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I can only imagine. The subscribers to TD and those other subs are way more numerous and more spiteful than we ever were on our worst days. I highly doubt GC posters were sending other people death/rape threats, yet WE were tagged/targeted/followed.

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GC posters said TIMs aren't women. That's literally killing people.

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I'm assuming this is an /s post based on post history. Unfortunately given the current social climate, I do not know. :/

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Yes. 110% sarcasm.

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I can't be the only one who realized participation in GC means "auto-ban" from other communities... so I stopped posting in other communities. And... I've never been banned from them, so I'm not ban-evading if I post there now.

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Hmm. They didn't like people having private discussions in their own subs so they burned those subs down and erased their history. Now these homeless people, donning their new cloaks of invisibility, enter the arsonists home subs and ruin their discussions until the members leave of their own accord. Sounds more like justice than revenge.

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Hoist by their own petard

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Someone sent me an email on Saidit stating that I must have liked censorship until it happened to me. I do not and did not agree with censoring. I thought that quarantining particularly egregious subs was a good middle ground.

Banning subs, and censorship in general, has unintended consequences and that which was in the light, goes underground and may cause more damage when it is not easily seen.

In the same ways that TRAS are now hunting for any perceived transphobia on Saidit and are irritated that they are powerless to stifle GC dialogue here, they may already fall into the category of “be careful what you wish for”.

I think hypocrisy bothers me the most. Reddit left all the violence against women subs up but banned gender critical for its dialogue which TRAS hated. At no time did anyone wish harm to come to TIMS but we sure as shit did not want them to work constantly on the erasure of biological women or to speak for us.

They did and still do, wish death on us, to choke us with their (notgirl) dicks, etc., etc. The things that they say to and about women are horrifying.

We never did anything like that but yet, they remain and we were banned.

What did this really accomplish for Reddit and the TRAS?

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What’s worse is they allowed the men’s GC sub up. Deliberate attack on women.

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It assuaged their deep need for control and their right to a hugbox.

Seriously, that admin who shut all the female-focused subreddits down is probably wanking over it right now.

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LOL to be fair the caphillautonomouszone sub deserves all the hate and "brigading" it gets (it's probably just that half the sub regulars are there to laugh at the catastrophe) and they shouldn't have expected anything different.

But yeah, once people move off reddit they have absolutely nothing to stop those people from "brigading" other subs. Should have thought of that earlier.

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Damn, this was removed so quickly, not even ceddit / removeddit got it, at least not entirely.

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LOL. I think I have the screen-shot, but can't really post it on this platform.

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upload to imgur, post a link?

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Don't have an imgur account. EDIT: Crap, I can't find a screenshot. I might not have taken one since I knew I couldn't post on one here. Maybe someone still on facebook could ask that guy if he can pull his comment up.

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Ceddit and removeddit have gotten really bad at retrieving data in the last year or so. Since it happened to both of them at the same time, I assume it's because Reddit got better at making it difficult to retrieve data.

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r/caphillautonomouszone is pretty much my exhibit A for this. Everything is downvoted immediately by the brigade, discussions are impossible to maintain because dozens of trolls will obfuscate or derail any discussion, and people have abandoned the subreddit rather than deal with constant harassment. So a place that used to be a source of good information was immediately destroyed once the great ban occurred.

oh you mean like men coming into our subs and derailing our conversations to make it all about them so that's why we had to leave and get our own space for ourselves? no, can't relate

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The post histories of people that posted almost exclusively in these subreddits are all gone now as well so it is almost impossible to tell whether you are speaking to somebody in good faith or if they are some former T_D troll.


Awww, do their little stalking browser add-ons not work anymore? Are they now running the risk of agreeing with a gasp deplorable?! The horror!

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Given subreddit-targetted bans and tagging with MassTagger, anyone that cares to be even slightly subtle runs multiple accounts on reddit to avoid people digging through their post histories.

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They can still detect multiple accounts, though.

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Admins can, but can subreddit mods say "ban anyone with an account that posts on this other subreddit"?

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I guess if you‘re a power mod/admin, you have access to tools that allow you to do so.