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Faggotry is a social contagion. As long as it’s accepted, and propagandized, you’ll see a lot of non-faggot faggots.

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So long as they BELIEVE they're faggots, goal achieved by the degenerates.

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Our need, or a humans need, to be apart of a group is insane. I have no understanding what so ever why people want to be in groups.

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Animal instinct. As man evolves, being part of a group becomes evidently a vestige of the ape.

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My niece's friend is "non-binary." He's exactly the same as when he identified as a gay kid, except this comes with more woke points and he gets to demand everyone call him by a new, stupider name.

It's pretty superficial for most of them I imagine. Just going along with the fad.

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... until it catches up to them and they start feeling the NEED to actually believe it.

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I feel like they're going to look back at this and cringe hard like people used to do over bad fashion choices.

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Bad surgical choices are a bit worse though! :o

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I think most of them are too broke ass to do anything surgical.

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True! Being insane is usually not economically viable...

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Of course it's accurate. It's the easiest way to stick two fingers up to people who say you shouldn't get a job or college place because you are privileged.

These people aren't all crazy or gay. A lot are just playing the system.

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I work in Sacramento, CA and am around a lot of people who work for state politicians and it's openly discussed how many of the friends/family members of these people blatantly tell their friends who have college aged kids to tell them to identify as trans to get into prestigious colleges.

Also whenever these campaign managers and strategy advisors talk about politics and which candidates to run in what districts it's 100% ON HUNDRED PERCENT always talked about "well she would do best with the hispanic demographic" "oh but so and so would do better with the black women..." It's always about who would do best with whichever minority demographic. Whites are never discussed by "white" but euphemisms

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These are trendy trans youth. These people dont have gender dysphoria. They identify as non-binary or trans because its hip in their social circles.

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I see a ton of people putting "they/them" or "she/they" in bios on social media while still living completely like a normal person. I'd assume the vast majority of that 5% are on paper only, just trying to fit in or play the system.

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Based on my experience with trying to use dating sites in a red area (albeit one that is quickly turning purple), it seems surprisingly common. I am curious how much these apps filter to actively promote it. There seems to be endless left-wing young women who call themselves non-binary, asexual, bi or queer and tbh, I can’t even tell if their sexuality is that different from straight because they’ve been trained to make a bigger deal of these labels than they deserve.

I can’t say I know anyone directly who is trans but my normie friends know people who are. This was true 15 years ago too and I don’t particularly believe it’s changed, it’s just been made a big deal by the media.

I distrust right-wing groups that want it to be the main thing because it seems to be the main way to distract from race right now.

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Non binary or trans generally means failed at whatever gender you are. I have never seen a sexy person become trans. They aren't so much becoming masculine or feminine as they are simply failing out of whatever they were born as. They are the guys who simply are too weak, cowardly, ugly and lacking in T to be men. They are the women that not even alchohol can make attractive. They aren't so much becoming another gender as they are amorphous blobs laying on a couch scrolling tiktok.

Transgender people are incels who are smart enough to label themselves as something that gives them status.

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They are the guys who simply are too weak, cowardly, ugly and lacking in T to be men.

Ms. Jenner would like a word

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Strangely enough, it's not uncommon for steroid users to troon out later in life.

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As it becomes more socially accepted the numbers will rise. Humans will conform for what they believe is trendy or what there friends/family think is acceptable.

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Faggotry exists no matter what. Even when it was socially frowned upon, there were specific areas where they were up to 100%. Hairdressers, fashion designers, tv presenters, university teachers, politicians and so on.