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Here we go again!

This time will go a lot faster since the entire country is still disarmed from the last time.

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This time what will go faster and who's going to make it go? The US and UK where people are also arrested for refusing masks?

You're from the lead paint generation?

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Where in the US are people arrested for not wearing masks?

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In California, the state penalty for 'non-compliance' with the Cohen-19 'orders' is a $1000 fine and up to 6 months in state prison. I read about them handing out the fines locally, and some months ago they claimed to have issued more than 850 local fines of $100 to $500.

There have been a lot of stories in the news of people being arrested for no masks "in stores", but I don't remember any specifically about being arrested for no mask outside.

Last time I went out it was 90 to 95% of people wearing masks outside... Like straight out of one of those zombie movies.

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Damn. So not actually locking anyone up, but still... Wow. That's just fucking wow. I try to go for a bike ride every day and it really pisses me off seeing people out for their daily walk wearing a mask. Not even with anyone. Fucking zombies. I make it a point to constantly talk shit about it in front of my children, but the propaganda is strong even in them. My daughter is obviously worse than my son, as women just love propaganda in general.

No clue how to fight it, so I just try to keep my head down and build muscle, mind, and money.

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Some areas in southern California are resisting, but this is a pretty leftist town. The problems with that have been mostly avoidable, but not anymore.

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Sharpening your edges, huh?

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I make it a point to constantly talk shit about it in front of my children, but the propaganda is strong even in them.
My daughter is obviously worse than my son, as women just love propaganda in general.

No clue how to fight it, so I just try to keep my head down and build muscle, mind, and money.

Fart in close proximity to your children when they're wearing a mask.

If/when they complain you can remind them that the masks should help prevent transmission of the fart into their noses.

*Remind them that the cloth masks should at least reduce the chances of them smelling it...

If the masks don't prevent them from smelling farts, then these masks can't stop shit.

Fart in front of their friends.

Rinse and repeat.

TLDR: Those masks don't stop shit!

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Love this, bravo. You're making a difference, keep spreading the knowledge! And the farts!

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That's in very blue areas. There's a lot of red areas monitored by sherriffs not police who tell the state gov to literally eat their ass they're not enforcing that shit.

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They're going to have to detain the entire country, because the German people see right through this scamdemic hoax.

The German people have some experience with actual fascism, and were quicker than others to react.

They also remember the CDC swine flu hoax of 2009, so...

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Dunno a lot of Germans are quick to not be considered racist and seem to bend over and take their butt fucking like good little cucks these days. Those that don't are deemed right wing extremists.

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Dunno a lot of Germans are quick to not be considered racist and seem to bend over and take their butt fucking like good little cucks these days. Those that don't are deemed right wing extremists.

The criteria for "right wing extremists" is somewhat different in Europe.

Biden would be considered an extreme right winger in Germany.

  • He supports every war, and most military weapons contracts.
  • His team drafted the legislation for the patriot act domestic surveillance.
  • He pushed the three strikes laws, and mandatory sentencing laws.

Biden's a crypto-leftist.

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Biden is a war mongering Wall Street pedo

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Where they will be "cleansed" from it. Nothing to see here sheeple.. I mean.. pick up that can!

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pick up that can!

Work will make you free!

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Do they still have their original playbooks for this? Or did they get burned?

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This was a proposal by one politicial in one state and it was rejected.

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You are falling for everything nowadays. I'm German and know that there would be an outrage if those detention camps were real. Fines-very possible, detention camps (for Germans) after 1945?

According to the article they are either already there or planned to be build. So which one is it? The building in the article seems to be just random. I was looking for the source and showed the link to my man. He told me that RT is Russia Today... Good to know that you guys know what's happening in my country right now. You are just as gullible as the left and everyone in between. I couldn't find other news sources reporting about this huge thing, except for our Russian friends.

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Soooo, enlighten us, what is going on over there?

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A lot of shit is going on right now but nothing about detention camps for 'rulebreakers'. I'm aware of the infringement of our constitutional rights, for excample 'Versammlungsverbot' and 'Reisefreiheit' and the apathic reaction of our people. The people behind the propaganda know nothing about Germans or our past which shaped our mentality today. People are already pissed about the Covid lockdown rules (something they try to silence in mainstream media), my sister lost her job due to lockdown like many others. Detention camps would be unwise and would likely push more mainstream people to towards covid/government sceptics. I have a big circle of friends (Doctors, Professors, working class, self employed) and most of them are not happy with the current situation. Detention camps in Germany is the perfect ammuntion for them. I noticed that former GDR people are more 'woke' and informed than us West Germans. I don't only follow mainstream media from both sides but also fringe news sites. No one was talking about Detention camps in post war Germany. There's so much shit going on right now that you don't have to spread lies and fake news from our Russian 'friends'.

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Details, please. I'm legitimately asking

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Details regarding what? The infringement of our rights or people losing their jobs and businesses and don't get the promised Covid payments from the goverment? Or fake news from biased, foreign, non German news sites?

Details about the growing diverse group of people that have enough, and see through the scheme of making us complicit for the things to come. They already announced extended and harsher covid measurements, and already discussing 'perks' for people who are vaccinated. We are aware because we know our past.

Again, what kind of details are you looking for?

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Happy Hanukkah

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Lol, don't know what it means (I'm not jewish or is it SaidIt's version of cake day?) but thank you!

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How odd. I see it here: And they reference it here: and here: It also references this tweet which shares the above link:

While most sources I see just quote those, there was also this one: and here:

But the vast majority quote the first two articles and use similar language. As for "falling for everything", I am seeing this article on a few different sites, including Washington Examiner, Daily Telegraph, Euro Weekly, and Daily Express. The top 5 google news results for "germany quarantine camps" also all come back to these articles.

The telegraph article starts off by saying "could be put" not "are getting put", which seems more alarmist. I don't read german and the welt paper is not fully translated for me, but it seems to be saying that it was a desired outcome if people are refusing to quarantine.

As most in the US do not get current news for countries in Europe, and now suddenly there are several articles, why would you assume gullibility?

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They're just getting back to their roots.

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What's German translation for ATAVISM?

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Americans seem to forget the East Germans never stopped doing this shit.

They managed to be the harshest regime behind the iron curtain with half the population paid by the government for spying/reporting on each other at some point.