderCritical

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I think you'd find many more conservatives who say "girls can become anything they want" before you find one who says "girls can become boys" though.

ThisNeverHappens went down about an hour ago... by TheFemMyst in GenderCritical

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Very interesting that a sub dedicated to posting ONLY factual news headlines was just banned for "hate". Facts something something Feelings.

Amazing that you were able to grab this. Maybe you could start s/thisneverhappens here?

The Jessica Jonathan Yaniv situation summarized, and why it remains important by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Just curious, why do you indulge him with a "they"?

He did lie to that tribunal about his "parts", obviously, as if we didn't know that. I guess because it wasn't a real court there's no contempt or perjury.

Proof that Reddit's banwave was extremely misogynistic by cantkeepquiet in GenderCritical

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I thought r/GenderCriticalGuys was set aside as its own space to keep women's voices in the center of attention. Not that men were forbidden from posting on GC, just that it would sometimes derail discussions.

Still, the guys in that group were pretty much saying the exact same things that got GC banned. Men aren't women, etc. I don't understand the double-standard.

Does anyone else feel that division between 'Left' and 'right' only serves to further divide us? by Freshly_Squeezed in conspiracy

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Thank you for saying what I've been shouting on Reddit but could never find agreement with. I'm new here. I think I love this place.

Does anyone else feel that division between 'Left' and 'right' only serves to further divide us? by Freshly_Squeezed in conspiracy

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Do you think the polarized division in your country could ever give rise to a third party?

I thought the Tea Party was supposed to be a kind of "pox on both your houses" vote, but I guess any independent voice that dissents from the Left gets easily picked off and branded as "extreme right" because they can't even get along with the Republicans...

Coming From Gender Critical by Cocolaty34 in Introductions

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Depends. Which feminism are we talking about? Liberal Feminism is a trash fire, I'll give you that.

Welcome to the new Gender Critical! by radfemanon in GenderCritical

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That chart is going to tell an important story once the "cliff" gets added to the end in the next few days.

That ban wave seems to have just started by deAccount in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Gotta say, r/NGTOW being banned is just... wow.

Can't have black people with dissenting opinions I guess! Same as for women and r/GenderCritical not going along with "transwomen are totally women"... Let's see what else is in that list.

  • r/rightwing (see: r/leftwing)
  • r/RedPilledMuslims nope, can't have that.
  • r/exposeCulturalMarxism or how would we promote it then.

That ban wave seems to have just started by deAccount in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Well, they do call everything they collectively own The Peoples’ so there's that.

So RIP the Subreddit that saved me from being trans. by blahblahgcer in GenderCritical

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I'm worried about the detrans community now.

It's mainly focused on support, but that does often mean bringing up and questioning the same things as r/GenderCritical did in order to see things as they really are. If Reddit is not allowed to acknowledge physical reality then I worry that sub is next against the wall.

It's also going to become a magnet for political discussion, when that was specifically against its purpose.

So it's come to this. by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Discussing the fact that sex is real, that women's rights and trans rights are in open conflict, and that "gender" just means "sex stereotypes" which we should be wary of. (i.e. Wear what you want but that doesn't literally make you a woman.)

Really hateful things, basically.

So it's come to this. by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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We're NOT commie pawns

I agree, and I think this is far from a monolithic community on this front.

The theory of class oppression is baked deep into radical feminist theory though. That school does provide a valid criticism, in that women need to speak for their own rights—but that's about as far as I subscribe to Marxism, personally.

Lately the language seems to be centered around more concrete issues like "woman: adult human female" and pointing to physical facts rather than a certain class theory of "patriarchy", and maybe that's an evolution that will sound convincing to more people across the political spectrum.

My new subreddit was banned. by teatii in GenderCritical

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You might be confusing r/GenderCritical with other "feminist" subs. I very rarely saw any banning there.

Unlike other "feminist" subs, it was one of the least toxic (i.e. no "educate yourself") communities.

Saying that "woman" is a physical reality is what got it banned—that's not karma, that's a double standard.