Sexuality is now all about vibes and not about biological sex. by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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Nah, it isn’t. I want my women lithe, fit, pretty, and with all proper feminine plumbing. I don’t give a fuck about your personality if you’re a man. I’m not into you. You might be a great person but be overweight and unattractive. Even if you’re a woman, I’m not into that. I can discriminate to my heart’s content when it comes to sex and relationships. No one owes you sex. No one owes you the time of day. We are not equal opportunity employers when it comes to sex. If you aren’t getting laid, it’s a you problem. It means you aren’t turning anyone on. Work on that. Because you whining about vibes or trying to complain that you not getting laid isn’t fair, is unappealing and pathetic. And unappealing and pathetic will not get you laid.

"Gender dysphoria and wanting to pass is transphobic!" by Vulptex in TumblrInAction

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Yes, that’s exactly what the community needs. More ugly losers acting like ugly smelly weirdos. The reason people are sick of trans and gender woo, is that too many of the loudest voices are from people like this. Their whole identity is in acting as gross and depraved as possible. Just today my friend and me are in the grocery store. There’s a man in there in make up dressed in a sports bra and silver Lycra short shorts where you can see his whole ass essentially. I told my friend, who was staring horrified at this clown, that I’d be put off by a gorgeous woman wearing that in public because it’s so obviously about demanding attention and being a public spectacle. She totally agreed. That kind of behavior makes the entire LGBT community look bad, which isn’t fair, as the thing that won so much support was when we all learned that the vast majority of LGB people are just regular people who love who they love but otherwise are just doing their best in life like the rest of us. I know there are transexuals who want the same thing. Transition, pass, get in with life!

But transgender identified people, queer identified people, and the non- binary identified people? They seem to have a pathological need for attention. The flags, the inability to talk about anything else, the pronouns, the ridiculous clown makeup and outfits, the literal shrieking when people get sick of it and tell them so. They get off on acting like that asshole in the grocery store. They act depraved and then cry when people point out that they are being gross and disrespectful. They are crybullies. They’re losers who found a cheat code to being praised and validated by acting like complete freaks. They have never experienced power, and now that they’ve found a modicum of it, they wield it like a four year old with a machine gun. They’re rapidly wearing out their welcome. Buy because they’ve glommed onto the LGBT community as a whole, they’re destroying plenty of good men and women’s reputations because they are a pack of selfish grotesque trolls.

We are a social species. We are supposed to keep this from happening by shaming behaviors that are not healthy for the larger group. And not only are the behaviors of idiots like these not useful to the group, but they are preying on children. They are pushing their perversion onto vulnerable members of our society. And then they throw tantrums when we hold the line and say that is unacceptable. They have nothing to offer. So we need to stop pretending they are not acting insane,

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights releases a surprising statement by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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I’m not an optimistic chap by nature, but I do truly believe that the general public is getting sick to death of being bullied by weirdos, losers, and depraved activists in public spaces. They are tired of being told to ignore biological reality to suit the aforementioned’s feelings. They are sick of being told they need to put extra mental energy into obeying someone else’s pronoun woo under threat of being attacked and branded as a bigot. They are sick of being told they need to identify themselves as cis, and only refer to trans identified men or women as “women or men.” They are sick of watching men barge into women’s spaces. They are sick of men barging into women’s sports. They are sick of the emotional abuse of being told they are responsible for other people’s self harm because they don’t comply with the gender activist ever expanding demands. They are sick of the vile threats of violence and rape leveled at actual women should they not cater to the needs of men.

In short, people are sick of this nonsense.

I am someone who supported gay rights and still do. I believe a man or woman does not choose their sexual orientation. I respect that they were born that way, and that they are regular ass people just like me. Realizing that gay men and women are just normal people trying to get by in life, it becomes easy to have their backs to me. When it comes to transsexuals, I also believe that they suffer from dysphoria and just want to be able to transition and pass and get on with their lives. Again, easy for me to support and have their backs.

But when it comes to transgenderism. When it comes to “queerness…” they go out of their way to prove to all of us that they are NOT regular people. Their identity and worldview DEPENDS on them not being normal. They dress, act, and treat others in a way that is gross, selfish, disrespectful, and sanctimonious. They demand respect for depravity. They offer zero respect in return. They demand I be an ally. But they feel entitled to have that relationship be completely one sided. They can treat me like shit, but I am responsible for reading their mind and keep up with their “fluidity.” They feel entitled to make me responsible for their mental health.

Instead of treating us with respect and demonstrating that they too are just normal people trying to get by in life, they act as if they’re the only people who matter. They act as if they’re entitled to make the rules. They act as if they are the arbiters of social justice. In this, they are not at all like the LGBT community that I support. Due to their own often grotesque and sadistic behavior, they make themselves impossible to support in polite society.

Here’s hoping this one doesn’t catch on in the US - London Teenagers invent new game for TikTok….home invasion for the lulz. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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You come into my house at night where my wife and two dogs sleep, I’ll show you why people pay me to teach them defensive pistol… free of charge this time.

Biden's non-binary nuclear official caught stealing again by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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This gross fucking clown stole a woman’s unique fashion line and went out to get photographed wearing one of a kind clothing. She recognized her fashion, and reported it. I can’t even imagine how violating that was for her. This sick fucking joke of a man getting praised for how “brave” he is for dressing like a complete asshole in some woman’s stolen clothes. He needs prison, stat.

I'm a very gay-leaning bi dude by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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I’ve been told I smell nice more times than I can count as a guy. I’ve always been kinda flattered by it, but I don’t think I’ve ever told a woman she smells nice, regardless if she smells nice or not. So maybe it’s one of those one way okay sorta compliments.

California student slams school district for 'putting women in jeopardy' after video emerges of trans female student assaulting two girls following locker room encounter (Fight video embedded) by Phooey in TumblrInAction

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Right?? I was in plenty of scraps, but Christ, we knew when the fight was over and stopped. Sometimes we even shook hands after and the matter was settled. We didn’t go balls to the wall with death on the line! It really worries me that people have less and less respect for honorable boundaries so to speak.

Shocking video shows high school male who identifies as female beating up girls after being denied entrance to the women's locker room by Phooey in TumblrInAction

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That dude is a fucking ogre beating up some poor girl half his size. I have mad respect for that girl, standing up in a fight she had to have known she stood no chance in. Sometimes you have to make a stand for what’s right, even if you understand you will lose a specific battle.

Nope, totally not a fetish. Uh-uh. Not at all. by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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The fuuuckkk?? This dude is no woman. He’s engaged in a 24/7 role playing fetish.

It’s happening! - Schools receive advice on how to assist and accommodate pupils who are furries! (From Safer Schools, a charity funded by Zurich Municipal not the government) by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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I looked up yiffing… that was plenty for me. I don’t want to know anymore.

Trans runner beat 14K women in London Marathon after running NYC as a man by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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Same. I want to believe this dude is highlighting how asinine him roflstomping actual women wrapped in a trans flag is. But I’m worried it’s just another clown with a fetish. I have no idea though…

So much cringe in a by Keri10 in TumblrInAction

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Overweight, never played a sport, scared of boys.

Trans Logic: Who cares about sports? Also: I demand to play in your sports league! It's my human right! by casamiro in TumblrInAction

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I love how the vast majority of the clowns arguing these points look exactly how you imagine. The people with big “picked last for team sports” energy. They never played a competitive sport a day in their lives and have zero room to have an opinion on the topic.

'I'm trans, by the way': Wisconsin high school is under fire after trans woman, 18, 'exposed their male genitalia to four freshmen girls, 14, in locker room showers' after a swim class by Phooey in TumblrInAction

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I despise that it’s somehow okay for one person to run roughshod over everyone else. “I’m trans by the way,” should not be a magical incantation to ignore everyone else’s comfort. Why do they get to decide they are the main character who can ignore the comfort of everyone else? I’m sorry, but having male genitals in a women’s changing room with underage girls is grotesque and wildly inappropriate. Those girls were sexually harassed by being exposed to male genitals without their consent and on school fucking grounds no less. This is not popular with the vast majority of the fucking planet. And it isn’t going to become popular. Because frankly, the tiny tiny tiny minority of people with legitimate gender dysphoria DO NOT want to put themselves in that situation. They would be mortified to be exposed like that. So the only people who do this are the perverted depraved sickos who used to be arrested for indecent exposure. This is madness. It isn’t inclusionary. It’s letting slimy losers indulge their sexual fetishes at women’s expense. Shame on anyone who defends this behavior.

Harry Potter and the journos who didn't learn by shadeviking in TumblrInAction

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Exactly! They didn’t ask shit. They were an invasive swarm of semi sentient cyber herpes that crybullied anyone no didn’t do what they demanded. Like always.

Because she knows you fancy her, dude by jet199 in TumblrInAction

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The distaff side scores another Flawless Victory!

Schools in England told by government to record sex as described on birth certificate only on official data submissions. Do not record “gender identity” or anything other than male or female. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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A friend and I were just talking about this… she’s someone who’s stunning… but we were talking about how to us, the world seems so friendly. Like, in our interactions with strangers from wait staff to cashiers, people are just generally nice to us! It’s easy to believe that the world, or at least, our place in it, is a decent place full of generally good people. When we brought in a guy friend of mine, we were shocked to learn what it’s like to “be invisible.”

I think when you dress up and act like a deranged clown, already primed to believe the world is chock full of sadists and bullies, it becomes the perfect self fulfilling prophecy. Paranoia will always find fuel to send itself into orbit. And when you believe the world is generally cruel, and look and talk like a crazy person, you will see exactly what you’re looking for, driving yourself further and further away from society and happiness, and closer and closer to the true social pariahs… those associations you mentioned. I think you’re right. Such a chain of behavior is ultimately self destructive and self terminating.

Jeez… now I feel sad. It’s not exactly comforting to ponder how you dodged a genetic bullet to the brain pan by sheer fucking luck, and how it colored your worldview. There but for the grace of god go I… dressed in a skirt… and demanding to be treated like a pretty princess… *shudders *

Schools in England told by government to record sex as described on birth certificate only on official data submissions. Do not record “gender identity” or anything other than male or female. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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Touché… it actually does make me feel for them in that sense. Like, the ones I knew suffered from the same reality. No matter what you do, you’re a 79 Toyota Celica, and no amount of work will ever make you a Ferrari… but I have to imagine there are lots of average looking people living great lives, free of the self-imposed misery of the victimhood lifestyle. It’d be really depressing if not.

Schools in England told by government to record sex as described on birth certificate only on official data submissions. Do not record “gender identity” or anything other than male or female. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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This. This is so my experience with modern trans craze types. I knew of one trans person before the nonsense took off. He transitioned to she, and then went on with her life. I know the family was devastated… something that always bothered me, but this person wasn’t out there constantly blabbing about it. They just wanted to move on.

My wife met a couple of the TRAs back in 2018 when it was really starting to blow up. What struck me is what losers these people were. They talk gender woo nonstop, go to the gender clinics for hormones and lead otherwise pretty miserable lives feeling like everyone is against them. I actually tried explaining once, that it’s just that no one cares about them and the constant badgering of everyone turns people off. So does the colorful attire, questionable hygiene, and single issue focus.

I don’t want to sound like a conceited asshole, but I’m a good looking guy. I’m tall, fit, and am used to getting plenty of attention. I bring this up, because what I instantly noticed was that not a single person in this odd little coven would be considered a 3 even on the best of days. They smelled bad, were overweight, wore tacky clothes, spoke in that awful “man impersonating a woman’s” voice, and had generally poor social skills… It struck me that it was all just copium. They were just regular losers trying to compensate and find an easy way to social success, instead of doing the work to get fit, learn to socialize, and strive to enjoy the lives they have instead of turning complaining about their lot into their entire personality…

MtF knows that he is a woman because they learned it from another MtF on a podcast. Not social contagion, of course! by cephyrious in TumblrInAction

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That’s exactly it. Dude just decided he must be a woman because he had… normal emotions… of the human experience. So that equals “woman?” He hadn’t expressed any indicators of gender dysphoria. He just listened to a podcast and walked out in a skirt, and insisting he’s a woman? That’s… not healthy.

Disavow, disavow, disavow - Trans Redditors starting to distance themselves from Dylan Mulvaney coz he’s making them look bad. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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That’s exactly it. I believe Dylan condemned to a life of quiet monotony where he wasn’t getting showered in attention would be his version of hell. He is 1000 percent a simple attention whore. And whether he knows it or not, I think that day is coming. We live in a rapid stimuli world and the next big attention whore is always just around the corner. Even many on the left are getting tired of his woman face minstrel show. And in a couple years, I think people will just recall, “that one weirdo who was on price is right and went to the White House to encourage sterilizing kids.

Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers Face Harmful Stigma in Their Quest for Comfort by Femaleisnthateful in TumblrInAction

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I made it two paragraphs… I’m now suffering brain damage. I will never be the same… I shall remember this as the day that stole my 40 year old innocence…

'Why will nobody kiss me?' Dylan Mulvaney's man-to-girl transition has won her TikTok fame, riches, and allies in the White House, but left her lonely and undateable by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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I’m grateful our girl, Audrey, is safely in the ground. She never had to witness this particular man made horror beyond our comprehension, wearing a defiled exaggeration of her style like a putrid flesh suit.

Sorority sisters sue University of Wyoming for admitting trans woman, who they allege has 'voyeuristically peeped at them while sporting an erection' and repeatedly asked what vaginas look like by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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“Who is pictured in the back left” Gosh… thank you Daily Mail. I would have never guessed that the 6’2” 260 lbs ogre in the picture wasn’t actually a college coed.

r/honesttransgender had the most sane post of the last 24 hours and it was deleted by the moderators: "Maybe it's too late, and this is what the trans movement has become, and this is how it ends." by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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That makes me feel really sad. They’re 100 percent right of course. But it’s like the tragic villain experiencing that moment of clarity where the ask themselves legitimately, “oh my god… what have I done?”

They have been frothing themselves up into such a rage, and this is always where the story ended. Real people really being hurt and killed. Not imaginary “you don’t agree with everything I’m telling you you have to believe, so you’re committing violence against ME!” Or the grotesque “do as we say or your child will kill themselves!”

TRAs are the fucking villains who thought they were the heroes. Glad this person finally sees what we’ve seen this whole time. But the damage has been done. And I hope people remind them of reality, when they start up with their hate speech and rhetoric.

NHL looking at cancelling Pride Night celebrations by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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As a former hockey player (no… I wasn’t in the nhl… I was what the guy would call “not very good at hockey,” but I still loved it), I am seriously proud of the league starting to stand up to this. This doesn’t belong in the game. Sexuality has no place centered in a professional sports league. It simply has zero relevance. There are legal protections for the community. And frankly, I’m down with gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. I’m down with trans men and women with gender dysphoria who just want to get on with their lives. All fine by me! But I wholeheartedly fucking REJECT “queer” and trans trenders. I detest TRAs. I’m sick of it being jammed into everything. It makes me not want to have anything to do with anyone flying that new monstrosity of the pride flag. The arrow bulldozing the actual rainbow flag is indicative of what I despise.

Good on ya, NHL. Cancel that shit.

Eddie Izzard is determined to ensure that Labour lose the next election - Picks a fight with JKR whilst looking like a well-used blow-up doll. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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'If they listen to me talking, hopefully they think "well, that's just some person, they seem a decent person".'

BUT THAT’S JUST IT EDWARD!! I already thought you seemed like a decent person when you were a comedian. I had zero issue with your cross dressing. I thought your jokes about transvestite shock troopers were bloody hilarious! I had no problem with you at all! But that’s not what’s happening at large. What I’m seeing is truly disgusting, detestable, slimy, grotesque weirdos doing everything in their power to convince me that they are disgusting, detestable, slimy, grotesque weirdos. Gay rights gained acceptance because we realized that gay people are just regular ass people who it’s usually easy to support (with the exception of the increasing worrisome behavior at pride parades, but even there, I believe those are a gross minority). But because people suffering from gender dysphoria are blessedly rare, they get drowned out by the fat, ugly, gross losers who are so whacked out huffing on digital copium and act like disgusting blobs of rotting excrement, or selfish clowns demanding praise and adoration for being the man who wins a race against women, and throws a manly fucking tantrum when us normal people respond with disgust.

I will not ignore the fact that men and women are not interchangeable no matter what a loud smelly gaggle of chronically online losers shrieks at me. I will never cheer on a man competing in sport against women. I will never respect a person like that. I will never consider a trans identified man for a relationship just because he insists he’s really a hot woman and not a man in a dress. I will not pretend a man can give birth because a woman who wants to be extra special claims she is a man.

Demanding we all play along with a ridiculous fantasy and having the audacity to get angry when we don’t accept their feelings instead of the cold hard reality we can see with our own fucking eyes, is not something “a decent person” expects. That’s something a lunatic would demand. And I don’t take lunatics’ opinions and demands seriously.

So no, Eddie. Trans issues are becoming less popular, not more popular. With every Lia Thomas and Rachel McKinnon… with every slobbering sweat drenched tweet threatening real women with rape, death, and violence by a fat, greasy, porn sick man in an anime dress… with every demand that we substitute reality for the fantasies of losers I would avoid in the grocery store, we get further and further away from acceptance.

And meanwhile, a lot of good LGBT people pay the price for the behavior of the oily adipose heavy social rejects, who barged fatly into their community and crybullied and emotionally abused their way to hogging the mic, making everything exponentially worse for absolutely everybody.

World Athletics bans transwoman athletes from women’s competitions. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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Amazing! It’s almost like the World Athletics organization has a firm grasp of the obvious! I’m honestly so grateful that they are making their stand here. It’s grotesquely disingenuous for TRA’s to whine and moan that bio men should be allowed to barge into the women’s sport. They make bad faith arguments about how trans identified men somehow lose all the benefits of their manhood by injecting themselves with estrogen. But they can never adequately explain why it’s the trans identified men who seem to dominate in women’s sport yet trans identified women never seem to do anything but get obliterated by actual men in men’s sport. Because admitting what we all already know is anathema to them.

Life isn’t fair, we aren’t all equal, and just because you want something, doesn’t mean you get to ignore everyone else’s needs. Sorry, but if you went through male puberty, you just don’t get to barge into women’s spaces because you insist you “feeeeel” like a woman. Your feelings should not trump women’s right to be safe, nor should it trump their right to play in sports where fair play and good sportsmanship are honored and not ignored. If you suffer from dysphoria, I feel for you. I honestly do. That must be awful! I will actually show my respect by honoring your feminine or masculine preferred pronouns out of the goodness of my heart. But I won’t abide placing your wants before actual biological women’s needs. Because the needs of the many outweigh your solitary desires.

Gender-affirming photo 'restoration': why memory-hole reality when you can edit it? by Femaleisnthateful in TumblrInAction

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Why even bother at this point? Why not just clip out a picture of 25 year old Jennifer Connelly and just say it’s what you “identify” as? It’s about as honest. I’m only being a little facetious. If it’s okay to re identify yourself because you were “born in the wrong body,” why can’t I say that I identify as Enrique Iglesias (yeah, I’m a Hispanic dude, so why not?)?

This is where it all falls apart for me. We don’t all get to be Chris Hemsworth and Taylor Swift. That’s the bottom line. We don’t all get to be hardcore warriors or pretty princesses. How you feel or identify just doesn’t override reality. In fact, the more you consider it, the sadder and harder it becomes to go along with.

Jamie Lee Curtis's troon son shares a cartoon: "Bigger dick than you. Bigger tits than your wife" Then posts an image of himself in some little girl anime costume. by troons_in_paradise in TumblrInAction

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I admit, I haven’t gotten into anime beyond the original Pokémon series when I was a high schooler… so I really didn’t know that porn was naked into a lot of it.

I do feel for anyone who has self image and esteem issues. Hell, I don’t even really judge them for whatever tickles their fancy behind their bedroom doors. But what I can’t do, is be okay with people dressing up in sexual roleplay outfits, and expecting the rest of us to play a role in their sexual fantasies. I can’t consent to that, and being told I need to celebrate that behavior or else, only makes me want to avoid people who act like that even more.

Jamie Lee Curtis's troon son shares a cartoon: "Bigger dick than you. Bigger tits than your wife" Then posts an image of himself in some little girl anime costume. by troons_in_paradise in TumblrInAction

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Normally, I don’t like berating people for their looks. But… that is one ugly dude. Why are they so often obsessed with anime and so grotesquely unkempt and greasy?

Help, my kid patient has their own mind and so now I have no idea what to do. by jet199 in TumblrInAction

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Okay… NO! The school Psychologist is waaaaay out of line. This is not about her and her gender ideology. This is a student (not a fucking patient. School psychs have students, not patients), who is growing out of an enforced pseudo religion. If this same kid wanted to break away from the southern baptists, she wouldn’t be having a fit. This idiot needs to stay in her own lane and not let her own beliefs interfere with this kid’s decisions and development. Non binary is a nonsense label. This is obviously a regular male with a regular female sister. They were fed a load of tripe by parents who wanted to feel extra special and signal to the world (undoubtedly all over social media) how “enlightened” they were. But you can’t make someone non binary. It’s a fashion statement, and a cry for attention. If they really wanted to let the kid decide, they would fucking respect his and her decisions. Fuck this self-important clown.

Just when you thought that progressives had scraped the bottom of the degeneracy barrel, they lean in just a bit further - Men should be able to pay women to be drugged for sex to satisfy their “Cosby” kink. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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I watched this… if I didn’t know better, I would have called it satire. This morbidly obese woman talking about sex in the most word-salad vomit of nonsense and buzzword I’ve ever heard. In no universe do I want a grotesque creature like her lecturing me about sex. Or even talking about sex. I honestly have a hard time imagining her body count is beyond one or two drunk guys or maybe she mines the depths of Craigslist for slimy odorous simp piggy’s… either way, her hot takes on sex are unnecessary.

When you reduce your own potential dating pool, from gay and bisexual men to a tiny number of chasers, you don’t get to complain. by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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And when he talks. The voice is so damn hard to mimic. Blaire White is one of the few post puberty trans women who actually sounds like a woman (albeit with a lower smokey voice). Dylan sounds like any of us guys trying to do an ironic feminine voice, and it’s so sooo off putting and creepy.

You can't study communication with other species because it oppresses me by NerveActive in TumblrInAction

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That was buried deeeeep in my brain… and you, the hero, have drawn it back into the open. Haha

Glad I never got into transformers by shadeviking in TumblrInAction

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You cannot just claim you aren’t either any more than I can claim to be a bunny rabbit. You aren’t special. It isn’t cute. It isn’t “a wonderful experience.” A happy person with self respect does not claim they are a special special imaginary being. A loser does that. Instead of finding something to be good at, they make up stupid labels and flags and try to convince other losers that they have personalities. When us normal ass people see you do that, it becomes nearly impossible to take you seriously, especially since you all look the same with silly hair and obnoxious clothes.

This needs to stop.

Man pretending to be a woman is upset at a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. You cannot make this shit up by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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Troons are not gods… my man, look at yourself!! The only people thirsty for you are other porn sick individuals too afraid to go outside, so will never ever sleep with you. The cope in this shit is so powerful I’d think it was satire if I didn’t know better.

Troons appropriated clown make up and outfits. So don’t go shrieking about cultural appropriation. To claim that any woman anywhere wants to look anything like you is so comical it’s just more evidence of you appropriating clown culture. If I were to go up to any of my women friends and say, “hey, you look like a trans woman today,” the swift kick to my nuts that I would receive would be completely my fault!.

Let’s hear no more of this nonsense. I am stupider for having been exposed to this.

In Mississippi, a tranny who looks like Jack Black with blonde hair and rosacea was arrested for plotting to blow up a town’s schools. The ABC affiliate reported on the case with stunning and brave verbiage: “A mugshot of Mestemacher shows that she has a beard and dyed-blonde hair with dark roots.” by Chipit in TumblrInAction

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Intersexual isn’t an identity. It’s a genetic disorder. And it’s super fucking rare. These grotesque clowns need to stop appropriating intersex conditions to use as an excuse for their awful behavior.

School suspends sex education after drag queen 'told 11-year-olds about oral and anal sex, and that there are 73 genders' by bife_de_lomo in TumblrInAction

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There is zero reason a “drag queen” should be allowed in a school. It’s deliberately provocative and inappropriate. Drag is inherently sexual in nature, and anyone who denies that is a liar. The kind of person who wants to volunteer to go into a school setting dressed in drag should by no means be allowed to do so. Normal people do not wish to do that. A person who does cannot be trusted.

I am down with drag being a performance art. It has a time, a place, an an appropriate audience. None are within the walls of a school. And frankly, I’m so disgusted by the people who encourage this explicit and ridiculous behavior, that it really makes me mistrustful of anyone advocating for it. I’m seriously sick to death of this gender theory loser-speak. More and more, I see it as a way for those who put zero effort into themselves as productive members of society, to seize a tiny morsel of power that they have been wielding expansively and continuously, but that are only allowed to do it because everyone else has been overly indulgent of these overgrown toddlers. But fortunately, I believe that this is starting to swing back. Most of us are not truly intimidated by blue haired shrieking children in clown makeup.

Lilly, the toddler by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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Yep. 1000 percent. An ugly ass man dressed like this is so utterly repulsive and grotesque that it strikes at our basest animal instincts. This man looks mentally ill and should not be allowed into our herd.

Trans author threatens to SLIT THROAT of JK Rowling, after writing novel where Harry Potter author was burned alive by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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Yep. That is the exact face I imagined with such a grotesque headline. Who would have ever guessed it would be an overweight, ugly, weak, dude in silly makeup? This guy has never thrown a punch in his life, but talks real big on Twitter… sooooo feminine…

If it's possible for a man to be trapped in a woman's body and vice versa then it should be possible for people in general to be trapped inside the wrong body via Transrace,etc. by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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Exactly! Really, what I think so much of the trans/ non binary craze boils down to, “but I’m a beautiful snowflake who was born into this ugly body!” But instead of saying, “hey, I can work out, take care of my body, play a sport, go out and learn some hobbies, etc” they sit and think, “I must just be a different kind of special! I’m actually a gorgeous woman trapped in this obese, smelly, inept man!” Or vice versa… or even worse, “I’m actually NEITHER man or woman! I’m just that special!! And classically attractive people need to make themselves available to ME!”

So much of it seems to be cope for the fact that they aren’t sexually attractive to others, but instead of taking the initiative, they expect everyone else to bend over backwards for them instead.

"Jews had a bunch of people like them who were a support group for them. There's no such thing in real life for trans people." by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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Because “oppression”:is totally when anyone does anything you don’t like or has any perspective that isn’t a million billion percent your own. “Trauma” is the feeling you get when you hear someone not obey you. “PTSD” is what happens when you remember about that one time someone called you by the wrong (correct) pronouns.

Language doesn’t need to mean anything anymore…

The opening ceremony of the European Figure Skating Championship features an MTF that clearly can't ice skate by Datachost in TumblrInAction

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How detestable must that guy be? Like, he knows he can’t fucking ice skate. But he was narcissistic enough, and the league was condescending enough to put this clown in the spotlight to make a complete asshole of himself, with all the grace and skill of a clogged toilet.

Just imagine what must have gone through his mind. “I’m gonna dress up in this ice dancer’s dress that always turned me on as a kid, and I’m gonna ice dance like a pretty pretty princess in front of a cheering audience because I’m so stunning and brave!”

He was so far up his own ass that he likely never stopped to think for one second that, “oh wait, jerking off to the Nagano Olympics doesn’t make me an actual ice dancer.”

This shit has to stop. It’s fucking disgraceful that we’re expected to take shit like this seriously, and frankly, it’s a slap in the face to the actual ice dancers who devoted their lives to you know… dancing on ice.

Congrats to the Troons and Groomers - you’ve managed to get MPs to agree to a debate about bringing back Section 28. Well done! by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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This is what infuriates me. Gays and lesbians gained support when people realized that they were really just normal people who should be treated with respect and dignity. Then along comes the TRA’s who glommed onto them and do everything fucking imaginable to convince everyone that the whole community is a bunch of obnoxious clowns and depraved freaks. Soooo many good people are getting tarred by the behavior of the troons and groomers.

I'll leave it with no comments by detarame in TumblrInAction

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Neither of those guys had two X chromosomes.

“Terfenstein 3D is a short retro first-person shooter game about escaping a gender-fascist concentration camp. Unleash your pent-up fury upon the gender-critical tyrants with an arsenal of deadly weapons and tactics in cathartic bliss.” Basically, a tranny reskin of Wolfenstein 3D… by kingc-way245 in TumblrInAction

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Because when I think “women,” I think Wolfenstein 3D. Every pretty girl I know, not only totally knows what Wolfenstein 3D is, but talk of little else. Some might say that Wolfenstein 3D is the MOST feminine game of all time. And those people definitely aren’t complete fucking idiots.

where did my euphoria boners go?! by Aerozine in TumblrInAction

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I naively thought you had highly editorialized the title. You did not. That’s what that post is all about. How anyone can ask something like that in all seriousness, is just gross.

Remember, what ever tragedy impacts you or your community transwomen ALWAYS have it worse. by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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That tweet has waaaaay too many likes.

Reddit grapples with the question. "Why don't trans-men playing in men's sports or raping men in men's bathroom make the news?" The answer of course, must be misogyny. by Alienhunter in TumblrInAction

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I’ve noticed that too. It’s not a good look when you constantly lock news threads because most people point out the obvious. Though I’m sure they want to believe that bio men playing in women’s sports, beating the stuffing out of women in MMA, acting like total predators in women’s bathrooms, silencing women, humiliating, berating, and degrading them when they speak up for themselves and their spaces, demanding sexual attraction regardless of their anatomy, and generally acting like awful people… well none of that shit is popular with the majority of people and is likely a major element driving down support of the LGBT community overall, which adversely impacts community members who are also sick to death of these repulsive clowns hijacking the cultural conversation.

I know that I’m sick of it. And I’m a pretty laid back guy, okay with people’s quirks and foibles for the most part. But I’m seriously not okay with guys who think that they can toss on an ill fitting dress, soak themselves in poorly applied makeup, and then selfishly hogging the mic to bellow about “misogyny and women’s issues,” and dictate to the rest of us how we must treat them and say, Emily Blunt, the exact same way because of some as yet undefinable definition of what constitutes a woman. But most of us already know. I think many of us are even down to be polite to people on a person to person level, providing that they too, treat us with respect. But to think that we’re going to just turn off our humanity, biological, emotional, and sexual, to cater to their changing whims, to “validate” their mental health issues, and to be responsible for their ridiculous expectations for their emotional “safety” by only ever exalting their every desire and never expressing a contrary perspective… that just isn’t going to happen. People will just go out of their way to avoid a walking train wreck, rather than end up walking on eggshells for a relationship that is nearly completely one sided.

So they're not mermaids then? by jet199 in TumblrInAction

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U WOT?! That has to be a joke. That’s not a thing. It can’t be. That’s such a stretch, it would reach to the galactic center if this tweet somehow infected reality itself. If it’s a joke, haha… good one. What a clever impression of a fucking moron. If it’s real… this person shouldn’t be left alone with scissors and shoelaces…. And never be allowed to go near the internet, lest their idiocy be catching.

NHL virtue signals; held a tournament “comprised entirely of transgender and nonbinary hockey players” by kingc-way245 in TumblrInAction

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Goddamn, so fucking true. You don’t get to claim you’re neither. That’s not a thing. Unless you’re the tiny tiny fraction of people who are intersex (and honestly, I think even they just consider themselves as intersex, not “non binary”), you don’t get to just claim you’re neither a man or a woman. You don’t get to turn your haircut into a new gender.

"Female penis" by Datachost in TumblrInAction

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Exactly. If they actually were dysphoric they wouldn’t be saying a thing about their penises. Period (unless it was the sincere desire to get rid of them). It would be the source of their pain in many ways. But I think people like this idiot couldn’t bare to lose their dicks because they need to be able to jerk off to their fetish, which is a no go without the right gear.

Anyone out there actually drawing attention to their crotches and demand people normalize “bulges,” is not being honest. But not being honest seems to be more of a feature than a bug to them…

r/MTFSelfieTrain - Do I look like a man? Yes. Yes you do. by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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This looks like an unhappy person, insecure in his own masculinity, and believing that this look will somehow quell their own misery.

Trouble at the Furry Convention by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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Well… yeah… they have furries in them.

Trouble at the Furry Convention by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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A tragic condition indeed.

If leftist truly believed that trans women are women then they shouldn't have a problem with dating them. by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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I have a hard time believing that anyone actually perceives trans men and women as anything other than trans men and women. I think lots of people are okay with tolerance. Personally, I’m okay to use the pronouns that he or she presents as (but not neo pronouns). It’s just being polite and something I’d do because frankly, I just don’t care that much about their problems. I have my own.

But tolerance isn’t acceptance. Acceptance means I accept someone else’s philosophy. And in the case of much of the “queer” and “gender theorists,” I simply don’t accept their beliefs. I’ll treat them with the human dignity I’d afford anyone. But I don’t believe they are biologically men or women. I absolutely do not accept this non binary rubbish. It always seems to be people who have major self confidence issues trying to “opt out” of their body because it doesn’t get the attention they want on social media.

Claiming to be a part of the community, so they can get the unfettered high grade attention and adulation that people automatically lavish upon them. But it’s not actually real. It’s as automatic of a rote response as mindlessly “good” when someone who doesn’t care asks you how your day was. And those who claim that they totally believe that there’s no difference on a biological level, don’t put their junk where their mouths are.

Oakville teacher shocks students by wearing huge prosthetic breasts to shop class by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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Exactly! I mean, I think just about everyone has their “thing” that they don’t necessarily understand why they’re attracted to it but just accept it as part of themselves. But most of us know to keep that stuff to ourselves, as it’s just private information that the vast majority of humanity don’t need to or want to know about.

But people like this guy… this is grotesque and deeply offensive. It screams his perception of womanhood is this gross caricature of exaggerated sexual features. If I had a daughter (well… I wouldn’t want any of my kids with this guy), I wouldn’t allow her in that class. I think the fact that he’s been empowered to do this, is what actual misogyny looks like.

appropriating poverty for accolades is disgusting & i don’t know why we don’t talk about this more. by GrilledTofu in TumblrInAction

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That’s not what due diligence means. It never meant what you are claiming. You are a blight on human intelligence and drag the average range of cognitive functioning deep into the dark depths of idiocy. They/them (she) should be as ashamed of herself as her parents are.

Harvard Tells Students: ‘Using Wrong Pronouns’ Constitutes ‘Abuse’ by cars in TumblrInAction

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Yes! Trying to make me responsible for your behavior by making threats is absolutely abuse. This, along with the torturous treatment of the concept of “safety” makes me furious with big elements of the field of psychology and psychiatry. Demanding compliance under emotional abuse should be completely anathema for both fields. But instead, they are weaponizing the whims of 12 year olds against parents and the rest of society. And all to administer drugs that have very real and adverse side effects. No one should be pushing so hard to sterilize kids or put them on a route to never be able to experience orgasm and sexuality.

Hell, I’m not even saying that there aren’t trans people. There absolutely are those with gender dysphoria who will eventually need medical intervention to address. But pretending that everyone currently involved in the gender craze is the same as those tiny percentage of people… insanity.

Harvard Tells Students: ‘Using Wrong Pronouns’ Constitutes ‘Abuse’ by cars in TumblrInAction

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One of the most offensive elements to nonsense like this tripe, is the cheapening of the concept of “safety.” The word is tossed around willynilly to describe situations that are not at all dangerous. Demanding people validate your feelings, and dressing and acting like selfish clowns, and then having the audacity to call it “abuse” when everyone doesn’t play along, is insulting to those who have and are currently suffering actual abuse. No one is asking you to “educate” them. In fact, in doing so, you are almost certainly coming off as a condescending jackass that will only make more people sick of your nonsense.

People who act like this suffer from an extreme case of main character syndrome. They can’t understand that everyone has their own problems and lives to worry about, and don’t want to take on responsibility for thin skinned losers in clown clothes and makeup.

Honestly? Just give up. by zpgnbg in TumblrInAction

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If it’s in a word or in a look, nothing can stop the Babadook…

Ratings for the cover stars of NHL 23. The female hockey player (Nurse) has a higher rating than her male counterpart by kingc-way245 in TumblrInAction

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I used to play ice hockey in high school. A single girl played in our league… like. Our entire league. She was on one of our home teams that played out of our same rink. We got on well, and I honestly respected her for lacing up in a full contact league as a 5’5” 110 lbs soaking wet girl.

But during our game, we met along the boards. I can still remember the way it felt to absolutely obliterate this poor girl, sending her crashing into the boards and then down onto the ice. It was like she just bounced off me. In that split second before impact, I thought “this probably isn’t okay…” but by that point, we were both prisoners of physics.

I felt horrible, and spent the rest of the game trying to avoid her teammates’ efforts at revenge. She was okay, and even told me she appreciated not being treated like a delicate flower. But honestly, it was obvious to me that day that we don’t belong in the same league. We’re just too different, and women are at an absolute disadvantage.

To pretend that Nurse would be anything other than roadkill in essentially any male league, is delusional thinking. I’m happy for her that she’s a star in women’s hockey, but comparing her to an NHL player is laughable.

"No one is saying" vol. 3 by M1GarandDad in TumblrInAction

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They really are their own worst enemies. No matter how much you tweet that male genitalia are somehow feminine, the vast majority of the world’s population will disagree, and won’t take much else you say seriously.

A literal college student writes a CNN article: Transgender and nonbinary people say they feel excluded from the abortion fight. 2 troons with nose rings & another dressed as Laurel & Hardy talk about getting constantly knocked up, attempted abortions via Vitamin C, & the heartbreak of misgendering by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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This exactly. They can’t stand that this is a women’s issue, and want to hog their way back to being the center of attention. It’s one of the most obnoxious behaviors that they seem to insist upon performing. And it is a real turn off to people watching. It also emphasizes the fact that high grade narcissism is underpinning the activists. People who complain that they aren’t the center of attention often dress and act like clowns, down to the badly applied makeup. It honestly hurts the community as a whole, as it associates this kind of behavior with them.

Trans activist use the brain argument a lot,but what does it mean to have a female or male brain? by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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This is one of the things I can’t get past. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t tell you what being a woman feels like. I was born a male. I grew up a male. Society treated me as a male. I’ve never had a period. I’ve never had breasts. I have no idea what feminine arousal or climax feels like. Society never treated me as a woman. All of those aspects are critical. No matter what you want, you can’t really say you “feel” like the opposite sex, if you have no point of reference.

I think that’s something that annoys me the most. It’s appropriating an experience that you haven’t actually had. Someone may wish they were born the opposite sex, but to claim you somehow intrinsically understand the experience by nature of your “gendered” brain.

I can be compassionate and respectful of people with gender dysphoria. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone! But it doesn’t mean I accept that it means they are truly the same as a biological man or woman.