I officially have a sleep disorder by HornyToad in TruFemcels

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Sleep apnea is relatively common as far as sleep disorders go, and doesn't often need treatment. It is similar to having seasonal allergies in that most doctors don't care. I was told that I had it, and just to not sleep on my back- which I do not normally do anyways.

Two guys start a D-FW mask factory but can’t catch a break. Forget made in Texas. China always wins by StrategicTactic in corruption

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The Tarrant County purchasing department disqualified them from bidding.

County officials say it’s because the local masks weren’t tested by the public health department. But hey, the feds have already given the 1836 the safety seal of approval.

Whitley said federal testing is good enough for him, but state law makes it difficult for governments to not accept the lowest bid.

Hiking the minimum wage lowers opportunities for poor by Tomoko in news

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No matter how high you raise a minimum wage, you will not change the value of the work, only the value of the dollar.

Libertarian, Green parties sue Texas over ballot requirements by Tomoko in news

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A group of third-parties, including the Libertarian and Green parties, are suing Texas, alleging that the state’s rules for earning a spot on the ballot are unconstitutionally burdensome.

Plaintiffs in the suit, filed against the Texas Secretary of State in federal district court in Austin, argue that requirements — one of which calls for them to track down thousands of voters who did not cast ballots in a primary election and get their signatures — create a financial barrier to access for their candidates. The suit seeks for a judge to rule the laws unconstitutional and block their enforcement.

“For the last 50 years, the State of Texas has denied voters their right to cast their votes effectively by enforcing a statutory scheme that guarantees ballot access to the two oldest and largest political parties at taxpayer expense,” the suit said, “while imposing ever-greater burdens on their potential competitors.”

Texas’s nomination petition procedure was adopted in 1905 but has not seen much change since, the suit said.

Marc Rylander, a spokesman for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, which will represent the state in the suit, did not respond to a request for comment late Thursday.

Rylander told the Austin American-Statesman: “We look forward to successfully defending Texas’ reasonable and longstanding ballot-access measures in court.”

Among the plaintiffs are Mark Miller, who ran for railroad commissioner as the Libertarian Party of Texas nominee in 2014 and 2016, and Harris County resident Laura Palmer, former co-chair of the Green Party of Texas.

“We filed this lawsuit to restore and protect the right of all Texas voters to cast their votes effectively for the candidates of their choice,” Miller said in a statement. “As plaintiffs, we represent a wide range of political views, but one point on which we all agree is that every citizen has an equal right to participate in Texas’s elections.”

Texas requires third parties to hold a convention with total attendance equal to 1 percent of the votes cast for governor in the last election. If they fail to meet that requirement, they can either spend heavily on the petition drive or pay a filing fee.

Independent candidates are subject to similar provisions.

When the 1 percent requirement first took effect in 1906, it translated to 2,802 signatures for statewide office, the suit said. In 2020, it amounts to a requirement of more than 83,000 signatures.

No independent or third party has met the convention requirement since 1972, according to the suit.

Oliver Hall, attorney for the plaintiffs and executive director of the nonprofit Center for Competitive Democracy, said third parties often have to hire people to circulate petitions at a cost that could easily exceed $600,000 in 2020.

Texas lawmakers earlier this year passed a bill that allowed parties to have automatic access to the ballot if a candidate received 2 percent of the vote in the last five general elections.

It also added the requirement that candidates either pay a filing fee or submit a petition to appear on a general election ballot — on top of what’s already required for parties.

Hall said such laws limit the amount of viewpoints exposed to Americans, adding that Texas is among the worst states for third-party ballot access in the country. He said other states, such as Arizona, allow petition signatures to be collected electronically and permit candidates more time to collect signatures.

“It’s healthy to have a vibrant, dynamic, open debate where all ideas can be considered,” Hall said. “When you have these restrictions that make it effectively impossible for others to participate and entrench two old established parties, that’s when the system starts to fail and that’s when voters are denied meaningful choices at the polls.”

The price of Xbox Live Gold is going up by StrategicTactic in Gaming

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Previously $59.99 for 12 months. Now going to be $59.99 for 6 months.

Edit: Microsoft has now reversed this planned increase, and will keep the existing pricing. They have also announced that you will be able to play FTP games without needing gold.

Search - Supreme Court of the United States - The ARE hearing a case on election fraud, brought by TRUMP. it actually isn't over yet by bobbobbybob in politics

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No. Even if this case is won, this state alone would not be enough electoral votes. The best outcome would be that this could be used as proof that stuff went off in the election and hope that would be enough to open investigations into other states. That is not likely to happen with a democrat controlled House, Senate, and Executive.

Search - Supreme Court of the United States - The ARE hearing a case on election fraud, brought by TRUMP. it actually isn't over yet by bobbobbybob in politics

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The claim is that the court is reinterpreting the rules to change their meaning, and that their previous judgment on if they could should not be considered. It is very similar to the word games being played in "women's sports" that allow biological males to compete.

Search - Supreme Court of the United States - The ARE hearing a case on election fraud, brought by TRUMP. it actually isn't over yet by bobbobbybob in politics

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A state court, in changing the meaning of laws enacted pursuant to Article II,§ 1, cl. 2, of the United States Constitution (the “Electors Clause”), itself violates the Electors Clause. Therefore, this Court, in assessing whether the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, in purporting to interpret Pennsylvania laws that had been enacted pursuant to the Electors Clause, changed the meaning of those laws and thereby violated that clause, may not apply any deference to the purported interpretations of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, but must, instead, perform a genuinely independent review of those interpretations.

Basically, the constitution says that the state legislature is the only ones who can make election laws. The argument here is that the State Supreme Court changed the laws by reinterpreting them, and that the State Supreme Court cannot be the one to judge if it did so fairly, because they were the ones to change it.

Also, for the pedantic, this is not really a fraud case. Fraud has a definite meaning in law and there have not been fraud cases presented to the court. This could be considered an electoral violation, and many are confusing the two. So if any say something like "there have been no fraud cases brought to court!" then they are (to my knowledge) technically correct. In general parlance, fraud is really meaning "something that would have changed election results", not " the intentional use of deceit, a trick or some dishonest means to deprive another of his/her/its money, property or a legal right."

reddit mods these days by diogenesjunior in MeanwhileOnReddit

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On bubbles:

This is entirely the difference between the left and right. The left values cohesion of the masses, not progress or merit. The right values merit, not cohesion. Thus, the right willing engages in the battle of ideas to let the best rise, while the left censors anything that conflicts with their ideal vision.

Debate sites always start out dominated by the right, and usually end when enough leftists stop allowing debate in one form or another.

Germany to Put COVID Rulebreakers in ‘Detention Camp’ by scrubking in WorldNews

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How odd. I see it here: https://nypost.com/2021/01/18/german-quarantine-breakers-to-be-held-in-refugee-camps/ And they reference it here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/01/17/germans-keep-refusing-quarantine-could-put-detention-centres/ and here: https://www.welt.de/politik/plus224367844/Quarantaenebrecher-Laender-schaffen-Zentralstellen-zur-Zwangseinweisung.html It also references this tweet which shares the above link: https://twitter.com/JoanaCotar/status/1350746606807744515

While most sources I see just quote those, there was also this one: https://gript.ie/germany-detention-centres-covid-quarantine/ and here: https://metro.co.uk/2021/01/19/germany-covid-rule-breakers-could-be-put-into-quarantine-centres-13930409/

But the vast majority quote the first two articles and use similar language. As for "falling for everything", I am seeing this article on a few different sites, including Washington Examiner, Daily Telegraph, Euro Weekly, and Daily Express. The top 5 google news results for "germany quarantine camps" also all come back to these articles.

The telegraph article starts off by saying "could be put" not "are getting put", which seems more alarmist. I don't read german and the welt paper is not fully translated for me, but it seems to be saying that it was a desired outcome if people are refusing to quarantine.

As most in the US do not get current news for countries in Europe, and now suddenly there are several articles, why would you assume gullibility?

Kids find a security flaw in Linux Mint by mashing keys by Panzerfaust in Linux

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We have two different issues:

In all versions of Cinnamon, the on-screen keyboard (launched from the menu) runs within the Cinnamon process and uses libcaribou. Pressing ē crashes Cinnamon.

In versions of Cinnamon 4.2 and higher, there's a libcaribou OSK in the screensaver. Pressing ē there crashes the screensaver. ...

Fixed in Mint 19.x, Mint 20.x and LMDE 4.

Madrid Explosion Leaves at Least 2 Dead by StrategicTactic in news

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Resubmitted after original link used paywall.

Financial Strategies under Biden Administration? by RoccoTheTaco in finance

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I'm not OP so I am not sure, but I believe the deranking comment was a reference to this story: https://abc7news.com/surgeon-general-jerome-adams-president-joe-biden-donald-trump/9842120/

Not sure that it is really news as he is supposed to serve only 4 years and he took office in 2017.

"Antifa" by socks in memes

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Washington Times is indeed fake news. But not for the right, as your 2003 article implies. The vast majority of news is either left leaning or hard left. I also do not find the Southern Poverty Law Center to be any sort of authority on who is left or right, since they have ignored left-wing MURDER on their terrorist map and show no left wing violence at all, while advocating for several left wing causes. I posted the Washington Times as it was the first to come up regarding the FBI comments. Since you can find the same comments here:











And more, I figured you would not have a problem with the quote.

Antifa is a specific name for a type of group that does not exist.

I believe we have now shown this to be false, as we have both congressional testimony saying otherwise and several examples of smaller groups.

This is local, and not powerful nationally

I will just quote the FBI director. '"Let me try to be as clear as I can about that: antifa is a real thing, it is not a fiction,” Wray declared, Newsweek reported. “We have seen organized tactical activity at the local regional level.

"We have seen antifa adherence coalescing and working together in what I would describe as small groups and nodes," Wray said, adding the bureau is conducting multiple investigations "into some anarchist violent extremists, some of whom operate through these nodes."

"We're going to be looking — and we have been looking — at their funding, their tactics, their logistics, their supply chains and we're going to pursue all available charges."

Wray added that the fact the FBI has found locally organized activity does not "diminish how serious and dangerous it is."

"We don't view how nationally organized something is as a proxy for how dangerous it is."'

There aren't any significant 'antifa' groups in the US, by contrast with the KKK and similar groups.

Naturally, Portland has a group that's happy to call themselves 'antifa: https://rosecityantifa.org/ This is where hippies go to die.

This comment shows that you recognize there is a significant 'antifa' group in the US.

Anti-Fascist News looks like an informative site, AND NOT necessarily organizing for 'antfa'

The goalpost was originally 'provide appropriate evidence of a substantial 'antifa' group (without using obvious right-wing propaganda websites)', not prove they are organizing online. That is known as moving the goalposts. I believe that your term 'substantial' is subjective, but the fact that a loose organization is substantial enough to have multiple websites of different chapters and even multiple informative sites dedicated to information FOR them, I believe sufficient proof that such is a widespread issue. In fact, the proof that such ideology has been surfacing now in other countries like Canada, is proof that such is not just national, but an international issue.


This appears to be a proper "anti-fascist" news and fund raigins site, though it was founded as an anti-racist site, and does not necessarily organize antifa groups: https://torchantifa.org/history


"Saidit will die like Voat" - an incel vouching for jailbait by diogenesjunior in SaidIt

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While I agree with your core reasoning, I saw multiple instances where there was ad homenim (which includes name calling, unlike what the pyramid implies) attacks with no apparent purpose. I also did not see any rule changes- in fact, it seems like one of the only core rules is don't drag down discussion in the pyramid, which is definitely open to interpretation. Of course, I saw ad homs from some others on here who have not been banned either, which may indicate selective enforcement.

A core problem with moderation is that if you have hard rules, people will find a way to post things that skirt said rules but is clearly against them in spirit. If you have rules open to interpretation you will often get favoritism and authoritarianism. So you can have a massive rule index like legal code that is easy to break because you don't know something, or you have clear simple rules that need interpretation. Saidit has not claimed to be intended for free speech, but free discussion, thus a person who has controversial opinions would be fine, but seeing how low the conversation was within a day of them joining is an indication of future activity. I would be in favor of a tiered approach instead- leniency based upon a combination of contribution and time, and stricter enforcement for newer accounts.

King toppled from throne by gender-neutral card deck by StrategicTactic in GenderIdentityDebate

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I am not too worried. I don't really care if someone comes up with an alternate- just if someone moves to ban the original.

I was thinking about how you would call the cards. A Gold of Clubs doesn't really seem right, but reversing it works for 3 of the suits- A Club of Gold. The problem is Diamonds- A Gold Diamond doesn't make sense, so you would need to change the whole suit. Doesn't really matter anyways.

I’ve Been BANNED From Owning A Firearm, A Warning Of What’s To Come For All Conservative Americans by WarmPotato in politics

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That is the problem. There is no way to tell how you get on these lists, so no way to find who to sue. James O'Keefe had a similar problem if I recall, but he could apply pressure with his stuff so got it reversed. Government has gotten so big that most feel it impossible to go against- and when it turns partisan then there is nothing to do but be crushed.

Learn about animals by zyxzevn in memes

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You might want to check your sources for that. They withdrew that back in November.

President Trump Just Made The Ballsiest Move Of His Political Career That SCREWED Joe Biden, And NOBODY Is Talking About It by NewsJunkie in news

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The author of this article is incorrect. Most pro-choice people do not see abortions as murder, and thus Biden will not be "choosing between killing babies and angering Planned Parenthood"; he will just be choosing to cancel what he (and his supporters) see as another power grab. This is only a feel-good move that will most likely have little to no serious effect, and when canceled will likely rally the left base who is pro-choice.

87 thousand doctors & nurses denounce both Covidiocy and the vaccine by x0x7 in videos

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The normal understanding is that people develop antibodies to viruses usually by fighting them off- either through a weakened form of them via vaccination or just by acquiring and fighting through the virus normally. Herd immunity pre-Covid was understood to mean when enough of a population had these antibodies to effectively prevent the virus from being able to spread.

The recent change on the WHO site was to remove the thought that people could get antibodies on their own, and any herd immunity must be acquired via vaccination.

🚨 - Muslims Riot In Brussels. This Is What Multiculturalism Does To Once Great Nations by MassTooter in politics

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Pretty strict gun control there. A 3 month waiting period was set up in 2006, followed by needing "special permission" from the government in 2012. They then added that a civilian needs a specific reason for owning one (including hunting, target shooting, or self-defense). In some jurisdictions, actual proof of a genuine need is also required (This might include a documented, current threat to the life of the applicant (self defense), written permission to shoot feral animals on a property where such animals have been declared a pest (hunting), or ongoing, documented membership of a rifle or pistol club (target shooting).)


The suggestion that some of Norwich’s homeless have made their own choice to live on the streets is often met with disbelief and derision. “Absolute rubbish” and a “bigoted horrible suggestion.” But the homeless I spoke to insisted the decision to sleep rough was largely made of their own volition. by Chipit in WorldNews

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Not sure where it is, but there was a follow up that confirmed this and also looked at the libertarian views- who also seemed to have only one axis, that of freedom.

How to Investigate the Truth (fact checking the fact-checkers) by zyxzevn in Solutions

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I agree with your points here. Just wanted to clarify "recognized by all" was meaning "all of those in the conversation/debate", since as you indicated a general "all" would have group bias. Since those looking at a paper may not all recognize certain authorities, there can be some challenges there.

In general I find debating a paper or specific evidence to be rather exhausting just for those reasons, and much prefer debating a specific person on their viewpoint. Even if I do not convince them on a subject, they can pose direct challenges where they do not recognize figures that I do, and the reverse. A perfect example is in political debate where people quote Fox news and CNN to each other, neither recognizing that they have both committed the appeal to authority fallacy.

How to Investigate the Truth (fact checking the fact-checkers) by zyxzevn in Solutions

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As you recently linked this, I am not considering this a necro.

There are many fallacies that should be avoided, and indeed the appeal to authority is one fallacy, but I do not believe you have given it a fair representation here. It is fair and valid to appeal to an authority, but it becomes a fallacy when that authority is not recognized by all. For instance, we can use the works of an author as an authoritative source on what that author means/intends, as we can all recognize that each person is the authority on themselves. We can often use some of your very examples "Scientists say..."- but only when all can recognize such as a valid authority. When the authority is in question, it then becomes a fallacy to refer to it.

For example: If I were to refer to a specific religious text in a discussion, say the New King James Bible in a discussion with Christians, it would not necessarily be an authority fallacy. Now if I refer to that same text in a religious discussion with Buddists, since they do not recognize the text as authoritative, it would be a fallacy.

Edit: One other important note is that science is never settled, and consensus is not science. Something like "The science shows/says" is only explaining some people's current understanding, not necessarily the truth of the matter or showing evidence.

Now They Like Guns And Walls All Of A Sudden by christnmusicreleases in politics

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It is really just the fact that they see any other American as an enemy in the first place. It proves that they should not be holding office, as they are not representative of the people.

Foreign and domestic.

Republican Vows To Impeach Biden Day One After Trump Impeached In Historically Pointless Second Time by Tarrock in politics

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For what? At least I have heard of the quid pro quo that Biden did. The worst I have heard about her recently was that she plagiarized MLK. I don't think the weed jail stuff is anywhere close enough to be within the statute of limitations. Did she tweet something?

Can someone please explain one thing to me. Has the person who has access to the nuclear launch button been deemed too dangerous to have a Twitter account? by Tegra in RussianFolkWisdom

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I will assume your question is in good faith. There is a difference between twitter and the government, which is not recognized in your question. The government would be one who deems someone "too dangerous", but I am not aware of that being a crime itself. Twitter deemed Trump to have violated their terms of service, which is apparently open to interpretation as many otherwise overt calls to violence have not been censored.

I can only assume that Twitter thinks some people should be treated differently than others, based upon an arbitrary metric which looks to be political in nature. I came to that conclusion long before the 2016 election.

If Ashli Babbit's Death Upsets You But Not George Floyd, or Vice Versa, You're Being Divided and Conquered by Drewski in propaganda

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Of course Democrats change meanings. They do so all the time in order to win arguments. I am using the literal legal term, not some random dictionary definition that got changed yesterday. Your assumption that I support anything the racial facade that the violent communists have done is false, as is your apparent delusion that I am a democrat. You should stop attacking people and start looking at their arguments. These two things are not the same, and the author of this piece is either misinformed or illogical himself, as he seems to think Floyd was killed by the police.

Whether Babbit was protesting is irrelevant to what she did later, just as if the BLM communists were protesting is irrelevant once they started destroying any property or attacking people. She made a decision to attempt to enter a place where she was not wanted, and suffered from what I believe to be an overreaction. That does not change that she tried to enter the place, which is defined as trespassing. Floyd had a habit of eating his drugs in order to hide them from the police, and his end should have easily been foreseen by himself and likely the police detaining him. The only way these were similar is that both involved a lack of foresight on the part of the deceased, but I believe that taking enough drugs to overdose and trying to get access to a guarded area to be quite different.

Real life study: Masked schoolchildren are harmed physically, psychologically, behaviorally and suffer from 24 distinct health issues by MarcoPolo in science

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It is an opinion piece that links to GreenMedInfo (which openly advertises rather questionable medical advice like "Black Seed- the remedy for everything but Death") which links an outdated study which links to the formal study.

The referenced final study is not peer reviewed, and is actually a registry of complaints with no control group. Thus, it is more a list of complaints that is being categorized rather than any science.

This will not convince anyone new.

If Ashli Babbit's Death Upsets You But Not George Floyd, or Vice Versa, You're Being Divided and Conquered by Drewski in propaganda

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Perhaps you should learn what words mean.

Can you link your video of BLM attacking people? Just to have a simple go to source to find them and show them as proof. Most video have been deleted from youtube. My liberal friend think it didn't happen. by Akali in censorship

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Colion Noir (footage from Kenosha BLM Riot (Kyle Rittenhouse shooting) showing destruction of car lots, burning down businesses, hitting a business owner with a brick, and trying to push a burning dumpster into a gas station): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75uwKcD3dv4

Portland BLM shooting Patriot Prayer in the back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcwcOA_ED8w&feature=youtu.be

That same group cheering for the death: https://streamable.com/ximrgq

BLM attacking two store owners trying to stop them from destroying their store front: https://streamable.com/cgiu40

BLM stoning a passerby and then stomping on him when he goes down: https://streamable.com/4arvkr

If Ashli Babbit's Death Upsets You But Not George Floyd, or Vice Versa, You're Being Divided and Conquered by Drewski in propaganda

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Ashli Babbit tried to trespass onto government property and was shot. George Floyd ate drugs to hide them and overdosed as he was being restrained. Those two are not equivalent. Only propagandist media would have you believe they are similar.

Lehigh University rescinds, revokes President Trump's 1988 honorary degree in response to violence at the Capitol by StrategicTactic in politics

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Pretty much. If they were in the orange man bad camp, it does make you wonder why they waited so long, though.

Beyond DC: Protests rock California, Utah, Michigan and more by StrategicTactic in politics

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Los Angeles, California. Olympia, Washington. Salem, Oregon. Salt Lake City, Utah. Lansing, Michigan. Atlanta, Georgia. Denver, Colorado. St. Paul, Minnesota. Phoenix, Arizona.

How many of these protests have you heard of before now?

Law Enforcement Confirms Antifa Posed As Patriots, Stormed Capitol by MarcoPolo in conspiracy

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Is there any source for this that won't be instantly dismissed as propaganda? A tweet or report from an officer on scene rather than a video?

Fredo said it best I guess - Chris Cuomo: "Show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful" by EvilNick in politics

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Whataboutism is the same as hypocrisy. Either we have rule of law or we don't.

I think the backlash was inevitable- you have months of showing that violence works and has no repercussions, and all legal challenges ignored showing that non-violence doesn't work. People are going to get the wrong lessons learned, and MSM and Dems seem to be encouraging this for whatever reason. That being said, to void your principles because others have is not a moral stance.

Fredo said it best I guess - Chris Cuomo: "Show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful" by EvilNick in politics

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"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

peaceably to assemble

Hello? (・_・)ノ by enefi in Introductions

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That captcha is brutal, 14ish letters and sometimes they fully blend with background making it impossible to tell which letter it was supposed to be. I have failed like 3 times. 🤖

Works in IT, fails captcha. Might need a Turing test for this one. :)

Links not populating on app by StrategicTactic in help

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The mobile browser has a button that populates the title, but the app doesnt have it. Checked and the button worked.

Warning: There are now military corona checkpoints in NY airports by trident765 in nonmorons

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While neighboring state travelers are exempt from the travel advisory, others are expected to “obtain a test within three days of departure, prior to arrival in New York,” quarantine for three days, and obtain another coronavirus test on the fourth day.

“If both tests comes back negative, the traveler may exit quarantine early upon receipt of the second negative diagnostic test,” according to the state’s travel advisory.

Fucito warned that “there will be consequences” for violating the 14-day travel quarantine.

“Violation of a self-quarantine travel regulation may result in deputy sheriffs serving you a mandatory quarantine order issued by the Health Commissioner. In cases of violation, Deputies could serve you with a civil summons that carries a $1,000 fine,” he said, although he emphasized that officers will be focusing primarily on large gatherings

Not sure where the military came into play. Could it have been police in camo? Or NY State Guard?

"If complicated, a computer scientist calls it genius. If simple, a physicist calls it genius. USB is a CIA con artist's work." -Terry A. Davis by iraelmossadreddit in whatever

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"This tweet is from a suspended account"

Leupold Launches DeltaPoint Micro Red Dot Sight by StrategicTactic in Guns

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Have to say I'm not a huge fan of this type of red dot sight. I prefer larger sight pictures with little to get in the way of peripheral vision. I do like that it is entirely mounted on the rear sight though.

Welcome to the Face-Melting World of Kaldheim - or - Wizards of the Coast goes tiresomely woke. A black, female viking, front and centre. gotcha by bobbobbybob in whatever

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WotC has been going woke for a while now, with their banning of cards like Crusade and the like. I think I still have a few beta cards, but I haven't given then money for a while now.

Read about it here: https://articles.starcitygames.com/news/wotc-addresses-depictions-of-racism-in-magic-bans-seven-cards/

A LOT of healthcare workers are refusing to get the Covid vaccine. Look at these numbers. by christnmusicreleases in news

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While every person can make up their own reasons, and what you say may be true for some, I dont think it stands up to any scrutiny. Do doctors regularly refuse medication for a disease they are actively fighting? If you really believed you had risk of catching something that you think could kill everyone you loved close to you, would you hold off on getting a treatment now, because of easier access later? I think it more likely that people are personally judging the risks of catching it and getting through vs taking a vaccine that is not fully tested and accepting all liability.

Biden supporter believes masks offer more protection than AR 15s by StrategicTactic in SocialMedia

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No credibility? I guess showing original sources and video so you can decide for yourself is not credible anymore? Sounds like you have some issue with him and are ignoring what is rather obvious while he is addressing it.

If Google can't be trusted, what information source can I trust? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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The fact you think someone who is "a computer nut" could have no experience in the real world says far more about you than me. Good day.

Lots of people use "productive conversation" as a euphemism for "everyone ends up agreeing with everything else" which is a weird worldview to me as someone who seeks truth by Klenvastergan in whatever

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Using a term to describe itself is a recursive fallacy. A better definition that I heard:

Truth is that which comports to reality.

If Google can't be trusted, what information source can I trust? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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Well that opinion is meaningless. If you have diabetes do you get a single treatment? If you go to the dentist for a filling at age 21 is that tooth now sound and you're done with the dentist for life? If you take your car in for a service do you never take it again? We are talking about injury, usually significant, to a dynamic system, the human body.

As for the "affording them forever" meme, that's as ridiculous a statement as I have ever heard. Most people I know visit doctors and dentists "forever" and buy smartphones "forever" and buy food, "forever" What is it about chiropractic services that make ill-informed people expect a Miracle to occur...

Keep attacking that strawman! You can hit it forever! A system that is set to run forever on one input is stalled. When you get new input, it should have a valid output. Each injury would need you to use a system to analyze it (is it something I can resolve myself?) and then a separate system for the fix (bandaid? Surgery? Drug regimen?). It is the same with dentists- a test to determine if the system has faults, followed by corrective action.

Just to flip your meaningless opinion on its head, imagine systems that run forever on one input. The blue screen of death comes to mind. Perpetual motion machines perhaps? In programming, a program that runs forever is in an infinite loop, which is a beginner mistake.

Woman Arrested for Filming ‘Empty’ UK Hospital by sproketboy in news

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“Filming patients who are waiting in A&E without their consent is both intrusive and upsetting as maintaining patient confidentiality is key to our hospitals being a safe space for you to receive the care you need.”

What is odd however, is this :

“It’s appalling that our Gloucestershire Hospital Trust had to spend their precious time during this pandemic defending themselves against films on social media that were wrongly claiming the hospital was empty.”

Why? This is her video: https://video1.watchmask.com/1344298301051568131/

The pyramid of debate is stupid by Klenvastergan in whatever

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If it is the same as this username that I knew on ruqqus, yes he was banned for spam, but on there. However, a good number of the recent bans I believe were in bad faith, including his. I disagreed with many of his methods and arguments but he did engage forthrightly.

If Google can't be trusted, what information source can I trust? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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While I agree with your core point, I disagree with your assessment of chiropractic treatments.

Wikipedia has some major flaws with revisionism and how it treats opinion in general. It still can be useful, particularly when you can get to their sources.

As far as chiropractors, my brother has his master's degree in software engineering. He received a license for massage from a 6 hour course. A great number of people confuse the two, and some massage therapists even encourage this.

To me, the test of a valid system is its output. What would be the output from a chiropractor? To live free of pain from previous injuries without needing further treatment. Does the session result in a lack of pain? Usually. Are more treatments required? I have yet to hear of someone who has NOT needed to go back. Thus, this has to me the same effectiveness as opiates. It will likely work, but I hope you can afford them forever.

If Google can't be trusted, what information source can I trust? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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Have you heard of the yellow pages? Where you paid to have larger ads before others? I realize not being promoted is not the same as censorship, but if you see 5 pages of ads for one service and one line for a different one, you are still being told who to call.

NY Legislature Bill to Round up “Cases” and “Contacts” Who Are “Potentially Dangerous to Public Health. by tseug in whatever

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Not only unconstitutional, it is self-contradictory. Part 12 says they may require you to complete a course of treatment including vaccinations, and right after says they cannot force medication.