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Wayofthebern is unironically based though. What is your problem with them? Do you support Ukraine and capitalism?

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    What was the context? Were you defending muh based azog battalion?

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      Whatever. I welcome more communists and socialists coming to this site. We need a socialist website that also allows criticism of jews. I thought that is what leftypol is but they banned me for naming the jew.

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      Leftypol is entirely dedicated to spamming random 4chan boards with their tranny bullshit. Literally no board can escape it, they even spam on obscure or entirely apolitical ones.

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      I'm all for uniting in our hatred of kikes but it's pretty fuckin reddit faggotry to ban people for disagreeing on there.

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      Oh fuck off Bernie supporters. Spineless fucking cowards like their messiah.

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      Wayofthebern is anti-bernie though

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      Is it really?

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      If I understand correctly, WayOfTheBern started for Bernie, but after he obviously sold out, TWICE, they became much more critical of everything - much like TumblrInAction is not about Tumblr.

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      it's too bad most of DaR didn't follow us to Saidit when we were banned,

      Agreed. It's a shame.

      I have already gotten some weird passive-aggressive pseudo-ban from their subsaidit that seems to have been copy/pasted from their reddit moderation policy.

      Which is funny because they are literally migrating away from reddit because they don't like the corporate control and elimination of third party apps. It's funny that they would show up here and continue to be smug about their moderation.

      Does anybody with tech experience know if reddit making it's API private will effect saidit?

      Another helpful site for people following all this drama:

      paging /u/jasoncarswell

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      (Good thing I stumbled on this. I haven't been checking my messages for a few weeks. Thanks for the ping.)

      IMO most folks talking about their sub communities are overlooking the fact that folks don't all belong to a single sub, though they want it all in one place as they are lazy.

      It seems to me that rather than a single-point-of-failure site like SaidIt, or decentralization model like Lemmy (problematic Woke vs Deplorables cleavage), a bottom-up fork from Lemmy would make more sense to me where the USER MAY DECIDE which community/topical instances to participate in (or not), rather than the default arbitrary decisions of decentralizing admins.

      Further, for the zillionth time, we need bottom-up self-regulating communities. I only touched on the idea again moments ago, but can get further in detail about how it could actually work. Here's more: /s/SaidItCommunity/comments/au2g/how_would_you_reorganize_our_saidit_community/

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      I think on Lemmy you could just host it on your own server and do whatever you want, all the others can do is ban you from their servers. Basically what Gab did on the backend with the same Fediverse code to ensure they'd never go down.

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      Yes. However, what I'm saying is that "all the other[ admin]s" should not ban you from their servers, rather, the individual users should decide who they want to block or not.

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      Keep in mind the admin pays money out of pocket for maintaining these servers, so I think blocking servers against your ethos, or otherwise damaging your vision is perfectly fine. If it was totally peer to peer rather than federated then what you're saying would make more sense.

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      Freedom is not necessarily tied to finances. Many admins get support from communities. Many don't do it for the money. The finances point is moot.

      If more platforms were peer to peer apps using different protocols there'd be no need for servers and that distribution would be ideal - in an ideal world where everyone had good tech. The reality is different - yet the goal remains to do better. Something in between could be developed. I suspect the powers that should not be are maintaining this divided paradigm.

      It's not about what I personally would block. It's about what the individuals want to individually see - NOT the admins, moderators, nor any kind of "authorities".

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      I suspect the powers that should not be are maintaining this divided paradigm.

      no, it's just difficult for these things to reach mass adoption. there was a p2p reddit clone 6 years ago that died out.

      It's about what the individuals want to individually see

      this is how tiktok/reels works and it's pretty effective at piping me racist content even on my personal accounts. zucc knows me...

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      there was a p2p reddit clone 6 years ago that died out.

      Time to resurrect it. Call it Zombit.

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      Would be pleased to see such a thing revived, hope you manage it

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      Maybe LemmyBB too.

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      I don't care what political views you have. You can be LGBTQ+ for all I care. As long as you are against the jewish overrepresentation in positions of power, then I am your ally.

      We need to restore equality to this world. Free the workers from jewish usury.

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      Stop using terms like "equality". They're enemy terms.

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      I don't care what political views you have. You can be LGBTQ+ for all I care.


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      Yes, I agree, but at the end of the day, the jew is the root cause of the problems. Remove the root and the leafs disappears.

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      > against [...] overrepresentation in positions of power

      > Free the workers from [...] usury.


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      I wish other ban exodus events could have ended up all in one spot. TD, FPH to name two that I enjoyed reading at times. Pol Compass Memes should move over.

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      We need to redpill genuine socialists. They're already halfway there. Conservatives are a lost cause.

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      Don't Reddit our Saidit.

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      What's that sub about?

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      A more active saidit is ultimately a good thing as more like minded people will discover our sub, unfortunately we don't have the luxury of deciding which communities will be the first to migrate to saidit and make it a more popular site.