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I've had people who aren't /ourguys/ hit me up asking me about Palestine and saying they've noticed people are being antisemitic recently lol.

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Well I hope this free speech can be maintained. IBM has already pulled out of advertising on Twitter because of these comments, sad.

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IBM pulled out because Media Matters pressured them. The guy who founded them, David Brock, used to be a Republican but in 97 suddenly changed sides and went on to praise Clinton. I think they have something on him.

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Elon will keep the lights on. Any Jewish-influenced business will do whatever they can to shut down this messaging because it's opening people's eyes.

"You mean all we ever had to do was stop supporting Israel and none of this would ever have happened?"

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IBM has the free speech right to also not advertise on something if they don't want. But I guess the worry is that Elon will bring back censorship if he loses money with less advertisers. I think also IBM is down in profits, who do they make any more? So they're just advertising less anyway.

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IBM got out of the PC business 20 years ago. Now they do technology consulting, infrastructure, and software.

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While I think Elon's pockets will help for some time, the bad PR is here and I have seen losses in Twitter's valuation. Normies and leftists are also averse to the increased right-wing speech, so they are banking on Threads/Bluesky/Cohost/Mastodon. The site becoming another Gab or BitChute is not going to help the movement.

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yeah advertising was going down ever since elon brought censorship down, but of course with more censorship less real people used it, befote twitter tried to make up for that with bots. But advertisers want real people to see their ads. So I think it evolves to some sort of medium level of advertising and censorship/bots. Right now adervtising is going down and censorship up, that might get back to a different level again.

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Mastodon is a joke. It's a small circular hugbox, heavily censored with no reach.

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Seems like the left wants an ideological divide, if they decry the most mainstream platform for being more lax on speech. What to do?

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That's one of the highest-content statements I've seen in a long time. So much you need to know to understand these phrases and concepts, and there's a few I don't get in there.

It would be great if things like this could be broken up into small explained without jargon statements.

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JQ - the Jewish Question
Keith's BanTheADL campaign - Twitter movement
ZOG's - Jews
GAE - Global American Empire

"Support for Israel is collapsing even among young American Evangelicals" - Evangelicals and others believe Jews must occupy Israel for the second coming of Christ so they're typically big supporters. A wrinkle in this is the Ashkenazi Jews actually being European genetically so maybe the proper Jews don't occupy Israel after all.

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Yeah, that's great but this needs to be reduced down to normie sized pills. 3 out of 4 of those weird people out, and ideas like ZOG turn people off altogether. They won't listen.

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It's not really a normie sub. It's only a normie oriented thread if people specifically make a thread asking for a simplified explanation. We use to have a LOT of those on reddit but not much anymore due to the small size of saidit and other factors.

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Who said the audience was other people on this sub? Aren't you one of the paid posters on Saidit?

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Aren't you one of the paid posters on Saidit?


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and there's a few I don't get in there.

Such as?

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I think it's good that a healthy xebate is going on. Elon stated facts. People question now, finally, why jews were promoting woke policies and things like Soros paid prosecuters not to enforce laws. At the same time, smart people realize Israel was attacked by savages and is right to bomb the hamas supporters. Because you'd want USA to bomb the hell out of any terrorist group that attacks and rapes your women.

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Origin of 4/20

"I didn't even know he was sick..."


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I think it's too soon.

If Israel was really in trouble, why didn't Iran & Hezbollah open a 2nd front when Israel was at their most vulnerable (i.e attacked on the yom kippur holiday)?

As soon as the U.S moved their ships and a nuclear submarine into the region it's been all bark and no bite.

The real test comes with what Israel does with the Gaza population. Netanyahu keeps threatening to exile them to foreign countries, but no one is prepared to accept 2 million refugees. Even Egypt says Israel trying to resettle Palestinians in the Sinai would trigger a war.

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no one is prepared to accept 2 million refugees

They'll probably send them to the anglosphere and western Europe.

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I am not seeing it. Mostly Trans flags and Israeli flags around here. I don't use Twitter, so I don't know what's going on there, but antisemitism will get u fired still.

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So ... you support the current thing, then, eh?

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For the last couple of months the amount of red pilling on the JQ has been stunning

Agreed. I was going to make a post to the same affect. Glad you made one.

It's raining red pills. It started with Keith's BanTheADL campaign and it's now culminating with Israel's reign of terror against Gaza. We're watching ZOG's propaganda empire crumbling in real time

You left out the zoomers on tictoc getting redpilled by Bin Laden, Cadance Owens successfully trolling Benny Boy, and of course there's Musk's epic "you have said the truth" tweet. There's absolutely some type of snowball rolling...

Support for Israel is collapsing even among young American Evangelicals.

Thank the Lord. I said this WAY back in 2018 when I was still fairly new on r/debatealtright and somewhat freshly JQ pilled. When the 50-60 some odd million white pro natal evangelicals wake up and turn on the jews it's going to be chaos for the establishment and potentially a civil war type scenario.

Just go on Twitter and you see our talking points everywhere.

It really is incredible isn't it?

here's no way ZOG can recover from this in the long-term

That's wishful thinking. Don't underestimate the enemy.

Jews can only stay in power if their proverbial hand is hidden.

100% agree and they haven't quite built their perfect drone/ai controlled society that they can just rule things with the push of a button. This awakening is not good timing for them.

Anyway, this is just the beginning of a series of white pill content I will be posting. The next one will be even better. Stay tuned

Awesome. Looking forward too it.

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Musk's epic "you have said the truth" tweet.

I actually mentioned that.

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That's correct. My bad.

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100% agree and they haven't quite built their perfect drone/ai controlled society that they can just rule things with the push of a button. This awakening is not good timing for them.

It's perfect timing for us- however. White Power.