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They say this while being so obsessed with gender that they literally build their whole identity around it. It's crazy!

Not only that but they also go as far as to fuck their own bodies with hormones in order to chase an idealised version of the "perfect life" as the other sex.

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This angle really reveals their hypocrisy.


Trans: I'm so distressed by my body and, in particular, my genitals, that I need tens of thousands of dollars of radical surgery to make me not commit suicide.

Also Trans: "You need to examine your prejudices and get over your issues with genitals. Genital preferences are literal violence!"

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I mean, they’re the same people who cry about "terfs reducing women to their genitals", but then turn around and call us "vagina owners" and "uterus havers".

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oh it's definitely a manipulative tactic to get you to shut up. to make it seem like you are the crazy one for believing in science and what is observed in the real world.

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"Why do you keep making valid arguments that I can't combat without pretending you're a rabid freak frothing at the mouth?"

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is this like a gaslighting tactic to shut down discourse?

Pretty much. Deflection. Very intentional to try to induce shame in lesbians, gay men and bisexuals who've likely been shamed for their orientation before. But only this time it's ''progressive'' or something idk.

I have to be honest, it's one that makes me laugh the most considering how much trans women talk about "girl dick" and what have you.

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This is basically "gay conversion 101" again but they masked it under the TRA movement to seem super "accepting" and to "validate" everyone...ugh.

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"Reducing women to their genitals." That's a misdirect, but what are they offering on the other side? Reducing women to stereotypes, breast implants, other cosmetic surgery, and hormones is soooo much better.

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Yup. I'm still waiting on the mountains of scientific evidence they claim backs up their gender identities. But nobody's allowed to ask to see it because that means we're obsessed

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I don't care what genitals someone has unless they try to be intimate with me. However, males are statistically much much more likely to rape and be violent and are on average physically stronger than females, which is why females need their own spaces from males. Once males stop raping we can have shared bathrooms. If we could instead have a "rapist" and "non-rapist" bathroom, that would be great, lol.

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It's a classical tactic to shut the other party up. Religious people use the same catchphrase with atheists too: "[if God doesn't exist,] why are you so obsessed with Him?"