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He's either retarded or a genius grifter. One or the other.

He literally takes all of societies ills that can be tracked back to government policies and then blames rich people.

Wealth inequality worsening since 1970s? What year did we go off the gold standard?

Labor union participation worsening since mid 1960's? What year did the government start to allow immigration from the 3rd world?

Healthcare is too expensive since the 1960's? What year did the the government became the biggest purchaser of healthcare, driving truly private healthcare basically out of business, but refused to negotiate down drug prices, service prices, etc?

The list is endless.

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    True. But he's using rich people as a scapegoat as opposed to the policies that they created. He blames their being rich as the problem, not the policies they support that enrich them. Subtle different I grant you, but it matters.

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    My vote is grifter, just not genius. He was kicked out of a Vermont commune in 1971, not only for talking politics while not working like everyone else, but also for keeping the other residents from working by running his mouth. I call those types productivity vampires. They will wreck your labor force if you don't get them under control or get rid of them.

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    Hospitals, by law, operated as non-profits up until the very early 1970s.