Love letters - making old ladies smile in the future. by WanderingElephant in Lesbians

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Print out the texts (in extra large font because you'll need it when you're an old lady)!

Do you think that "nonbinary" is valid? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Nonbinary people set the whole feminism movement back a hundred years. They are the ones perpetuating gender stereotypes and giving validity to people who believe and uphold sexist stereotypes based on gender. It's a crazy concept and those people are stupid as all hell.

Any masculine women feel a loss when tomboys come out as transgender/nonbinary by inneedofspace in GenderCritical

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I am attracted to masculine women BUT the moment she identifies as "genderqueer" or "non binary" I am turned off. Such a shame too because there were those with whom I got along quite well and was interested in until they started ID-ing as nb. There used to be someone famous on Instagram (jessesulli) whom I thought was somewhat attractive (although I am not a fan of her rhetoric), but once she started transitioning I lost all interest.

Someone said "let's not just talk about TRA's all the time." Can we finally talk about this? Or are we still too afraid of this, too? by vitunrotta in GenderCritical

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I am criticising the hijab as an atheist in a Muslim country so it is not foreign to me. Bringing up "what about Western cultures" is such a lazy way to discredit people who are bringing up very valid issues and criticisms. You can acknowledge that Western cultures are problematic while also looking at the huge Muslim female population around the world who are oppressed and pressured to cover themselves, even at preschools.

Are there plans of us joining Ruqqus? by highgarden_democrat in Lesbians

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Haha to me Saidit is more like Reddit since I've still been using the old Reddit layout. I'd still prefer a completely separate platform tbh, Saidit and Ruqqus are both full of subs that are similar to T_D of which I am not a fan.

Not surprised tbh, a "Literal" circlejerk for the Transbian by FineIWillDoItMyself in Lesbians

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Lmao the actual actuallesbians are all here now. Well, most of them. I know some IRL who are on r/actuallesbians and who have drunk the Kool Aid.

Bear with me a second -- I feel like I ended up here because the LGBTQA+ Community became toxic by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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"T is f*ing amazing! How do men keep from constantly raping women with this feeling!!!!"

Ew. But seriously, so many butch lesbians are hypermasc and follow such patriarchal standards of what they expect their femme partners to be, that it's disgusting. I'm in Asia right now, and here there are so many like this too, especially since traditional gender roles are even more ingrained here. Many butch lesbians have taken up the gender roles of the men in the society, and the misogyny towards femmes is rampant, even though they should really know better. Some have said that they're supposed to be the "man" in the relationship and therefore they are following traditional male gender roles.

It's so funny to me that Reddit is claiming TERFs were brigading different women's subs (like r/PCOS and r/pregnancy) like there weren't radfems in those subs to begin with by Irascible-harpy in GenderCritical

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Use Duckduckgo! At least as of now, they're not part of the censorship...yet.

Worth taking a peek at, if you were wondering why "trans women" seem to hate women so much. by puffball in GenderCritical

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...oh god. I know this shouldn't be shocking to me, I've seen threads about it before on GC, but seeing it laid out like this like a full handbook is just...sobering. Exactly how many men are potentially influenced by this, and how much of the "transwomen" population transitioned because of this incel ideology? This is so dangerous to women, no matter what the delusional incel says in the handbook that women are "less likely to be victims" of crimes. Is the TIM pictured in page 2 part of their ideology too, or were the pictures just co-opted by this despicable movement? If it's the latter, someone should inform the TIM that the pictures are being used to spread harmful transincel ideology. This whole thing is revolting.

I'm happy we had this back up out in place incase of the ban by Canardyyy in LGBDropTheT

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Do share whatever you have!

Was a lurker, now a poster... by sallytomato in GenderCritical

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I hope Saidit's servers are strong enough for all of us because this ban has also converted me into a poster instead of just a lurker. What I can't comprehend is why all the misogynistic porn subs and men's rights subs are still up but a sane, high quality discussion sub with respectful and sensible discussion points is banned. It's pure misogyny from the Reddit admins disguised as social justice. Now that advertisers are all pandering to the loud minority of "woke" teens and misogynists, Reddit is scared of offending them. What utter trash.

Default subscriptions by mauve in help

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MTE, I went through the edit subs page and now I have 6 subs left that I'm subscribed to. I wish I wasn't automatically subscribed to so many subs too; that was one of the annoying things that Reddit did for the past several years to new users.

Coming From Gender Critical by [deleted] in Introductions

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The crazy thing is that I once considered myself a very progressive SJW a decade ago, and I was very proud of it. Now in the year 2020, having the exact same left-leaning and gender critical views as I had, means I'm equivalent to a Nazi who wants all trans people to die. No. This is madness. Thank you GenderCritical for existing and for the sensible, anti-misogyny discourse to happen here.

So it's come to this. by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Me too. Browsing GC was my time of the day where I could read some sensible content and not feel like the entire liberal world had gone mad, being a left-leaning liberal myself. A major thing I liked about GC was that most people were respectful and that there were plenty of sane liberals there as well. I don't know if this place is overall a good thing (seeing as there's a video on the front page telling people to vote for Tr*mp) but at least GC is here. I'm glad there's still this corner of sanity in the world.