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When she has that typical female hormone levels 😍

Also no matter the hrt effects it's still a penis, a disgusting version but still a penis. The queer/straight(?) women he dates are probably just trying to make him feel better.

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I don't know about y'all but my testosterone count is just right there in any dating profiles I use.


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Instead of shirtless selfies slide into their dms with your testosterone levels result 👌

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I go a step further and just link my period tracker so I match with ladies who's cycles are synced with mine. 💁🏾‍♀️🌒🌙

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They need to learn that a dick and a vagina are, and always will be, two completely different things.

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Yeah my vagina isn't a cut up inside out penis (heard neovaginas smell awful too), and penis isn't from a horrifying surgery process made of flayed arm skin

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What do you mean!? A trans vagina looks, smells, feels, and tastes exactly like a cis vagina, there is no difference at all!

^ That is almost an exact quote from somebody who has clearly has not seen the 100s of neovagina pictures I've seen, nor have they read research articles about the patterns of microflora in neovaginas (one paper in particular was compelled to mention the horrible odor that was not one of the study criteria but nevertheless was a feature so prominent that it had to be mentioned.)

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Even after all of the neovagina disaster posts, the saddest thing is that transwomen are beginning to cope to historic levels by claiming that penises and vaginas are the same thing because they're made up of the same tissue: 🤡

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That is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. A chocolate cake and Yorkshire pudding both start off with flour. Yet no one in their right mind would claim they’re the same thing.

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I wrote this very quickly because I have to go to bed soon, also full disclosure I'm a criminal justice major, not a biology major, so any biology nerds feel free to correct me. If you follow the "logic" that because our genitals are derived from the same tissue, therefore they are the same thing, you would have to say that humans are all sperm, because that is how we all began, but clearly we aren't. Even the articles on homologous structures go into great detail about the differences between the two. They are the same tissue, but that doesn't change the fact that they serve two distinct different functions, have two distinct different physical appearances, and reflect two distinct different sexes. Once again chromosomes are the bane of trans people's existence, in the comment section they are arguing that hormones are more important than chromosomes, but they should know that chromosomes effect hormones soooo, no matter how long they've been on HRT it doesn't change that your body is hardwired to produce certain natural hormones. They’ll of course bring up intersex conditions but 1: not every trans person has an intersex condition, 2: some people are born without legs, so by that logic humans cannot be classified as bipedal even if the vast, vast majority are born with two legs. 3: In other arguments on how intersex "proves" that sex is a spectrum a quote I think helps disprove this narrative is from the National Association of Scholars: “anatomical/gonadal/hormonal/chromosomal/genetic/genomic/brain/neural sex—and matching that list to examples of “intersex” conditions not fitting neatly on either side, supposedly discrediting the binary. But the topics that truly matter for understanding sex—gametes, reproduction, and evolutionary selection pressures—are missing from such treatments.” (Marinov, 2020). Cope and seethe. I’ll leave a link to the full article below, I highly recommend.


Marinov, G. (2020). In Humans, Sex is Binary and Immutable by Georgi K. Marinov | NAS. National Association of Scholars. Retrieved February 4, 2022, from

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How in the good goddamn are hormones gonna transform a penis into "looking, smelling, tasting and responding" like a vagina and vice versa. When is society going to stop kowtowing to these deranged lunatics with the scientific literacy of a medieval toddler?!

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the scientific literacy of a medieval toddler

I'm using this, called it.

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A penis isn't going to magically smell like a vagina just because you pumped yourself full of estrogen. They are completely different organs. Hormones do play a role in the smell, but the entire smell is not made by hormones. Never heard anyone talk about the PH balance of a dick for example. PH balance affects the smell a lot.

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This is just really strange logic. Imagine injecting meat with chlorophyll or something like that, and then telling a vegetarian that this meat now tastes, acts, and smells like a plant. Then pressuring them to eat that meat. That would be super offensive and downright immoral. Why is this not seen as super offensive and immoral?

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There's no need for hormones. My penis is taking acting lessons because it's tired of being typecast as a dick.

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And this hormone experiment is going to end badly. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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Play stupid games, force your stupid prizes on other people.

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And now for the gory details

A penis with no testosterone and estrogen stops looking, feeling, tasting, smelling and acting like-

ok imma just stop there 🤮

And yes, the women I've slept with who like girls can confirm that it might as well be a vulva. One of them prefers it to an actual vagina because she says it smells better.

And then everyone in the room clapped?

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The penis and vagina may change in all those way, but they do not change in form. Plato strikes again. If it’s all about hormones, what gender are athletes that take steroids?

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Non-binary ofc!