"Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy." -Winston Churchill by sproketboy in quotes

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That describes most of marxism or communism, not necessarily socialism. Because of the way our corporates and capitalist ecosystem works, some amount of socialism is a necessary evil. But its application must be in sync with reduction in income inequalities and not neo-marxist fundamentals like racism, metoo, etc.

Do you hate modern western software? by fschmidt in programming

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It started happening the day they invented neo-marxism around 2000 AD, a strange ideology that forces you to be blind to all the good and wholesome things in life, and see only the thorns and depressions.

Fear of Authoritarian Regimes Is Pushing the Film Industry to Self-Censor by Drewski in Movies

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Nah, fear of "authoritarian fascists" would have pushed its content in a totally different direction, this is fear of authoritarian communists.

Today's dismal state of freedom and privacy on Android platform yet again proves that Stallman was right by smart_jackal in politics

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Totally agree, cultural/toxic Marxism riddled with extreme political correctness and cancel culture is where our society is heading and large capitalist companies are the direct beneficiaries of that. There can be no denying that the corporates themselves are driving this culture to keep the competition in check. Its astonishing how they can get away by associating this toxicity and political correctness with Marxism or Leftism of any kind, perhaps the abysmally deteriorating low IQ of the average person is responsible for that.

The “marxism“ of RMS/FSF is of the economic variety that seeks to bring control to the masses by making the source code free of restrictions for the commons. At least that's the theory but the Stallmanists also live in the same world as everyone else, so its possible that some of them might be influenced by the political correctness lobby too.

Today's dismal state of freedom and privacy on Android platform yet again proves that Stallman was right by smart_jackal in politics

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Stallman's free software movement has the least to do with Marxism. In fact, commercial companies use GPL licensed software too. Ever heard about Red Hat, IBM, Novell, Canonical, Automattic, etc.?

JK Rowling claims society is on brink of 'medical scandal' over transgender issues by 1donteven in politics

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Like her penned character Albus Dumbledore, she is also taking all the brunt for speaking the plain truth.

Search engines you probably don't know of by realpanzer in Internet

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Not nearly enough. I'd also like to know their skin color and the pronoun they prefer against their name at the very least. /s

Another migrant from reddit saying hello by infpmmxx in Introductions

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Welcome mate, I'm a reddit migrant myself. Yeah, censorship is at an all time high on reddit presently, its as if they are shooing away users themselves for some reason (probably server load, lol!).

Linus Torvalds has been reduced to a political puppet by his far-left masters by smart_jackal in politics

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Yes and I've also heard about a conspiracy of him falling for a #metoo honeypot trap by some SJW feminist. Very spooky indeed if true.

Epstein Judge Assassin Previously Worked for US/Israeli Intel-Linked Firm by Marou in news

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Where he worked previously shouldn't really matter because people in that profession are easily bought and sold.

Build your first Android apps with the Kotlin programming language by Nasroo in programming

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Is there a way of building an android app without using a bloated IDE like android studio? The good old ADT plugin was much better in terms of performance, these days you need no less than a super computer to get an APK build done!