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It seems it's no longer about left or right, liberal or conservative, christian or atheist, gay or straight .. it's become about rational decent people and a clown bus full of nutters.

The rational people need to speak up and we need to get shit back in order.

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We tried that on Reddit with the LGBDropTheT sub (banned in the Big Ban Wave last year), and we found that we had people coming from all sorts of different backgrounds finding common ground and getting along. I'm old enough to remember what the gay world was like in the 1990s when we were mostly all getting along with one another. Like any other community, we had our issues and fights between various personalities, but we had a foundation that was pretty solid. And when did gay people say all straight people were evil or post fantasies about killing them? It seemed like we had won most of our important battles and could relax a bit -- and then it all went crazy. Suddenly all the organizations we'd built switched focus and forgot about us.

It felt like this. It's like you built your own house and lived in it. Then, one day, you came home and found that someone else had moved in and changed the locks. You might be allowed back in, but only if you followed the rules set by the new occupants. Oh, and they'd revised your whole history. According to them, you never actually built the house. They built it, and you owe them.

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It's like you built your own house and lived in it. Then, one day, you came home and found that someone else had moved in and changed the locks. You might be allowed back in, but only if you followed the rules set by the new occupants. Oh, and they'd revised your whole history. According to them, you never actually built the house. They built it, and you owe them.

This is perfect. Definitely gonna use this analogy.

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Suddenly all the organizations we'd built switched focus and forgot about us.

There is s/LGBDropTheT here on Saidit. They were victims of censorship on Reddit. Saidit is a free speech platform. These new users immediately began censorship just like the censorship regime they left. It literally says you cannot disagree with them in the rules. They are unaware of any irony of fleeing to a free speech platform in order to enforce a censorship regime. They were never in favor of free speech. They were only in favor of their own speech.

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I believe me and others have already thoroughly addressed this before, but you still don't seem to understand the nuance of this topic. Let me start with an example:

You are a moderator. But why be a mod other than to reserve the power to censor people? In fact, as a Free Speech Platform why does Saidit allow moderators at all other than to allow people to censor others? I never created a sub on here or reddit but I assume sub owners can do a lot of other authoritarian stuff including removing topics and comments. Why allow any rules or control over the sub at all? That infringes on free speech. Why even have a report button?

The SuperStraight Subreddit actually had a copious amount of policing(this is technically censorship) against Superphobic rhetoric. The mods were very strict on that. It was being brigaded constantly by those with an axe to grind. Do you think the policing of speech there was the real issue with it? Or was the problem because the reddit Admin stepped in and banned the whole sub? I'm going with the latter. Because those people who had their speech restricted by the SuperStraight sub had hundreds of other subs on Reddit to go to that were friendly to their beliefs. They actually had alternatives. The SuperStraights and associated Super Allies did not. They create a sub for their beliefs and that sub would get banned. It is not a problem of sub-wide censorship but site-wide censorship on the Reddit platform.

Now, as far as I can tell Saidit allows a limited sub-wide censorship but they do not have site-wide censorship in the form of Administrative meddling in individual subs. They keep mod logs, and no individual user can have their profile comments nuked unless by their own choice. You can still read them. So for that and other reasons is why Saidit is considered a Free Speech Platform. Not because there is no form of censorship at all on the site. That kind of internet is an ideological pipe dream. Even one's personal blogs will have comment policing for obvious reasons.

Now, we can argue about the level of censorship there should be on a sub. I personally think that is in the end up to the sub owner and if one doesn't like how it currently works they can appeal for a change in rules or mods, or failing that, they can create their own sub as an alternative. If the censorship is as bad as they say, then the users will flock to that new sub. It happened with KiA2 on Reddit.

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Of course it's "nuanced". The nuance is that it's OK when we do it to others, but not OK when others do it to us. This argument is as old as the hills.

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Once again you completely ignored what I said because you are an ideologue with a 'Black and White' way of thinking whenever it comes to the topic of censorship.

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You are the most stubbornly brain dead serial shitposter on this site

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You neither addressed nor refuted anything I had to say. This is merely a personal insult and is specifically against Saidit TOS. Reported.

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And neither did you directly address virtually anything the person you're replying to has argued, you are purposefully skirting the rules of discussion you reference. Constantly, all the time. Because you're not here to discuss, you're here to proselytize your beliefs of hatred and bigotry. You are the rot of this site, attempting to latch onto this budding community.

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Wow, you can read minds? That's an amazing ability. Someone like you could make a mint on Vegas playing poker.

Say, can you do it again? Can you tell me what I had for breakfast?

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You've already pasted this "retort" to me twice in the past, and it still doesn't work. Get checked for alzheimer's man.

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          That's because transmen are gender non conforming lesbians who were pushed into transitioning by the transactivist cult...

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          Yeah, gay guys occasionally get harassed (there's that one Google link with all the photos) but a good 95% or more is aimed at lesbians and women in general by males. It's really horrific.

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            the people that seem to be pressured the most are straight men and lesbians by transwomen.

            And the common denominator is . . .

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            How do you even encounter such weirdos?

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              Like in real life? Whew. I don't think it violates saidit policy to phrase it as: Day Of The Reset can't come soon enough.

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              Here's the philosophical underpinnings of what's going on right now. Explains the whole thing and why it's not going to get better. Please share it if you find it useful, it needs to become common knowledge.

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              I just want to say my conservative and libertarian friends have never, ever given me shit for not liking Trans people. My progressive friends on the other hand, who are straight, why don't you try it? You're being hateful. Each day that goes by I go further conservative.

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                Why is this? Because the Western Right's outgroup is people who aren't Westerners. BUT the Western Left's outgroup is the Right. This is the best explanation I've ever heard at this link. A bit long but worth reading every word because it answers SO many questions.


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                OMG yes please pay the expenses to send me back to Europe I have no idea why my ancestors wanted to move to this frosted shithole called Canada.

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                  Isn't it absurd that in many ways religious conservatives are now LESS homophobic than the people who want to be attached to the LGB movement are?

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                  It's truly a wild time to be alive. It's funny because I still don't understand why anyone regardless of political affiliation cares who I am sleeping with. Shouldn't I be the only person who cares? lol

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                  It's gone so far that the liberals don't even know what they're saying anymore, and the conservatives still believe in wacky stuff like "science" and "biological sex." It also helps that conservatives aren't hyperactive about wrongthink and virtue signalling the correct way and weekly-updated acceptable speech. They just don't waste their energy on dumb identity politics, which is all the liberals seem to talk about anymore. They just say howdy and live their lives.

                  The south will become the new safe haven for the LGB, which is really hilarious and ironic.

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                  Except they are running out a lot of the worthwhile conservatives for still believing in a bunch of weird bunk.

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                  It's a nice turn around from their original founding of cancel culture against LGB people back like, pre-2005.

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                  I still consider myself in a liberal

                  Its weird that christian, small town, conservative communities are so nice. Almost as if we had already developed harmonious ways of living, and its just the cities that are toxic

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                  You are heckin' cute and valid. uwu!

                  I used to take the piss out of Christians etc, but really these days they're mostly sold on the idea that if you don't believe in God, while perhaps you're going to get in trouble with the big man upstairs, that's your own business.

                  Perhaps the wokescolds should be encouraged to believe in a God who made them in Xer image, and who will force nonbelievers to suck the lady peen for all eternity in inclusive hell, so no need to bother us about it in this life.

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                    The behavior is largely indistinguishable from a cult. You must bow down at the altar of gender identity and submit yourself to girldick or we're going to figuratively nail you to a cross. And if we manage to dox you or get our hands on you in person, we're gonna be literally nailing you to a cross.

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                    Here's an essay that discusses what you're talking about. If you like it, please share it around. It needs to become common knowledge.


                    There are a number of points within Critical Social Justice Theory that would see having a debate or conversation with people of opposing views as unacceptable, and they all combine to create a mindset where that wouldn’t be something that adherents to the Theory are likely or even willing to do in general. This reticence, if not unwillingness, to converse with anyone who disagrees actually has a few pretty deep reasons behind it, and they’re interrelated but not quite the same. They combine, however, to produce the first thing everyone needs to understand about this ideology: it is a complete worldview with its own ethics, epistemology, and morality, and theirs is not the same worldview the rest of us use.

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                    Modern western culture is just rotten to the core. Conservatives and modern Christians are the worthless spineless opposition to the progressive scum, but the whole culture across the political spectrum is worthless. Not one person in modern culture does anything good.

                    I am a religious reactionary. I voted for gay marriage in California in the 90s when it lost. I voted for this because government has no business dictating terms of marriage, this should be left to religions and individuals. But the proposition lost because modern scum always vote against anything that isn't trendy at the moment, and gays hadn't yet become trendy. Decent people vote based on eternal principles, which one can find in religions, not based on trends. Decent people should just reject modern culture and avoid it.

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                      This is the result of bad education. One can learn principles from religion or science or math or studying any craft in depth. But modern education is shallow and never teaches the principles of anything, so the whole idea of principles is alien to members of modern culture.

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                      Trippy, isn't it. (Hello SuperStraights, bisexual here (the real meaning of the term (same as superbi), not some mangled TRA-concocted version). If you put up some flair for the LGB folks I'm sure we'll gladly use it.)

                      My political positions—I am also on the left—haven't changed, but they have never included "catering to people with personality disorders who scream and cry about being victims and bully others." The problem is, a lot of people on the left are just a little bit too open / soft-hearted to have their BS detectors set high enough to spot this stuff coming. So of course, we get used as cover to spread this kind of hate. It's atrocious.

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                      In the end with modern day mainstream progressivism you have too many groups and identities all competing for their own agenda it was bound to split at the seams in some way or another. I'm a super straight male and I enjoy lurking RadFem stuff from time to time, even if we don't see eye to eye on everything and no I will never post in a RadFem forum lol. They tell it like it is, especially about most male feminists being super creepy which I can CONFIRM as a man myself (username is satire).

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                      I empathize with you. I consider myself a leftist, but leftist spaces are filled with people who want to force trans ideology on us.

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                      I’m around a lot of conservative and libertarian types in the hunting/gun/archery communities here and outside of a few whiny boomers that no one likes, they’re far more “live and let live.” I don’t fear that if I use the wrong term around them they’re gonna go behind my back and tell everyone I’m a horrible bigot. I don’t identify as conservative and I’m Pagan (get me started on the politics in the Pagan community, I dare you all), and I feel so much more comfortable there than in “my” spaces.

                      I can’t fucking wait until I can buy rural property and never have to live in a city again.

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                      It's really sad how alienated we feel by people we thought we shared political beliefs with. And because our election systems frankly suck (plurality voting is quite possibly the worst way to do elections) we don't have any progressive yet gender critical party representation.

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                      In the US, it’s only Republicans who are pushing back, though I’m seeing more and more liberals saying things are getting too ridiculous. I can tell you that if I expressed in my religious community that trans women are biological men no matter what, a large number would ostracize me and brand me a TERF. I’ve seen it happen to a man I know. Thankfully more are beginning to push back and I hope it results in more sanity in politics here and elsewhere.

                      On the outside looking in, it seems fewer in the UK and such are tolerating this. It seems to me gender critical feminists are much more vocal over there.

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                      I don’t identify as conservative and I’m Pagan (get me started on the politics in the Pagan community, I dare you all)

                      Is it the white nationalist types in some Pagan circles? That's just what I've heard before.

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                      They exist, mostly in Norse Pagan spaces, but they’re a tiny, tiny minority that largely holes off in their own spaces. The bulk of the people you’ll encounter are the ugliest stereotypes of Democrats imaginable. And have completely drunk the gender flavoraid. The tradition I practice focuses on the “polarity” between male and female which is no longer PC so we have a lot of people who say this now needs to be gotten rid of because it offends the troons.

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                      lesbians are ok it's the gay guys that are gross

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                        You came here cause you got cancelled on reddit. Maybe don't try to cancel the regulars for saying things you don't agree with. 💡

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                          It's Popper. I think if you were more familiar with his posts you'd just write this off as "shit Popper says." One of the nice things about saidit is that the people you talk to aren't just faceless randoms you'll never see again like on reddit.

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                          You people just got through being censored for crimethink. You flee to a free speech platform.

                          What's the first thing you do on getting here? Begin a censorship regime.

                          You were never interested in free speech. You are only interested in your own speech. You do not fit in here.

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                            Exactly. You were never in favor of free speech. Only your own speech.

                            Maybe if you would have helped us nip the censorship monster in the bud this wouldn't have happened to you. But instead you fed the monster, cheering every time it ate one of us. Now it's turned on you and there is nobody left to stand up.

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                              Chipit is anti French, dont listen to him fellow europoor

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                                It's not troll bait, it's exactly what happened. Together, we could have stopped the salami from being sliced. But with every slice, "nazi" moved further and further left until now you finally find yourselves being sliced off.

                                And now you're in the basket of deplorables. Remember all the cheering and fist pumping when Hillary said that? Now people are feeling the same disgust towards you. What's it like, this new feeling?

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                                  I do agree people being harassed is very rare it's just overblown by the media for ratings and by people online who want attention

                                  Also politicians focus on social issues and identity politics to take attention away from their failed economic policies

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                                  Preach! Also you may want to check out /s/LGBDropTheT if you haven't already.

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                                  Yes, please come visit us.

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                                  Be warned that that sub is NOT part of Saidit's free speech culture. They freely employ censorship as a weapon of first resort. They learned nothing from being banned from Reddit.

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                                  And my wife and I are treated exactly the same as any other married couple, which is exactly how we have always wanted to be treated.

                                  That's so touching. And it shows the difference between LGBs and the T. LGBs just want to be treated like normal people, and have the same rights and protections as everyone else. The T wants special rights and privileges that only apply to them.

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                                  Same here. I suppose it turned into one of those, "become what you hated".

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                                    I'm referring to the TRA activists and activists that go into extremism. I never hated conservatives either. I can feel awkward around them because I'm not sure for which ones will tell me I'm going to hell (some have).

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                                    Growing up I was taught conservatives are either stupid or evil. Or both. Then I met some who were smarter and kinder than any of my liberal friends. I'm glad they were used to being mischaracterized by liberals and thus tolerated my bigoted behavior when I found out. Then they shared good points about freedom and choice. The word liberal is meaningless to me now, even if in context of all the world's cultures I and all of my conservative friends are incredibly liberal. I won't fight for the word.

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                                      It goes both ways of course. Since I was taught conservatives were so evil, any semblance of them being normal people was a shock, but they have biases and stereotyping and intolerance too. We have to keep in mind everyone is a person first before politics. Anyone can be bigoted and hateful but most people can change their minds.

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                                      I'm a super lesbian too. I moved to a big city in an east coast blue state almost a decade ago, eager to escape my small conservative hometown... And now I'm considering moving back south in a few years for similar reasons. Not to my hometown because my industry doesn't exist there, but maybe another southern state. My super gay and super lesbian friends who live in places like Texas and Georgia are so much happier than I am and have better dating lives.

                                      I never could have imagined this at 18, and yet here we are. I experienced my fair share of homophobia as a teenager, but the worst comments I ever heard back home pale in comparison to the crap the "woke homophobes" are spouting these days.

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                                        Exactly. I went to a Christian high school, and the worst that happened was stuff like some girls not wanting to be friends with me and people saying, "I'll pray for you" or whatever. It sucked, but it was never anything even remotely close to the unhinged rape and death threats the wokes love to send.

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