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Is it common for liberals to be this ignorant--- I stopped there.


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No. Left vs right is an easy division. Go watch some old tv or even old YouTube despite its corruption.

Old leftist and liberal hippies werent these fucking communists. Some environmentalists werent actually controlled assets in it for th money, even.

This is a destruction of the parties and values meant to divide and destroy identities.

Read the other comments. Either those are shills or subjects of propaganda who buy into left vs right.

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Nothing is black and white but you would be remiss to not see that there are loosely two camps and that people are swayed in thier thinking and actions based on which they most identify with.

There a many ways to categories people and just because they are imperfect doesn't mean they are invalid.

Obviously the lefties of 20 years ago were not pushing the absolutely retarded trans nonsense of today. But that does not mean that the leftists of today are different people. They got thier gay marriage and then moved on to gay couples adopting. Then on to forcing kids in school to celebrate gayness and non traditional families. Then they moved on to grooming the chikdren to "explore thier sexuality" while glorifying and pushing the gay lifestyle.

Now we are at grooming kindergarters to masterbate and grooming children who have zero sexual identity to adopt the opposite gender.

It is all the same people, just moving from one objective to the next.

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"Obviously the lefties of 20 years ago were not pushing the absolutely retarded trans nonsense of today. But that does not mean that the leftists of today are different people."

Yeah. It does.

I know "leftists" of 20 years ago and they do not align with these extremists who seem more intent on destroying the democratic party and pushing divide. It is a false division. It's like when the news only shows super right wing extremists to put any moderates off of Conservatives. People say MSM is fake (which it is) and then turn around and believe that what theyve been shown as left and right extremists represent the majority of the parties.

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Rhetorical question, right?

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Not really. I thought at the very least they knew that Biden has said this.

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not only common, but given unquestionable proof, the liberal will still deny. it's how they've been trained.

multiple cities on fire = peaceful protest

mostly calm protest and people calmly walking in the state capitol = jail with no charges (some are still in jail)

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I thought this was common knowledge

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No. They're commonly more ignorant.

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The Democrats appear to think that everything is a matter of opinion and not facts.
So they make up facts, and steer the discussions towards opinions.

The news emphasizes extreme opinions to let people rage against each other.

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Is it common for fascists to be ignorant?

At least they appreciate that Biden is actually, Dr Evil.

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Fascists control the liberals through emotional manipulation. Most liberals are actually against corporate power and Wallstreet. They just don't understand that the media they worship is controlled by them.

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They only think and believe what CNN tells them.

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I think the problem is worse than that. If it were just that they latched on to a leader figure like CNN or some talking head then you could expose them to the many lies that this entity has told and over time break that control.

What I think is really happening is that they worship authority. They perceive those who are prominent, like tv personalities and celebrities, as more intelligent than everyone else. Furthermore, they worship scientism which is the unquestioning belief in anything that is purported to be science. So when a prominent figure tells them something is scientifically proven that is like the pope telling a very devout catholic that he had a vision from God.

So by controlling nearly all of the talking heads, and all the media the fascist corporatocracy controls all the sheep. If one of these idols falls the sheep will simply follow a different one. They will go from one authority figure to the next, all of whom are controlled by the system.

That is why any conversation that goes deep enough ends at "they can't all be lying". The sheep can "reason" so long as there is another authority figure to run to. But they can never abandon the system. The system is truth.

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They perceive those who are prominent, like tv personalities and celebrities, as more intelligent than everyone else.

This is part of it, but to complete the thought, they perceive themselves as more intelligent than everyone else. It's this fundamental condescension that is the motivating ethos of this group of people. As long as they can find people who will support their delusion of moral superiority, they are secure that their life has meaning. They are incapable of approaching a world that does not run according to their rule book. If the rules are not their rules, they are convinced the world will collapse. This is amplified narcissism at a level that is mind-boggling to watch.

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they perceive themselves as more intelligent than everyone else.

They certainly perceive themselves as more intelligent than those who do not believe authority, but they do not see themselves as intelligent as the authorities. For example they say "trust the doctors". Anyone who does is in thier eyes smarter than anyone who doesn't. But they also believe it is beyond thier ability to understand the science as a doctor would. So when you present peer reviewed studies that contradict the narrative they don't even attempt to consider it. Nor do they ever attempt to argue on the basis of science, logic, or facts. Those are left to the realm of thinkers. The clergy of thier religion.

And the catch is that this may in fact be the best way for them to live. A sheep in the wild would be dead In a week. So even though the sheep on the farm get slaughtered it would not be in thier interest to revolt against the farmer. The sheep have no hope of running thier own farm.

I wonder how much this analogy translates.

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When you present the evidence that they're all lying, usually the sheep are convinced.

But you need to have them sit down and show them hours of self-incriminating evidence. You can't just go "they all lie" and expect them to believe you.

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No, they know about it, they are ignoring it and claiming it was a Russian plant.

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What does that even mean? Who is the Russian plant?

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The Russians planted the evidence in a fake Hunter Biden laptop in 2020. Or so the liberals think.

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Biden is on camera bragging about the blackmail. This has nothing to do with the laptop. That is an entirely different corruption scandal.