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I just love the doublethink in this article.

"It's not a sex thing"

"Oh. So where do you buy these adult sized bottles and diapers? At the pharmacy?"

"No, in a sex shop"

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I mean the only real reason to wear a diaper is due to incontinence isn't it.

I'll be grossed out same as anyone with the fetish shit but fair is fair I don't really give a fuck what people are doing in private so long as I don't know about it.

This is is like "People think I'm a creepy pedophile for my weird adult baby fetish."

To which my response is basically "no shit, have you tried keeping your fetish to yourself? You know like a normal person?"

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have you tried keeping your fetish to yourself? You know like a normal person?

This applies to so much these days. If it’s all legal and consenting, fine, but no one else needs to know about it. The trouble is that the internet has allowed degenerates to find each other and they seem to drive each other to greater and greater depravity.

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I swear some people don't get the line either. Do what you want but there's no need to tell me about it. ofc I'm going to think you're a freak if you're telling me about whatever weirdo thing you tried last night. Buy a fucking diary and share it with that. I mean I think it's weird when people overshare everything about their lives with the internet and that it's led to them not understanding there are things you don't just say.

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Back in my college days I knew a few furries. They were either perfectly normal chill people who were like "yeah this is a weird fetish I keep to myself and I hate those fuckers with no sense that make it their whole public "fursona" and weird everyone out.".

And then there were the fuckers that were openly looking at hardcore furry porn in the common study center. Yeah mate. Nobody is giving you shit for it, that's because the normies got you pegged as an insane person likely to be a rapist.

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It's fairly insane to do that and no one wants to interact with crazy. Like look at that bloke in Canada who got stabbed and killed for asking someone not to vape the other day, you don't know what might set someone off and have tragic consequences.

For the normal furries it barely comes up, the most I've heard about it from them is maybe going to an event for furries and that's it.

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Yeah I mean basically it was like, I thought it was weird and I'd tell people such, but I'd not bother to argue with them if they wanted to fight, not worth the time really. I preferred the "I like watching the weirdos so I can keep an eye on them and not be surprised" approach.

The more sane people would tell me stuff because I'd neither fly off the handle or share their shit with others unsolicited. Like, if you want to go to weird adult events and whatever, more power to you mate I don't care, you understand most people think it's weird and it will reflect badly on you? Yeah? Ok no problem then, you'll have the discretion not to come out at work as a diaper fur. Nobody will know, and they'll just treat you like a regular bloke. Everyone is happy.

Like we'd have the conversation like "if only people were less judgemental and more chill the world would be a better place" like sure man but you understand that it's not right? It's like the "if only people were honest we'd not need security" argument, like fair that's the ideal but not the reality.

I'm more concerned with this weird desire by some to need outward validation of their sexuality. Like as long as you and your partner are happy why do you need other people to approve of your relationship? What's the public facing implications of sexuality. I have no issue with people introducing their "mate" whomever they are. Gay man lets me know another gay man is their "partner" no problem. Don't need any more details than that do we? I don't ask straight couples what their preferred sexual positions are because it's none of my business.

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Exactly. No one should be abused for having a relationship but at the same time someone saying they don't want to see you grind on your partner in public isn't hating your relationship, it's hating that you're grinding on someone in public. Like most people I know that would hate that would hate it no matter who is doing it and calling it homophobic won't make it so.

The complete lack of filter is the problem, not the actions themselves. It's like no one ever taught them there's stuff you don't need to share with people. That as you say they need to share it and have everyone praise it.

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Yeah I've had way more problems with straight people than gay people with the whole "TMI" public display of affection shit over the years.

I'm happy for you mate. I'm glad you found your soulmate. You don't need to deep throat tongue kiss in public at every fucking get together. Get a room, you aren't 14. You have money for it.

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Seriously, the amount of people that get offended when you tell them to tone it down is unreal. We know you're a couple we don't need a demonstration. It's just obnoxious and slightly baffling how they act like you hate the relationship just because you don't want to see someone groped in front of you. Not sure if you're wrong about the 14 though a lot of people who act like that do seem to be stuck mentally a bit as teens.

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If they really just wanted to wear a nappy then they sell them in every supermarket for old people.

But they actually want to larp as babies because they are paedos.

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I love them making out that the dad losing custody of his kids is somehow proof of discrimination. Anyone who can't rein in their fetish enough that they'll choose the fetish over their kids is exactly the kind of person who shouldn't be around kids

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Like at the very least imagine the kids social lives? They're going to get so much crap when their dad picks them up like that and that cannot be healthy for them.

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If there is a group of people I genuinely hate and feel disgust towards, it's these people. There is no reason or excuse for them. They should feel persecuted and ashamed. It is now my mission in life to go ahead and continue to make them feel that way.

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And now I'm reminded of that diaperfur maggot who craps out those strawman-filled Assigned Male comics.

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Gotta love the gender assignments.

"They told me I was a boy because the stupid doctors saw I had a penis!"

Yes that's normally how such things work.

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How is it not pedophilic when the core concept of ageplay is the power dynamic of taking advantage of a child/mentally immature person? These people are fucking insane and lying to themselves.

God I honestly don't know what is worse, the people who shit themselves for a kink or the ones who might genuinely need this for emotional comfort. It's a competition for last place and the race is close. And stinky.

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Jesse Singal wrote an article called Here’s a Weird New Discovery About Pedophiles about how most paedos will dress up as kids because they can't access victims easily.

Strangely, when I type the exact words of the title into Google that article no longer comes up on the first page of results but it did a couple of weeks ago.

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comes up as the first result for me

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It doesn't actually say most pedos dress up as kids. It says a little less than half are turned on by imagining themselves as kids, and a small number go as far as dressing up. (Not that it isn't interesting and potentially relevant, but your summary is a bit off)

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You mean necessary stigma?

The thing about kink is, why are certain things okay if it's a sex thing?

"My boyfriend is abusive. He hit me!"

"Call 911!"

"But, it was during sex and we have a safeword."

"That's a normal healthy sexual relationship."

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Some people prefer rougher sex. It's like boxing I guess. You go around punching random people it's assault. You and the other side agree to the fight it's a sport.

The main problems with such things come from public acceptance I think and this just, utter lack of regard for thinking why such things are best not talked about too openly.

It's kinda like the weird open relationship stuff. I see these are largely matriarchal organizations, some weird girl has found a bunch of loser guys that have basically agreed to share this one girl in what appears to be a kind of time share situation. Very baffling and almost always ends up being a drama factory. But don't you dare criticize people in the modern era for their life choices or you're a biggot.

Hell I've criticized straight relationships constantly see it all the time, hey you think that guy might be a bad influence on you? I think you're going to have problems.

"Shut up you don't get to make decisions for me!"

Ok, I never said I did. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

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It's kinda like the weird open relationship stuff.

'Open relationships' are so fucked up. An acquaintance of mine whose wedding I went to a few years ago is now in an 'open relationship' with a much older married colleague. I suspect her husband either doesn't know or was somehow railroaded into accepting it. She's withdrawn from most of her friends, it seems, and the whole thing just feels like a trainwreck waiting to happen. She's the kind of person who goes home from work if she gets any kind of negative feedback so I can't wait until the whole thing blows up in her face, she gets pregnant, etc.

To me, it's so plainly dysfunctional and selfish, but her generation has been training to think this is just another letter on the Special Person Alphabet and that she needs to be her True Self to be fulfilled.

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I made it two paragraphs… I’m now suffering brain damage. I will never be the same… I shall remember this as the day that stole my 40 year old innocence…