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It's almost like they're a bunch of fetishistic straight people who can't leave gay people the fuck alone.

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I read this a while ago, but someone else summarized it perfectly: "Translesbians "discover" they are ''lesbian'' after watching 'lesbian' porn made by and for straight men. Transmen "discover" they're ''gay'' after reading 'MLM' stories written by and for women."

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Yeah cause most people are straight, and believing you're the opposite gender has no effect on that.

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Very few people with gender dysphoria are straight, but they are now a minority. And also "transphobic" because how dare they not follow the narrative that biological sex does not exist and that gender is a social construct and that there are 1839506829165967494 genders.

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I've read from a book somewhere that when you selectively breed foxes to become loyal and dog-like, they start evolving color patches and curled ears just like dogs', implying these genes are all connected.

I may not be the 'transphobe' Richard Dawkins but I'm not sure this is how evolution works.

Yeah people get confused when I tell them I’m a lesbian. They must think estrogen makes you like men. I’m like “fuck I don’t even like my own penis let alone anyone else’s”


Edit: I guess I was wrong about the genetics thing. I wanted to feel superior to the wokesters and you will not TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME

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Oh I'd love to see his reaction when confronted with a nice female girl-dique :) He better not be a disgusting genital fetishist!

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The first part regarding foxes (only the fox stuff, not anything related to gender) is true. It's called Domestication syndrome.

Domestication syndrome refers to two sets of changed phenotypic traits common to many domesticated organisms: Those in domesticated animals, and those in domesticated plants. In animals these traits may include floppy ears, variations to coat colour, a smaller brain, and a shorter muzzle.

The second part is just sad and repugnant. No one should hate their natural genitals.

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Broadly speaking, the idea that homosexuality and other traits might be linked is not baseless. For example, homosexuality and gender non-conformity seem to be linked.

But homosexuals of one sex, and heterosexuals of the other sex, are not the same demographic. They're not linked.

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Completely agree.

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you contradicted yourself

only the fox stuff, not anything related to gender) is true.

smaller brain

is true

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Unfortunately some people have a legitimate reason to, but that's an entirely separate thing at this point.

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They did selective breeding on the foxes, and so they managed to make them look and act like dogs. Those genes are not connected. (There is however a fascinating phenomenon where a bit of the genetic code gets inverted and thus the inverted genes are connected, but this isn't the mechanisms behind the fox experiment.)

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I've read from a book somewhere that when you selectively breed foxes to become loyal and dog-like, they start evolving color patches and curled ears just like dogs', implying these genes are all connected.

I actually know about this! Yeah, this experiment (conducted in Novosibirsk, Siberia, since about 1952) on silver foxes-- a dark color mutation of the red fox-- was, and apparently still is, a real thing. Though I'd define its purpose somewhat differently: testing whether selectively breeding for tameness (or more properly neoteny, of which tameness is an outgrowth) could also cause changes in a species's morphology (physical structure), as was posited had been the case with domestic dogs.

For those of us who are interested in genetics, animals, and especially neoteny (which has profound implications for humans), this is all very cool... but what the hell has it got to do with trans bullshit??? Yeah, the experiment confirmed that the presence of a more neotenous brain (i.e., one that retains juvenile characteristics-- such as docility ["tameness"], but also plasticity, the source of learning ability, and thus human intelligence-- in adulthood) causes more neotenous physical traits to manifest... and so... uh... trans people have more neotenous brains and look younger than their age... or something...? Yeah, I have no idea. And I doubt that this dude-with-ladyfeelz Redditor does either.

Link for the experiment, in case anyone's sufficiently intrigued:

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This comment was priceless:

you can read prominent sexologists saying things along the lines of “no one thinks transition is a desired outcome”, then in their next breath proclaiming their scientific objectivity. Those same academics now go around wringing their hands and whining about the “abuse” they have gotten from the “trans activists” and how they were only ever trying to help,

But what if the evidence suggests that transition isn't a desired outcome? Scientific objectivity is to follow the evidence, and it's pretty convenient that the commenter didn't provide any studies, so I will:,,

It's the job of scientists to make the world better and to help, and if you don't like what the scientists have to say, then you ought to reevaluate your opinions.

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It's like they are always on the virge to becoming self aware but then forcibly push themselves back under into the gender abyss with some outlandish nonsensical theory involving clownfish or wild foxes that get curly ears.

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"Gay" and "lesbian" lose all meaning when gender identity fans use them. They're confused why male people are more than likely attracted to women?

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Lol this is like flat earthers trying to come up with explanations for why all their experiments show the Earth to be round. Of course everything is suddenly ten times more confusing and complicated if you outlaw the obvious answers (that most people are heterosexual regardless of their 'gender identity') on the grounds that they're heretical.

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UwU transbians and yaoi bois who change their pronouns every 2 seconds and don't want hormones and love their bodies and especially their libido for anime characters, that's why

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Gay trans person is just straight. And most of population is straight. Shocker.