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Great post.

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Quite the effortpost! Bravo. Wholeheartedly agree, BTW.

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There needs to be a formal, not legal route to secession. That is a government body declaring independence from DC. For example, in the USSR, the constituent republics had governments which declared independence. In America, the colonial government declared independence from Britain. In Latin America, it was colonial governments and provincial governors.

Only when a body like this declares independence do the local armed forces and population have something to rally around. In the US since both parties are ZOG puppets and the two party system precludes any new party from forming, its not possible to take control of a state or county legally.

In absence of that, we have to look at other histocial precedents like the German revolution or the independence of Czechia from Austria-Hungary or Poland from Germany. What happened there was that groups of armed/semi armed rebels and militias occupied the local government and city council and declared independence.

The way I see secession happening in the US is the following:

A group of white nationalist rebels or militia take over the state governor's office or county council office and declare independence from the US. Following their example, similar takeovers happen in other states. Local whites sympathetic to the cause swear fealty to the new regime. Local police forces either defect or desert.

At that stage it all comes down to whether the DC government can crush the rebellion. Do they have the stomach for guerilla war on their territory. And do they trust their own army. It would also depend on how eager or capable the US military is in a revolutionary scenario. Many might actually defect while others might advocate for aerial bombing of the rebel cities.

There are two key elements to such a scenario succeeding:

  1. White fanaticism. A lion share of white conservatives have to be fanatical enough that they'll risk life and limb for freedom. They will also have to drop their allegience to America and see the DC regime has an alien occupation force. No more tied to the rotting corpse of conservatism, American patriotism or Christian pacifism.

  2. Organization. There has to be enough white radicals who have secret organizations so that when the state is vulnerable enough, they can pull off the coup.

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When the U.S White population officially hits below 50%, I think there's going to be a breaking point. But not because of what's going on in the government or Capitalism, but because all their history that ties them to the land is being erased. Whether it's the destruction of George Washington/Abe Lincoln monuments, or school textbooks that constantly teach that White Americans are the villains despite playing a big role in founding the civilization.

The worst aspects of multiculturalism is it intentionally makes natives feel like Aliens in their own country. They either become like Brazil and admit they have no real identity left, or they move somewhere else and forge a new one.

I believe half the white population will remain split on this. The ones who already live in coastal liberal cities and are rich will go the "Brazil" route and live with their multicultural friends. The other half of Whites who don't want to feel like stateless people in a hostile environment will move to another area and claim their identity back.

Funny thing is in Brazil, they had something similar in their own history. The Whitest part (South Brazil) wanted to secede from the rest of the country because of how vastly better they are, but it turned into a drawn out war which ended with the separatist republics being re-absorbed by the Empire.

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I agree that secession is really the only way forward in the United States. It isn't realistic to LARP about doing a full scale coup against the federal government and believe you can deport 200+ million people. You might even have the support of most Whites if such a event happens but you would be putting their lives in grave danger. I think the most viable way going forward is getting multiple states to secede at once. We need access to the coast, farmland and important resources like coal and oil. We also need access to advanced military weapons and nukes. The core states to focus on are northern and mid western states because the territory will be less fragmented. Texas would be good but the issue is that it would be surrounded by hostile territories. They have a good weapons depot, farmland and oil but it would be contentious state to keep hold of.

Also, remember secession doesn't mean it is over. If they attack us we can take back more land if we win. Also you can organize Whites stuck in the hell scape to move to other states and call for a secession in those states as well.

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Having read through these posts, I see no "debate" with the Alt Right. There is only agreement with the proposals for secession. If you want to hear a debate, here is an initial concern:

Any state or group of states that manage to secede (if the Supreme Court allows it) will be at an economic disadvantage to the other states, because the other states will have all of the economic leverage for goods and services that the minority states will want.

(If you want more control, vote politicians into office who will regulate banks and major corporations. Stop worrying about people of color. They're not the reason your lives suck. The 1% want you to hate one another. Take on the 1%.)

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It is not nearly the cure that people think it is. Succession would change very little, not much different than currently living in a red state. You will still exist under the same America culture and media. Your film, tv, and entertainment will still come from the same place. Not until there are opposing influential forces of culture can the current ruling culture be combated.

Let's also not forget that Republicans are trash on every issue that matters.

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I think what an ethnostate does is it creates a very real example that cuts through globohomo propaganda. When the secessionist states start outperforming the mixed race states you will see a lot of whites that want to move and it will have an effect of making the mixed race states less and less productive. Jews think they can create a mixed race dummy worker that never asks for freedom and is content with it's bondage for multiple generations. Jews can't create these golem though without the fruits and collaborations of white workers (which is why they work so hard to genocide us). The globo technocrat power will collapse if whites collectively walk away from the project. There's only blacks and Hispanics to manage after the split and we all know what that leads too.

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An ethnostate could have an independent counter-media.

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British empire fell apart because they allowed it to after WW2. Soviet union fell apart because they decayed too much and had a failed coup.

Yugoslavia fell apart for same reasons as Soviet Union but it was accompanied by civil wars.

Secession will not succeed in US since the Feds would do anything to keep union together.

Only if a crisis hits US could secession happen.

Still, it is good to go into the proposed territory and strenghten the possible breakaway state. Since you never know when the opportunity to secede comes.

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Yep, we need to take a page out of the islamic book. De facto secession is all we need.

We can pay lipservice to those in power without doing what they are saying. We can play pretend and just do our own thing in a state that we control. Enforce the laws selectively just like leftists do.

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De facto secession is all we need.

The only way we can get close to this is if dissidents stop fighting with eachother and stop falling for divide and conquor plays from JIDF, shareblue and intelligence services. We can argue after we've secured the 14 words.

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I like the idea of taking over a small state. Like the smallest 10 states range from 0.5-1.5 million people. 9 of those have a pretty decent white population already and most of those have a very small jewish population.

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I'm not against secession but the problem is that current state will not let us do it.

It is only possible if the opportunity comes (aka curent state is too weak).

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Yes, I agree with you, but it can be done 'de facto'. Ie in theory and name secession hasn't happend, but in practice it has, because the federal rules aren't being followed. Whenever they demand something, comply and say it will be done, and just don't do it.

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All you need are large white regions with crypto pro white leaders in key positions that start slowly demoting jew spys and then slowly defying federal law. The feds won't really be able to do anything about it because the US empire is collapsing as we speak.

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Secession would likely happen along political lines and not racial. Whites would not want an ethnostate as they are all colorblind anti-racists.

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Based and seccesionpilled