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All I can say is that the current system of gay liberal democracy won't last forever. Something else will replace it. We must make sure that we're ready when the time comes or else some other group will take advantage of this and we'll not get what we want.

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I came here to post the same thing. Also, apparentely this also happened in Austria and Italy:

But i agree with you, it is white piling.

History repeating itself?

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This is just the sign of the times. Things will get even more insane so get ready for a lot of surprises. We do live in interesting times indeed.

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Spain had something similar a few years back as well.

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Some members of said coup were from Italy and Austria.

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Duce and Führer confirmed.

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The fire rises ladies and gentlemen. It's honestly beautiful and a great surprise for me that something like this happened in Germany, a country that I would have put at the bottom of the list for a potential nationalsit coup. The jewish dictarship is unnatural and unsustaianable. This time our guys failed but next time who knows? :)

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Then you haven't been paying attention because stuff like this is most common in Germany.

I don't understand why this didn't get more attention -

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Due to the fact that right wing movements are weak politically in Germany and in english speaking countries I thought that it was unlikely to see something relevant happening. I'm of course extremely glad to have been proved wrong.

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Even normie conservative politics is less popular in Germany than English countries. Anglo world has popular "right" conservative parties, they are just worthless. While in most other continental Euro country nationalists parties are growing and even becoming the most popular, Germany it is the opposite. They have parties like the Greens become the biggest along with the social democrats and die linke(the left) also being top parties so overall the vast majority of Germans are voting for anti national left wing parties. However it seems among the nationalists minority in Germany they can be more radical than in other countries. Probably has something to due the right wing and nationalism in Germany historically always being hostile to liberalism and parliamentarism.

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AFD had a decent support in Germany but recently it declined. I would still argue that the situation is still slightly better than in anglo countries. The problem with the UK is that it has a nationalist party but it is irrelevant. The british tories are nothing more than subversive parasites, they might actually be worse than the so called left wing party Labour. The work in the shadows of German nationalists is extremely positive. All they need is to put pressure in specific points for the system to eventually crack.

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Man this has to be fake as fuck. I literally watched a Croatian TV show this summer, an episode where monarch was traveling to Austria and Hungary, and protagonists unravel his secrets to "conquer the region" and "shake the nation", and they concluded he wanted to make a coup and re-establish Austria-Hungary Empire, and it turned out to be him releasing a music album.

Monarch plotting a coup with 24 other people just seems ridiculous.

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Apparently this organization has 21 000 followers.

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I've seen that, but I doubt it, it just seems like a shitty justification of why they sent 3000 cops on 150 sites to arrest 25 people. I just can't look at it at any other way other than this being fake and gay coverup for the migrant crime which is on the rise recently.

Right wing terrorism is and always will be fake and gay, nobody is afraid of the right wing gangs when he walks alone at night.

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Apparently they sent so many because they were afraid that memebers of the movement had infiltrated the police and various institutions. One of the arrested is a judge. They might have acted now by arresting them to cover up migrant crime but that does not mean that the movement was not real. To me it is believable, let's not forget that Germany disbanded a spec ops group because it was filled with our guys.

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nobody is afraid of the right wing gangs when he walks alone at night.

Don't forget about MCs. It's weird, I see thin blue line people glorify motorcycle clubs, but hate other gun running, drug dealing, violent gangs as a matter of course.

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I have read that in Germany police is allowed to make provocations, so normally it probably wouldn't happen. Polish inside security (ABW) also did this kind of provocation I remember, there was planned budget cutting so they found one guy with radical views and persuaded him to prepare explosives. Honestly finding such person in Poland isn't very hard task as we have bad government and people hate them. But those provocations aren't signs that there is coup danger, rather this is business of government agencies, there are always people who would willingly join such conspiracies.

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There was a lot of speculation by the media in the news articles.
Probably a narrative, because they want to forbid all political opposition and other news sources.
Maybe they were using FBI tactics, where most people were undercover police and only a few people were not.

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That was my thought as well, the Germans may be using the FBI playbook.

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There was a situation like this a few years ago when a whole elite unit of the military had to be disbanded because they were plotting the overthrow of the government. I am not sure why that wasn't a bigger deal and didn't get more attention. Either the government fabricates or cultivates the organization of these revolutions themselves, or the minority of patriots in Germany are much more radical than other countries.

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This wasent the FBI?

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I think it's more likely that they had some big online group and the lefties framed them and made up these lies by taking online comments out of context etc.

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It seems to me like this is fake news that's being spun up by the media to push back against a more independent Germany. US is probably mad at them for daring not to totally break trade ties with China.

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The 25 man coup lol fake and gay

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What the system is afraid of is the silent resignation and indifference to the "common good". As long as you don't contribute in taxes or general obedience, the system knows that someday a critical mass will cause it to fail.