China's 12 Point Plan for a political settlement to the Russo-Ukrainian War by Nightjar in geopolitics_neutral

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They pretty much don't come down hard on anything, and make a bunch of statements that I think pretty much everyone agrees on, e.g. a negotiated settlement should be obtained, global supply chains shouldn't be disrupted, nuclear weapons shouldn't be used and nuclear plants should be kept safe, civilian casualties should be avoided, etc.

Interestingly, they do say Ukraine's territorial integrity should be upheld, but they don't define how they interpret this, e.g. 2014 vs. 2022 pre-referendum vs. 2022 post-referendum borders.

Sudden heart attack deaths by Dragonerne in whatever

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I've still on the fence about this. COVID itself is awful for your heart. 2.3% of the infected get sub-clinical myocarditis. We are still waiting on what the number is for the vaccine recipients.

But given that the disease itself causes cardiac issues, I wouldn't be surprised if all this cardiac disease we are seeing is just caused by the virus. Eagerly awaiting the vaccine studies.

Analysis of how many artillery shells Russia has left. by Nightjar in geopolitics_neutral

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Yea. Apparently an artillery gun can shoot 2,500 rounds before it needs a new barrel. Claims for artillery shots per day range from 10,000 - 50,000. So Russia is effectively going through 4-20 guns per day. Pretty crazy.

Patrick Lancaster Hasn't Posted a Report For Over a Week by raven9 in WorldNews

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Disclaimer: I'm mostly pro-Ukraine but acknowledge valid Russian points, though in my opinion do not justify this invasion.

I watched all of Lancaster's videos. I think he in the beginning he was clearly pro-Russia. But with time in a very subtle fashion I believe you could see him questioning his original views. He would ask questions such as "How do you know there are no civilians at these coordinates, have you confirmed this?" to artillery soldiers and the response would be something along the lines of "No. We don't check. We just trust there are valid military targets at the coordinates provided to us." As a result of these instances, I think he slowly started to change his mind.

In later videos, and this is my conspiracy theory, he would actually have information in his videos that I believe were tactically useful to Ukraine, e.g. munition locations, but in a "playing dumb" manner. If so, I wouldn't be surprised if at best the Russians just stopped allowing him to film behind enemy lines or at worst apprehended him.

Analysis of how many artillery shells Russia has left. by Nightjar in geopolitics_neutral

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This video makes the argument Russia has between 5-15 million rounds of artillery in storage. Author also makes the claim Russia is likely shooting ~10,000 rounds per day. Russia can also make approximately 2,500 rounds per day. At this rate, Russia would have enough rounds to keep this rate of firing for ~2-6 years.

This isn't to say Russia can supply this many rounds to the front, given logistical challenges, as explained in the video.

Russia is weaponizing its energy exports and decreasing gas exports to Europe as their heads of state visit Ukraine. by Nightjar in geopolitics_neutral

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Russia decreased the amount of natural gas to Germany via the Nord Stream pipeline by 40%. In addition, Russia also decreased the amount of natural gas to Italy by 15%.

None of this is technical, as the gas compressors Russian is referencing have been being repaired in Canada for quite some time. Thus it is political and Russia is weaponizing its natural gas exports.

These decreases come at the same time that Italian and German heads of state are in Kyiv.

The response has been a sudden 63% increase in natural gas prices in Europe, which are now about 1,200% higher than they were over the past decade.*1

This clearly seems to represent a threat to Europe "Do not help Ukraine further or we will cut of your gas supplies entirely and no amount of money will keep your lights on or your homes heated." This could potentially explain the sluggishness with which Germany is moving with regard to supplies arms to Ukraine.

An interview with the Ukrainian commander whose surrender might have had the single largest contribution to Russian forces occupying the southeast of Ukraine. He is now defecting to Russia. by Nightjar in geopolitics_neutral

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This man is Kuzmenko Dmitry Victorovich, who as I understand was the commander of the 194th Territorial Defense Battalion in the Kherson region, which again to my understanding was the force tasked with defending Ukraine from Russia incursion via Crimea.

An interesting thing he mentions is that he surrendered his forces and didn't fight back, as opposed to in Kiev, Kharkiv, etc. I wonder what the reasoning was.

One possibility is simply that he was pro-Russian this entire time and wanted to see Ukraine reabsorbed into the Russian Federation. Another possibility is that he simply didn't think Ukraine would be able to hold their own against Russia and as such there was no point, in which case he is probably surprised that Kiev, Kharkiv, etc. were able to defend their territories.

Regardless, his surrender of these Kherson region defense forces without a doubt explains why Russia was so easily able to take the Kherson and Zaporizhia oblasts so quickly. For the Kherson oblast, this is self explanatory. And for Zaporizhia oblast, presumably all their forces were prepared to defend against Russian forces coming from Donbass territory to their east, not from Russian forces coming from Crimea to their west, as it was the job of Kherson defense forces to defend that axis.

What's also strange is he looks morally totally defeated, not enthusiastic at all. I wonder what is going on through his mind. Perhaps he really thought all of Ukraine would fall quickly and regrets not defending Ukraine as was done elsewhere and feels guilty for not fighting back and instead being responsible for Ukraine losing 2 oblasts, when retrospectively they probably could have held the Russians back if they tried as was done elsewhere.

Additionally, he also talks about active partisan elements in Kherson.

And lastly, the Russian flags in the background and portraits of Putin should squash any doubt as to what Putin's intentions are with this territory, he intends to bring it into the Russia Federation, although at this time Russia state media is denying this.

Overall, fascinating interview.

What are your honest thoughts on Bernie Sanders? by mortyposter in politics

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True. But he's using rich people as a scapegoat as opposed to the policies that they created. He blames their being rich as the problem, not the policies they support that enrich them. Subtle different I grant you, but it matters.

What are your honest thoughts on Bernie Sanders? by mortyposter in politics

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He's either retarded or a genius grifter. One or the other.

He literally takes all of societies ills that can be tracked back to government policies and then blames rich people.

Wealth inequality worsening since 1970s? What year did we go off the gold standard?

Labor union participation worsening since mid 1960's? What year did the government start to allow immigration from the 3rd world?

Healthcare is too expensive since the 1960's? What year did the the government became the biggest purchaser of healthcare, driving truly private healthcare basically out of business, but refused to negotiate down drug prices, service prices, etc?

The list is endless.

The companies hijacked the governmental regulatory bodies overseeing them so they can do anything they want... It's called Regulatory Capture by magnora7 in corruption

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Actually, I think it's the reverse. The government pushed for these people to be in charge of these companies, so the government could indirectly push for policies that would otherwise be considered unconstitutional.

Government can't legally prevent you from speaking?...Twitter enters the room...

San Francisco school board member facing calls to resign over racist tweets: Many Asians use ‘white supremacist thinking’ to ‘get ahead’ by Happy_Blueberry3910 in politics

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Absolutely not. This is where the left is going to get into a shit load of trouble. For whatever reason, whites are very tame at this point and let people abuse them.

Asian tiger Mom's will rip your throat out if you get in the way of their child's success. is now up and looking to become Reddit's replacement by [deleted] in whatever

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Fuck that cesspool, banned me because I was only 80% pro-MAGA.

Nick Fuentes banned on Dlive by arainynightinskyrim in debatealtright

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This is the dumbest thing I've read in a while. Right wingers just need to setup a parallel internet, e.g. just as the Chinese internet is separate from the global internet. It will be a pain in the ass, cost a lot, and take a while, but it can be done. Gab is at the forefront of this.

Trump deletes tweets after being banned from Twitter [Updated] - Imagine companies that are so powerful that they can force the most powerful man in the world to self censor. Big Tech is flexing their power in this election to force other politicians to fall in line. by awdrifter in politics

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I don't understand how this isn't common knowledge. The second the user base of big tech platforms dropped by 20-30% after all conservatives left, their stock prices would have plummeting by 50%+, and shareholders would have demanded free speech.

Trump deletes tweets after being banned from Twitter [Updated] - Imagine companies that are so powerful that they can force the most powerful man in the world to self censor. Big Tech is flexing their power in this election to force other politicians to fall in line. by awdrifter in politics

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Trump is a cuck addicted to social media dopamine. His power move was to delete the app and move to Gab and Parler. He's too weak for that.

One Does Not Earn A Billion Dollars by EndlessSunflowers in LateStageCapitalism

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Once in a century plague comes along. Company exists because founder and original employees created company that let's everybody stay home, order goods, and not die. Company is very successful as a result and founder and original employees because very wealthy.

Late State Capitalism: Fuck these people.

British businessman bets $5million on Donald Trump winning the US presidential election in 'largest political wager ever made' by AziBase in news

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By definition, somebody is on the other side of that bet.

Swedes migrate from Sweden to Eastern Europe, USA, Australia to escape Islam plague & Muslim savages by CANDYPANTS in politics

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Austria? G'day mate. Let's put another shrimp on the barbie.

American Health Care by EndlessSunflowers in LateStageCapitalism

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The alternative: You go around with guns and force other people to pay for his cancer treatment because that is clearly the more moral choice.

i voted by [deleted] in politics

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I disagree with your decision. For better or worse (I would argue for worse), we have a first-past-the-post voting system. The correct decision is to vote for the lesser of two evils. If you want change, that is what primaries are for. Or you can lobby for a different voting system.

Do you think that the sheep mentality of people is due to low intelligence or ignorance by PencilPusher55 in AskSaidIt

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Neither. We are social animals. It is typically in our interest to go with the group consensus. By going against the consensus, you are taking a lot of risk. It might pay off, but it is a large gamble.

The best example of this is probably is with east asian countries. They have the highest IQ's, but are extremely communal societies, hence they have a lot of groupthink.

Let's Be Honest Folks by Drewski in politics

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The Dems have gone so far left that Trump, who is left of center, is now considered far right. Hats off the dems, they got exactly what they wanted.

Salesforce Inc. tries to sabotage the "freedom friendly" social networking site Ruqqus by smart_jackal in technology

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I'm on both. What other sites are there?

"It’s easy to be a communist in a free country. But try being free in a communist country." - Aubrey Huff by muellermeierschulz in quotes

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The correlate to this is that you have NEVER seen a leftist voluntarily leave the US to move to Venezuela, North Korea, etc. They are full of shit and they know it. They are just angry about their economic status, but rather than channeling their anger appropriately, e.g. as motivation to do better in life, they would rather just virtue signal and at least feel successful in some sense on the social hierarchy, i.e. they are the most woke among their peers.

If they were to move to Venezuela, where the revolution has already taken place, not only would they be poor, but they couldn't virtue signal anymore and so wouldn't feel elevated on the social hierarchy either.

BREAKING: Twitter Censors Trump By Completely Removing His Tweets For First Time - The Donald - America First by christnmusicreleases in censorship

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Even if Gab crashed, all the headlines would still be "Trump leaves Twitter and moves to Gab. Millions of followers leaving Twitter for Gab are crashing site." This headline would still cause Twitter's stock to collapse and result in the firing of Dorsey within a few days. The new temporary CEO would reach out to Trump saying they will stop censoring politicians, and Trump could come back to Twitter in a few days.

BREAKING: Twitter Censors Trump By Completely Removing His Tweets For First Time - The Donald - America First by christnmusicreleases in censorship

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"There's not much he can do about it."

Step 1 - Open an account on Gab.

Step 2 - Post on Twitter to his 83 million followers "Too much political censorship on Twitter. From now on I will be posting on, follow me there."

Step 3 - The rest of the Republicans follow suit.

Step 4 - Tens of millions of conservatives open Gab accounts and stop using Twitter. Daily Active Users (DAU) plummet.

Step 5 - Twitter stock drops 40% within 1 month.

Step 6 - Jack Dorsey and all top executives responsible for cancel culture are fired by shareholders.

Step 7 - New CEO is appointed, declares Twitter will be a 1st amendment platform, all legal content will be allowed.

What's with all the anti-Jewish stuff on this site? I can understand being anti-Israel or anti-government or anti-media, etc. by Grateful in AskSaidIt

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A few thoughts come to mind:

1) Jews own or to a large extent run a lot of the platforms people use to communicate and convey information. So you often aren't allowed to criticize them; antisemitism is the most punished form of racism and as such is typically simply not allowed, at all. As an example, Nick Cannon has been saying anti-white words for a while, no problem. But the day he criticizes Jews he is pretty much de-platformed. Since this is currently a free speech platform, you will see a lot of things you won't see elsewhere.

2) Jews tend to not assimilate as well as other ethnicities. For example, any 3rd+ generation Italian, Irish, Pole, etc. will have almost completely assimilated into society. They won't speak more than a few words of Italian, Polish, etc., they will just have vague stories about their grandparents cooking certain food. They will consider themselves firmly American (in the case of America) and act as such. With the exception of their last name, you couldn't guess their heritage. Your average jew, despite many generations of residency, considers them jewish before american. They are part of a global tribe. In the most extreme example, you have the Hasidic/Ultra-orthodox communities who completely keep to themselves and barely speak English if at all, despite being here for almost a century at this point. This can be seen with extremely high rate of intra-faith marriage and the often mandatory conversion of a non-jewish spouse and the raising of their mixed children as jewish.

3) Many jews will put the interest of their homeland, Israel, above that of their host nation. As an example, if you went up to the average jew and asked "Do you support this $40 billion military aid package to Israel?" They would say yes. If they proposed a similar military aid package to Spain (in my case), I would say "no" without any hesitation.

4) Jews really tend to look after their own. For example, a 4th generation German with the last name Schmidt hiring a new employee would think nothing of an applicant with the last name Fisher. The thought that they share a common heritage most likely wouldn't cross their mind. However, Jews tend to look after their own, hire their own, contract out to their own, etc. I have to imagine this creates resentment.

5) A large part of it might just be jealously. The data shows Jews are almost a standard deviation more intelligent than other groups, so are very successful and over-represented in high level positions, as would be expected. This probably creates resentment among your average person.

These are just some thoughts. I personally like most jews and have a lot of good jewish friends.

Drone footage of Uighurs being taken away by magnora7 in WorldNews

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So that is what real oppression looks like?